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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 08/22/90 (#36)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 36

                Wednesday, 22 August 1990
Today's Topics:
                        Rush list
                        gif files
           "Visions" biography and "Rocinante"
                       Visions book
                 Rush tour schedules ...
              ... to be found within a song.
                       "Hear'n Aid"

From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Rush list
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 10:56:40 PDT

     OK, let's see if we can make some meaning out of nothing
     or nothing out of meaning.

     A little data compiled from the liners:

     Album Production Times for Later Rush Albums

     Hemispheres: Jun-Jul 78               2 months
     Permanent Waves: Sep-Oct 79           2 months
     Moving Pictures: Oct-Nov 80           2 months
     Signals: April-July 82                4 months
     Grace Under Pressure: Nov-March 84    5 months
     Power Windows: ??                     ??
     Hold Your Fire: Jan-Apr 87            4 months
     Presto: Jun-Aug 89                    3 months

     I'll ask the first obvious questions.  Why, if they
     have religeously given the production times on all
     albums, not given them for POW?  Forgot?  Intentional?
     The later albums have taken longer.  Do they have more
     money for studio time?  Taking more time to do it more
     perfect?  Overproducing?  How about this:  If you spent
     _5 MONTHS_ in mid-winter producing an album while a
     close friend died and while you were trying to strike
     off into a new style wouldn't you come up with something like
     G/P? Does the shortened time for Presto correlate to the general
     feeling the Presto is a more "back to the roots" or "rocking"
     type of album. (Dont ask me to provide poll results to prove
     this, I have been reading the list for 6 months, and that is
     the impression I have seen in the posters. CAUTION: SUBJECTIVE
     OPINION CONTAINED HERE).  One last one.  Signals to me was
     an album about leaving or losing...Analog Kid...Losing It... I
     always thought it might be produced in the fall.  I never
     bothered to look.

     His mother starts to call him as a hawk gies soaring by
     The boy pulls down his baseball cap and covers up his eyes

     Chris Schiller
     uucp: hplabs!hpscdc!hpsctcd!chris


Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 14:10:44 EDT
From: (Nathan Huang)
Subject: gif files

Awhile ago, someone posted that he had several color gif files of
various Rush images.  Are you still out there?  I'm stil interested.
Please get in contact!



Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 12:37:52 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: "Visions" biography and "Rocinante"

In response to Jeremy Bennett's inquiry in the 8/21 digest ,"Rush Visions:
The Official Biography" is the most recent book on the band. It was written
by Bill "B-man" Banasiewicz (I probably spelled this wrong... anyway it
is pronounced Bana-she-vitz I think), published by Omnibus Press in 1988.
The book isn't half bad, the only problem I had is that it was written by a
rabid fan and IMHO has lots of inconsistencies and holes. It answers lots of
good questions but left me with more questions on my mind than before I read
it. For instance it said that each of the guys has a nickname (Dirk for Geddy,
Lerxst for Alex and Pratt for Neil) but doesn't explain how they got them.
Anyway it is most certainly required reading for folks on this list. I have not
read/heard of the other 2 books mentioned by our Rush manager, so any clues
on this subject would be appreciated. I tried for months to get "Visions"
through local bookstores, to no avail. You should join the Backstage Club
and order through them (the cost is $16.95 plus shipping) and you'll get it in
a couple of weeks.

One other item now that we are on the subject of Visions. There were some
postings last week inquiring about the name "Rocinante" mentioned in the
Cygnus X-1 series. Visions mentions that Rocinante was also the name of the
central character's
motor home in Steinbeck's book "Travels with Charlie". I never read this
book, but I have to laugh when I think of Geddy "wheeling through the
galaxy" in a Winnebago. Knowing Neil's sense of humor and double meanings in
his lyrics I wouldn't doubt that Rocinante may have several explanations.



Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 09:38:43 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Presto

Regarding the album cover, all I know is that Hugh Syme sent the band
a bunch of prints, they noticed the one with the rabbits on it and
thought it perfect for the album.  Their humour, as always, presents
itself in subtle ways...!  Knowing Hugh Syme, he's probably stuck a
whole bunch of symbolism in the cover--I haven't taken the time to
look for them (then again, there *is* Neil's watch...(groan)), but you
could be right about the number of rabbits equaling the studio albums.
Personally, I think the rabbit in the hat is so cute...however, I'd
always assumed it was the illustration of the term "presto".

About the name of the album, it's been around for awhile.  Neil had
elected to call "A Show of Hands" "Presto", instead.  He lost out by
democratic process to Alex and Geddy.  When the band started out on
their writing process, Neil had come up with the preliminary lyrics
for the song, "Presto" (he came up with the title at the same time) and
realized they at least had an album title to work with as well (this
is in the tradition of "Fly By Night" and "A Farewell to Kings",
though, I don't know if the title tracks of those albums came first,
as well).  I am unsure if Neil's choice of title for the song, and
subsequently, the album have any bearing on not having had his way
with the live album (sly devil!)!

As for the album itself, no, the band wasn't under pressure to get the
album made.  Frankly, the pressure was on the record label to make
sure the album was sufficiently marketed and promoted.  Makes for a
nice change, eh?

In regards to Anagram, the whole thing is an anagram!  So much so,
that when Neil brought Alex and Ged the lyrics, their reaction was,
"What the hell is this?"!  According to Neil, he just did it for
fun...if I'm not mistaken, is "Anagram (for Mongo)" the only lyrics
Neil has written (for Rush, anyway--has he ever written lyrics for
anyon else?) that doesn't have deep, hidden, double-sided meanings?

Thanx to Roger Swanson, also, for posting "A Nice Morning Drive".

"You feel there's something calling you, you're wanting to return, to
where the misty mountains rise and friendly fires burn."

					 Puanani Akaka


Date: 21 Aug 90 15:18 -0500
Subject: Visions book

	Can anyone supply the author, publisher, and (most importantly!)
the ISBN for this book?  How much did it cost you?  Is it worth it?
Should I bother to special-order it?

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Date:     Tue, 21 Aug 90 13:13 EDT
Subject:  Rush tour schedules ...

I don't remember a discussion on this previously (but I could be
wrong), so here it goes ...

Does anyone have a compilation of Rush concert dates ?  I have the last
tour (thanks to the net) but I mean, a more thorough listing, like a
Rush-base.  One would seem usefull, particularly for identifying the
dates of bootleg or broadcast concert.

Do any of the Rush books have listing ?  Does anyone have one on-line ?
(if so, please Email me !).  If none exists, I could think of a few
good sources of info, espcially when dealing with a large group of
people (such as this net): ticket stubs, concert shirts and programs,
Rolling Stone magazine tour listings, ?, ...

Feelings on this issue please !  I would be willing to compile data
for the benefit of the net ...

take care,


| Eric J. Simon       Harvard Univerity            HU GSAS BMCDB G2 |


Date: 21 Aug 90 19:06:50 PDT (Tuesday)
Subject: ... to be found within a song.
From: "Brad_Armstrong.WBST129"@Xerox.COM

Thanks for all the responses to my question about Rush changing through the
years, it's given me some more food for thought about that topic.  I liked,
especially Digital Man's disjointed response, it wasn't so disjointed as
he'd like us to believe.

To those who wrote requesting the Rush lyric copies, give me some time,
things are changing fast here.  I may even have a slightly modified net
address soon.   Plus ce change ...

Thanks to Roger Swanson for posting A Nice Morning Drive, it was worth the
typing. made several comments about the symbolism in
the Presto album.  I think he's working too hard looking at details in this
case.  I don't think all the record company related references are all that
likely.  He also writes:
> As mentioned in this list before (Digest #24), Lerxst is
> an anagram for Alex.

[ I believe the word intended is 'pseudonym' ?                :rush-mgr ]

Is this true?  It doesn't fit my definition of an anagram.

Puanani mentions the end of Rush as a band, and talks about them being
close to splitting up while making Presto.  What does anyone know about
them having trouble getting along during this production, or any other?

Kerry wrote:
> 	In yesterday's episode, Justin D. Bukowski said...
> OK. I've finally found the opportunity to speak out about
> something that's been bothering me:
>      "Image is just an eye-less game."
> No! Game is an eye-less image!
> Whew! What a relief.
> 	Sorry, you've missed the meaning.  Five, less two, is three.
> Similarly, "Image", less "game", is "I" (or "eye", with poetic licence.)
> Subtle differences in reading the line make a great difference in the
> meaning.

Doesn't this logic give I+(-MAGE) ?  The only thing I can see here is maybe
if you write it I minus MAGE, or I-MAGE, which looks like the word image,
but makes no sense.  I'll have to check the song out more carefully, but it
looks like a case of poetic license or poetic senility or some such.

Electronic communication, making your life better;

 Brad Armstrong                            Lion.Wbst129@Xerox.COM
 Xerox MB Lab, Webster, NY                      W: (716) 422-9688
     ... everybody got to elevate from the norm. - N. Peart
 >None of these opinions has anything to do with anyone but me.<


Subject: "Hear'n Aid"
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 90 16:04:43 CDT
From: Keith E. Ford 

A fellow here went to a local tape store to order "RUSH" and discovered
an entry titled "Hear'n Aid".  He was looking for some information about
this, but I could not help him.  Anybody?

[ This is a new one for me!  PLEASE post if you have info!!  Do you know
  if it was an album, CD, etc.?                                :rush-mgr ]

| ...!uunet!ingr!fordke    |  Micro Magic BBS (1:373/12 - 205/830-2362)
|       |    IBM/Apple2/Trackstar/Echoes/OBUL/ODIN
| "and the Trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw." -Rush


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