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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/05/90 (#45)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 45

               Wednesday, 5 September 1990
Today's Topics:
                        Rush files
     Backstage Club and Radio Airplay (what's that?)
                    _Chronicles_, YYZ
                airplay; new comer's list
            Chronicles (review), C-64, airplay
         Rush Archives: File List + Descriptions

Subject: Rush files
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 11:27:08 CDT
From: Keith E. Ford 

> From: Elisabeth Perrin 
> and a bunch of other stuff--over 50 files in all.
> I will be able to repost selected files to the mailing list, if there are
> requests for specific items.

I would very much appreciate a repost, or email, of these files.  I have
been looking for any files that deal with Rush.
| ...!uunet!ingr!fordke    OR
| "and the Trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw." -Rush


Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 13:01:58 EDT
Subject: Chronicles

Yes indeedy, it did come out today, and with a suprise....

I looked over the song list, and "Take Off" was nowhere to be found....

Instead, they had "Show Don't Tell"!

How did they manage this, considering that it's from an album released by a different recording

My theory is that when they saw that "Take Off" was going to be on a collection of their music,
RUSH offered to sell them the rights to SDT if they would leave the song off, since it is not
representative of their music, and possibly embarrassment. Imagine people listening and thinking that
RUSH was playing the instruments on there? Hmmmm....


Oh yeah, we have "Get The Led Out" on WAAF up here, too. Seems like a plague......

Work:			|The X-Ray is her siren's song	|My ship cannot resist her long
School: 		|Nearer to my deadly goal	|Until the black hole....gains control   -Rush


Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 11:08:56 -0700
From: David Conley 
Subject: Backstage Club and Radio Airplay (what's that?)

Since the beginning of the school year is upon us I imagine there
will again be a wave of questions about the RUSH Backstage Club.
So I thought that I would follow our manager's lead and supply
a little info.

The club is based in Las Vegas (see the last  Digest..9/4/90).
It is run by a kindly lady by the name of Dottie. It is mainly
an outlet for mail order stuff....T-shirts, posters, etc. etc.
You can order Visions too.... I recommend that you do because
it is much easier that hunting down bookstores that carry it.
Once you become a member you are required to buy an item in order
to remain active for 1 year. If you don't buy an item in a 1 year
period you are dropped from the list.

To become a member you should send $9.00 PLUS $2.95 postage and
handling to the Las Vegas address. If you don't send the $2.95
your membership won't be get some goodies in the
mail with the membership (a Hold Your Fire poster, a Signals
tour book, a patch, and a membership card...oh boy!) and the
p&h money is to cover these items.

Maybe twice a year you will receive a newsletter. The best part of
this is that Neil writes part of it.. a sort of question and answer
session... he responds to various questions that fans write to him about.
Although you will notice that his responses are a bit sarcastic.

Also I might add that if you have questions about the club, you must
send them a self-addressed stamped envelop or you won't get a response.
Understandably they are a low budget outfit.

I hope this answers a few of the more commonly asked questions!!:->

Regarding Rush radio airplay: It is virtually non-exsistant in Seattle.
The only Rush tunes I have heard in the last few months have come from
Presto... Show Don't Tell and The Pass. The so called "progressive
rock" and "classic rock" stations play tons of Zepplin, Eric Clapton,
Eagles, Beatles, Stones, etc...not bad stuff... but I listen alot and
would be tickled to hear a little A Farewell To Kings era stuff.
The only time I have heard any classic Rush played was on March 26,
1990. Why do I remember that date you are wondering?? That was the
date of the Presto show here and KISW played a Rush set after the nice of them!!!


Dave C.

- - - - -
David Conley     "The Digital Anatomist"
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 17:37 EST
From: the analog kid 
Subject: _Chronicles_, YYZ

Greetings RUSHans--

Hello hello again, Rush fans.  I have a little distressing message.  It is,
today, the fourth of September, the day that someone on the list said that
_Chronicles_ was supposed to hit the stores.  My roommate (Anagram) went to
look at his lunch break and found naught.  I, for one (dunno 'bout him), am WAY
bummed.  Anyone have more accurate information?

Now, to share a little bit of neatness.  A friend of mine just made a jaunt up
to Toronto to do some work or something (it surprised ME too, someone going to
Toronto and NOT on a Rush-quest, go figger!).  Before he left, I asked him to
bring me back some luggage tags from Toronto Airport (for those who don't know
the signifigance, the code for Toronto Airport is YYZ).  He succeeded in
spades!  Not only did he bring 3 tags (one in MINT condition), but he got
another tag that was quite interesting.  It was a parcel delivery tag or some
such (you know, with the fill-in-the-blanks for destination, etc.), and it was
a request for an accelerated delivery, or a Rush tag.  The "To:" black was
filled in with, you guessed it, YYZ.  So, effectively, the tag says "Rush to
YYZ!"  Neat, I thought.  They now hand in a place of honor above the TV,
attached to the fishnet we have on the wall behind it.

Adam Dickson                            |     "When a man lies, he murders
Wright State University                 |       some part of the world..."
Dayton, Ohio                            |          - Merlin, "Excalibur"


Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 18:42 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: Chronicles

I saw Chronoicles in the record store today...  The packaging is impressive..
I didn't have the money to buy it, so someone else will have to post
about the inside etc..

I noticed one song (Show Don't Tell) from Presto made it on there....  this
baffles me since this of course off an Atlantic album...  I was under the
impression that this record would cover the Mercury years..

Does anyone know for sure what will be on the video??  BTW, although I
saw the Chronicles CD's in 2 record stores, the video was nowhere to be



Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 19:41 EDT
Subject: airplay; new comer's list

 First let me confirm what Dan Kelley says about RUSH airplay in the Akron/
Cleveland area. There certainly isn't enough. This trend continues to the
immediate south in Youngstown (Oh.). If I hear 1 RUSH song an afternoon on
"The Wolf" I feel lucky. Sort of ironic since RUSH first received airplay on
WMMS in Cleveland.
 Here at school the airplay is not better. WJXQ, 106.1 Lansing, plays very
little RUSH, 2 songs a day if you're lucky. It also seems that they play the
(oops!P same song in repeated spurts then move on to another song. This group
includes Tom Sawyer, Closer to the Heart, Limelight, Fly By Night with the
stuff from Presto thrown in.
 Comment: Perhaps the reason RUSH gets less airplay than groups such as Zep is
because many of their songs tend to be longer than average. Any other comments.

 Our RUSH mngr. asked about topics to compile for newcomers. How about the
lists of favorite RUSH albums, songs, alltime groups etc. Just my humble

Bill "Axeman" Colyer


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 01:51:43 -0700
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Chronicles (review), C-64, airplay

Hi Rushfans,

   I have info on 3 topics: Chronicles, (a review), C-64 stuff,
Rush airplay.


  This may be one of the first Chronicles reviews but I'm sure
it's not the last.  I bought the album today at Tower Records,
(9/4/90), but couldn't find the video, (apparently, there's some
delay).  In a nutshell, don't bother buying this 2 CD set.  If
you have and extra $31.99 + tax, spend it on something else.

  The cover says "Rush Chronicles", etched on an old rust-covered
piece of metal rather than the original "smooth appearence", (old
and rusty?! Is Mercury trying to make a statment here?).  A large
golden sticker on the cover says, "Digitally Remastered".  The
liner notes credit a guy named Bob Ludwig as having done the
mastering, (not remastering).  Don't believe this marketing
bullshit.  The album was NOT digitally remastered, trust me.  The
album quality is crap.  Every pre-moving pictures track, (all of
Disc 1), is hiss-city.  Mercury/Polygram made no attempt to
"re-master" the album.  The tracks are as bad or worse than the
shitty sounding CDs.  Most songs could have been radically
improved with even the cheapest digital workstation available on the 
market.  Yet Mercury made absolutely NO ATTEMPT to improve or
re-master the original recordings.  (they didn't even bother to
remove the hiss before and after each track!)  The
signal-to-noise ratio is so low that it makes me puke.  The
sticker also said "2 1/2 hours of music".  Actually, it totaled 2
hours 23 minutes.  The large golden sticker on the cover is sadly

  Since the release of the first Rush CD by Mercury/Polygram,
(Moving Pictures, I think), I have been sadly disappointed.  The
original was just plain defective.  The beginning of the first
track, (Tom Sawyer), was cut off.  (Ludicrous!!).  After that, it
only got worse!  The rest of the CDs, (pre-Moving Pictures),
released were so hissy that it makes me puke to hear them!  The
problem is twofold:  The albums were not truly "remastered" and
they probably didn't come from the original "master" tapes.  Even
if they did come from the masters, they were probably doomed from
the beginning.  Most Pre-80's master tapes come from normal-bias,
Type-I ferric-oxide tapes.  These have a lousy signal-to-noise
ratio, (they're very hissy), and oxidize and degrade, (get
hissier), rapidly over time.  After years of sitting in the tape
vaults and getting played and copied, much of their original
sound is lost forever.  It wasn't until Moving Pictures and
Signals that Rush started digitally recording their work.  More
likely though, the earlier Rush CDs came from 3rd or 4th
generation tapes.  Anyway, compare an album with the CD and
you'll see what I mean.  The CD's are unbelievably hissy and have
almost no high-end.  What can I say.  Every track on Disc 1 is
practically drowned out in a sea of hiss and noise.  All I can
say is if you have a virgin vinyl "original release" Rush LP,
(not budget re-release), hang onto it and DON'T play it!  By the
way, 40% of all CD's currently released, or re-released, come
from vinyl!  NOT from tapes.  Many record companies have learned
their lesson.  Maybe Mercury will learn theirs.  It's no wonder
that Rush was opposed to the whole project from the start!   I
feel as Neil does that $31.99 is a rip-off for a 2 CD set.

  Anyway, the song linup for Chronicles differs only slightly
from the original press-release that I posted a year ago:

Disc 1:
Finding my way
Working Man
Fly By night
Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
a) Overture
b) Temples of Syrinx
What You're Doing (live)   <==Cut from All the World's A Stage
A Farewell to Kings
Closer to the Heart
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato
The Spirit of Radio

Disc 2:
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta
A Passage to Bangkik (live) <==Cut from Exit..Stage Left
New World Man
Distant Early Warning
Red Sector A
The Big Money
Manhattan Project
Force Ten
Time Stand Still
Mystic Rhythms (live) <== From A Show of Hands
Show Don't Tell

  Omitted was "Take Off (to the Great White North)" which Geddy
sang on the Bob and Doug album.  There is a nice 10 page insert
containing a 4 page profile on the band by John Swenson.  I have
to admit, it's an interesting experience to sit down and hear a
"chronology" of Rush recordings from their first album to their
most recent.  It's like a time trip.  Other than the novelty of
that experience, I can't see the value of the CD set to anyone.
For $31.99 you could easily buy 3 full-length Rush CDs, (or
anything else worth $31.99).


  Somebody mentioned that they had a few Rush tracks on SID
player.  5 years ago I had a few for "Master Composer", I think.
I made 1 myself, (Red Barchetta), from the sheet music.  It was
pretty darn good, using all 3 voices and totalling 6 minutes.  I
also had Fly by Night and one other song.  If anybody's still
interested, send me a message and I'll see if I can dig it up.


  Someone else mentioned that Rush didn't receive too much
airplay in the Ohio area but that one DJ sometimes plays blocks
of it.  Growing up in New England, I found that a few stations,
(DJs rather), played lots of Rush, others didn't.  When I moved
to the Bay area, only KOME plays a serious amount of Rush.  One
DJ is a really big fan and he actually played "Battlescar" every
day for 1 week during the evening commute.  I heard a double shot
this evening, in fact.  I guess it depends on the DJs personal
interest.  It's ironic that Ohio doesn't get much airplay since
Rush practically owes their carrer to Donna Halper of QFM96 in
Columbus for getting them started in the early years.

  Well, I have to get some sleep.  Someone mentioned putting
together all the most common Rush questions.  I have another
idea.  I also have all the Rush postings back to the very
beginning and could put together a list of all the published
material, (ie, articles, interviews, tour programs, iteneraries,
etc).  This would take up a number of postings but I think it
would be a great resource for the subscribers.  I also have all
the lyrics from the lyrics server.  .  Well, I have to go.  Whoever get's
the Chronicles Video first, be sure to Post a review!

                                                    Take Care,

                                                 - Chris Michael


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 03:11:22 -0700
From: Elisabeth Perrin 
Subject: Rush Archives: File List + Descriptions

Here's a list of the Rush files I have available on my BBS.  I will be
available to repost one or two of these files to the list every day, so get
your requests in now!

[55 files]

Filename        Type Length Modified    Description

ALBUM.ARTWORK    TXT   1594 10-AUG-90   Comments about the artwork on MP & P/G
ALEX.PRO         TXT   3558 23-AUG-89   Analysis of Alex's work
BACKSTAGE.CLUB   TXT    669  2-NOV-89   This information may be outdated
BEST.EVER        TXT   2912  1-JUL-89   My own comments as to why Rush is best
BIRTHDAYS        TXT    171  7-JUN-90   The birthdates of the boyz
BOOKS            TXT    805  2-NOV-89   A list of the Rush biographies
BROON.EXIT       TXT   1956 26-FEB-90   Comments about Terry Brown leaving
CARESS.LYR       TXT   8421 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on COS
CARESS.PRESS.KT  TXT   3775 21-MAR-90   Info from the CoS press kit
CD.QUALITY       TXT   1254 26-FEB-90   Comments on the quality of Rush CDs
CHAPTERS         TXT   2630  7-OCT-89   Analysis of the chapters in Rush hstry
CHRONICLES.LIST  TXT   1728  6-JUN-90   List of songs on Chronicles
DIGITAL.MAN.BED  TXT   1118  2-AUG-90   Why the Digital Man won't need a bed
DISCOGRAPHY      TXT   3797 16-SEP-89   Includes all 12" singles
DRUG.SONG        TXT   1443 14-AUG-90   Analysis of "A Passage to Bangkok"
EQUIPMENT        TXT   5778 20-APR-90   Article from Musician magazine
FAREWELL.LYR     TXT   5125 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on AFTK
FLYBY.NIGHT.LYR  TXT   7474  7-NOV-89   Includes the prologue to "Fly By Night"
GRACE.LYR        TXT   6824 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on P/G
GROUP.INTERVIEW  TXT  19201  7-APR-90   PRESTO interview from San Diego
GUP.TOURBOOK     TXT  25457 31-AUG-90   P/G tourbook
HEMISPHERES.LYR  TXT   5729 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on HEMISPHERES
HOLD.FIRE.LYR    TXT  10588 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on HOLD YOUR FIRE
LAMNETH.METAPHO  TXT   6901 14-AUG-90   Analysis of "Fountain of Lamneth"
LIFESON.IVIEW.1  TXT  19074  2-NOV-89   Alex interview from Guitar Magazine
LIFESON.IVIEW.2  TXT  13201 24-OCT-89   Alex interview from Musician Express
LYRIC.CREDITS    TXT   1271 10-AUG-90   Song credits from Rush: Complete
MAILING.LIST     TXT   1131  2-NOV-89   Members on this list, from long ago
MOVING.PICS.LYR  TXT   6332 31-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on MOVING PICTURES
NEIL.GRACE.IVIE  TXT   1097  8-AUG-90   Quoted from the P/G tourbook
NEW.ALBUM        TXT   5097 25-SEP-89   Rumours about CHRONICLES from last year
NICE.MORN.DRIVE  TXT  11042 24-AUG-90   "A Nice Morning Drive", Road & Track
PEART.ARTICLE    TXT   6861 22-JAN-90   The infamous Satanism article
PEART.IVIEW      TXT  54533  2-NOV-89   Neil interview from Modern Drummer
PEART.Q.AND.A    TXT  10511 20-FEB-90   From an old Backstage Club letter
PERMANENT.LYR    TXT   5449 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on PERMANENT WAVES
POWER.WIND.LYR   TXT   8452 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on POWER WINDOWS
PRESTO.LYR       TXT   1369 17-DEC-89   Lyrics to "Presto" from PRESTO
PRESTO.SHOW      TXT   1412 20-FEB-90   Song list from the PRESTO tour
PRESTO.TOURBOOK  TXT  19605 11-MAY-90   PRESTO tourbook
RASTER.IMAGES    TXT   2047  7-APR-90   How to FTP the Rush raster images
ROCKLINE.IVIEW   TXT  33733 16-MAY-90   1990 Rockline interview
RUSH.2112.LYR    TXT   9041  3-AUG-89   FULL lyrics to the songs on 2112
RUSH.FANS        TXT   1684  7-MAY-89   A diehard fan responds to criticism
RUSH.LIST.INFO   TXT    795 22-JAN-90   Welcome msg to this list, long ago
RUSH.LYR         TXT   8169 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on RUSH
RUSH.REVIEW      TXT   1752  7-APR-89   From the 1983 Rolling Stn Record Guide
SCARS.LYR        TXT    992 20-NOV-89   Lyrics to "Scars" from PRESTO
SIGNALS.LYR      TXT   8005 24-OCT-89   Lyrics to the songs on SIGNALS
STORY.HISTORY    TXT  17141 27-MAR-90   From a Canadian magazine in 1978--odd
THE.PASS.LYR     TXT   1223 12-AUG-90   Lyrics to "The Pass" from PRESTO
THRICE.TOLD      TXT  16291  2-NOV-89   A Rush history written by Neil
TOUR.2ND.LEG     TXT   1500 20-MAR-90   Itinerary of the 2nd leg of PRESTO tour
TOUR.DATES       TXT   1115  2-DEC-89   1st leg of the PRESTO tour
XANADU.POEM      TXT   2991 24-APR-90   "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Coleridge

--Mike Owen


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