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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/06/90 (#5)

                RUSH Fans Digest, Number 5

                   Friday, 6 July 1990
Today's Topics:
               State of the Digest Address
                 Neil says "Get A Life!"
                special appearance by.....
                      Opening Bands
           Those opening acts of years gone by

Subject: State of the Digest Address
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 90 13:20:28 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Hello all,

    I just thought I'd send out a statement of the current status & health
of the RUSH Fans Digest mailing list.  This is prompted to several mail
items sent to the manager account in the past few days; I thought I'd send
out a news update as to what's going on, and what to expect.

    Now, you probably noticed the new format of the Digest.  (I would hope
so!)  This version of the software is my second try to get this package (or
a variation of it) up & working on Syrinx.  It was originally an HP package,
and was then modified to SUN UNIX, then over to Ultrix here.  This second
version required minimal tweaking to run, for which I am thankful.  I've
modified the subject field so that it prints out the date of the Digest, and
a digest number is also designated.  This digest number should aid you in
telling if you've missed a mailing.  The new software enables me to produce
the Digest in a shorter time, and in a format that un-digestifiers can digest
(hi Barry).  This is all well and good, but as a result, a previously
(partially) suppressed bug has resurfaced: duplicates.

    The duplication problem has been around for a while, and seems to be
proportional to the size of the list.  When the list was in it's infancy,
there were only a few dozen names, and no duplication problem.  As the
list grew past 200 names, the problem began to appear.  It seemed not to
be consistent, and even within a mailing, some would get duplicates, and
others wouldn't.  (I have gotten mail on dups when I didn't receive a
duplicate myself.)  About a month or so ago (when the list was over 300),
I split the list into two lists.  This seemed to help the problem - dups
would occur, but with less frequency.  Then I got a mail item forwarded
to me by one of the list members (thanks, Charles) which had info about a
UNIX cron bug that affected mail distribution.  In short, the cron job
would check the queue every so often, and if the mail was still queued,
it got restarted.  As you probably know, the longer the 'To:' list, the
longer the mail will stay in the queue, so this apparently caused the
problem.  This is why the splitting of the list worked, at least partially.
Unfortunately, the cron code the original poster was talking about was
locally written, so the patch may or may not be applicable to Syrinx.
That remains to be seen.

Now, with the new digest software, it necessitates the list being a single
entity again.  That is, at least until I attempt to modify it.  I may get
brave and cut the list into 3 or 4 parts, and have the software shoot the
Digest to all the lists simultaneously.  However, until that day, the
duplication problem will still be with us (barring an outside fix), so I
ask you to please bear with it!  For now, there is no need to send mail
telling me that it is still happening.  I may do some testing later, and
ask for mail then.

Addition, Re-addition, and Removal Policy

To become a member of the RUSH Fans Digest mailing list, just send mail
to the administrivia account with your name and a working network mail
address, and I'll add you to the list, then send you a short informational
file.  To be removed from the list, just send mail to the same address
asking to be removed.  If you plan to unsubscribe for a period of time,
then re-subscribe, you'll need to send mail again to re-subscribe.  Due
to the size of the list, and the number of people who unsubscribe for, say,
the summer, it is prohibitive for me to remember when to re-add someone

If I get a mail bounce back with your userid being flagged as "unknown
user", you get put on a list.  If I get two bounces in a row with this,
I assume you lost the account & were unable to contact me in advance, and
will remove you from the list.  If I get a "host unknown" message, I take
that with a grain (truckload) of salt, and wait.  If it persists over several
days, I'll have to consider that your node may *really* be gone, and finally
remove you.

If you have not received the Digest for several weekdays, please send mail
to the administrivia account to inquire as to what's up (or not).

If you have any questions at all concerning the administration of the list,
feel free to send mail.  My only disclaimers are:

    1) I'll get to them as I have time (within a day or two, usually), and
    2) "Because I'm the administrator, that's why".

Seriously, I'll listen to suggestions, but some are impossible, or at least
difficult/time consuming enough for me to discard.

Well, enough hot air for one Digest.

RUSH Fans Digest


Date: Thu, 5 Jul 90 12:14:47 EDT
From: (Brantley Riley)

Well, to finally add my 2 cents on the topic of opening bands...
When I saw Rush in Philadelphia for the Power Windows tour, Blue Oyster
Cult was the opening band.  Apparently Marillion was opening for most
of the East Coast concerts during the PoW tour, but they had to cancel
the Spectrum show (I don't know why) and BOC was the replacement.  I didn't
see the whole opening act, but the part I did see was great!


"the heart and mind united in a single, perfect sphere"  -- ORQ

"Have I told you this before?" "No, we only met about half an hour ago."
"So little time to pass?" said Merlyn, and a big tear ran down to the end of
his nose. -- T.H. White, _The Once and Future King_
                      *****  *****


Subject: Neil says "Get A Life!"
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 90 10:30:53 MDT
From: Doug Grumann 

About a week ago, Rush was playing Cal Expo here in Sacramento.  A friend of
mine who is a friend of Neil Peart's set up a short tour of Hewlett-Packard
so I could show off all our high-tech computer goodies.  I'd never met Neil
before, and from murmurings I've heard on the Rush Fan's Digest, I thought
he'd be really stuck-up.  We'll folks, he's just a normal guy.  He's talkative
and outgoing.  One of the reasons he comes off as remote in public is because
he HATES "groupies".  He doesn't like being idolized and fawned over.  Among
the computer stuff I showed him was "Notes".  We talked about how people from
all over the world contributed to notes strings like and  His thoughts ran along the same lines as most managers': Theres a
great waste-of-time potential there!  I also told Neil about the Rush Fans
Digest.  I tried to explain that most of us don't spend 24 hours a day fawning
over every issue.  Unfortunately I showed him part of an issue, which happened
to contain lengthy diaglogues concerning the deep meaning of his WATCH.  This
obviously did not make a great impression.  His quote was: "Get A Life!!!".
Luckily, the other computer & X-window demos came off better.

The Cal Expo concert went OK from my perspective, but the band didn't like it.
They had some technical difficulties, and there wasn't any seating in the
general admission area, which was right in front of the stage.  The people
down there stood and squished and tossed shoes on the stage all night, which
didn't make the band too happy.  They won't be playing Cal Expo again.


Subject: special appearance by.....
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 90 12:21:59 PDT
From: (Scott "Skywalker" Larsen) 

Does anyone know the albums that any of the boyz have been on
or involved in (past, present and future) ?

For example:
Geddy Lee: Great White North (Bob & Doug MacKenzie)
Geddy Lee: Producer Boy's Brigade debut album?

-Scott Larsen                  UUCP: hplabs!hp-pcd!orstcs!larsen
"Ten bucks is ten bucks."
		- Geddy Lee


Subject: Opening Bands
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 90 16:46:27 CDT
From: David T. Sandberg 

The first time I saw Rush was in or around 1978... I can't remember
which album they were touring for at the time, but they played at
the Civer Center in St. Paul, MN, and their opening act was Golden
Earring.  (Ah, to remember the days when "Radar Love" was a _new_

Did anyone else ever see Golden Earring open up for Rush, or was
that just a fill-in date or something?

david sandberg ^J qcs ^J richfield mn ^J


Date: Thu, 5 Jul 90 17:22:55 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: Those opening acts of years gone by

All this discussion about opening acts is making me wax nostalgic.
I remember in particular the Moving Pictures tour and the opening
band, FM. A really great opening act and I think probably the most
Rush compatible band I have seen (I did not see Marillion tho).
Here's some trivia for you all. FM is (or should I say was, I don't
know if they are still together?) a 3 piece band from the Toronto
area (sound familiar?.... can anybody name another progressive band
from Toronto that is also 3 piece??). One of the guys in FM plays a
really hot electric violin. It was great in concert because the
violin had red lights on the bow that moved around like crazy during
the violin solo when the lights were turned down. Anyway if you will
recall there is a great violin solo in "Losing It" on the Signals
album. This solo is played by the same guy from FM. I don't
remember his name off hand, but I'm sure his name is in the album
credits. BTW, I have an FM album called "Black Noise", so I'll go
look up his name. That album contains a great song called "Phasors
on Stun". Some of you older folks (like me) might remember it from
around 1980. It got quite a bit of airplay on the more progressive
"FM" radio stations (no pun intended).

Just thought you might like to know.....



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