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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/10/90 (#47)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 47

                Monday, 10 September 1990
Today's Topics:
                     Management Note
                    Chronicles (again)
                     Re:  radio sucks
                Re: Rush CD sound quality
                  Long-awaited post, eh?
                    Rockline question
                        Take Off!
                       Song origins
   Rush File Requests: Day One + TELNET info to my BBS
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/06/90 (#46)
                  Late developments....
                     Rush's equipment
                 Airplay and other things

From: RUSH Digest Manager 
Subject: Management Note

This is just a note to say there was no RUSH Digest for Friday, 9/7/90,
due to the fact that I was visiting various doctor & getting a cast on
my leg.  Nothing serious, just a stupid sprain.  Call me grace (under
pressure?).  As a result, todays Digest is an extra-long one.

RUSH Fans Digest

From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Chronicles (again)
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 12:19:18 EST

I picked up "Chronicles" for $25 on CD the other day.  I really like the
cover, which doesn't leave me with the "old and rusty" opinion of someone
else (don't remember the name).  I think it's a classy picture, etc.

The linear notes are cool ... including pictures of all the album covers.

As for quality, some tape hiss still exists, but then I expected it, being
from the analog era!  Whether it was truly remastered or not, I can't say,
but they seem clearer.  Maybe I'll give them a head-to-head test to make

Comments on "Show Don't Tell":  I wonder if the reason this appears on the
track is a compromise with the Boyz and Mercury/Polygram.  I thin that Rush
may hae conceded to the album being released ONLY if it was truly a
compilation of Rush songs over the course of their career, from "Rush" all
the way through "Presto."

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio (
Purdue University ECN Software Support Programmer
Rush Quote: "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"
Pink Quote: "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."


Date:      Thu, 6 Sep 90 14:18:21 EDT
From: Eric Rosen 

Hello all....
         Do any of you out there like Marillion??????
I work for Marillion as their North American Fan Club head, as well
as their North American personal contact......  If any of you would be
interested in joining the fan club (the fee is $20 US), would like to
know more about the band, or have any questions about them, please
feel free to send me mail at ELROSEN@SUVM..... Thanks very much..
                                      Eric L. Rosen
                                      Official North American Marillion
                                                  Fan Club


Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 14:34:37 EDT
From: (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: 2112

just a quick word about Chris Michael and that ______ post about

NO RUSH is a waste of money!!!  Secondly the recording are not that
imperfect, if you look for faults, you're always going to find them
lastly, Caress Of Steel is the best re-master I have heard so far
and if you can't hear how awesome it is then you need to take your
head out of your ass.

[ Please, we really don't need that kind of language!!  Differing opinions
  are part of something like this.  At least append those good ol' smileys
  at the end of statements ... Don't mean to knee-jerk, but I don't want
  any escalation!                                               :rush-mgr ]

Now for my main purpose.

I recently traded for a copy of the 2112 tourbook and just found time
to transcribe it for everyone.


And the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx were worried.
For long years had they ruled the world from within
their massive, imposing, well nigh impenetrable grey-
walled Temples;  for long years had they encouraged a
uniform, equal, 'contented' society, regulated and
controlled the actions of their subjects;  for long
years had they presided over a neat, orderly planet,
stressing the importance of the Brotherhood of Man
while suppressing individual rights, individual flair.
But now, in the year 2112, they were worried.  In the
dull, depressing conference hall in the biggest Temple
in the biggest Federation city, head Priests from
throughout the globe had gathered to discuss the problem
that was preying on their minds.  Around a plain stone
table they sat, each garbed in crude, functional,
roughly stiched robes, hoods covering their heads,
shadowing their faces, their arms folded within vast,
flowing sleeves.  Father Brown was the first to speak:
"So.  The prophesy is coming true."  His voice was a
slow lifeless monotone, it echoed around the hall's
bare, undecorated, solid granite walls.  The others
murmuted in assent.  "What can we do?"  A hint of
desperation underlying flat, expressionless phrasing
this time around.
     "Arm the guards.  Order them to shoot the
troublemakers," came a voice.  "Too drastic,"  "Round
up the ringleaders in the dead of night.  Make them -
well, uh - Mysteriously vanish."  "It wouldn't work.
Others would take their places.  We'd still have a
rebellion on our hands."  "Then consult the computer."
     Silence in the hall.  The priests had an inborn
distrust of machines, especially ones of such complexity
as computers - they, after all, had brought about the
downfall of the so-called Doomed Folk, a whole time cycle
before.  But reluctantly, Father Brown nodded.  It was the
only thing to do.  He rose from his chair and started to
walk unhurriedly to a corner of the huge hall, where a
an old neglected hulk of machinery lay dormant.  The other
priests followed.  Brushing off the dust of centuries with
one sweep of his voluminous sleeve, Father Brown inclined
his head to regard a deceptively simple control panel, a
scattering of brightly coloured buttons and levers, colours
that were offensive to his eyes, accustomed as they were to
regarding only grey and yet more grey.
     Cautiously, his gnarled, bony finger trembling almost
imperceptively, Father Brown switched the machine 'on'.  A
brief - albeit, to the priests, unendurable - pause, a
metalic click, an electronic hum, and the computer sputtered
back to life.  It came as no surprise to Father Brown - the
machine had been serviced regularly for as long as he could
remember, the eventuality of the priests using it once again
had been forseen an age ago.
     Deliberately, Father Brown tapped out a question.
     Almost immediately - and in a voice even more
characterless, undeviating and droning than Father Brown's -
the computer spoke its reply.
	:Rush.  Formed in Toronto, late 20th Century.  Alex
Lifeson (guitar), Geddy Lee (bass,vocals), John Rutsey (drums)."
     Father Brown cringed at the mention of the guitar.  The
discovery of such an instrument had started this whole
distressing affair - an affair which had since snowballed into
a major social crisis.
     "First album titled simply Rush," the machine continued,
delving deeply into its memory banks.  "Contained straight
forward, stright ahead heavy roch numbers.  No evidence of the
group's later musical leanings.  : first released on Rush's own
label, Moon records.  Later it was picked up by Mercury and made
available worldwide."
     Many of the terms used by the computer were unfamiliar to
the priests, but they listened intently nonetheless.
     "Release of second album Fly By Night sam arrival of new
drummer, Neil Peart, perpetrator of current crisis."
     Collectively, the Priests drew in their breaths.
     "Pearts lyrical leanings well exemplified on second album
on number By-Tor And The Snow Dog.  An imaginative science fantasy
tale set to music, Lee played the part of By-Tor, Lifeson the part
of the Snow Dog.  Battles would often ensue.  Music on Fly By Night
impressive in its depth and commitment.
     "Third LP, Caress Of Steel, took ideas further, contained song
by name of The Necromancer, sword and sorcery orientated.  Also
contained magnum opus The Fountain Of Lamneth, song built around
story about quest for fountain of youth. Both acted as tasters for
next album, next tour-de-force, next piece de resistance - "
     The Priests knew the relevance of theis particular term.
     " - 2112."
     "Stop there," commanded Father Brown.  He turned to his
fellow Priests, his face - or what was visible of it within his
dark cowl - etched with lines of despair.  "2112," he repeated,
"how could they have had the foresight to predict...?"  His voice
trailed off.
     "If you please, Father Brown," proffered another Priest, "can
I respectfully suggest that we cease to worry about how and, more
importantly, deal with more urgent matters, matters closer to hand?
After all, the mob outside..."
     Yes, I can hear them too," interjected Father Brown impatiently.
And then, in calmer tones: "But you're right of course.  Continue
     "2112.  Astonishingly accurate prophecy of present-day society.
Details rule of Priests of Temples of Syrinx in unsympathetic terms,
claims that Federation 'crushed'the spirit of man, asserts need for
individualism, mentions desertion of elite of Doomed Folk from Earth
to other planets, predicts the discovery of the guitar and subsequent
rejection of..."
     Father Brown's mind drifted, back to those events of scant
months before.  Oh, how he rued the day that he destroyed that
instrument, ground it to pieces beneath his feet, at the same time
commanding its holder to 'think about the average' in no uncertain
     Father Brown had thought the man's spirit broken.  The last he
had heard, he had retired to the caves beneath the Federation city,
retired to while his days away alone while the society that the
Priests had created carried on, inexorably, interminably, above him,
functioning perfectly, delightful in its complete uniformity.
     But no.  Somehow, word of the instrument - how it had been able
to create long-forgotten, long stifled, long quenched melodious
sounds - had reached the teaming populace of the outside world.
Father Brown could see it now, with the advantage of hindsight.
He could see how that tiny, immaterial event of the smashing of the
guitar had acted as a lever that had uprooted the caregully-laid
foundations of the Priests' cheerless, dreary world.
     People had re-awakened, had suddenly realised that there was
more to life than work and sleep - and chaos had ensued.  Around
their ears, the Priests' world had begun to crumble.
     Unaware of Father Brown's thoughts, oblivious to the seriousness
of the situation, the computer droned on.
     "...Prists of Temple of Syrinx have been aware of existence of
2112 for some time.  Have, until recently, been blind to its
implications however - "
     "Stop, computer."
     Father Brown turned to regard the other Priests grouped around
him.  All were silint.  There was little more that could be said.
They realised that the collapse of their carefully-structured
society was mere moments away.  They knew that the destruction of
centuries-worth of hard work was imminent.  And all because of one
moment of folly, the breaking into pieces of a guitar, 'a toy that
helped destroy the elder race of man'.
     Turning the computer off, Father Brown and the rest of the
Priests returned to their seats at the stone table to meditate.
By now, they had resigned themselves to the fact that nothing-but
nothing-could be done.
     When the mob finally broke into the conference hall proper,
the Priests were still in meditation.  The mindless rioters tore
into their one-time rulers mercilessly, relentlessyy tearing them
apart by hand, rending them limb from limb, blood lusting in their
new-found freedom.  The Priests did not struggle.  They had
accepted their fate.
     Father Brown was the last to die, clubbed lifeless while
murmuring his final words:
     "Rush.  They must have been one hell of a band."

					written by - Geoff Barton
     					transcribed by - Pete Chestna
						(without permission)

     -Pretty cool, eh?     -Pete


Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 13:35 CDT
From: "Arthur L. Miller" 
Subject: Re:  radio sucks

>From: Ronnie Peugh 
>Subject: radio sucks!!!
>I was wondering if others are tired of radio?  If so, do we have enough
>anger to organize a radio boycott???

I agree, Ronnie.  By its very nature, radio sucks.  Radio exists
to make money, and the money is in playing Paula Abdul, Phil Collins,
and Bon Jovi to a mindless American public who could care less what
they listen to.  Fortunately, enough of us enjoy meaningful lyrics
and complex melodies to allow bands like Rush to do what they do
without radio airplay.

The solution?  Don't listen to radio.  Choose for *yourself* what you
want to listen to and when.  There's so much good music out there it's
ridiculous to waste time hearing something you don't really care
about...  Bottom line:  When you really want to hear Rush, bring
along a tape and watch your odds of hearing Rush improve to 100%.

Just my 2 cents--take it or leave it.

Art Miller


Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 14:37:29 EDT
From: Gary L Dare 
Subject: Re: Rush CD sound quality

Having read the remarks on the poor sound quality of some Polygram/Mercury
(Polygram is the company, Mercury the label) releases of the Rush catalogue,
one should consider the Canadian pressings on Rush's home label, Anthem.
Most of them are marked ADD for the back-catalogue.



Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 14:42:52 EDT
Subject: Chronicles

Did anyone notice that the booklet that came with Chronicles has each
song that is on the CD's in italics print and _Take Off_ is one of them.
It looks they were going to put it on the CD's.

PS: I got my copy at 10:30am Sept 4.



Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 16:43 EST
Subject: Long-awaited post, eh?

Hi guys and gals!  Haven't been around the Digest in a while, but I
 have been watching the discussion.

A few quotes and questions:

->Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 13:33:42 PDT
->From: (Alan Edwards)
->Subject: Chronicles/Backstage Club
->Ted Ives ( writes a review of Chronicles in Digest #45:
->| The album was NOT digitally remastered, trust me.  The
->| album quality is crap.  Every pre-moving pictures track, (all of
->| Disc 1), is hiss-city.
->I think that a good question to bring up with Geddy and/or Alex
->on the next Rockline is:
->"All of your pre-Moving Pictures CD's sound like crap.  What are
->you doing to get the older stuff re-released in a cleaner version
->like ADD? Does Atlantic have the right do that, or do we have to
->wait for Mercury (who probably has no motivation to do so) to
->remaster them?"

What about _Grace_Under_Pressure_?  It transferred well to CD, but, in
 not being digitally remastered, it lacks MUCH of the sound quality of
 MP and Signals.

I'm wondering when any of the pre-MP stuff gets remastered.


->Date: Wed, 5 Sep 90 16:34:25 -0400
->From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
->Subject: Chronicles sound quality
->I don't know about US pressings of old CDs of Rush, but the ones I
->have [PolyGram, made in West Germany] sound just fine. In fact, on
->_Rush_, there's not much hiss at all! I compared the songs on
->_Chronicles_ to the PolyGram CD releases, and they sounded the same.
->2112 sounds pretty clear (catch the acoustic strumming in the
->beginning of "Overture"), and most of it is acceptable considering
->that they recorded it in the 70's. "La Villa Strangiato" is the worst,
->right in the beginning. Here, the hiss is very noticeable, but not so
->much on the other tracks. I don't hear this massive hiss that was
->talked about by Ted Ives.

Sometimes it's not the hiss that bugs listeners...there's not too many
 quiet parts on _Rush_, so what you're hearing is covering up some of
 the inadequacies of the recording.  Basically, overall sound quality
 is greatly improved by digital remastering; listened to _The_Wall_ on
 CD lately? 8-)

One thing I've noticed from the _Signals_ CD: when Alex breaks into the
 solo on "The Analog Kid", Neil is playing just snare and bass, and
 Geddy is on bass (of course); this is a fair amount of low-end sound
 without a lot of high-end; anyways, I hear a bit of static in the
 recording... does anyone know if this was intentional, or linked to
 the quality of the source tape?

->Bob Ludwig is *the* digital master in masterings of CDs. Usually,
->Geddy will go down to NYC to oversee the mastering. Bob Ludwig is one
->of the best in the business, and the digital mastering is done by him.
->His name is on most of Rush's albums past _Moving Pictures_. Cover art
->is by Hugh Syme [of course]. Hugh has also done the cover art to a
->band from Canada called The Northern Pikes. Their debut album, "Big
->Blue Sky" bears a slight resemblance to _Chronicles_ in the cover art.

Yes, I've seen his name on many disks.  One thing I'm wondering...did
 he remaster the songs that were to be used on the album.

If so, why all the complaint about hiss?

>I was surprised to see "Show Don't Tell" on there, but apparently
>Atlantic Records let them use it.

I'm not.  Mercury obviously wants to cash in on all available listeners
 of Rush.

->All the standards are there on _Chronicles_, and it's nice to hear
->it straight through, just to see what changes have occurred over the
->years. Anybody who says Rush all sounds the same has got to listen to
->this CD set!
->- Joe

I don't think I'll be purchasing this Rush CD.  If the catch is to get
 CD recordings of the tracks Mercury left off the 2 first live albums
 (i.e. "What You're Doing"-ATWAS & "A Passage to Bangkok"-ESL), I'm not
 going to fall for it.  As some of you are aware, new CD technology
 makes it possible for disks to hold up to 82 (I believe) minutes of
 information; why can't Mercury just add them on to the respective live

Also, could someone please post a song listing including times to this
 Digest?  Thanks.

Lastly, could someone please send me a copy of the P/G tour book
 transcripion?  Thanks again.

   ^     Cygnus, The God Of Balance   | "To you, is it movement
 ^ | ^                                |  -- Or is it action?
  \|/    C. Alex Harden               |  Is it contact or just reaction?
<--+-->  SUNY at Buffalo              |  And you, revolution or
  /|\    V409EPK3@UBVMSB.BITNET       |   just resistance?
 v | v   V409EPK3@UBVMS.CC.BUFFALO.EDU|  Is this living or just existence?"
   v      |     - Peart, "The Enemy Within"


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Rockline question
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 15:53:15 EDT

# From: (Alan Edwards)
# Wow, maybe I won't get it after all!  (I need to save my money for
# ELO's Afterglow compilation anyway.)

Oh yeah?  I didn't know this.  I like ELO and have absoultely NOTHING
on CD from them.  In fact, I don't even know what to buy?  Don't know
enough about them to know which albums were good ones.  I do know that
what I've heard, I like.  Could you email me some info on this?  (Don't
want the rush-mgr to get mad at me :-)

# I think that a good question to bring up with Geddy and/or Alex
# on the next Rockline is:
# "All of your pre-Moving Pictures CD's sound like crap.  What are
# you doing to get the older stuff re-released in a cleaner version
# like ADD? Does Atlantic have the right do that, or do we have to
# wait for Mercury (who probably has no motivation to do so) to
# remaster them?"

AMEN to this!  My Rush CDs are ok in quality but would sound *MUCH* better
if they were mastered ADD.


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "...sadder still to watch it die than
(216) 867-3700 x3123 <->             never to have known it..."  - N. Peart


From: Chris Klausmeier 
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 17:43:37 CDT (Alan Edwards) writes in Rush Digest #46:

/ | ...
/ | Oh yeah, we have "Get The Led Out" on WAAF up here, too. Seems like
/ | a plague......
/ A GOOD plague.  We have it here in central California (Modesto way)
/ also.  Rush Hour?  An excellent idea, but it will never happen.

Don't be too sure of that, we HAVE a Rush hour here in Milwaukee, Wisc.
It's on at like midnight on Saturdays, on LZR (Laser) 103. And yes,
until a year ago or so, we had a "Get the Led Out". As a matter of fact,
WLZR could stand for Wisconsin's Led Zeppelin Radio, they sure play
enough of it. The Rush hour is pretty good though, they play a lot of
obscure songs. In general, we seem to have it pretty good here, Rush
radio-wise. They're pretty popular here, and a good variety is played.
Heck, we've even had an all metal AM station for a week or two now.

[][] Chris Klausmeier [] "For the words of the profits were written on the
[] cyaa01@mixcom.UUCP []  studio walls... concert halls" - Neil Peart - RUSH


Subject: Take Off!
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 20:22:37 CDT
From: Keith E. Ford 

> From: Andy Bates 
> So now I'm slightly disappointed, since I was looking forward to having Take
> Off on CD.  Does anyone know if it's available anywhere else on CD, say, for
> example, on the Strange Brew soundtrack?  I'd really like to pick it up.

I recently tried to find the "Strange Brew" soundtrack for my wife's
birthday (Aug. 12).  I was not successful.  It is not yet available
on CD.  The album is out of print.  Keep checking those used bins, or
post an appeal to your favorite usenet music newsgroup and/or
T.J. Higgins		 	uunet!ingr!higgins (UUCP)
Intergraph Corp.  M/S IW17A3   (Internet)
One Madison Industrial Park
Huntsville, AL  35894-0001	"Well-weathered leather, hot metal
(205) 730-7922			 and oil, the scent of country air"


Subject: Song origins
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 21:19:37 CDT
From: Keith E. Ford 

Some of you Rush-ees should be able to add to this list...

> Subject: Uncovers List - new edition
> Reply-To: (Drifter...)
> Additons should include group name, song name, source album, and what other
> media the song was based on or inspired by (book, short story, movie, TV
> show, mythology...) If you can, include the author.
> None of this information is guaranteed to be correct, and only some entries
> have been confirmed as definately accurate.
> The Uncovers List - VR 1.6 as of 8/27/90
>   [editted by kef to show Rush only]
> Song titles are in quotes. Album that song is from is in [brackets].
> ===============================================================================
> RUSH -
>     "2112" [2112]; loosely based on the novel "Anthem" by Ayn Rand.

This was in the list, these have been added by Intergraphers..

 "Xanadu" - based on the poem "Kubla Khan" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

 "Red Barchetta" - "A Nice Morning Drive" by Richard S. Foster

     The Rush song "Rivendell" on the album "Fly By Night" is based
 on JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 90 02:09:11 -0700
From: Elisabeth Perrin 
Subject: Rush File Requests: Day One + TELNET info to my BBS

To everybody who's contacted me about TELNETting to the University of
Washington's computer system, I gave you the wrong node to TELNET to.  Try; that SHOULD get you to the Micom Switch.  From
there, use VADIC, and the d9k7819424.  Drop me a line if you have further

REPEAT: that's

To everybody who's sent me file requests (and please, as our Rush-mgr asked,
keep them in e-mail, we don't need the clutter in the mailing list): I've got
them all, and the queue is already quite long.  I'm not going to mail out any
files, as I don't have that kind of time available.  At the rate that the
requests are coming in, it may just be easiest to send every file I've got!

I'm going to post them to the list in the order that I received requests for
them; I may be able to get two or three files a day out, depending on the
size.  We'll see.

[ There's got to be a better way, but for now, I'll leave this in today's
  Digest.  If nothing else, I'll carve them out as they come through, and
  store them on Syrinx until the disk space gets tight.         :rush-mgr ]

***Rush File Requests: ALEX.PRO, BOOKS, and DIGITAL.MAN.BED


From: jtkung@mit-caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: Alex Lifeson guitar analysis [was Re: Best Guitarist]
Date: 19 Aug 89 17:54:58 GMT

I must agree completely with L.C. Alex Lifeson is not an overrated
guitarist; on the contrary, he is an exceptional one. Check out his
use of wah-wah and tasteful hammer-on/pull-off riffs on "Spirit of
Radio." His unusual scale melodies in "YYZ" (As an aside, YYZ is the
code for Toronto International Airport, and the repeated morse code
for YYZ spells out a rhythm that is used as the intro to the song, C
for the dash, F# for the dot. Note the used of a tritone for this to
particularly highlight the difference in notes. Incredible!). His
open chords (like F#7 sus4) on "Hemispheres" or the incredible sustain
and tone on the solo in "Limelight." His speed is evident on "La Villa
Strangiato" both on acoustic and electric, and his mastery of rhythm
guitar is evident on "Vital Signs."

His most recent works with Rush have lacked some guitar work, but it
is still there, just more subtle. Check out the solo in "The Analog
Kid" off of _Signals_.  Or the screaming, emotional solo from "Between
the Wheels" off of _Grace Under Pressure_, a tasteful display of the
whammy-bar without the dive-bomb theatrics. His most recent works from
_Power Windows_ or _Hold Your Fire_ display more guitar in the
framework of songwriting rather than in highlighting his supreme
talents. In this way, he is distinctly different than the current
breed of speed-metal guitarists who write songs AROUND their solos,
the song being secondary to the solo. He has not succumbed to changing
his style to fit the speed-fad. Notable songs from the last two albums
include "Territories" from _Power Windows_ or "Open Secrets" from
_Hold Your Fire_.

Alex Lifeson particularly loves the use of open-string chords,
especially with the high E and B strings ringing. This is evident on
many of his songs, giving unusual melodic content to Rush's songs.
Listen to "Different Strings" off of _Permanent Waves_ or most of
"Hemispheres." He also is a master at using effects and EQ at the
board.  Unlike most guitarists today, he is unassuming, humble, and
very mature in his approach to music. Contrast that to Yngwie
Malmsteen and his current legion of clones and see if they can produce
13 studio albums and survive in the same band for 15 years.

- Joe


Rush-Visions:The Official Biography (c) 1988
By Bill Banasiewicz (The B-Man)
ISBN: 0-7119-1162-2    94 pages
From: Omnibus Press
Distributor: Music Sales Corporation
             24 East 22nd Street
             New York, NY 10010

Success Under Pressure (c) 1984
By Steve Gett
ISBN: 0-89524-230-3    48 pages
From: Cherry Lane Books
      110 Midland Avenue
      Port Chester, NY 10573

Rush  (c)1982
By Brian Harrigan
ISBN: 0-86001-934-9    80 pages
From: Omnibus Press
Distributor: Music Sales Corporation
             24 East 22nd Street
             New York, NY 10010

             The Putnam Publishing Group
             200 Madison Avenue
             New York, NY 10016



Subject: "He won't need a bed, he's a Digital Man"
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 90 09:21:19 EDT
From: David Arnold 

>ok.  now that someone's mentioned it, why doesn't the digital man
>need a bed?

Ok, here goes.

I have an interview done with Geddy by Jim Ladd back on the Signals tour
in which they discuss the songs from the album.  The basis for that line
is as follows:

When they did _Moving Pictures_, they had played around with using digital
equipment, and had needed a techie to work it.  Now, as is the case with
many techies (although *none* on *this* list :-) ), he was a bit of a dweeb,
apparently.  I think 'geek' is what Geddy used.  Anyway, when they went into
the studio to do _Signals_, they decided not to use that digital technology.
The place they were recording (Le Studio?) was a small-ish studio, with a
small building nearby which served as bunkhouse for the artists & crew.
They were trying to figure out who would sleep where during the sessions,
somebody mentioned that they wouldn't need a bed for the digital man, and
voila!  They said 'hey, what a great line!'

Now you know.

***Rush File Requests, Tomorrow: PRESTO Tourbook & "Thrice Told Tales"

ORQ: "Stealthily attacking, By-Tor slays his foe"

--Mike Owen


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 90 13:14 EDT

Hi guys!
	Would it be possible to send me information about any of the lyrics
from songs, beginning with "Fly By Night"? I love the music, but I'm having a
problem with the words. Also....Is there any information on the new album
that just was released?
	Now that that's done, I'd like to introduce myself to the digest. My
name is Mark, and I'm an electrical engineer at Johns Hopkins. I've recently
started to get into Rush, during my last few years of high school. Last spring,
I went to the "Presto" concert at Brenden Byrne arena in New Jersey. It was
quite impressive! So that leads me to here! Hope to here from you soon.



From: lopez! (Gedness)
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/06/90 (#46)
Date: 7 Sep 90 15:06:36 EDT (Fri)

Hi.  My name is Jeff Bandach and I live in the upper peninsula.
This board is called The Great White North, and it's a great BBS!
I have been a RUSH fan for 14 years.  For the first 5 years I use
to get into alot of arguements about the band with people who
disliked them (I think you all know about that).  I am pretty
mellow nowadays, cause I know they are the best and that is that.

I have seen 9 live shows, have dozens of t-shirts, tour books,
etc.  I'm looking forward to checking out Chronicals, though it
may take months to get it here (just like everything else).

I use to have a great copy of RUSH live at St. Louis.  I think it
was recorded around 1981.  Not really sure.  Anybody have it, or
know what I am talking about?

I remember it has a dynamite recording of 2112 and it has Natural
Science on it.

This DIGEST is really great, and my thanx go out to the
people/person who compiles this stuff.  Good job.

  \_____________________________   \ | /   ______________________________/
\__     THE GREAT WHITE NORTH   \ -=Ged=- /  rutgers!sharkey!lopez!ged   __/
     \__---_-----_-----_-----____  / | \  ___-------_-------_-----_ __/
            \     \     \        \_______/         /       /     /


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 90 15:48:58 -0700
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Late developments....

  Just a couple of recent developments....Chronicles came out Sept 4th in a
very costly 2-CD set.  According to a Mercury PR person, the Chronicles video
project has been CANCELLED!  This really stinks, eh?  Maybe they're waiting
for more material, like from the next album.  Who knows.

  Also, I heard yesterday that Rush will be performing in a benefit concert
on Sept 15th.  It will be in Malibu, CA, with a bunch of other artists.  It's
a semi-private affair and tickets are $100 each.  There will also be a tennis
championship which Rush may attend, and a few other activities.  I don't know
more than that.  If anybody knows whether it will be FM or TV broadcase, I
would really appreciate it if you could post that info ASAP.  If anybody
attends, please try to record it.  It would be a crime if nobody recorded that
show.  I hope somebody videotapes it.  Security should be pretty light so it'll
be a cinch to bring in a walkman or small camcorder.  Rush should do one or 2
sets and maybe even jam with the other musicians.  The icing on the cake is
that it will probably be an outdoor day concert!  What an awesome video that
would be!  I may attend myself.  I think Ticketron sells seats.  If anybody
goes, be sure to post a review of this unique Rush performance, (and please
try to tape it).  Does Geddy still have a house in Malibu?  I know he did
about 6 years ago.
                                                              take care,
                                                              - Chris


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 90 22:33 EDT
From: Chris Bhagwan Fuzzy Normandeau 
Subject: Awards

	Guess what I saw in my morning paper the other day?

	TORONTO - Vancouver rocker Bryan Adams, Alberta country queen
K.D. Lang and Toronto metal [Metal??!!! Maybe 10 years ago...] band
Rush have been named by the Canadian Recording Industry Association as
"artists of the decade" in three pop-music categories...

	Nice to see the guys get some press even when they are not on
tour. I think they can qualify as the best of the decade, al least here
in Canada.

	By the way, I heard something about the guys winning some award
on the MTV music awards, is this true? If so, what award?

	In the song Lakeside Park on Caress of Steel
there was a reference to "sit around on the 24th of May to watch the
fireworks display..." or something like that. What would be on the 24th
of May that would merit fireworks? I can't think of any holidays. Does
anybody have a list of all holidays for various faiths, maybe it has to
do with the background of Alex or the other guys (Hungarian maybe?).

	As for the change of release date for Chronicles eluded to in
a previous digest. The September 4 release was always meant to be, since
it was the release date in the U.S. . The release date for Canada is still
October 3 unless somebody have better info (I got this from A&A records here
in Montreal.)

	Anyways, I have talked enough for now. Had a lot to say and ask.
Hope for some responses soon. See ya.


P.S. In the second line of the second to last paragragh, it should read
     BUT as a die-hard... not NUT, although.....

ORQ - "I think I'm...I'm goin' bald!"

Chris Normandeau
Dept. of Computing Services
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date: Fri, 7 Sep 90 10:50:01 EST
From: Snow Dog 

Subject: Rush files
From: Keith E. Ford 

>> From: Elisabeth Perrin 
>> and a bunch of other stuff--over 50 files in all.
>> I will be able to repost selected files to the mailing list, if there are
>> requests for specific items.

>I would very much appreciate a repost, or email, of these files.  I have
>been looking for any files that deal with Rush.

I too, would be very interested in all these.  I am compiling a list of Publicly
available files (I'm keeping the files and mailing them (locally) to people on
the machines here that want them).

>From: the analog kid 
>Subject: _Chronicles_, YYZ

>_Chronicles_ was supposed to hit the stores.  My roommate (Anagram) went to
>look at his lunch break and found naught.  I, for one (dunno 'bout him), am WAY
>bummed.  Anyone have more accurate information?

Never mind.... I found it, after work.  They had no ideas about the video though

>Bill "Axeman" Colyer talks about getting one/two songs a day if lucky (!!?!!)

We're lucky around Dayton (and it was the same when I lived in Columbus, Oh and
St. Augustine/Jacksonville FL) if we get one/two every third or fourth day!
The only time I remember hearing Rush on any of those stations was late-late
night, Twofer Tuesday, and when I called in and griped for half an hour 'cause
they never played any!

>From: Ted Ives  about a review of Chronicles:

I really must take issue with you here.  I did not look at the cover as being
an old rusty piece of metal.  I looked at it as being a rough, unpolished piece
of metal overlayed with a polished, golden title, very much like the group has
been over the years.  They started out really rough, but they have polished
themselves and honed themselves down to a fine edge.  But, even that's not
enough for them, they've even gone back and reforged and rehoned themselves.

I think maybe you got a bad CD, or there is something wrong with your player.
I was amazed at how clear and sharp this CD sounded.  I have never in the past
been able to really tell the difference between tapes and CDs (I am partially
tone deaf), but as soon as I put this one in, I noticed the difference.  Try
taking it back and getting another copy.

The one thing that I will agree with you on is the price.  For 31.99, it
averages $16.00 per disk.  That's one expensive CD!

Also, is 2 hours and 23 minutes that much different than 2 1/2 hours?  Do you
actually expect a company to put a sign on a CD that says: "58 minutes 24
seconds"?  No, you expect them to say "1 hour".  i won't fault them for that.

>interest.  It's ironic that Ohio doesn't get much airplay since
>Rush practically owes their carrer to Donna Halper of QFM96 in
>Columbus for getting them started in the early years.

Has she moved, or actually gotten back in the business?  Last I heard, she had
retired from WMMS in Cleveland.

Still looking, and waiting for someone who has some boots from (paticularly)
this years tour, and any tour for that matter.  I'm just starting on the boot
collection, so if anyone is interested in helping out, it would be greatly
appreciated.  I can provide tapes, and postage (and dare I say a "fair
compensation for your time").

Anagram (For Mongo) ||  "We are the priests,
anagram@wsu.BITNET   	              ||   Of the Temple of Syrinx" (Snow Dog)     || : WSU doesn't approve of
				      || anything I do, but it hasn't stopped me


Date: Sat, 8 Sep 90 14:33 CDT
From: By-tor 
Subject: Rush's equipment

   Oh, it's so *good* to be back at school where I can receive more Rush news.
I'd like to open discussion on the particular sound of Rush over the years in
regards to the equipment and instruments they've used. While quite a bit of how
an album sounds rests with the producer/engineer and the studio, I detect huge
differences when the band members get new toys and record with them. For
instance, I'm wondering how much of the sound difference between Moving
Pictures, Signals, and Grace Under Pressure can be attributed to Alex first
using Strats on Signals, albeit at a very low mix. He previously preferred
Gibsons, which have a much thicker, meatier tone. I initially didn't care for
GUP due to the fact that indeed Alex was mixed better, but I hated the whiney,
tinny tone of the Strats and the new signal processing he was going through.
Personally, I think his best sound was achieved on the Moving Pictures album,
and in particular, the song Limelight. What I did notice after the switch,
however, was that he was better recognized by the sound of his playing as being
Alex Lifeson. I also really liked his variety of tones on Presto, particularly
the acoustic parts to the title track and his switching of sounds in the middle
of songs, from verse to chorus, or just for a particular passage.

   With Geddy, I really liked the Rickenbacker sound he got: very thick, with
just a -hint- of being overdriven. The Steinberger sound on GUP was rather
sterile, and the Wal bass he's got now I have mixed opinions on. It's a much
funkier tone, but really lacks the bottom end. If one listens to Show of Hands,
it's rather noticeable that a really deep bass is missing until the synth kicks
in. Since he's kept his amps and sound processing relatively constant
throughout the years, I blame the instruments for sound changes. I'd really be
interested in hearing him play his Fender Jazz; does anyone know where he might
have used it on any of the Rush releases?

   Neil's sounds I've always liked, especially when he branched into the
electronic realm for odd tones and when he brought in African drums and bongos
around Power Windows time. Anyone notice a change from the Tama kit he was so
fond of to the Ludwig he's got now? He seems to really like the switch, but I
don't make much of a distinction.

   Anyway, I've often wondered what the more recent releases would have sounded
like if the songs remained unchanged, but the equipment was the same as per the
pre-Signals era. For that matter, what would the older albums sound like with
the current setup?

Kevin Tipple
Alias Blue Steel, By-tor
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
"Better beer?" - Mr. Lee


Date: Sun, 9 Sep 90 22:02:04 MDT
From: Mark S. 
Subject: Airplay and other things

Here in ABQ., Rush also doesn`t get much airplay, but when they are played
oops.  Anyway  ocassionally I will catch Closer to The Heart on  and once
I heard them play La Villa....  Here they also have a station that does this
and also have a cd hour at midnight were they play one whole cd and on Sat.
they play 6 consecutive cds.  In each case they ocassionally will play a
whole Rush cd on there.  I have recorded Signals, ASOH, and Presto from
this station before, plus I heard ATWAS once.  I think if Canadian music
was more recognized in the U.S. Rush would probably would be up there w/
(as far as airplay)LZ which also gets much airplay here.  It could also be
that if they had started at about the same time or earlier that Zeppelin
had started releasing there music, Rush might also be getting much more
airplay.  These are just my opinions, but who knows.  I can tell you that
they are pretty stupid not to play Rush.  By  the way, why doesn't Rush
ever do benefit concerts(not albums).  My friend tells me there too good
for that.  I don't know about that.  I mean Floyd hadn't done one until
now, but at least they did one.  I know Peart's worried about the world
we live in, so why not play in one these concerts.



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