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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/06/90 (#46)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 46

                Thursday, 6 September 1990
Today's Topics:
               Chronicles -- missing track
                      radio sucks!!!
  Chronicles (blackmail! blackmail!), Future Boxed Set?
  Mercury, Atlantic, "Show Don't Tell" and _Chronicles_
                Chronicles/Backstage Club
                 Chronicles sound quality
                   RUSH archives wanted
                   list server program
                submission for newsletter
                        One word.

Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 08:49:27 -0700
From: Andy Bates 
Subject: Chronicles -- missing track

    Well, I'm sure by now we've all seen Chronicles, and let me be the first
to say that I really like the cover.  Much better than the sixteen album covers
I was predicting.  Anyway, a couple of changes that I noticed were the removal
of Take Off from Disc One (it was supposed to be on according to a previous
press release), and the addition of Show Don't Tell to the end of Disc Two.  I
wonder how they pulled that off, what with the different record labels and all.
So now I'm slightly disappointed, since I was looking forward to having Take
Off on CD.  Does anyone know if it's available anywhere else on CD, say, for
example, on the Strange Brew soundtrack?  I'd really like to pick it up.

        Andy Bates.
        "purposeful motion for one so insane..." -- ORQ


Date: Tue, 4 Sep 90 08:25:09 EST
From: Ronnie Peugh 
Subject: radio sucks!!!

Last week people on the list were talking about little RUSH is played on
the radio, and if they are played, its always the same ones.

Here in Dayton, there are 2 so called "rock" stations.  This summer I've
been working at Wright-Patt AFB with a radio in my cubicle.  I've
decided that both of them suck big donkey...

Until last Friday, I looked forward to Fridays, which until last Friday,
were "Three-for-all Fridays"  With 3 songs you hhad a chance of getting
1 that was not on that !@#$%^&*() playlist.  But last Friday, nooo, the
same old "robert plant... must be 12 after...." shit!!!

I was wondering if others are tired of radio?  If so, do we have enough
anger to organize a radio boycott???

I was thinking that if we got everyone to call their "rock" station and
something like

	"I am joining many listeners accross the country in a boycott
	 of all rock stations which are no better than top 40 stations"

Think about it... when was the last time you heard Maiden between 9 and 5??

rock hard...


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 08:25:46 EST
From: Snow Dog 
Subject: Chronicles!!!!

Hey all!  I picked Chronicles up yesterday (a few hours after it came out, I 
hworking!!)  Kind of a bland, non-descript cover, but it does contain some s
surprises.  How did they get "Show Don't Tell" on it?  And I guess the playlist
that was given to us earlier was changed.  Darn it, I was looking forward to
hearing "Take Off"

Oh well, back to work, and listening to Chronicles!
Anagram (for Mongo)

PS. I got my copy at 5:32 last night, anyone earlier?


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 12:36:23 -0700
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 

Subject:  airplay

Ted Ives ( writes in 5 sep's letter:
> to the Bay area, only KOME plays a serious amount of Rush.  One
> DJ is a really big fan and he actually played "Battlescar" every
> day for 1 week during the evening commute.  I heard a double shot

What is "Battlescar"?
I've never heard of this song, unless it is an error.
If this is for real, when was it released, what album/single, etc?

[ "Battlescar" is a song from the Max Webster album _Universal Juveniles_
   on which RUSH play.  This is a good candidate for the 'intro info' file.
                                                                : rush-mgr ]



Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 09:32:49 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Chronicles (blackmail! blackmail!), Future Boxed Set?

Greetings all--

Interesting that Mercury has decided to put "Show Don't Tell" on it
instead of "Take Off".  I don't know about anyone else, but
Mercury/Polygram is really pissing me off--anybody else get the feeling
that Rush is getting screwed over?  I really wonder how they managed to
get SDT...I recall that Alex, at least, was not happy at all about the
release of Take Off, feeling like it had nothing to do with the band.
In fact, he wasn't happy at all with the whole project (of course, you
all know that)!  Maybe they _did_ sell Mercury the rights just to keep
Take off off the set.  But I can't imagine Rush allowing themselves to
be, at least on one level, "blackmailed".  That's kind of a harsh
word, but that's what it sounds like to me.  Just one humble opinion.

I think I'm about to sound like a hypocrite, but awhile back, I bought
the boxed set for "20 Years of Jethro Tull" (and have subsequently
become a born-again Jethro fan).  I kept thinking that it would be
neat if Rush did something like that.  I realize Chronicles is pretty
close to being a "boxed set", but it was a project they were against
and had no say in.  I wonder if they would be willing to do a real
boxed set when they reach their 20 years (1994?).  Perhaps if they had
some say and control over the project, they might not object.  I'm
going to see if I can ask Neil via the Backstage Club--I'd really like
to know (assuming he answers the question!).  Any comments?

About the video accompaniment to Chronicles (does the video have the
same title?), it could be that it won't be out for awhile.  Perhaps
things are a little faster up there, but the video accompanying "20
Years of Jethro Tull" didn't come out (or at least didn't reach here)
for quite awhile after the boxed set came out.  Then again, that's only
one example.  Of course, at the rate Mercury is doing business, it'll
probably come out on September 9 with the _video_ for SDT!

Puanani Akaka  WORQ: "I get this feeling..."


From: evanh@sco.COM (Evan A.C. Hunt)
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 13:11:49 PDT
Subject: Mercury, Atlantic, "Show Don't Tell" and _Chronicles_

> I looked over the song list, and "Take Off" was nowhere to be found....
> Instead, they had "Show Don't Tell"!  How did they manage this,
> considering that it's from an album released by a different recording
> company? My theory is that when they saw that "Take Off" was going to be
> on a collection of their music, RUSH offered to sell them the rights to
> SDT if they would leave the song off, since it is not representative of
> their music, and possibly embarrassment.

	I have a simpler theory.  I recall reading, about 6 or 8
months after Rush announced they were leaving Mercury/PolyGram and
signing with Atlantic, that Mercury/PolyGram was buying Atlantic.



Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 13:33:42 PDT
From: (Alan Edwards)
Subject: Chronicles/Backstage Club

Hi there.

I have just a few words about Chronicles, The Backstage Club, and
a small plea:


Marshall ( writes about Chronicles in Digest #45:
| Yes indeedy, it did come out today, and with a suprise....
| I looked over the song list, and "Take Off" was nowhere to be found....
| Instead, they had "Show Don't Tell"!

Good!  I would've been real pissed off if that appeared on a Rush
CD.  Don't get me wrong, I love the song (I have Bob & Doug's album),
I just don't feel that it belongs in a Rush compilation.

| ...
| Oh yeah, we have "Get The Led Out" on WAAF up here, too. Seems like
| a plague......

A GOOD plague.  We have it here in central California (Modesto way)
also.  Rush Hour?  An excellent idea, but it will never happen.
Although, when I was a DJ, I had a special once where I played four
hours of "the two best rock groups in history"--two hours of Rush,
and two hours of Led Zeppelin!  Of course that was a college radio
station--before they changed their format.  Now they play "air
pudding" (New Age--computer- composed Dentist Office "Music") and
some soul.


Ted Ives ( writes a review of Chronicles in Digest #45:
| The album was NOT digitally remastered, trust me.  The
| album quality is crap.  Every pre-moving pictures track, (all of
| Disc 1), is hiss-city.

Wow, maybe I won't get it after all!  (I need to save my money for
ELO's Afterglow compilation anyway.)

I think that a good question to bring up with Geddy and/or Alex
on the next Rockline is:

"All of your pre-Moving Pictures CD's sound like crap.  What are
you doing to get the older stuff re-released in a cleaner version
like ADD? Does Atlantic have the right do that, or do we have to
wait for Mercury (who probably has no motivation to do so) to
remaster them?"


David Arnold ( writes in Digest #44:
| [ Ok, there have been enough questions about this, so I'll interrupt this
|   posting for a mass-information answer.  The RUSH Backstage Club ...
|                               ... The address for them is:
|     RUSH Backstage Club
|     1055 E. Tropicana Avenue, #580
|     Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
|     (Please do not send cash)     <--- Their words, not mine
|                                                                :rush-mgr ]

but David Conley ( writes in Digest #45:
| To become a member you should send $9.00 PLUS $2.95 postage and
| handling to the Las Vegas address. If you don't send the $2.95
| your membership won't be processed...

OK.  Which is it?

Do you send money or not?  Anyone have a DEFINITIVE answer?

[ The quote about not sending cash means 'send a check or money order'.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]


When you compose your letters PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure they are
under about 70 columns.  Most people have 80 column screens, and it
is very hard to read your letters if it spills off the edge of the
screen.  Also, when someone replies to your letter, they need room
to add a little "> " or something to the beginning of each line.

[ Ahhh, yes, I mentioned this a little while ago.  It can get hard to 
  read, especially if your lines tend to run 150 colums!  (Yes, it's 
  still happening!)  Try to keep your lines to a reasonable length, 
                                                            :rush-mgr ]



 | Alan Edwards: |       I post...therefore I am.
 |   or: |


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 16:34:25 -0400
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: Chronicles sound quality

I don't know about US pressings of old CDs of Rush, but the ones I
have [PolyGram, made in West Germany] sound just fine. In fact, on
_Rush_, there's not much hiss at all! I compared the songs on
_Chronicles_ to the PolyGram CD releases, and they sounded the same.
2112 sounds pretty clear (catch the acoustic strumming in the
beginning of "Overture"), and most of it is acceptable considering
that they recorded it in the 70's. "La Villa Strangiato" is the worst,
right in the beginning. Here, the hiss is very noticeable, but not so
much on the other tracks. I don't hear this massive hiss that was
talked about by Ted Ives.

Bob Ludwig is *the* digital master in masterings of CDs. Usually,
Geddy will go down to NYC to oversee the mastering. Bob Ludwig is one
of the best in the business, and the digital mastering is done by him.
His name is on most of Rush's albums past _Moving Pictures_. Cover art
is by Hugh Syme [of course]. Hugh has also done the cover art to a
band from Canada called The Northern Pikes. Their debut album, "Big
Blue Sky" bears a slight resemblance to _Chronicles_ in the cover art.

I was surprised to see "Show Don't Tell" on there, but apparently
Atlantic Records let them use it.

All the standards are there on _Chronicles_, and it's nice to hear
it straight through, just to see what changes have occurred over the
years. Anybody who says Rush all sounds the same has got to listen to
this CD set!

- Joe


From: (Wyzard)
Subject: RUSH archives wanted
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 15:36:05 EST

> Here's a list of the Rush files I have available on my BBS.  I will be
> available to repost one or two of these files to the list every day, so get
> your requests in now!
> [55 files]
> Filename        Type Length Modified    Description

> PRESTO.SHOW      TXT   1412 20-FEB-90   Song list from the PRESTO tour
> PRESTO.TOURBOOK  TXT  19605 11-MAY-90   PRESTO tourbook
> THRICE.TOLD      TXT  16291  2-NOV-89   A Rush history written by Neil

I would like to get hold of copies of these files, please.  I saw RUSH
at Indy this summer, and I would like to have the tourbook file, since
I couldn't buy one at the concert.  Thanks!


[ PLEASE:  Keep mailings like this to e-mail directly to the original
           poster.  We don't need to clutter up this Digest with requests
           of material.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

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Subject: list server program
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 15:27:10 CDT
From: Keith E. Ford 

If you can help, I would appreciate it, but don't waste your time.

I would like to obtain some software (Unix or MSDOS) that will let
me run a simple email list server.  What I would like is only a basic
command set, HELP and GET ??? would work.  _ANY_ assistance would be
appreciated.  Please email to  Thanky!  -kef/MM-

| ...!uunet!ingr!fordke    OR
| Micro Magic BBS     (Fidonet: 1:373/12,   MaBell: +1 205 830 2362)
| "and the Trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw." -Rush


Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 15:59:32 -0500
From: Crackpot 
Subject: submission for newsletter

On the subject of Chronicles, I have a few words and thoughts:
First, regarding "Take Off", it seems that the live version of "A Passage To 
Bagkok was substituted in its place for some reason.  While reading the 
insert, I noticed that every song in the set is mentioned, with the exception 
of this live version.  In its apparent place (they are discussed in order), 
was a discussion of "Take Off".  I guess the essay was written thinking that 
it would be included.  Personally, I'm glad to see the live version on CD, 
since it was left off the _Exit...Stage Left_ CD.

In response to the person who claimed that the early stuff is filled with
hiss and crackle, I think we bought different sets, then.  One of the first 
things I noticed was the ABSENCE of hiss from the old tracks.

Whether or not I would encourage others to buy this, I don't know.  I think
it is perhaps a better buy for the "casual" RUSH listener, rather than those
of us who already own all their stuff on CD.

 R   P
   C   T


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