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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/24/90 (#16)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 16

                  Tuesday, 24 July 1990
Today's Topics:
   Songs premiered at tours not supporting that album?
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/19/90 (#14)
                        RUSH stuff
                   the spirit of radio
                   Neil and Territories
                      Album comments
               SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH "DEW"?
                Help in updating the list

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 10:25:09 -0500
From: (Kurt Finchum)
Subject: Songs premiered at tours not supporting that album?

Does anyone know if Rush has ever premiered a tune during a tour that was
not supporting the album on which the tune appears?

In other words, what are the odds (based on past tours) that on the next
tour we might hear something on Presto that wasn't played this time around?



Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 12:48:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stephen Baier 
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 07/19/90 (#14)

Couple of things I'd like to add to the discussion on P/G:

I'd have to say the album, unlike Signals, is an amazingly unified
work, dark and emotional all the way through.  For me Signals seems
a bit disjointed, and although Subdivisions is one of my favorite
songs (particularly because I can relate to it so easily), I get
a bit bored by side B.  Granted, that may be due to the below-par
production quality (the tape is especially bad, CD a bit better but
not up to HYF quality), but still, the songs seem to have no particular
reason for the order they're in.  If the album had the songs sequenced
differently, I don't think _I'd_ notice any difference.  Especially
by the end, with "Countdown", I always ask myself "What does this have
to do with the rest of the album?".  And as I think I've heard, "New
World Man" was thrown together at the last minute, and the boyz never
planned on it being a hit (are there other songs from the past several
albums that were, shall we say, extemporaneous?)

On the other hand, P/G wouldn't be the same if the songs were in any
other order - it seems to flow.  Especially "Body Electric" as the
start of side B - excellent way to start the side off.  And yes,
"Between the Wheels" is a quite dark and morbid song ("You know how
that rabbit feels, going under the speeding wheels..." - Luckily
the rabbits survived for the recent tour!) but it WORKS, and I
always end the album wanting to turn it over for one more time.

"Afterimage" is my favorite off the album - excellent guitar and drums -
the middle part of the song seems to go on forever!  Only problem I
have is that the ending guitar sound on "Afterimages" is too much
like the first note in "Red Sector A".  I'm not sure if I like it
or don't like it - sure makes for a good flow, but sometimes it seems
like the songs are too similar.  I think my least favorite song on
the album (believe it or not) would have to be DEW - seems a bit
wimpy for me until about the halfway mark.  It's only good really loud,
too, whereas I like other Rush songs both loud and soft.
As for most favorite album - right now it's Permanent Waves.  I just
got the lyrics, and am going crazy over "Entre Vous" (lyrics are
totally phenomenal on this song, and it all relates to life right now)
and "Natural Science".  BTW, heard a bootleg of the PermWaves tour
once, and heard "Natural Science".  Wow.  Up there in power with
"La Villa" on ESL.

Well, enough rambling.  Later




Subject: Afterimage
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 14:34:43 EDT
From: David Arnold 

In the last Digest, Barry Warsaw mentioned the song "Afterimage".  For
those who aren't familiar with the subject, it was written about a
close friend who had died.  This is blatantly obvious when you see the
video, and stirs some stong emotions in me.

I had a friend die in a freak accident back in high school, and when
the song first came out, it brought back memories of him.  In the past
year alone, I've had two close friends have 'close calls', one with
Hogkins Disease, another (currently) undergoing examination & surgery
for a lump in her chest.  I know I couldn't think of watching the video
while I wasn't sure of the outcome from my first friend (she's in remis-
sion - yayyy!), and I don't *dare* watch it now, not knowing about my
second friend (yet).  If she dies, and I feel the need for a purging
cry, I know where to turn!

The song is strongly written, and even more strongly shot on video - the
images are stark and really hit you, especially if you've lost a close
friend.  You can't help but empathize with Neil at the end, and it is
strong enough imagery to bring out tears.  While it's a dark (even dep-
ressing, in the right/wrong circumstances) song, it's one of RUSH's most
emotional as well.  What can I say but "touche', fellows", and "I'm sorry"
as well.

Sorry, don't want to be a bummer ...

Onto lighter subjects!

I don't think RUSH has a 'worst' album.  I think they have "the album that
I'm lest likely to listen to at this point in time."  My least favorite
used to be COS, but I've come to appreciate it over the years.  After all,
it does have "Bastille Day"!  I like several songs on RUSH, so it can't
rank at the bottom.  Since it takes me a while to get into most of their
later albums, I'd have to say that either PoW (sorry, Barry) or HYF would
have to be at the bottom of my list.  The songs just have this tendancy
to sound too much alike; the second half of the album just gets too mono-
tonous sometimes...  Presto has this tendancy also, but the first half of
the album is pretty strong (LOVE "Chain Lightning" - pissed they didn't
play it live!), so I'll keep giving it a chance.

It took me a while to warm up to GUP and Sig, but I've come to appreciate
what they were doing, even if I'm not a fan of the albums.  "Analog Kid"
*does* have the best guitar solo of any RUSH tune ...  "The Enemy Within"
just moves so well ... There are spots that are sooooo bright in there!

Well, enough disjointed rambling, so later!

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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 18:25:14 edt
From: "Dan Schwarz" 
Subject: RUSH stuff

Just thought I would respond to some of these comments...

>One night QFM 96 (Columbus, Oh) played an hour of Rush live
>for no particular reason.  Most of what they played consisted of P/G, and I
>said 'Hey, this is some really good stuff, especially this one with the conc
>entration camp stuff'  You see, I was growing up Jewish (yes, I'm cured now)
... I didn't know this was a disease... :-)

>and having no understanding of their stuff at the time, I thought that they
>were do a song about the Nazi Prison Camps.  I was wrong, but hey it got me

No, my guess is that you were right. At least that's what I remember reading
on here a while back... can anyone verify this? I think Geddy is Jewish by
birth, and at least one parent (survived, or died?) in a concentration camp.
... discussion about the 'best' RUSH album...
> But lyrically I put hands down to Presto.  This is the best
>example of lyric writing I have ever seen, by anyone.

IMHO, stuff like "The Camera Eye", "The Trees" (in fact all of Hemispheres)
and "Xanadu" beat Presto hands-down for lyrical quality. Heck, when I'm
feeling cynical about the band's direction in recent years, I might even
say that "I think I'm Going Bald" beats Presto in the lyrics department ;-)



Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 16:20:49 PDT
From: (Bill T. Cat)
Subject: the spirit of radio

hi. i'm new to this mailing list, and i have this question i've
been wondering about for a year now.  i realize that the end of
the spirit of radio is a parody of simon and garfunkel, and i was
wondering if neil thought this up or if it has to do with the
spirit of radio in toronto (what is that anyway?), and if neil
and the group really think s&g sold out.

antony chan


Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 16:23:44 -0700
From: David Pakman 
Subject: Neil and Territories

Yes, it is true, a careful listening to Territories on the studio version
reveals that Neil actually over-dubbed the tuned bongo portions.  He now
plays that part live by moving from the 16th-note hi-hat pattern to his
6", 8", and 10" tuned toms.  When the Power Windows Tour actually began
I remember wondering hoe Neil would decide to do that.  No big deal, really,
but just another thing to be appreciative of as Rush continues to so
carefully stay true to their recordings.  Something we folks seem to
take note of...

David Pakman

"I'd make everything all right..."  -MP
				    (^ woops, NP)


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Album comments
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 16:42:52 EDT

# From: Doug Grumann 
# >Triumph. Anybody else listen to them? Great stuff, super guitarist (Rik Emmett)
# Great band.  I'm into their earlier stuff.  Rock 'n Roll Machine and Just a
# Game are incredible albums.  Evidently they've broken up, huh?

Yes, Triumph is a great band.  I have Triumph "Classics" on CD.  Great stuff.

# From: Digital Man 
# I'd have to say that Rush has something for every mood. At some time or
# other, I could honestly say that each of their albums has been my favorite
# (including the recently maligned Rush Rush). Let's face it, the Boyz just
# plain have it all, something for everyone. By the way, my current favorite
# is Moving Pictures and my current favorite song is Overture/Temples of Syrinx.
# Digital Man

Yes, I definately think that this man hit the nail on the head by this
statement.  Rush does has something for every mood.  I knew that some
were going to agree that _Grace Under Pressure_ is not the greatest and that
some were going to get bent out of shape in defending it.  We already know
that some people like certain albums better than others and that one cannot
enforce opinions on someone else.  I must agree that there are some Rush
albums that have to grow on ya (as someone else mentioned).  I started
following The Boyz right after _Moving Pictures_ so I eagarly awaited the
forth-coming albums.  I must admit that when _Signals_ and _Grace Under
Pressure_ were released, they had to "grow" on me.  On the other hand, _Power
Windows_, _Hold Your Fire_ and _Presto_ I liked right away.  Now for some
others, it might be something totally different (especially you new Rush
listeners who haven't listened to much of the older stuff (pre-Permanent

In any case that's all I wanted to say...

BTW, I don't have my _Power Windows_ tape on me off-hand but will listen
to "Territories" and give some comments (be it that I have been a drummer
for quite a number of years now).


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 21:52:28 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 

First off, thanx Doug for bringing up GUP!  You started the Digest
going again; I was beginning to wonder where everyone was...

It's getting a little lonely down I the only one who likes
DEW?  Guys!  Don't do this to me...!  Allright, I admit I have a
sentimental affection for that song.  It got worse on the Presto
tour--when I saw them in Sacramento at the Arco Arena I sat on stage
left (yo, Skip!) up behind the stage so got a GREAT view of Neil.
And, of course, being at a Rush concert, NATURALLY I had to air-drum
my way thru the concert (!).  When they started playing DEW, I was
watching Neil and playing along and I was right in sync with him--I
felt like I was playing with the band!  Man, oh man, what a rush (pun
intended!)!  My time sense needs some serious help (anyone got a
metronome that WORKS?), so it was fun to play along with the Boyz.

I'll shutup...

About those Canadian bands, forgive me if this was already mentioned,
but wasn't Steppenwolf a band from the Great White North?  And just in
case you wanted to go beyond rock groups, I do believe gordon
Lightfoot is Canadian.  Oh, wasn't Saga also from Canada?  Anyway,
Triumph is (was?) a great group as well.

"Fly by night away from here..."         Puanani Akaka


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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 90 08:59:54 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

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