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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 09/18/90 (#52)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 52

                Tuesday, 18 September 1990
Today's Topics:
                     Rush album sales
                       Rush Comment
                      Rush newsgroup
              'the party is disrupted' again
                        Rush on TV
                     Airplay of Rush

Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 15:35:16 BST
Subject: Rush album sales

I remember an interview with Elvis Costello in Rolling Stone last year (1989)
which talked about artists who had the most top-40 ALBUMS in the eighties.
As I recall, at the time, Kenny Rogers was in first place, with five artists
tied for second place (with, I believe, five top-40 albums each):

Pat Benetar
Barbara Striesand
Elvis Costello

and ...that's right... RUSH.

I don't know if they closed out the decade still in second place, or if
Elvis' SPIKE album made it into the top 40 during 1989.  Then again, PRESTO
was released in 1989, and may have had enough time to make it up there also.

Anyone one know PRESTO's highest chart position? (or any of the other
albums, for that matter).

Randall Stark
"too many hands on my time...."


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 20:06 EST
From: From the Depths Of KHAZAD-D\M Comes A Message 
Subject: Rush Comment

goes....   In response to a comment on the sept 14 digest.  Chronicles was
released by Rush's previous label.   They didn't have any say into what
was selected, and from the Rockline interview, it sounded as tho they
won't get any money from it either.  But hey, if your a Rush fan, you've
already got the songs.
   Until later.  Caio
                                   -Sean aka Khazad-dum


Date:  Mon, 17 Sep 90 21:06:00 -0400
From: Daniel L. McDonald 
Subject: Rush newsgroup

This idea was discussed when the list really got big, around the time of
Presto's release.  The thing is, some people on the list dont' have:

1. Access to a Unix machine, or any sort of 'rn' program, anyway.
2. Access to the Internet, which overrides any 'rn' program.
   (Some people have BITNET only, hard to believe, huh?  :)  )

I'm sure that other people have told you this already, if not, it will
be brought up on the list, in fact, why don't I Cc: this to
the newsgroup!  See ya!

Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:             |
University of Michigan| Bitnet:|
Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104|
"rising falling at force ten
 we twist the world and ride the wind..." - Rush


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 21:07:36 CDT
From: Ervan Darnell 
Subject: 'the party is disrupted' again

Previous posters (sorry, I've forgotten whom) suggested that

	The party is disrupted by
	An uninvited guest

in Red Tide is a reference to Earth First spiking trees, etc.
I think this unlikely because in the context of this song that
would be change for the better but the song only lists what is
going wrong, not what to do about it.

Each verse becomes increasingly dire.  The first contains

	the ride tide kisses the shore

The second contains

	the ride tide washes ashore

The third contains

	the red tide covers the shore

'The party' is in the second verse.  As I interpret it, the worse version
of the same thing in the third verse is

	quiet rebellion leads to open war

The 'party' is simply the good time that humanity is having at the cost
of destroying the environment.  The 'unvited guest' is the bad things
that are happening because of this neglect.  The party then becomes
war and the unvited guest becomes the rebel as the situation worsens.

-----Ervan Darnell


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 22:27:11 EDT
From: pmw3y@ra.cs.Virginia.EDU

my opinions on some various stuff.

about Rush on TV - the NBC series '1986' used Mystic Rhythms as its
theme music...that show lasted about one season, though.  I remember
hearing the opening to 'the big money' used on NFL Today (CBS) during
one broadcast a couple of years ago, and just last winter, ESPN used
Force 10 as background music for a hockey feature.  Bob Lee even
mentioned that it was Rush on the air, no less.

[ I've heard the opening harmonics to "La Villa Strangiato" on some
  sports show at a commercial/station break.  (Sorry to jump right
  in here, but it's the only chance I'll have to post while it's 
  still in my memory.                                     :rush-mgr ]

my 2 cents on Mercury/Polygram:

the reasons I heard (from a couple of magazine interviews, and a
(very VERY rare!) interview with Geddy on eMpTyVee was that they
were generally dissatisfied with the way Polygram was promoting
their album particular, (this i remember from whatever
articles i was reading) Rush were VERY disappointed with the support
that Polygram gave to Hold Your Fire.  Evidently, that was the straw
that broke the camel's back, as it were, and Anthem Entertainment
started shopping around for a major label to switch over to.
Information i had states that they considered A&M and Warner Bros. (i
think) before deciding on Atlantic, whose promotion and publicity
campaign for Presto has been, IMHO, pretty good (when you compare
it to the non-publicity that I felt Power Windows and HYF got).

more from the unsubstantiated memory of Pat Widener: seems i
remember reading in Rolling Stone (ok, it was a Sunday afternoon
and nothing was on TV, i apologise :) that Rush are tied with
4 other groups/artists for having the greatest number of albums
that had gone platinum or gold, i can't remember which.  the only
one of the other 4 that I can remember is Elvis Costello, whom the
article was about.  this article was some time ago, though; definitely
pre-Presto.  how's that for some grist for the trivia mill?

'thank you very kindly....good night!'

ORQ:  'Ladies and Gentlemen, the Professor on the drum kit'

Patrick Widener (Rushka)
Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia
"Hobbes' team wins..All the cheerleaders come out for smooches!"


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 20:48:38 PDT
Subject: Rush on TV

A new arrival to the Bay Area, I managed to hear Analog Kid between
innings too; wa quite surprised.   About 3 or 4 years ago, there was a
short-lived hourlong news program (on CBS or NBC)  that had Mystic
Rhythms as its theme song.  I guess Rush fans weren't enough to keep
it going.

Ron Kleiner
"Changes aren't permanent, but Change IS."


Date: Mon, 17 Sep 90 23:37:54 -0500
From: (Bob Shelton)
Subject: Airplay of Rush

Greetings!  I returned from work the other night (circa 12:45 am)
and flipped on my trusty jambox (which was tuned to Z102 right here
in Austin, Texas) and was very surprised to hear Xanadu come blasting
forth from my speakers.  It turned out that they were playing the
whole of Exit Stage Left (to my utter enjoyment).
Two radio stations in Austin play pretty good amounts of Rush:
KLBJ (93.7) and the aforementioned Z102 (KPEZ 102.3).  I have
heard (over the years) 'Tom Sawyer' 'The Spirit of Radio'
'Freewill' 'Limelight' (quite a bit) 'YYZ' 'New World Man'
'Subdivisions' (yesterday) 'The Trees' (again, quite a bit)
'Fly by Night' 'Closer to the Heart' 'Show Don't Tell' 'The Pass'
'Big Money' (a couple days ago) 'Time Stand Still' 'Lock and Key'
and probably others.  Overall, I would say we have good Rush
airplay in this area.
Just thought I'd mention it.

--Bob Shelton

Ps, Can you also email me Rush raster info?

"Power isn't all that money buys" -- N. Peart


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