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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 08/09/90 (#27)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 27

                 Thursday, 9 August 1990
Today's Topics:
      The Warner Megolith, and the band you love...
              temples of the syrinx bootleg
           Song credits, musicians, and a horse
       Recording Problems With Grace Under Pressure
                  Rocinante et Religion
              ... to be found within a song.

Date: Wed, 8 Aug 90 11:21 EDT
From: "Derek D. Lichter [MacLover]                                   `I'm lookin thru
Subject: The Warner Megolith, and the band you love...

Just a quick note on a comment Brad made yesterday.  Time/Warner is now a HUGE
company, a virtual monopoly of the communications industry, and they do in
fact own Rush's contract -- at least, they own Atlantic records.  However I
would assume that the boyz have as much creative freedom as they want in their
contract with Atlantic (if not, why move from Mercury/Polygram?).  But this
doesn't explain why I've only seen one Rush video on MTV (that for Big Money)
and nothing from the Presto release.  Oh, I know they've been played, but I've
never seen one.  :-(

Is Time/Warner on the way to an AT&T-style breakup?  Hmmm...

                                                Derek L.


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 90 12:50:36 EDT
Subject: temples of the syrinx bootleg

I have the Temples of the Syrinx bootleg on album and it is only one
album(2 sides).  It is a very good quality bootleg.  Is there really
a 2 album version of it around?



Date: Wed, 8 Aug 90 10:32:01 PDT
From: spike@d31mf0.Stanford.EDU (John T. Fourkas)
Subject: Song credits, musicians, and a horse

	Straight form the mouth of Rush Complete:

 Song				Words by

Anthem			Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Best I Can		Geddy
Fly By Night		Geddy and Neil
Bytor			Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Making Memories		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Rivendell		Geddy and Neil
In the End		Geddy and Alex
Bastille Day		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
I Think I'm Going Bald	Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Lakeside Park		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
The Necromancer		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
The Fountain of Lamneth	Gedyy, Alex, and Neil (no Alex on Panacea
						or Bacchus Plateau)
Lessons			Alex
Tears			Geddy
A Farewell to Kings	Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Xanadu			Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Cinderella Man		Geddy and Alex
Madrigal		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Cygnus X-1		Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Different Strings	Geddy
Chemistry		Geddy, Alex, and Neil

And here a caveat: all of the songs that credit all three, with the
exception of Chemistry, say "Words and Music by....", which MAY only
mean that all three worked on the music.  What is meant is not entirely

	On another subject, seems to me that arguments over which fabulous
musician is more fabulous are kind of silly, since it's all a matter of taste
at that point anyhow.  And, by the way, Geddy and Jeff Berlin are great fans
of each other, and Jeff Berlin dedicated a song to Rush on his second album,
Pump It.  And if you have a chance to check out either Berlin or Bruford,
do so.  You'll like them, whether or not you like them more or less than
Geddy and Neil....

	And finally, Rocinante, I believe, was Don Quixote's horse.

John Fourkas
Stanford University


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 90 13:33:48 GMT-0600
From: (Jeff O'Hare)
Subject: Recording Problems With Grace Under Pressure

	Hi.  I was wondering if anybody that has a copy of Grace Under Pressure
on CD could check theirs out to see if they notice on the first track (Distant
Early Warning) about twenty seconds into the song, there is a terrible
crackling sound.  I thought it was my CD player at first, because I had a
really old, cheap one, and the motor on the drawer sounds like a dying cow.
Anyways, I just bought a laserdisc player so I could buy all the Rush concert
discs and have the CD-Quality audio, and played the Grace Under Pressure CD
on it, and heard the same crackling.  Then, I took the disc to a stereo store,
and played it on a ~$7,000 system, and still heard it.  So, it IS there.  I
don't have the disc handy; it's in the car, but if someone else has the same
problem, we can compare pressings.  Another strange thing about it is that
it was recorded AAD, unlike their previous few which were ADD.  And what's
even stranger is that they went to complete digital recording in their next
	A couple of other questions I have are:  Does anyone keep an archive
of this mail?  Also, could someone please send me a transcript of that guy's
posting about Peart seeing USENET?


Date:     Wed, 08 Aug 90 13:32:08 EDT
Subject:  Rocinante et Religion

I can't remember all of the associations off the top of my head, but there
was a discussion of Rocinante on this list several long months back, so I'm
sure someone out there will be able to fill in the holes.  As best I can
remember, the original Rocinante was Don Quixote's horse.  The word has come
to mean the vehicle used in any foolish endeavor or journey.

Something has been bothering me during all this discussion of whether or
not Neil had religious intentions in _The_Pass_.  When did this list accept
the equation "Religion = Christianity"?  I'm sure that everyone out there
doesn't feel this way (I knoe I don't), but that's the impression that
a few posters have created in the discussions of the last week or two.  A
rejection of Christianity is not tantamount to a complete rejection of
religion in general.  There's quite a bit more out there to choose from!
My own interpretation is still that the song has no particular religious
significance, but I'll concede the possibility.

Then there's _Freewill_.  My interpretation of this song is that it advocates
thinking for yourself, not one religion over another.  Lines like: "YOU can
choose....I will choose a path that's clear...." seem to me to be saying,
"I have made my choice, but you must make your own, FOR YOUR OWN REASONS."
You cannot simply accept someone else's conclusions about anything as
important as this, you must think it through carefully and decide what kind of
world view makes sense.  You can be a follower of any religion and still
consider yourself a free thinker as long as you made a conscious decision
to accept that religion.  This message is not inherently anti-Christion unless
you believe that no thinking person could accept Christianity (I would
disagree).  Even if you think the song advocates Atheism/Agnosticism, this
is still in some sense "religion." ("If you choose not to decide, you still
have made a choice....")  Anyway that's my two-cents-worth.

brian bevins

"With acknowledgement to the genius of Ayn Rand." -ORQ   $^)


Date: Wed, 8 Aug 90 14:45 EST
From: "I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon." 

Greetings RUSHan --

Andy Bates asked in the August 8th issue:

        Andy>I've always wondered: what is the "Rocinante" from Cygnus X-1?

In Cervantes' book, _Don Quijote_, Don Quijote's horse is named Rocinante.
Now, 'Rocinante',translated inot English means something on the lines on 'nag',
etc.  You see, Don Quijote's horse was a real old thing, not worth all that
much.  That could be the connection.  The ship was going to a Black Hole (i.e.
Cygnus X-1, an actual Black Hole in Cygnus), so by his knowledge at the time,
it was not worth all that much.

        Always remember, no matter where you are, no matter what's going

        "There's a light....  Burning at the Frankenstein place"
                                [HOLD UP LIGHTERS]

[ It's nice to see another twisted mind here on the list!    :rush-mgr ]

Adam Dickson                            |       Nuke us if you like!
Wright State University                 |          We don't care!
Dayton, Ohio                            |            Actually, we encourage it!


Date: 8 Aug 90 19:07:54 PDT (Wednesday)
Subject: ... to be found within a song.
From: "Brad_Armstrong.WBST129"@Xerox.COM

John Fourkas wrote:
> I don't believe that Neil Peart is antireligious, as some have
> suggested lately.  Nor do I believe, for that matter, that songs such as
> Freewill, Witch Hunt, and The Pass are antireligious.  What I DO believe
> is that Neil is anti-zealot and pro-self.

What Neil may or may not believe only he knows.  As for your
interpretations, well, you are likely correct in stating that Neil is
anti-zealot.   As for the rest of your commentary: how can separate
fatalism from Chistianity (note: I am not talking about Christian like
morals, but the religion)?  Fatalism is part of the definition of
Christianity.  I am not talking about the connotation of fatalism about not
having any self-motivation.  My thoughts on the Pass and Christianity are
already published a few issues back.  While you are probably right that
Neil wouldn't agree with an 'anti-religious zealot', this does not imply
that he supports or condones religion in any way either.  I'm on your side
about those who have been participating in the fashionable, political, flag
waving.  A Constitutional ammendment?  *Maybe* a fire safety law, ... nah.

Andy Bates asks about the origin of  Rocinante, well Rocinante was Don
Quixote's horse, need I say more?  As for Hemispheres, I hate spoilers of
movie plots and so on, so why don't we make him wait 'till he buys it? :)
I will tell you this much, it's a whole album side (where have those epic
songs gone, anyway?).

I'd also like to repeat my request for the current address of the Backstage
Club.  Please mail to my net address, not the digest.  Thanks.

Electronic communication, making your life better;

 Brad Armstrong                            Lion.Wbst129@Xerox.COM
 Xerox MB Lab, Webster, NY                      W: (716) 422-9688
     ... everybody got to elevate from the norm. - N. Peart
 >None of these opinions has anything to do with anyone but me.<


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