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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 08/23/90 (#37)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 37

                 Thursday, 23 August 1990
Today's Topics:
                Books/magazines about Rush
                       "Hear'n Aid"
                        hear'n aid
             "Hear'n Aid" or Was Rush There?
                        Hear'n aid
                  Lerxst's Middle Name?
            Last tour (again), Presto (again)
              ... to be found within a song.
                     Re: "Hear'n Aid"
               Anagram and hidden meanings

From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Books/magazines about Rush
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 10:44:01 EDT

I am also interested in "Success Under Pressure" and any other books/
magazines about Rush.  I do have "Visions" (not with me so I can't post
any info on it, sorry).

Also, this is kinda embarrassing but where the heck can I find the "Modern
Drummer" magazine ?!?!?  I say it's enbarrassing cause I've been a drummer
for years and have only read other people's copies of "Modern Drummer".
I'd like to subscribe to it AND get back issues (particularly the ones with
Neil featured).  Like I said, I have read a few but would like to get my
own personal copies.

Also again, for those that go to magazines stands/book stores often, if you
see a magazine that has Rush featured, can you please post the information
(magazine name/issue etc)?  I don't get any time to check these things out
but am definately interested in these issues.  Thanks.


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "...I'm not one to believe in magic..."
(216) 867-3700 x3123 <->                                     - N. Peart


From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 16:37:34 BST
Subject: "Hear'n Aid"

Keith E. Ford  writes:

>A fellow here went to a local tape store to order "RUSH" and discovered
>an entry titled "Hear'n Aid".  He was looking for some information about
>this, but I could not help him.  Anybody?

>[ This is a new one for me!  PLEASE post if you have info!!  Do you know
>  if it was an album, CD, etc.?                                :rush-mgr ]

Sorry, this is NOT a hitherto-undiscovered Rush album! Back in '85, when
Live-Aid was going on, Ronnie James Dio and his then-bassist Jimmy Bain
decided to contribute to the cause and help the image of heavy metal at the
same time. They wrote a song called "Stars", and assembled a star- studded
Rock/Metal cast to record it. The extended version of the song features
solos by various guitarists, one of whom may be Alex (but I haven't got it
so I may be wrong.) The song - and later the charity compilation album -
were released under the Hear'n Aid banner. I can't remember what track Rush
contributed to the album, but it was something fairly common that I had
already. It's probably not easy to find this album anymore, and you've
probably got everything on it that was worth hearing anyway.

Along the same lines is the recent charity album Rock Aid Armenia. This is in
aid of victims of the Armenian earthquake in late '88. Alex plays a (brief)
solo on the charity all-star re-recording of "Smoke on the Water" and Rush
contributed "Spirit of Radio" for the album. (Studio version, but the video
features the live version from ASOH.)

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>


Subject: Trivia
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 11:50:53 EDT
From: David Arnold 

Here's a bit of trivia I unearthed in an interview segment done around '84.
The interview was with Geddy, but the interviewer gave this information.

What date (day, month, year) did Neil join RUSH, and why is it (day/month)

Have fun!

David Arnold       Keywords:  Rush, Neville Brothers, Squeeze, Crack the Sky,
                               Peter Gabriel, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd,
Inet:       Talking Heads, Arc Of Ones (RIP), Stones, BOC,
UUCP: uunet!!davida  King Crimson, Police, Grass Roots, Hollies


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 12:50:47 EDT
Subject: hear'n aid

Hear'n Aid is any album that came out about 5 years ago.  It is any
album like Band Aid and it is for the same cause (hunger or something
like that).  It has a song called Hear'n Aid on it which was done by a
bunch of people from various groups like: Dio, Dokken, Judius Prest, and
other heavy metal groups.  I don't think any of the guys from RUSH help
in the song.  But the rest of the album is made up of live songs from
various groups.  A live version of Distant Early Warning is on it, this
is where RUSH was involved.  It also includes live stuff from KISS,
Moterhead, Dio, Scorpins, etc.  The album as the brain child of Ronnie
James Dio and was done by mostly heave metal groups.



Date: Wed 22 Aug 90 09:58:11-PDT
From: Tony Stark 
Subject: "Hear'n Aid" or Was Rush There?

	In the Rush Digest, Keith E. Ford asked about the title "Hear'n Aid"
and what connection RUSH might have with this.
	Well, I'm not really sure what RUSH has to do with this, but I will
answer according to what I know. To the best of my knowledge, "Hear'n Aid"
was a project started by a group of heavy-metal artists, to benefit the
children in Africa. It happened around the same time as all the other -Aid
projects, like "Band-Aid," "Live-Aid," etc. They recorded a song called
"Stars." The collection of heavy metal artists was headed by Ronnie James Dio
and included many famous heavy metal stars such as Judas Priest, and,
unfortunately, Blackie Lawless of W.A.S.P. I did hear the song a while back,
and it was a pretty good job, given that they were dealing with such a wide
spectrum of musical ideas. One of the things that saved it, I think, was that
not so much time was spent singing, as was spent on showcasing the talents
of the various musicians. According to Ronnie James Dio, in an interview in a
really old issue of "Guitar" magazine, which I no longer have, the whole thing
went off pretty well, except for the fact that some artists were just there to
plug their own bands. Now, I'm not sure what RUSH had to do with all of this,
as I don't remember them being mentioned in the article as one of the groups
present. I hope that they weren't. I can't see them in the same studio as
Blackie Lawless. I would be interested to see if they were. Keith, I'd tell
your friend to go and check out the tape and see if anyone from RUSH is mentioned in the credits. Who knows, maybe they needed someone to write the song.
If anyone does know, I'd be interested to hear about it.

	Oh, I guess to add my two cents to the Anagram for Mongo mistake
debate, I believe that the line is correct as stated in the song. I think
it is just a classic case of Yoda-backspeak, or too much use of the passive
structure (that may be wrong, but I'm not an English major.) The line
reads, "An Image just an eye-less game." An image is just an "i", when you
take away "game." I guess the meaning comes through when you pause correctly.
Read it like "An Image just an eye (pause) less game." Like someone, said
Image less game is an i.

	So much for now.
"It's understood,
 Every single person would be elsewhere if they could."
"So far so good,
 And life's not unpleasant in our little neighborhood."

			-Chacko Sonny (


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 1990 9:54:20 PDT
From: Anand Rangarajan 
Subject: Hear'n aid

Wasn't ``Distant Early Warning'' or some other song off P/G on the
Hear'n Aid Benefit album? I remember seeing this album (the hard rock
equivalent of _We are the World_) in the stores in 1985-86.

After having long e-mail debates with Erland Sommarskog (sp?) on the
issue of Rush being dated and behind the times, I told him to get
Power Windows and listen to ``Territories'' and ``Middletown Dreams''.
I think this is as modern as Rush ever got. Any opinions out there?
By the way, Erland is very knowledgable if somewhat pompous.

There was an short-lived news prog. with Connie Chung and someone else
on NBC in 1986 which used the first 10 or 15 seconds of ``Mystic Rhythms''
as the show opener. Is there a canonical list of Rush song bits being
used for TV shows?

Anand Rangarajan


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 15:31:35 EDT
From: gordon@Stars.Reston.Unisys.COM
Subject: Lerxst's Middle Name?

In the Digest of 8/22, Brad Armstrong wrote, and Mr. Rush-Mgr came to
my rescue with:

--| [...] writes:
--| > As mentioned in this list before (Digest #24), Lerxst is
--| > an anagram for Alex.
--| [ I believe the word intended is 'pseudonym' ?                :rush-mgr ]
--| Is this true?  It doesn't fit my definition of an anagram.

	Okay, how do I get out of this one?  I know!  What if Alex's
middle name was "Arthur"?  Then "Lerxst" *could* be an anagram for
"Alex Arthur Lifeson".  Not Arthur, you say?  How about Robert?

	So how about it, Rush-folks?  What's Alex's middle name???
(While we're at it, since it's bound to come up, what's Neil's and
Geddy's middle names, also?)

	Accepting the possibility that Alex's middle name has no 't'
or 'r' in it, I'll agree with Mr. Rush-Mgr, I really meant to say
"pseudonym."  :)

>From the Random Rush Generator:

	With insufficient tact
	   A diamond in the waste
	In the dying days of a war
	Promise offered in the east
	   Fools try to wish it away
	Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again?

Like some pilgrim,
Del Gordon
 /\      /\      /\      1-0-0-1-0-0-1, S.O.S.  1-0-0-1-0-0-1, in distress.
/  \  /\/  \  /\/  \  /-------------------------------------------------------
    \/      \/      \/   Del Gordon     |><-


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 09:35:31 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Last tour (again), Presto (again)

About the last reminded me yesterday about
something I forgot to mention in my previous posting.  Odds are, we may
not know that, when the time comes, that it will be their last tour.
I'm sort-of gambling that perhaps they'll be "nice" and let us all
know; like "The Police".  However, since Rush's schedule is sort-of
based on "well, whatever happens happens", it'll be hard to even
organize *my own* trip to follow them.  At any rate, it's going to
*very* difficult to get this off the ground (gee, let's try being
optimistic, shall we?).  It really is hard to know if one can go, I
mean how do you  plan several years in advance?  I don't even know what
I'm doing next month!  Not to mention, it *will* be expensive, which is
part of the reason I thought it might be good going in a group or
groups--it might be possible to get group rates on hotels, etc. (aside
from the fact that it might be a lot more fun!) I realize I'm getting a
little ahead of myself but I just wanted to give everyone some ideas of
pros and cons in doing something so adventurous.  Enough.

Brad asked about the Boyz getting along through Presto--as far as I
know, they got along just fine; the reason I mentioned them almost
splitting up around Presto was Alex said in an interview concerning the
band breaking up was, "I've been the most concerned I've ever been."
Apparently, and you might already know this, the HYF tour was
extrememly trying on the boyz and apparently, so was th mixing of
ASOH.  They were feeling really down and were very unsure about doing
another album.  They took a long break, came back and decided that they
_did_ have the energy and drive to do another album.  So...they did!
Yeah, I realized I kind-of worded that strangely--I made it sound like
they almost split up after the making of Presto; I read what happened
after the HYF tour after Presto came out.  Again, that was partly why I
brought up the subject of the last tour (not that again!)--Alex is
getting a little tired of touring--not *performing*, but being on the
road, the waiting around, etc.  I can understand his point (what do you
mean you're getting tired of touring?!) so I'm really not sure how long
he's going to tolerate being on the road much longer.  Yes!  Yes!  I'm
getting paranoid!!!  'nuff said...

WORQ: "You feel there's something calling you
       You're wanting to return"...		  Puanani Akaka


Date: 22 Aug 90 14:01:02 PDT (Wednesday)
Subject: ... to be found within a song.
From: "Brad_Armstrong.WBST129"@Xerox.COM

Dave comments:
> Cygnus X-1 series. Visions mentions that Rocinante was also the name of >
the central character's motor home in Steinbeck's book "Travels with
> Charlie". I never read this ...
Seems pretty plain, though, that Steinbeck was alluding to Don Quixote.

Keith Ford wrote about something called Hear'n Aid.  What is this?  Did he
buy it?  Was this a catalog entry or what?  More info!  (It does sound like
a useful product for Rush overdose though.  :)  )

Time for a nice morning drive ...

Electronic communication, making your life better;

 Brad Armstrong                            Lion.Wbst129@Xerox.COM
 Xerox MB Lab, Webster, NY                      W: (716) 422-9688
     ... everybody got to elevate from the norm. - N. Peart
 >None of these opinions has anything to do with anyone but me.<


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 15:31:06 PDT
From: redrockr@eb5ts2.EBay.Sun.COM (beep-beep-zip-bang!)
Subject: Re: "Hear'n Aid"

Keith E. Ford writes:
>A fellow here went to a local tape store to order "RUSH" and discovered
>an entry titled "Hear'n Aid".  He was looking for some information about
>this, but I could not help him.  Anybody?

Correction.  The album is entitled "Hear'n Aid"--- it's a compilation album
produced by Ronnie James Dio and friends to help raise $$ for the homeless/
hungry/deprived/poor/fill-your-own-in.  The album is the heavy metal
equivalent of "We Are The World".  The title track is also entitled "Hear'n
Aid" (oddly enough) with other "live" releases from the Scorpions, Jimmy
Hendrix, Motorhead, etc., and of course.... Rush!

The boyz' contribution to this album is a live release of "Distant Early
Warning" recorded in (Toronto? Montreal?) Canada during the Grace tour in '84.
I think this album was released sometime back in '86(???????).

[ Could be the version from "Sailing Into Destiny"/Grace Under Pressure 
  video?                                                         :rush-mgr ]

Hope this helps!

Ray Sato
Sun Microsystems, Inc.  Milpitas, California
INTERNET: redrockr@eb5ts2.EBay.Sun.COM
UUCP: ...!sun-barr!newstop!male!redrockr


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 23:40:59 -0700
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Hear-n-Aid

This is a response to the recent question about Hear-n-Aid.  Hear-n-Aid was
a "charity" album with tracks by many of the major 70's heavy metal groups.
Much of the stuff was custom made for the album but I think the Rush track
was the studio version of Tom Sawyer.  There was also a video entitled,
"Hear-n-Aid: the sessions" which showed all the stupid antics of the heavy
metal clowns who made the album.  Rush is not shown and not even mentioned
anywhere in the video, including the credits.  The whole thing was a bomb.
Don't bother buying the album or video.

  Speaking of albums and videos....Are you guys psyched for the Chronicles
2 CD set and video for the 2nd week in September?  I can't wait for the
video!  It should have everything after P/G.  I'm preying for some really
early stuff but it doesn't seem likely.  I'm also hoping for Presto stuff.

  About a Rush data base for tour dates as Eric Simon suggested.....I have
been assembling info very slowly over the years, intending to put it all into
a data base.  I have loads of dates all the way back before the first tour,
(if I can find it all, that is).  As Eric pointed out, good sources of dates
are ticket stubs, T-shirts, programs, newspaper and magazine ads and bootleg
shows.  Many of the original itenerary dates change, which makes it hard.
I figure it would take up over 20 pages, (3000-4000 dates since '74).
I think the many mailing list readers are the perfect resource for such a
project.  Of course, it will take many months to complete.  If you guys
want to start forwarding all the info you have to me, I will start filing
it away.  If everybody could just read off all their old ticket stubs, that
would be great.  List everything you know such as the warm-up band, exact
venue, and anything unusual which may have happened.  If anybody wants to
help Eric and I, feel free.

[ I've got ticket stubs for the Washington DC/Baltimore MD  area for every 
  tour since the '79 (Hemispheres) tour.  Let me know if you want dates.  
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

  One more thing...I'm looking to buy "virgin vinyl" Rush LPs.  That means
original, sealed LPs or maybe played just once.  I'll pay between $20 and
$100 for sealed original pressings, depending on the album.  I'll also pay
$100 for the King Biscuit P/G CD.
                                                     Take care,
                                                - Chris Michael


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 18:49:05 EST
From: Snow Dog 
Subject: Anagram and hidden meanings

Contrary to what Puanini Akaka says, I believe there probably is some "deep,
hidden, double-sided meaning" to Anagram (for Mongo) {the song that is, not me,
well, me too, but that's a different story}.  I'll try and quickly go through
it, but not line by line.

I think what Neil is trying to say in this song is that materialism has replaced
real values in todays society, and that we are all heady for some very rough

The first stanza speaks of the dark times coming.  The snake coming out of the
darkness.  Snakes and darkness are both commonly associated with evil.  End the
need for Eden, speaks of the loss of 'love' for simpler things.  Chase the dreamof merchandise (dreams, not dream, ran out of room) is definitely speaking of
materialism.  Everyone is always wanting (dreaming) of more stuff (merchandise),
and everyone is always striving (chasing) more stuff.

There is tic and toc in atomic: We are running out of time.
Leaders make a deal: I think he is in very short terms talking about the c
corruptness (is that a legal word) of the world's politicians.
THe cosmic is largely comic: Even the cosmic (religion, spirituality, etc) has
been corrupted, or defiled.
A con they couldn't conceal: The public is really starting to notice what's
happening, and isn't too happy about.
skip large section of song....I haven't taken the time to figure it all out yet.

Miracle will have their claimers: More on the corruptness of religion.
More will bow to Rome: Because everything is so bad, more people will start l
looking to Rome (the Church) for guidence.

Rose is a rose of splendor: Simple beauty for what it is.
Posed to respond in the end: In the end simple beauty is all that will be left,
and all that will be worth anything.
Lonely things like nights, I find end finer with a friend: Neil is talking about
the simple pleasures some more.  He still understands what they are, and is
trying to get others to understand.

The night turns thin:  Value becomes valueless
The saint turns to sin:  More on the corruption of the church.

And, as I was looking over the lyrics, and writing this, it hit me:
Take heart from earth....
Shave the harvest from the earth:  The simple pleasures again, are the only
valuable ones, and in the end, all that will remain is the earth (hopefully).

I really don't think this song was written just as "fun".  It has one of Neil's
most recurring themes (anti-materialism) and has what I think is a very
personal message, straight from Neil's heart, in it.  And personally, I hope
that someone will read (or listen) to this song, and understand it, and learn
something from it, because we are slowly destroying not only ourselves, but
every single thing on earth.  And that is Neil's most basic
underlying message to this whole song:  We must protect the only thing that
counts: The Earth, our Mother.

Well, that was quite long enough, and I think I kinda pulled Ye Olde Soapbox
out of the closet for that last paragraph, so now it's time for:

ORQ: "And the men who hold high place, must be the one's to start,
      To mold a new reality closer to the heart."

Anagram (for Mongo)


Date: Thu, 23 Aug 90 09:43 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: Hear'n'Aid

A few years back and Live Aid and We Are the World happened, a group of Heavy
Metal people got together and made a benefit song and put it on an album
called "Hear'n'Aid".  Although the Boyz didn't play on the song, they did
contribute a song to the album....I believe it was Distant Early Warning..

That's all there is to that.

Regarding recording time for Power Windows, I'm sure you could find out how
long it took by reading Neil's intro to the Power Windows tour book... He usually
gives explicit details on the recording process.  I lost my Power Windows tour
book so I can't help you on that one.

Gedd and Alex will be (or already have) participating in a rock celebrity
tennis tourney (this may be old news to you, I just got back on the LIST).

Does anyone know if this will be broadcast on TV?  I think it would be
hilarious to watch Gedd and Alex playing tennis (although I guess they're quite

Kim Mitchell (ex of Max Webster ) has a new live album entitled 'I am a Wild
Party'.  There is an excellent version of Battlescar on it.  Those of you
who love that song may want to pick it up, even though the Boyz don't appear it
is still an excellent version.... You'll have to get it as an import though
if you're not near Canada.  I can tell you the album label is 'Alert Records',
if any one wants a catalog number email me .

Regarding 'Visions'.... definitley a must read for true fans.. Those with a
passing interest in the band (or none at all), will find it to be a drooling
fanatics acount with little or no room for objectivity (rightfully so).
But I enjoyed if only for the insight into the boyz and a more thorough
understanding of the earlier years.  Plus if you can get a hold of the UK
edition, there is a hilarious picture of Geddy and Alex at junior high.



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