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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 08/15/90 (#31)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 31

                Wednesday, 15 August 1990
Today's Topics:
                      Show Dont Tell
                       Rush CD ...
                      Ultimate Band
              ... to be found within a song.
             ultimate band...chick's opinion

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 12:44 EST
From: "Rob Lizak Jr." 
Subject: Show Dont Tell

In the Aug. 13 Digest, made references to S.D.T.
being a song about religion... oh boy...  I think we all know how Neil feels
about religion, but anyways, back from the Radioamerica interview Neil told
what was meant in S.D.T. or at least the underlying motive or theme of
writing the song...  he said that producers have a phrase they like to use
in the industry, "Show Dont Tell or SDT"...  saying simply that if you go to
a producer and say that you have this great concept or idea its not good
enough, you have to show them...  I cant remember anything else he said
about the song other than what I just typed as I havent listened to the
interview in a long while... but anyways, the song has nothing to do with


(Its great to hear that Chronicles in supposed to be out Sept 8 instead of
Oct 6...  geez , Rush being released on my birthday... maybe they should
hold it off until Sept 12 instead  :)   )...


Date:     Tue, 14 Aug 90 13:49 EDT
Subject:  Rush CD ...

Could someone please re-post the press releasing giving the
song line-up for the new Rush Chronicles album ?

Thank You !

take care,


| Eric J. Simon       Harvard Univerity            HU GSAS BMCDB G2 |


Date:    Tue, 14 Aug 1990 14:33:25 EDT
Subject: Ultimate Band

These are really my favorite musicians, as I can't imagine their actually
playing together in one band:

Drums:  Carl Palmer, Neil Peart, Rod Morgenstein, Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham
Keyboards:  Keith Emerson
Bass:  Jonas Hellborg (has played w/ John McLaughlin & Ginger Baker)- the
       most amazing bass player I've ever seen, and I've seen everyone on this
       list except for Percy Jones;

       Percy Jones (Brand X)

       Jeff Berlin, Geddy Lee, Jon Camp (Renaissance)

       Stanley Clarke, John Entwhistle

Guitar: Steve Morse
Vocals: Greg Lake (male); Annie Haslam (female)

Favorite Band:  ELP
Favorite Lyricist:  Peart, although early Greg Lake was pretty good (c.f.,
"Tarkus," "The Only Way," and "Karn Evil 9."

-- Steve Mason


Date: 13 Aug 90 17:18:13 PDT (Monday)
Subject: ... to be found within a song.
From: "Brad_Armstrong.WBST129"@Xerox.COM

In response to Ron Rader, Jr.'s 'discussion generating' comment about
normal, reasonable, and intelligent persons (namely, the boys) having
smoked marijuana with no permanent ill effects; all I have to say is "What
do you know that we don't?  Some inside info?  A hallucination maybe? How
about some proof ..."

Carl Johnson asked if anyone thinks Show Don't Tell is primarily about
religions.  I don't think the song was meant about any specific topic.
Most religions expect you to take things on faith as a given for
participating anyway, and that is pretty well understood by most people,
right?  Why did you leave the obvious (to me) topic of interpersonal
relationships out of your list?  That would be the one that I would choose,
given only one choice.

I have noticed, as have many of you it seems, that Rush has changed the
style and content of their music over the years.  I feel, as I have
previously stated, that the Exit...Stage Left dividing line was not
artificial.  Here is a question I think about sometimes, which I would like
to hear some discourse from the rest of you about: What is the essential
difference between, say, the period before Exit...Stage Left and the period
after Signals (I think of Signals as kind of transitional, or at least more
so than Moving Pictures)?  I'm not talking about specifics here, although I
expect you may have to site them as evidence, because I'm sure most of us
are quite familiar with the specific differences.  I'm looking for comments
on things like the band's apparent philisophy, the music's apparent
philosophy, the music's value, or even the record company's influences.  In
short, anything more than "The songs got shorter, and I only like long
songs."  I keep finding myself wondering if it's only me that sees some
essential changes in the way of the band.  I'm sure this one's been hashed
to death at some previous time, but I'd still like to hear the arguments of
some fans, rather than all the comments I get from non-fans.

Electronic communication, making your life better;

 Brad Armstrong                            Lion.Wbst129@Xerox.COM
 Xerox MB Lab, Webster, NY                      W: (716) 422-9688
     ... everybody got to elevate from the norm. - N. Peart
 >None of these opinions has anything to do with anyone but me.<


Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 10:41:24 EST
From: Snow Dog 

Well, well, well.  It seems I am getting famous.  Yes, I don't know about
anyone else, but anagram@desire.WRIGHT.EDU is on this list, and is none
other than little old quiet me,  I use this account
for the mailing list, because we have a quota on desire (VMS), and I get too
much stuff there as is.
       I think (boy is it flame time) that Anagram (for Mongo) is the best
song, lyrically, that Neil has ever written, which is saying a lot, I think
most of his songs are far beyond almost any writer I can think of.  There is
creativity on that song that you really have to look at the lyrics two or
three times before you can catch on to it.
       Going back to some of the recent discussions, someone was 'bad mouthing'
Countdown.  I can't agree less with you.  Neil has done an amazing feat on this
song.  He has captured the very energy of the launch.  And Geddy upholds the
energy with his voice, and its little quirks at just the right moment.  Also,
Neils words describe the launch beautifully.  Even if you've never seen a
shuttle launch, you can get the feel of just through this song.

Oh well, enough babbling for now.  (I had to write when I say my name!!!)


Date:     Wed, 15 Aug 90 9:15:26 EDT
From: Christine Ann Murdza (STUCONTR-SECAD|groff) 
Subject:  ultimate band...chick's opinion

^^^^^^^^ ^^^^
     I must agree on the necessity for chemistry, but I think it's also
important what style of music is going to be produced.  Strictly dealing
with -SICK- musicians in terms of feel, finesse, and chops, I must make
my 'ultimate band' consist of (with obvious overlaps):

	DRUMS:	 Peart, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl
	BASS:  	 Lee, Kai Eckhart, Marcus Miller, Chris Squire
	GUITAR:	 Eddie Van Halen, Mike Stern, Vinnie Moore
	VOCALS:	 Oletta Adams, John Palumbo
	KEYS:	 Kenny Kirkland

     I think depending on the tune, one could mix n' match the above
to achieve a pretty sweet combination.

				See Ya,

| ...the spaces in between      |                                |
|    leave room for you and I   |        murdza@BRL.MIL          |
|    to grow.     -Peart        |                                |


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