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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest #1

                RUSH Fans Digest, Number 1

                   Friday, 29 June 1990
Today's Topics:
                Welcome to the new list !!
                    Mountain View show
               Stress Release Techniques...
                 Presto tour ends TODAY!
             Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 6/28/90
                   UNANSWERED QUESTION
                     ASOH guitar bit
 Order in which RUSH songs are written (Music or lyrics?)
                    Re: Mt. View show


Date: Fri, 29 Jun 90 08:30:44 -0400
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 
Subject: Welcome to the new list !!

Ok, people, here is the new stuff!  I did some testing (some of you
may have gotten a shortened version of today's Digest; that was an
'oops'; sorry.  This new software will hopefully make my life a little
easier, but also will have it's drawbacks.  For one, I have to re-combine
the list into one (instead of two), so there will be a greater chance
of duplications.  Until this is fixed, all I can say is "hang in there".

RUSH Fans Digest


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 08:46:59 -0700
From: David Pakman 
Subject: Mountain View show

Howdy guys,

Saw the Shoreline Ampitheatre show last was my first outdoor
show.  Pretty spectacular.  The only real notable news was that, at
one point, Alex made Neil TOTALLY LOSE IT...I mean Neil was laughing
SO HARD, he ALMOST lost his concentration (bite my tounge!).

Just like you all predicted, Mr. Big (spare the drummer) came out for
In The Mood.  Paul Gilbert and Alex had a bit of a duel...Alex went
over to the speaker cabinet and pickup Paul Gilbert's drill and
actually used it!  I lost some respect...but laughed nevertheless.
Billy Sheehan and Ged traded riffs and Ged's Bass Tech, Jim Johnson (I
think that was him) came out and helped sing.  So too did Mr. Big's
scratchy vocalist.  It really was a blast.

"Catch the Fish"  -Ged

Dave Pakman


From: ([The Jester])
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 12:29:11 PDT
Subject: Stress Release Techniques...

I find the best way for me to release the stress of a long day is to put
on a Rush record (yes, I said record :-) crank up my guitar and start
blasting.  Yesterday, when my roommates weren't home, I put on Hemispheres
and played side 1.   Oooohhhhhhhh, God it was great.  The first chords in
that song set my adrenaline pumpin high.  By the time the singin started,
I was gone in a vision of pure rock-n-roll.  There is no other feeling in
the world like it.  By the end of the record, I felt so good.

There are very few pieces of music that will do that for me.  Red Barchetta,
Limelight, and The Trees all work as well, but they aren't nearly long
enough, so I made a tape with those songs, and a few others, in succession.
Analog Kid and YYZ sometimes work, but not always.  A couple of these
songs aren't that easy to play, but faking it works quite nicely.  About
half of the time, what I play doesn't quite match what Alex is playing,
but as long as I have the chords right, it doesn't bother me too much.

WHen I went to see them in Concert about a month and a half ago, I nearly
freaked when they played their old songs in medly.  My friend Paul was
amazed that I knew every note Alex played on guitar (well, air guitar
actually, but I'm sure you get my point).

Unfortunately, for me, I was a bit of a latecomer to Rush fandom.  Tom
Sawyer was the song that introduced their music to me (at the time, I was
11).  Which means, of course, that when I was finally able to see them in
concert, they didn't play all the songs I wanted to hear.  Oh well...

Bye now,
Nathan Rollins           


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 12:46:53 PDT
From: (Alan Edwards)
Subject: Presto tour ends TODAY!

Hello all,



| How many dates are planned on the Presto Tour???
| I am still looking for dates at Little Rock and Memphis...

Once again, their tour ends in June.  Their last date is in Irvine,
California on the 29th (that should be today, as you are reading this).
Sorry.  Where did I get my information?  On the Rockline interview,
which was typed in and distributed to all of us, Geddy and Alex
themselves say that the tour ends in June.  I just saw Rush Tuesday
(26th) at the Cal Expo Amphitheater (what an awesome show--not too loud
this time), and the tour shirts had Irvine, CA listed as the last date.

Unless they change their plans, the Presto tour ends today!

Party on dudes, and be excellent to each other. --Bill & Ted (paraphrased)

 .------------------------------------. "To seek the sacred river Alph
 | Alan Edwards: |  To walk the caves of ice
 |   or: |  To break my fast on honeydew
 `------------------------------------'  And drink the milk of Paradise...."


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 16:00 EDT
From: "Derek D. Lichter [MacLover]" 
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 6/28/90

As far as the music in songs perfectly complimenting the lyrics they go with,
my best example of this would be "The Camera Eye."  It's subtle but powerful.

Thanks for all the comments on the GUPT video!  Now I just need a VCR of my
own so I don't have to bug my parents with loud music when I visit... :-)

Is there any way a "regular person" can obtain a copy of a promtional CD, such
as the profile CD mentioned in the previous posting?  Calling the manufacturer?
Noteworthy?  Any suggestions?

                                a short one today,


                                                Derek L.

"Grim-faced and forbidding, their faces closed tight
 An angular mass of New Yorkers.
 Pacing in rhythm, face the oncoming night,
 They flow through the streets of Manhattan..."  -- OBRQ


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 09:46:07 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 

For a Rockline question, I'd like to add this to the forum:

"Alex, will you ever do another guitar solo, like "Broon's Bane", or
for that matter, will you ever play "Broon's Bane" again?"

David Arnold mentioned a cannoniacal list of RUSH videos.  Funny you
should mention it, David!  I've been working on a "Rush-In Concert"
tape.  I'm trying to combine all thier songs from ATWAS, ESL (both CD
and video), GUP, ASOH (both CD and video) and mix it up to make one big
RUSH concert.  I have this funny feeling that it would never come to
pass because I don't think Neil would want to do three drum solos in
one night!  Nevertheless, I'm going to space it out.  I'm not going to
put EVERY song from EVERY album, after all, there are FIVE versions of
"Closer to the Heart"!  I'm going to put the best versions of the
songs, but every song they have recorded live will be on it. This is
going to take forever 'cause I want it to sound good!  But it'll be a
labor of love!  Now, if I could get my hands on a 64-track digital

Puanani Akaka


Date:    Thu, 28 Jun 1990 17:18:30 EDT
From: STU_PMWIDENE@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU (we disengage... we turn the page...)
Subject: ASOH guitar bit

Someone mentioned the bit about Alex's guitars at the end of ASOH:
If you watch the very end of "Tom Sawyer", you'll see that Alex breaks
a string on his guitar.  I'm under the impression that the video was shot
on two successive nights, and that shots from one night have been
interspersed with the other (of course, Alex was using a different guitar
for the encore on one night, having just broken a string).  That's my
educated guess as to what happened.

about the P/G Tour video:

It is a good video, shot on videotape instead of film (a la ASOH and
ExitStageLeft).  This makes the lighting come across as kind of fuzzy
and sort of deadens the visual impact.  Sound quality is ok, and you still
see the boyz being their playful selves.  It's well worth checking out, if
only for the live version of "vital signs".

ORQ:  "I been down so long
       I lost count of the years
       I sang some sad songs
       I drank twelve beers"

patrick widener


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 17:11 EDT
From: Randy 'Lerxst' Kaelber 
Subject: Order in which RUSH songs are written (Music or lyrics?)

As far as I can recall from an interview in Guitar Player in 1986 with both
Geddy and Alex, it was stated (by Alex I think) that it truly varies from
song to song. Neil write his lyrics separately from Geddy and Alex doing the
music, and he gives them some preliminary lyrics to work with. They sometimes
come up with new music for the lyrics, or they dig something out from their
soundcheck jams and studio mucking about to use as a basis for the music. I
guess the best thing to call it is they get created concurrently, or the lyrics
come first. According to Alex, "Emotion Detector" is just such a "concurrently"
(my word, not theirs) written song.

                                                Randy Kaelber
                                                Miami University
                                                Oxford, OH
ORQ :"When life becomes as barren, and as cold as winter skies, there's a
      beacon in the darkness, in a distant pair of eyes..."


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 21:09 EST
From: CRAIG 
Subject: Clarification

The reason I brought up the next album a short while ago is because I know that they signed a 3 record deal with Atlantic. Knowing the three of them and thier
methods, I highly doubt that they would go back on their agreement with Atlantic
I agree with the guy that said he picks out favorite spots in each song as far
as a lyrical passage, a vocal inflection(if you will), a funky bass riff, or
an awesome guitar or keys part etc. I do this for almost every song and I
often times find myself during the day humming or singing my fav parts.
An example.... On the Presto tour ,one of my personal highlights was the
way the Geddster sang the words 'Time Stand Still' right before the verse
that says 'Summer's going fast , nights growing colder.....' I still get
chills up and down the old spine when I hear that part.

And yes there is a bit of video trickery on ASOH video...they do show Alex
with two diff. color guitars. This is because they filmed it over two
nights and also if you will recall, he broke his string at the end of Sawyer.
Just some food for thought.



Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 21:37:30 PDT
From: redrockr@eb5ts2.EBay.Sun.COM (K-bar Commando)
Subject: Re: Mt. View show

David Pakman  writes:

>Saw the Shoreline Ampitheatre show last was my first outdoor
>show.  Pretty spectacular.  The only real notable news was that, at
>one point, Alex made Neil TOTALLY LOSE IT...I mean Neil was laughing
>SO HARD, he ALMOST lost his concentration (bite my tounge!).

I saw this too!!  Although I was quite a ways away from the stage, I'd never
have seen this without the video screens at Shoreline.  That's another thing
too... apparently they didn't use the humongous rear projection screen, but
instead used the somewhat tiny ones already implemented at the Shoreline.
Somehow it didn't give me the same kind of buzz as watching the large moving
pictures BEHIND the Boyz.  Like the landscape scene in "Time Stand Still"
always puts me in a trance...

OH!!  And did I see right, or was Neil wearing a scarf/bandana around his head
at the beginning part of the show? ;-)  And was it just me, or did the sound
seem kinda treble-abundant and midrange-shy?!  Never thought those cymbals
could be so deafening!! 8^)

Ray Sato

To: rush
Subject: Posting directly to the list
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 12:10:26 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

> To: rush-list1@syrinx.UMD.EDU, temples@syrinx.UMD.EDU

Once again, someone has done this.  I don't need to name names, as
half of you know who it is anyway.  (As an aside, the list is split
into two halves; A-M & N-Z+numbers.  This was done to try to alleviate
the duplication problem; it's had partial success.)

PLEASE do not do this - it causes unwanted traffic on the net, and
extra mail for everyone to wade through.  I realize many systems add
a "cc all" clause, or something like that, but PLEASE edit those
headers if this is the case.  I currently have no way of stopping
this, although it could be arranged at some trouble on my part (time
investigating & implementing).  Being in a production environment
after 5 years in consulting limits my time to (I know, properly) ad-
minister this list, so please try to make it easier on me...

I've changed the mailing header to include a "Reply to" field - I
hope this will help some of you...

Once again, if this becomes a problem, I may be force to drop people
from the list, but I'd really prefer not to do this!

As two great philosophers once said: Be excellent to each other, and
party on!

RUSH Fans Digest
To: RUSH Fans Digest 
Subject: Assorted topics (Warning: LONG)
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 10:25:48 EDT
From: David Arnold 

Some thoughts on back issues of the Digest:

>From: David T. Sandberg 

>               but a very important song for me was one I haven't yet
>seen mentioned here: 'Bastille Day'.  Namely, this was the first Rush
>song I ever heard, and was probably single-handedly responsible for me
>packing away my Barry Manilow albums and getting into rock.

Ahh, yes, the ol' "My first RUSH tune"; who can remember where they
were and what they were doing when they were 'turned on' to RUSH?

For me, it all started back in early '77, when a friend brought home
_2112_ on the school bus.  He had bought it from a friend who didn't
like it (probably a Barry Manilow fan :-).  I thought "What is this
strange-named band?".  I went over to his house later that day, and
he played it for me.  The first cut he played was "A Passage to Bangkok",
then side one.  After listening to it for a few minutes, I was intrigued.
After the second listen, I was hooked.  Hard.  I went out and bought
ATWAS, then FBN, then RUSH in quick succession.  The songs that changed
my musical tastes forever were "Overture/Temples of Syrinx".  To this
day, when I hear them play them live, I think to myself, "Self, *this*
is the best RUSH music!!"  While I can intellectualize which songs mean
the most to me, deep down, it's these two.  I mean, when Alex hits his
first solo in "Overture", my stomach *still* gives a lurch!

>                                                             'Bastille
>Day' was also the first song I learned how to play on guitar

"Overture/Temples" were the first RUSH songs I learned to air-drum to,
and RUSH basically started me air-drumming in earnest way back when.
Geez, if I had ever been able to buy that drum set, I'd have all their
stuff through MP (at least) memorized.  As it is, try to go all the way
through "YYZ" and "La Villa"!  (People who used to ridicule me would
change their mind when they saw I could hit every beat in several songs
in a row.)

>Who needs all of those .EDU sites, anyway?!  We can generate _plenty_
>of excessive volume on our own!  ;')

*ahem*  Just remember where this list gets mailed from ...  :-)

On a more serious note:

>From: Atro Tossavainen 
>Subject: Songwriting..
>	Have the boys mentioned anywhere the order in which they compose?
>	I mean, does Neil do the lyrics first or do Geddy and Alex make
>	the music?

They basically each write the stuff separately (well, Geddy & Alex together),
then come together and see what fits with what.  Case in point was the
song from Presto which started as an instrumental, and ended up being
"Hand Over Fist" (? - correct me if I have the wrong title).

In regards to a Rockline question, mine would be something like this:

"Hi guys, I've been listening to you for a long time, and am one of those
fans who got hooked in the early days' style of music.  (I'm one of those
people Neil made the comment about seeing at shows, who look like they had
to find a sitter for their kids so they could come)  What I'd like to know
is this: what are the chances of getting to hear some of those tunes which
won me over originally, but haven't been played in concert for the last 10
years or so.  Songs like "Best I Can", "Bastille Day", "Cygnus X-1", and
other oldies?  Maybe you guys could do a 'Walk down memory lane' show, or
even tour?  Or is this not a realistic idea, considering the amount of change
and progression your music has gone through in the past 15 years, and goes
against the reason for your changes?"

One last thing:  with all the talk about videos out there, maybe we can
come up with a cannoniacal list of RUSH videos, whether official or bootleg.
(bootlegs meaning concerts, not collections of videos)  The ones I know of

Don Kirshners Rock
 Concert (Assorted) (1975/77)   : Live/studio
Exit... Stage Left (1981?)      : Live
Grace Under Pressure (1984)     : Live
Through The Camera Eye (1986?)  : Video collection
A Show Of Hands (1989)          : Live

David Arnold       Keywords:  Rush, Neville Brothers, Squeeze, Crack the Sky,
                               Peter Gabriel, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd,
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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 08:21:37 PDT
From: metalj@EBay.Sun.COM (Jerry-Metalhead-Watson )
To: rush-list1@syrinx.UMD.EDU, temples@syrinx.UMD.EDU
Subject: Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 6/27/90

Well, tonight is the night for some RUSH at the shoreline.
So far from what I hear, it should be EXCELLENT!

Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 09:56:11 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: Videos and such

In response to Derek Lichter's posting yesterday, I think that the Grace
Under Pressure Tour Video is every bit as slick production wise as the
SOH video. However, in comparison to the Exit... Stage Left video it lacks
the raw power and tenacity. By the way, Exit... Stage Left is a terrific
video and a must for Rush collectors. It really is a showcase for Alex's
guitar wizardry. Check out his performance on "The Trees" and his ending
power chords on "Limelight". Unfortunately, I don't own the GUP Tour video,
but I have rented it. I don't remember the exact songs on the tape nor the
sequence of "Fear". Maybe someone can help me on this.
I have noticed some questions popping up on the List recently regarding
Presto songs. If one can get a hold of the "Rush Profiled" CD, Neil answers alot
of these types of questions about his motivations for writing the songs.
This CD is supposedly for "promotion only". Radio stations and such got it
because it had the guys doing promotional stuff and question and answer sessionsIf you look through Goldmine or a similar mailorder mag you might see it for
sale somewhere, but it's not cheap ($20-25). This disc is probably the source
for the Radioamerica interview mentioned in the last Digest.

Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 10:05:27 PDT
From: larrys@dbase.A-T.COM (Larry Stein)
Subject: Neil's watch

Well, if you look closely, you'll see that his watch is set to


which is of course 21:12 using the 24 hour system.  Neat huh?

The clock above the Thai Shan restauraunt (in the Hold You Fire picture) is
also set to 9:12 and since it's dark outside, there is little doubt that
what was meant was 21:12.

From: telxon!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Re: videos
To: uunet!syrinx.UMD.EDU!temples@uunet.UU.NET (Rush Fans Digest)
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 14:13:56 EDT

Re: Grace Under Pressure video
	I think it's excellent.  The only thing it lacks is the drum feature
	(as does "Exit... Stage Left").  I, personally would rather watch
	it than the ESL video.  If I had to compare music quality, I'd say
	it's better than ESL but not as good as ASOH (which falls in line
	with the improvements in music/video technology).
	Yes, the 'Fear' trilogy is played in order on this video just like
	in concert back in '84.

BTW, since we're back on the subj of the videos, has anyone noticed the
screw-up in the ASOH video during the closer, "In the Mood" that I mentioned
quite some time ago?  Take a look at the color of Alex's guitar.  One scene
(shown rather quickly) displays Alex's guitar being a different color (black).
Is this a screw-up or am I just seeing things?  Someone confirm...


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "...sadder still to watch it die than
(216) 666-4300 x4228 <->             never to have known it..."  - N. Peart
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 13:01:52 EDT
From: donita@sunva.East.Sun.COM (Donita Thompson)
To: metalj@ebay.Sun.COM,,
Subject: Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 6/27/90

Hi there! I'm new to this list (but not new to the sounds of Rush).
I just recently saw Rush a couple of weeks ago here in Hampton, Virginia.
They played so many great songs; I can't remember them all. I think I
was more mesmerized by the lights than anything. At one point of the
show, we were standing on our chairs, watching the lazers. I felt
almost a trance. And when it stopped (and I came to),
I fell off my chair. Major embarrassment...  ;^)
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 09:51:28 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
To: temples@syrinx.UMD.EDU
Subject: Stuff from last week...

Boy! This has been A LOT OF FUN reading the Digest of the past week
Such juicy conversation!  Allright, here goes:

INSTRUMENTAL:  Someone mentioned the time for an instrumental.  My
sentiments exactly.  I was just thinking about that the other night.  I
really hope they do another one, just let loose and allow themselves
to go wild and do what they want.  And give Geddy a singing break.

"PLAY 'EM ALL, TURN AROUND AND LIGHTERS: About yelling play 'em all
when Geddy goes to the mic, that would be pretty cool!  Who knows,
maybe they'll be so pumped up, they _will_ play 'em all!  Turning
around during "The Pass" would probably blow the Boyz out of their
minds.  "What are they doing?"  Ha, it'd be great!  I love it when the
audience gets involved in "concert trends", it's like they become a
part of the performance instead of just spectators.  I think the
lighters at the beginning of "Mission" would be an absolute sight to
behold.  If everyone does it during "Closer to the Heart" why not
during "Mission"?  Excellent idea.

NEXT ALBUM: Someone asked about their next album.  I don't think even
_they_ know if a) they will do another album, b) not to mention what it
will contain, c) not to mention when it will be released!  Their way of
doing things is such that they'll take a break after the tour and then
get together and decide what they want to do.  If they decide not to do
an album, they'll do a bunch of other stuff, then get back together and
discuss what to do.  They'll just keep that up until they eventually
decide (hopefully) to record another album.  I suspect they will do
another after this, but it depends when they want to do it, who they
can get to be co-producer, etc., etc.  They're very loose about it.
Then again, assuming they decide to do another _concept_ album, what
else could they do it on?  If anybody's up to it, for summer
discussion, we could speculate on what the next album would be about,
contain, what the title would be, etc.  Not that it would get us
anywhere, but it should prove to be quite interesting!  Maybe Neil will
get into more stuff about human nature or something.  Or maybe the
entire album will contain lyrics like "Anagram (for Mongo)" Ha!

Puanani Akaka
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 09:52:36 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
To: temples@syrinx.UMD.EDU
Subject: Stuff from last week part II...

Well, both these letters were actually one and the same, so I divided
them up.  So, read on, if you dare...

FAVOURITE SONGS: Well, at the moment, I'm into my "Xanadu" stage
again. god, I love air-drumming to that song! The one thing I've
noticed about them, which I guess is why I love them so much, is that
they have the ability to make the music fit the words.  Like "Red
Barchetta"; everytime I listen to it, I can picture this green valley,
with a winding road...and Geddy tearing around the place in a red
barchetta.  But it's not just the words, the _music_ brings out the
visual imagery of a green valley.  Or "Subdivisions"; the _music_
"sounds" like a city with neon lights; the _feel_ of the city is
really portrayed.  And, for me, it's also certain parts of songs I
like.  I'll listen to a song and there's always a part where I love
that particular drum pattern, or fill, or the synth sounds really
neat, or the bass line is _so_ good, or I love that guitar line right
there, or the keyboard part is really good, or I love the way Geddy
sings that part...and I'll do that with every song! Does anybody else
do that?

SONGWRITING: Atro Tossavainen asked about the order of their
composing.  In the Presto Tour Book, Neil was describing their writing
process.  Apparently, Alex and Geddy write the music as Neil is writing
the lyrics.  However, Neil tends to have some ideas, if not even
lyrics, already in mind before they start writing.  In his interview in
Modern Drummer in December he was saying that he likes to be VERY
prepared when they start writing.  I don't know if this is how they
write all the time, though.  I know they do leave some songs until the
last minute, just for spontaneity.

FAMILIES: Geez, I think I missed the Digest, either yesterday or during
the weekend, because I don't recall reading anything about families!  I
don't know if this was brought up, but on the AFTK album, it says it's
dedicated to Nancy (Young, Geddy's wife), Charlene (Alex's wife), and
Jacqueline (Neil's wife).  That must be neat to have an album
dedicated to you!

I really apologize for the length of this thing.  I couldn't send it
sooner, and I kept coming up with things to write!  Well, off to work
to wreak havoc (my boss is gone for two weeks), think of more things
to write about in this Digest, and gaze at the stars...well, pictures
of them, anyway.  "Hey you guys! Take off!"

Puanani Akaka

Date:     Wed, 27 Jun 90 16:55:44 EDT
Subject:  Subdivisions

I always thought the line from Subdivisions was:

"but the suburbs have no charms to soothe
"the restless dreams of youth."

not "restless scream anew" as quoted in the previous posting.

[ It's "restless dreams of youth", from the album.         :rush-mgr ]

From: evanh@sco.COM (Evan A.C. Hunt)
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 13:33:56 PDT
Subject: order of composition

> 	Have the boys mentioned anywhere the order in which they compose?
> 	I mean, does Neil do the lyrics first or do Geddy and Alex make
> 	the music?

	In the Power Windows tourbook, Neil writes about working on lyrics
alone, and then bringing them to Geddy and Alex so they can work on a tune.
He mentioned that "Emotion Detector" was an unusual song in that he finished
the lyrics and took them into the practice room, and they fit perfectly with
a tune Geddy and Alex had just been working on independently.

Date: Thu, 28 Jun 90 07:03 CST
Subject: Tour Dates - Presto

How many dates are planned on the Presto Tour???

I am still looking for dates at Little Rock and Memphis...


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