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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/23/90 (#15)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 15

                   Monday, 23 July 1990
Today's Topics:
                   P/G and a question.
               Favorite/Least Favorite Rush
                         More p/g
                 "Territories" drum part
                   Re: Least Favorites

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 90 17:10:33 EDT
From: crossman@ghoti.LCS.MIT.EDU (Paul Crossman)
Subject: P/G and a question.

	I have been a fan of rush since New World Man hit the air waves.
   I was 12 then and if you do some simple arithmetic I was 14 when P/G
   came out.  I am 20 now and I look back on my teen years and think that
   1983 and 1984 were great years for my musical tastes.  I liked P/G but
   did not have a passion for Distan Early Warning.  In fact I practically
   hated the song.  Like all rush albums.  P/G began to grow on me and I
   eventually started to like DEW.  I think that everyone has to let a
   rush album grow on them.

	I don't know if that made any sense at all, but here is my question.

	What is the deal about Rush changing record lables?  Why did this
   happen?  Also does anyone have a song list of the greatest hits package
   coming out in October?

					Ciao babe...


Subject: Triumph
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 90 18:08:03 MDT
From: Doug Grumann 

>Triumph. Anybody else listen to them? Great stuff, super guitarist (Rik Emmett)

Great band.  I'm into their earlier stuff.  Rock 'n Roll Machine and Just a
Game are incredible albums.  Evidently they've broken up, huh?

>RUSH, love 'em or hate 'em, but don't spoil anyone's enjoyment over the issue
>of P/G being rotten.

Ouch!  I didn't know I was spoiling anybody's enjoyment!  At least it picked up
the volume of the newsletter!     :-)

BTW:  I am now fully Peter Gabrielized.  Thanks to all!



Date: Thu, 19 Jul 90 20:27:51 EST
From: Digital Man 
Subject: Favorite/Least Favorite Rush

I really found it amusing and somewhat enlightening to see the discussion
about p/g. Some people hate it, some people defend it even though it's not
their favorite and for some it seems to be their favorite Rush. I got
started into Rush with the release of a Farewell to Kings, so even though
I wasn't with them from the beginning, I've seen a great deal of their
evolution. And as the Dead say, "what a long strange trip it's been".
I'd have to say that Rush has something for every mood. At some time or
other, I could honestly say that each of their albums has been my favorite
(including the recently maligned Rush Rush). Let's face it, the Boyz just
plain have it all, something for everyone. By the way, my current favorite
is Moving Pictures and my current favorite song is Overture/Temples of Syrinx.
Digital Man
...He knows changes aren't permanent...but change is...


Date: Fri, 20 Jul 90 14:24:48 EDT
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: More p/g

I've got a little extra time this morning so I let me give you my
thoughts on p/g.  Like many of us on the list, new Rush albums tend to
have to grow on me and p/g was no exception.  One of the songs I liked
the least at first was Afterimage because 1) there's no bass; 2) I
couldn't relate to the chorus lyrics and their repetition bugged me.

Then a couple of months after the album's release I saw the Afterimage
video on MTV.  Boy did that make a *huge* difference.  To see the
frustration and pain in Neil's face at the end of the song, when he
just sits there at his kit -- its one of the most powerful things I've
seen Rush do.  Needless to say, I now think that song is one of their
best, because it is *so* personal and intimate.  How many other bands
could open so deep a wound for their fans to see?  But we all know
that, eh?

As to other songs on the album.  I always loved Between the Wheels.
The music is so cool, especially the opening and closing keyboard
chords, the piano at the end, the drums and bass work throughout and
the guitar solo.  I'd put this song in the classic Rush start-intense-and-
subversive-building-ever-so-surely-to-a-huge-emotional-cresendo type song.
If you've ever come close, as I have, to actually running over a
rabbit or cat in your car (but mercifully missed), you can really
literally relate to the line "Know how that rabbit feels, going under
your speeding wheels", and the whole song in general.

Enemy Within is a great song to play, as is Kid Gloves (5/4, yeah!)
definitely in my "hack-along-with-Rush" repetoire.  Red Lenses was so
*different* for Rush at the time.  Kid Gloves is such a cool song -- I
love Alex's solo in that song (one of his best IMHO).  Also, p/g was
the album that was soon to be released when I saw them at Radio City.
The album not having come out yet, they played Red Sector A, Kid
Gloves and Body Electric the night I saw them and I remember turning
to my drummer when they played Kid Gloves and saying "hey, they ripped
off our song!", since we had written a song that had a part that
sounded like one of the parts in KG.  We were jokingly pissed but
flattered that Rush would steal our tape and rip off one of our songs

Body Electric is so full of rebellion and triumph in the face of
inevitable tragedy that it really uplifts me, even though the fate of
the android is not happy. Red Sector A and Distant Early Warning are
actually my least favorite songs on the album, I'm not sure why.  Its
not like I don't like them, but I rarely put them on my compilation
tapes, which is how I usually judge which songs are my current faves.
Maybe because, again MHO, these songs, while just as dark as the
others, don't really give me the glimmer of light or hope or relief
that the others do, not just lyrically but musically as well.  Hmmm, I
don't know.

Oh, one last thing.  P/g was a really turning point for the boyz after
the dismally produced Signals and Exit Stage Left (Brown did his best
work for Rush on PeW and MP) and for that you've got to give the album
lots of credit.  It was obviously an extremely difficult album to do,
perhaps more of a release (primal scream?!) than anything else.

Anyway, that's it for p/g.  It doesn't get a lot of play on my CD
player these days, but its just because lately I've been getting
really into Power Windows and Caress of Steel (who says COS is their
worst album -- no way!).  POW is certainly their best from that
period, I think.


ORQ: "Thinking about the overfed, the underread."


Date:         Sat, 21 Jul 90 02:10:11 EST
From: Jeffery Bacon 
Subject:      "Territories" drum part

     To break off on new things...I just stopped to listen to the "Territories"
drum part a bit more than usual...and...well, I noticed that at times, Neil's
beating out 16th's on (hi-hat? na, too bright for that...?) AND a rhythm on
(roto-?) that possible?

     (NO, I know nothing abour drums. I'm a bass player by trade. But I've
spent enough time having to listen to drummers to be curious about such

     (OK, enough making a fool out of myself in public for now.)

[ Hey, it's encouraged here!  :-)                             :rush-mgr ]



Date: Fri, 20 Jul 90 08:33:49 EST
From: Snow Dog 

Since everyone (or at least most everyone) is cutting P/G, I thought I'd jump
in and defend it.  P/G is the albom that got me hooked on Rush.  I had heard
a few of their songs in the past, mostly when some friend said 'Hey, listen to
this drum/bass/guitar solo'  I admit, I liked their stuff, but had no idea who
they were.  When P/G came out, I was living about 60 miles from civilization
and about 20 miles from any real people (being 12 or 13, I also had no way of
getting to civ.)  One night QFM 96 (Columbus, Oh) played an hour of Rush live
for no particular reason.  Most of what they played consisted of P/G, and I
said 'Hey, this is some really good stuff, especially this one with the con-
centration camp stuff'  You see, I was growing up Jewish (yes, I'm cured now)
and having no understanding of their stuff at the time, I thought that they
were do a song about the Nazi Prison Camps.  I was wrong, but hey it got me
hooked.  Since then, I've heard almost all of their other stuff, and while
P/G is not my favourite album (at least not today) it still holds a very dear
place in my heart.  And even if it is 'red' and a real downer type album, it
is genious lyrically, and musically.

About a week ago, Adam ( asked us to pick what they
thought was the best album for each of the boyz.  I'm going to take a try and
say for Geddy it is the new one Presto.  I'll even explain why.  Geddy's voice
has changed on this album.  It's alot easier to listen to, and I think it makes
him a much better performer overall (if that's possible).  Also, he uses a mix
of keyboards and bass, the likes of which we have never heard on one of their
albums.  Sure there are shining examples of albums where he playes killer bass
or outrageous keyboards, but I don't think there is an album that shows both
of his skills anywhere near as good as Presto.
	For Neil, I have a hard time picking one for his playing.  He is so good on
all of them.  But lyrically I put hands down to Presto.  This is the best
example of lyric writing I have ever seen, by anyone.  Everytime I hear some
of his songs, I get shivers up and down my spine.  And Anagram (for Mongo)
[which my desire account is named after] is absolutely terrific.
	For Alex, I probably would have to pick Signals.  He has some absolutelyparts in this album, and he has a few really boss solos.  Damn, this is hard
with so much good material to choose from.   Well, I think they are all their
best.  Makes this job much easier.

Gotta fly (by night?)
Presto (but preferably:
"Drawn like moths we drift into the city...."


From: Mark S. 
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 90 18:02:41 MDT
Subject: Re: Least Favorites

  	I may have not listened to Rush for very long but I seem to have
heard a lot of criticism from people on the Signals album.  What is so bad
about that album?  I've read comments where fans have said that their favorite
song is Subdivisions.  Don't tell me that is the only good song on their.
I've also heard that Alex does his best on the p/g album, but what about Analog
Kid on Signals.  Personally, I think that is pretty awesome solo by Alex in that
one.  Signals is not my least favorite; in fact, it is my second favorite-
first being MP.  I think their is way to much criticism on this album.  The
same goes for p/g.



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