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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/18/90 (#13)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 13

                 Wednesday, 18 July 1990
Today's Topics:
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/17/90 (#12)
                  Least favourite albums
                      Defense of P/G
          RE: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/16/90 (#11)
Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 07/17/90 (#12) RUSH Fans Digest, Number 12 Tuesday, 17 July 1990
                   Re: least favorites
                    Least Favorite????

Date: Tue, 17 Jul 1990 10:20:25 PDT
From: Anand Rangarajan 
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/17/90 (#12)

I would like to respond to Doug Grumann's opinion of P/G (Grace Under
Pressure). It would help to remember that P/G came out in 1984, the
height of the cold war and shortly after Robbie Whelan (a close friend)
had died. There were plenty of rumors of a break-up due to their
dissatisfaction with the Signals tour (I like Signals but the production is
lousy). Consequently, P/G was one of the darkest albums made by
Rush. But this doesn't mean that it is one of their worst. The quality
of the lyrics especially on ``Distant Early Warning'' followed by
``Red Sector A'', ``The Enemy Within'', ``Between the Wheels'',
``red lenses'' and ``Afterimage'' is first class. ``Distant Early
Warning'' has a dual nature since the person seems to be
simultaneously talking about the earth and about a relationship.
This is very sophisticated and I have a special fondness for this
song since my native language, Tamil employs this device constantly.
The music seems quite melodic to me and Alex's guitar stands out. After
getting buried on _Signals_, he is reasserting himself here. The solos
in ``Kid Gloves'' and ``Between the Wheels'' are incredible. I think
I share the opinion with someone else on this list that ``Between the
Wheels'' has one of the most emotional solos done by Alex ever. The
biography by Bill Banasiewicz (sp?) points out that the symbol of
an egg caught in a vice is how the band saw themselves during that
period. I am not sure if Doug sees any overtly leftist signs in the
``redness'' of the album; I read the redness as mostly anger and frustration
directed outwards and within. P/G is the stuff nightmares are made of.

The album has problems. There is too little anchor by way of Geddy's bass
and consequently the songs don't seem fully fleshed out, something that they
corrected on _Power Windows_. P/G does seem dated even for 1984 and the
contrast between Peter Henderson (P/G) and Peter Collins (Power Windows)
is striking when you play both albums back-to-back.

Anand Rangarajan
``Image is just an eyeless game''


Date: Tue, 17 Jul 90 14:40 EDT
From: "Derek D. Lichter [MacLover]" 
Subject: Least favourite albums

Regarding Doug's queries in the last digest, I personally have Grace Under
Pressure right there at the top of my list of RUSH albums.  When I first got
it, I didn't enjoy it so much, but it gets better every listen for me.  It's
hard to describe why:  lyrically, I think it has some of the most smooth,
flowing lyrics Peart's ever done; every word seems to go so well with the
music accompanying, that the emotional reaction it elicits from me is very
strong.  The 'B' side (I know, I know, I have CDs too, but there's STILL a
'B' side!) is just as good as the more standard songs on the 'A' side.  I
know what you mean about P/G's "redness" -- it's a very dark album, and ends
on a downer, emotionally, with "Between the Wheels," but for me that slightly
depressing tone makes it even more powerful.  (Also, if I ever need to get
psyched for something, all I need to play is "The Enemy Within" and I'm all
set.)  Songs like "Red Lenses" and "Kid Gloves" sound so extemporaneous and
progressive that they never lose their edge.  And of course, musically it's
superb (I think it's got some of Geddy's best bass).

I don't think P/G was such a change in direction for the boyz as it was a
natural, stretched extension of _Signals_.  The lyrics have a similar "down"
side to them, and I think that Signals had the three best individual tunes
of the pair (in "Subdivisions" "The Analog Kid" and "Losing It...") but all
in all P/G was more consistent and had MUCH better production (i.e. not so

        Well enough rambling on that... let's ramble about something else!
In this case, Peter Gabriel.  I think you picked up PG IV rather than III,
which is labelled as "Security" in the states (I could have the numbering
mixed up, I don't have them here).  That album still has terrific stuff
("The Intruder" "Shooting Into the Light" "Biko") so don't be disappointed,
it'll probably grow on you.   It did on me, anyway (eeyyyaaah!!  it's hanging
off my shoulder right now!!)  :-)

                        right, enough work-avoidance...

                                                Derek L.


Date:    Tue, 17 Jul 90 16:15 EDT
From: "Malzor" 
Subject: Defense of P/G

Grace Under Pressure was my first album (I got hooked on SOH and had to
have more.)  P/G is simply the best RUSH album folloed by Power Windows,
and HYF/Presto up there somewhere too.  I have all of their albums, all
of which are really great and smashing. . but P/G is definitely the best
single album of the lot. . .it is powerful, intelligent, creative, and
full of energy.  I think some of Alex's best guitar riffs reside here
too (where as Geddy's best on bass lie on Power Windows and HYF)

Later.  Mark


Date:    Tue, 17 Jul 90 08:48:58 CDT
From: storey%batse.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (SCOTT STOREY X7700)
Subject: RE: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/16/90 (#11)

	I thought about the Stellar Dynamics question and realized that the
question is too big. Can you be more specific about the context in which the
subject came up? Also, I have a copy of 'Presto' and I do not have the 3-4
second gap in Superconductor. However, I did not get it from a CD club, I
bought it at the store. Later



Date: Tue, 17 Jul 90 19:29:25 PDT
From: essl@sim.Berkeley.EDU (Jake Essl)
Subject: Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 07/17/90 (#12) RUSH Fans Digest, Number 12 Tuesday, 17 July 1990

Just a short out of Place note.... You got the right Gabriel Album.



Date: Wed, 18 Jul 90 08:39 EST
From: "Rush...Banshees encased in an electronic cocoon...the pipers at the gates of d
Subject: Re: least favorites

        I don't think that Grace Under Pressure is such a bad album.  It was an
album produced without Terry Brown, and it had an angry tone in it.  Rush was
criticized by many who thought Signals was a wimpy album and that could have
something to do with it's sound.  The song 'Afterimage' was written by Neil
after a close friend of his passed away, which explains some of the angry
lyrics.  Alex seemed more confident in his playing in that he was louder and
his sound was coming through more.  (My thoughts on Alex is that if he weren't
with Rush he would make a better rhythm guitarist rather than lead.  This isn't
bad, just it seems that he doesn't want to play out or above the rest of the
group.)  His solo in 'Kid Gloves' is the best piece of guitar work I have ever
heard him play (I believe someone else on the list also said this, and I
whole-heartedly agree).  I also think this that Grace Under Pressure is Alex's
best album.
        p/g isn't my favorite album, but it does convey a message in it's music
which is my only criteria for a good album or song.  I'm not critcizing Doug's
views, I'm just throwing my two pennies into the frey.


Date: Wed, 18 Jul 90 08:38 CDT
Subject: Least Favorite????

Doug Grumann  seez:

>Here's something I've always wanted to run past fellow Rush fans:  I think that
>Grace Under Pressure is Rush's WORST album (even behind Rush Rush).  I get
>depressed every time I attempt to sit through it, and the sheer REDness of it
>bothers me.  Does anybody else have strong opinions about P/G?  Am I missing
>a deep (red) philosophical message or something?

Now wait a minute.

I may be a relatively new listener to Rush, (I started with P/G in 1984)
but I rather like that album. Coming (originally) from a culturally-
backward area (the boonies in IN), I only discovered RUSH through
the help of the music videos and some air time through a local
album-only radio station. I like the songs such as "Distant Early
Warning" and "The Enemy Within". Don't get me wrong, it's not their
best album, but it's certainly not their worst. I give that
dubious honor to Rush Rush.

As far as the REDness of the album, I would like to think that it has something
to do with East vs West, Communism vs Captitalism, etc...; basically about
the paranoia that still exists about the Cold War. (It's been years
since I have read the tour book, so if I'm wrong - somebody please
correct me!!)

I'm not trying to start a flame-fest, but rather give an alterantive
viewpoint!! :-)

As always, JMHO.

Shawn Kennedy                                   AT&T Bell Labs - Naperville, IL              Disclaimer:  Me! Me!  I speak only for Me!!

ORQ:  "I never meant what you're thinking, that's not what I meant at all."
                                                        - HYF: Open Secrets


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