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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/15/90 (#69)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 69

                 Monday, 15 October 1990
Today's Topics:
                 Administrative notes
         Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 10/12/90 (#67)
                   Re: Name of the list
                    Name for this List
                     naming the list
                     Upcoming album?
                'Name That Digest' Contest
                       Digest Names
                    Re: Darkman (#67)
                 Re: Alex's Guitar Parts
            Fireworks - the HYF tourbook essay
                     Rush sheet music
                  Can't Find MailCenter!
          Rush to appear in 'Rock Fantasy' comics
          introduction, and digest name suggestion
                   Tennis Jam (anyone?)
          RE: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/12/90 (#67)
                      Listen up !!!

From: RUSH Fans Mailing List Manager 
Subject: Administrative notes

I'd just like to jump in here for a couple of quick comments.  First of
all, if you repost something (from a single line to a 5-page article),
PLEASE try to attribute the correct originator of that post.  This is 
not only courtesy, but begins to edge into that grey area of legality.
No, I'm not going to sue anybody, but I can't account for others!  :-)

With any luck, I'll be announcing a source for back issues of the RUSH
Fans Digest in the next couple of days.  This will be avaiable as soon
as I send some back issues to the person (who shall remain nameless for
their sanity, until they're ready).  Stay tuned for further details!

Also, once again, please keep your posts within 70-75 chars/line.



Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 13:06:13 EDT
From: Mike Borella 
Subject: Re:  RUSH Fans Digest of 10/12/90 (#67)

The spoken words towards the end of The Camera Eye and "more coffee".



Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 12:48:16 EDT
Subject: Re: Name of the list

[ PLEASE keep your postings to 75 characters/line or less!!       :rush-mgr ]

Actually, I dont really see why the mailing list address should change. I 
think "" is fine the way it is. As far as the name of the 
list goes, "Camera Eye" was probably the best I've seen (And I would agree 
that Dave deserves the title Prime Mover!!).  Some more ideas : Didacts and 
Narpets, Grand Designs, Mystic Rhythms, Shmeng-Borough Times :-)

Work:			 |Packaged like a rebel or a hero |Target mass appeal
School: 		 |To make that audience feel	 |He really means it..                  -Rush


Date:    Fri, 12 Oct 90 13:06:58 CDT
From: storey%batse.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (SCOTT STOREY X7700)
Subject: Chronicles

  	Somebody out there asked for the liner notes to Chronicles be
  posted. Well I'm not sure how anyone else feels, but I think the liner
  notes of Chronicles are a big waste of paper. They appear as if they were
  written by someone who is not a Rush fan, but a Madison Ave exec. The notes
  also state that Exit... came from a Huckleberry Hound cartoon. This is not
  true. Sooo I found it hard to take the notes seriously. Any comments?

  ..just soaking up the cathode rays


Date: 12 Oct 90 13:11 -0500
Subject: Name for this List

>X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.0.4 1/31/90)

	I too would like to see this list called
	"The National Midnight Star".  It's quirky,
	humourous, and not too obvious - very much
	an "in-joke".

	Just sign me Raoul Withers,

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 14:29:22 EDT
Subject: naming the list

Well, here's my two cents.  Let's let the list "nameplate" contain this:

"Turning The Pages - a Force 10 collection of Open Secrets, compiled by
the Prime Mover himself, our fearless : rush-mgr ].  Whether held under
Lock and Key or come hell or High Water, the Mission of the rush-mgr
and of the readers continues to be Second Nature -- shedding the Available
Light on our thoughts about one of the best bands in history."

okay, maybe not. :)  (it's been a looong week)

I also give my permission to use "Radio Free Lerxstwood" as the title
if anyone likes it -- I've been using that as the title for a running
series of humorous (well, at least I think so) articles that I've been
writing for the past few months, and I think it just has a nice ring
to it.

okay, maybe not that either :) (where's my beer?)

Thanks to the poster of A Nice Morning Drive - I'd never seen it before,
and it's good to read it finally (after all these years of wondering what
it was like).

"that's the news, and I am outta here."

"I've been down so long, I lost count of the years
 I sang some sad songs, I drank 12 beers."

Patrick Widener                     Internet:
Department of Computer Science	    ICBM_Net:  38.02 N, 78.30 W
University of Virginia
"Hobbes' team wins!  All the cheerleaders come out for smooches!"


From: Steve Mundro 
Subject: Upcoming album?
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 14:03:38 MDT

I have heard that Rush is in the studios and will be coming out with an
album by next summer.  Can anyone clarify this for me?

A few other things (since this is my first time):

A question from posting #67, please forgive my nievety (sp?):  "why is p/g
 aad when the two albums before it, MP and signals are add?"  I know MP is
moving pictures, but what is 'p/g' and what is 'aad' and 'add'?

Also, I really like Rush, but I think that those people who say that Rush has
had a great influence on their life, and those people who are trying to find
the meaning of life in Neil's lyrics should take a step back.  Good music is
good music, but there is more to life than just Rush.  Of course, that's just
my opinion.

As for the lyrics: '...I'm just improvising...I radiate more heat than light.'
I never thought about it before, but I understand him saying that he's just
living life as it comes.  And since light is a visual sensation, and heat,
physical, he is less superficial and more of a thought and emotions person.

I was wondering if there are any picture files of Rush out there anywhere,
preferable gif, but anything will help.  I don't know anything about the
'Rush rasters' some people have been talking about.
Also, If anyone has lyrics to any of Rush's albums, especially their first 9
or so (Rush through Signals, excluding live albums), I'd appreciate it, and
any other fact stories, on or by rush, would be helpful.
Thank you.

Btw, I like 'Signals' as the best suggestion for a new digest name.

Steve Mundro


Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 09:46:06 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: 'Name That Digest' Contest

Here's just a few suggestions, opinions, comments, sayings, thoughts,
philosophies...oops, sorry...for the 'Name That Digest' Contest (and
behind Door No. 2...)

Well, some of the ideas I had have already been mentioned:

		Vital Signs
		The Camera Eye
		Temple Paper     and
		Entre Nous

Actually, I kind of like these...

(Variations on the aforementioned could also, well, be mentioned!)

Now, on to the others:

		The Omega Concern
[ I'm *sure* we can't use this!                               :rush-mgr ]
		La Villa Strangiato (at the rate this Digest is
			expanding we could call ourselves a 'villa'!)
		YYZ (as this song explores different emotions [at the
			airport] and feelings, etc., so does this Digest)
		Limelight (or The Limelight)
		Catch the Spirit (or Catch the Spirit of Rush...geez,
			sounds like a concert ad, or something...)
		Turn The Page
		A Show of Hands (or variations thereof...was this
			mentioned already?  Sorry if it was.)
		The Rush Method (off of The Rhythm Method...or
			variations thereof)
		Show Dont Tell
		Chain Lightning (was this also mentioned already?

Anyway, that's all I came up with.  I think the address should stay the
same.  I mean our Fearless Leader Rush-mgr _does_ have control over
what we read, say, etc. (I don't mean that in a sarcastic or
derogatory way, quite the contrary!).  And it's also quite unique!
Well, nuff said.  gotta go nurse my cold...

Puanani Akaka


Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 16:48:01 -0400
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Simplicity

   Chacko Sonny brought up the point that Alex doesn't tend to jam as much
as he used to.  If you listen, that applies to all of them.  It's called
maturity(This is from Neil, not me...).  When they were starting out, the
were into jams and 5 minute intros.  That was to say "LOOK AT US!  WE CAN
PLAY!!!  Later, they began experimenting and filling their songs with more
subdued, but often strange idead(signals-p/g especially).  Now, they feel
as if they are confident in their playing, and can just play what is best
for the song.  No longer needing to grandstand their talent, they just let
each piece write itself.
   I happen to love this.  Neil has never written parts as simple as much
of Presto, but he has never been better.  "Available Light" can be played
much of the way through by any drummer, but nothing could sound better for
the song.  Same with "The Pass."  Alex has gotten shorter and simpler with
his solos, but they are more powerful and emotional than ever.  Yes, his
stuff was easier to be impressed by in the past, and easier to play.  But
now, well, just listen to Presto, and then see if their getting old.  I
don't think so.

Jason "The random rambler" Rosenberg


Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 19:34:16 -0400
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: Digest Names

I was listening to Moving Picture today and I came up with two
possible names for the digest.  Both are taken from Limelight.

The Real Relation : Rush
The Underlying Theme : Rush

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Quiet rebellion leads to open war."-Red Tide "Presto"


Subject: Re: Darkman (#67)
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 17:19:28 PDT
From: (Todd Day)

%   In case people missed my posting in the recent special edition,
%I have heard that the boyz did some instrumental music for the movie
%'Darkman,' out this summer.  I doubt this is true, but could someone
%confirm or deny this?

Well, I saw the Darkman soundtrack on CD in the store today, but none
of the_boyz are mentioned.  Evidently, Danny Elfman is responsible for
scoring the track.


Subject: Re: Alex's Guitar Parts
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 90 2:37:36 CDT
From: David T. Sandberg 

Tony Stark writes:
>   Personally, I love to play Alex's parts from earlier albums, because it
>   seems that he was more involved in making the song move then than he is
>   now. I'm not saying that he's any less talented or taking it easy even.
>   But previously, his guitar parts seemed more involved.

And (IMHO) it's the best move Alex ever made.  When RUSH started out
Alex was a bit too much of a Jimmy Page clone.  When he slowed down
and started looking for his own style, he truly became a guitarist
to be reckoned with.  I'll take the simple, unique power of Alex's
solos in songs such as "Hand Over Fist" or "Limelight" over anything
he played on the first four Rush albums.

(Please don't treat this as flamebait, because it's not meant to be.
Everybody grows in the course of their careers.  Heck, even way back
in the 2112 era Lifeson was inspiring enough to get me started on a
career playing rock guitar, for goodness sakes: the guy is great.)

[ And remember, flames are discouraged!  Intelligent discussion is, however,
  greatly encouraged!                                            :rush-mgr ]

Change of subject: as far as a new name for the list goes, how about
this... "Bacchus Plateau".

 \\         David Sandberg         \    Obligatory Rush Quote:    \\
 //     /   "Give me back my wonder,   //
 \\  uunet!umn-cs!sialis!quad!dts  \ I've something more to give" \\


Subject: Fireworks - the HYF tourbook essay
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 90 11:11:33 EDT

                The making of _Hold Your Fire_

                         by Neil Peart

        It really is hard to believe that _Hold Your Fire_ is our twelfth
studio album - in thirteen years together.  But then it's also hard to believe
in Relativity and TV evangelists.
        We began the songwriting in the autumn of 1986, then started recording
in England in January of 1987.  As we had for _Power Windows_, we tried to move
around for each stage of the project to keep our environment fresh and
interesting all the time.  Having worked with co-producer Peter Collins and
engineer Jimbo Barton on that album as well, we had already established a
mutual trust and respect that made the work go very smoothly.  In fact, we
haven't enjoyed making a record so much for a long while - and we even
finished on time!
        But that's getting ahead of the story ...

        In early September summer is already over in the mountains, and
everything is quiet and a pleasant kind of lonely.  In a cottage beside
a still lake I began working on some lyrics.  Next month we would be
starting to work on new material and I wanted a little time to prepare
some ideas.  It's hard to walk in with a totally blank slate, the way
I am anyway.
        Having enjoyed writing around the central theme of "Power" last time,
I decided to try something like that again, this time working with the theme
of "Time".  I set to work first on "Time Stand Still".  I'd been thinking
about this for some time now; how so often the richness of a period of time or
an experience seems to lie in looking back at it.  Or conversely, sometimes you
might know that you are enjoying a wonderful time, but just wish you could make
it last longer.  I'm sure you know how that goes.
        But as I set that one aside after a while, and went on to work on other
ideas, it was strange to see that what I had thought was my theme suddenly
turned itself into something else - without even asking me!  With the
development of ideas for "Second Nature" and "High Water" the theme
suddenly changed to "Instinct", or perhaps "Temperament" - the idea of
primeval or subconscious drives.  Well okay, I thought, if that's what my
brain wants to work on - go ahead!
        "Hey Brain - I don't care what you get fired up about - as long
as you (you guessed it!) _Hold Your Fire_."

        One bright day later in September, I went over to Geddy's house and we
spent the afternoon catching up on things down in his studio.  Over blueberry
buns and coffee we discussed our aspirations for the next album.  He played
me a few things he'd been working on with his new keyboard setup - entirely
controlled by a _Macintosh_ computer!  It was an amazing thing.  After working
out what he wanted to play in the conventional way, he could program it all
into the Mac and assign different parts to any number of separate keyboards.
This proved very valuable to us, both in the songwriting and recording stages
of the album.  Especially so for Geddy, who considers himself a bass player
first, vocalist second, and keyboard player a distant third - now we had a
keyboard player we could yell at all the time!
        I showed him the work I'd started on so far, and we also discussed
a few lyrical ideas that he had been thinking about but had never got around
to putting on paper.  These ideas would become incorporated into "Mission",
"Open Secrets" and "Turn the Page", and fit very well into my overall theme.
Of course, being the singer, it's nice for him to have some involvement in
the lyric development, and I'm always glad to have some input from him or
Alex to expand on a particular idea.

        In the beginning of October, with southern Ontario ablaze in the
glory of autumn, the three of us returned once again to the rural setting
of Elora Sound.  Alex brought along a tape of experimental work he had been
doing at home, which would yield some good parts for several songs, and
Geddy had been sifting through this year's batch of "sound check jams",
which have been a rich source of raw material in recent years.  He had them
all sorted and labeled as potential verses, bridges, choruses or instrumental
bits, and thus they served as a reference library of spontaneous ideas that
could be drawn upon at will.
        As usual I was working alone on lyrics in the afternoons while
the other two worked together on musical ideas.  Here is where Alex comes
into his own as Musical Scientist - creating drum programs for my stand-in,
the drum machine, and recording his and Geddy's work on the portable
"Lerxst Sound" recorder.  In my own process of writing and refining, I remember
one day throwing out eight pages of rewrites for "High Water" - and that's
after _three days_ of rewriting it.  So it doesn't get any easier!
        In the evenings we would go over to the barn, share what we had
accomplished during the day, and work together on making ideas into songs.
This is a very enjoyable part of the process, working so closely together
and creating new things.  Of course nothing is ever accomplished without a
struggle, and sometimes what you're working on seems like it will never turn
out any good.  But when it does come together, and you can record it and hear
it immediately, there are few things more satisfying.
        We were torn about whether or not to play some live shows before
the recording.  In the past we have found it worthwhile in some ways, even
if just to have a change of scene for a few days.  But it's also frustrating
to have to stop working on new material, only to spend a week or so
rehearsing old stuff.  This year we thought we'd try just going away
somewhere for a few days, then returning to the writing fresh.  That way we
would have the advantage of a change of scene, but wouldn't have to spend
precious writing time working on old songs.

        The first snowfall of the year fell overnight in early November, and
by then we had worked out eight songs.  At this point we were still not
satisfied with the overall variety of music we had, so we decided we'd
go a bit further this time.  We were aware of the fact that only a small
percentage of people actually buy records any more, the vast majority
choosing cassettes or CDs.  Thus, we figured, why should we worry about the
time limitations of the old vinyl disc?  We thought we'd like to have
ten songs, and go for fifty minutes or so of music.  So we did.
        At the beginning of December Peter Collins ("Mr Big") joined us
in Elora, and contributed his valuable criticisms and suggestions to
the songs.  Most of the changes were small ones, except for "Mission",
which received new verses, and "Open Secrets", which underwent some
chorus revisions.  But even the small changes help to keep our music growing
in different ways.
        Ironically, the opening song, "Force Ten", was almost an afterthought.
In the tradition of those last-minute, spontaneous songs like "New World
Man", "Vital Signs" and "Natural Science", we put it together on the very
last two days we had for writing.  As I had on "Tom Sawyer", I worked with
some lyrics given to us by Pye Dubois, and Geddy and Alex went to work on the
music, trying to explore some musical areas that we hadn't covered yet.  By
the end of one day it was fairly complete, the touch of spontaneity and
freshness we were looking for to complete the album.

        We began the serious recording at The Manor, in Oxfordshire England,
where we had also recorded the basic tracks for _Power Windows_.  The big
attraction here is the drum sound in their big stone room.  The big attraction
is not the weather - especially the January snowstorm that brought England
to its knees, and turned that old stone Manor house into a damn and drafty
icehouse!  Even with the big coal fires that burned in the main rooms of
the house all day, without modern heating or insulation, it did not "hold
its fire"!
        But hey - we work well when we're shivering!  After three weeks
we were able to leave there with the drums, bass, basic keyboards, guide
guitars and guide vocals all finished.  Once again Jimbo did a great job
for us behind the console, making things sound great and the maintaining
"quality control".
        We had decided before going over there that it would be fun (and funny)
to be cowboys in England, and had provided ourselves with the requisite hats,
scarves, shirts, music - and most important - _accents_.  Thus the studio
was full of cowboy-hatted people saying things like: "Ah reckon that sounds
mighty good", and "much obligated for the vittles, ma'am!"
        Thankfully, it didn't influence the music - but it did give Alex
an exciting new theme for his oil paintings.

[ I think our Digest bug has reared it's ugly head once again.  Apparently
  if you begin a line with "From", it is assumed a new article is starting,
  and it gets chopped there.  To try to avoid this in the future (until I
  can [if/when] get it fixed, try not to start a line this way... Sorry,
  but it's not *my* software...                                 :rush-mgr ]

        Then it was back to - aaah! - _Montserrat_, a small island in the
Caribbean which is notable - apart from its beauty - for turning out doctors
in a couple of weeks, and for turning out records in paradise at Air Studios.
We had been there for the first time to do the guitar overdubs for _Power
Windows_, and enjoyed it so much we had to go back again.
        There is a live volcanic crater on the island, where you stand in
a cloud of sulfurous mist and all around you are vents of steaming vapors
and bubbling volcanic mud.  When you think about the fact that this
comes up right from the centre of the earth, it reminds you powerfully just
how fragile _terra firma_ really is, and how quickly a place like that could
disappear beneath the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
        One hopes _It_ will hold its you-know-what too!

        We had not worked in Toronto for, oh, about ten years, fearing too
many distractions (however enjoyable and well-meant) from family and friends.
But it does get harder to be away from home all the time, and for once we
thought we'd like to try doing at least a small part of this project at
home.  So we decided we would record the vocals and the last of the guitars
in Toronto.
        We worked at McClear Place Studios, right in downtown Toronto, which
was nice after all the remote places we'd been.  I must admit, as much as I
like the country and particularly Montserrat, it was exciting to walk the
busy streets and see all those _strangers_ every day.
        It was here that Aimee Mann came in to do a great job on some
additional vocals for us - yet another new sound for _Rush_ - and also, all
of us signed up with the Berlitz school to polish up our French for the
next stop on our itinerary - _Paris_!

        We arrived there on a bright sunny day in early May, with the chestnut
trees still in bloom along the boulevards, and hod our first breakfast at
a sidewalk cafe on the Boulevard St. Germain.  We were staying right on the
Champs Elysees, and working at a good place called Studio Guillaume Tell,
about five miles away.  Our route to and from work every day led right
through the Bois de Boulogne, the biggest park in Paris, so it was a great
        Normally we work twelve or thirteen hour days while we're recording,
but "Mr Big" likes to stop by nine o'clock during the mixing, it's difficult
to remain objective after nine hours of listening to the same song over
and over again, and you can't afford to be wrong when you're making final
decisions like that.  But that's okay - we didn't mind having to go out for
late dinners at night with the day's work done, and the streets of Paris
lit up before us!

        But of course there is a dark side to the City of Light.  Especially
after the events of last summer, it was impossible not to think of acts of
mindless violence, the kind of thing "Lock and Key" talks about.  We even
had one or two bombs go off while we were there, though fortunately not
on _us_!  And you don't get used to seeing the soldiers and gendarmes standing
around everywhere with automatic weapons and bulletproof vests.
        There is no fooling around with situations like that, and I would
ride carefully by them on my bicycle, almost as afraid of them as I was of
the Parisian traffic - and that's going some!  Cruising by these deadly-
serious guys with their deadly-serious weapons.  I had to hope their fingers
wouldn't slip, or they wouldn't mistake me for some vicious bicycle terrorist!

        _Hold Your Fire_ indeed.

        Okay, okay - no more puns, I promise.
        In fact, I'd better start again:

        It really is hard to believe that _Hold Your Fire_ is our twelfth
studio album - in thirteen years together.
        But then it's also hard to believe in the expanding universe,
superconductors, indoor baseball, 3-D movies, artificial sweetener, offensive
weapons, objective reality, rock music ...




Subject: Rush sheet music
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 90 00:03:18 +0900

   Hello! this  is my first meaningful  posting after reading in for a
long time. Here in JAPAN :-), song books of  Rush and many other bands
are available with notes for ALL PARTS including drums and keyboards.
The guitar and bass parts have tabular  representations so you can see
right away which frets to hold.   The song book I  have in front of me
is called *Rush  Anthology* and has notes to  "Closer  to the  Heart",
"The Trees", "The Spirit of Radio", "La Villa Strangiato", "Freewill",
"The Analog Kid", "YYZ", "Distant Early Warning",  "The Body Electric"
and "New World Man".  I also had  the song book for the  POWER WINDOWS
album ( I can't find it now).  I also saw the song book  for A SHOW OF
HANDS at a shop. I don't think it had all of the songs  on the LP, but
I was surprised to see that it contained notes for  "the Rhythm Method"
(that DRUM SOLO)!!  Because these song  books  are  compiled by someone
listening  to the songs, they  are  not 100% accurate.   But still, it
helps you a lot in learning how to play those difficult Rush tunes.
   I play the electric  guitar and used to play  Rush songs in  a band
while I was in high school. We played songs such as "Spirit of Radio",
"Limelight"  "Closer to the Heart",  "Subdivisions",  "New World Man",
"Entre Nous", "Kid Gloves", etc. I am excited to see many Rush-playing
musicians like me on this list!
Yoshiyuki Tanaka			Deiters Network Laboratory.
Sophia University, Tokyo Japan.		Email:
Dept of Electrical & Electronic Enginerring


Date: Sat, 13 Oct 90 11:48:45 -0400
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: enigma


Confusion fills my days and nights
All I think about is you
My mind has its own fights
And there's nothing I can do

I wonder where you are right now
And if you know who I am
I'll save you though I don't know how
And try to make you understand

Watching the rivers drift across the seas
But still trapped by all those inner boundaries
Blue as cold I begin to freeze

Save me from this lonely town
Help me find my way around
Keep me from losing myself
All I know is you and nothing else

Lost in my mind's own mystery
Trapping myself in the maze
Don't stay so far away from me
Come shorten my everlating days

Come solve the enigma
And make me see all your love
Because you are the puzzle
The one I'm thinking of

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Quiet rebellion leads to open war."--Red tide "PRESTO"


Date: Sat, 13 Oct 90 21:12:26 EDT
From: gordon@Stars.Reston.Unisys.COM

Good day, fellow Digesters,

        Our illustrious Manager wrote:

--| Think about what you'd like to see in the way of an interesting:
--|     - Name of the Digest (instead of "RUSH Fans Digest")
--| If this doesn't generate some bandwidth, nothing will!  :-)  Get
--| those brains in gear and those fingers tapping!

        Alright, a chance to be creative, and a chance to further
    avoid doing *real work*!

        About the net address, "C. Alex Harden" wrote:

--| The address can remain the way it is easy to
--|  remember and to type in.

        I agree.  It's great as it is!  Besides, Mr. Manager, you can't
    change it now that your license plate reads SYRINX, too.  ;)

        As for a new Digest name, sure, why not?  Other folks have
    suggested (sorry if I missed you):

--|        From: "C. Alex Harden" 
--| Vital Signs: The NET-Wide Rush Digest

--| From: (Nate Huang)
--| My suggestion for the digest name:  The Camera Eye

--| How about these (inspired by 2112)
--| David Conley     "The Digital Anatomist"
--|                          The Oracle
--|                          The Red Star of the Internet (hee-hee)
--| Or maybe something simpler:
--|                           Signals, the Rush Fans Digest

        Yeah, I like all of these, too.

--| From: Doug Grumann 
--| How about:
--|  the Cyberspace Rush Review

        I like this, too!  I'm a Cyberputz from way back.

--| or the Rush "Get A Life" Digest.

        Arrg, I like this, too!  (Maybe Neil would like it, too.)

--| From: "Derek D. Lichter" 
--|         for names, how about:
--|                                 Signals
--|                                 Entre Nous
--|                                 Prime Mover
--|                                 Presto!
--|         and, jokingly, "The Spirit of Terminal" "All The Net's a Stage" :-)

        These are all good choices, too!  What're we gonna do?

--| From: Shane Faulkner 
--| How about 'The National Midnight Star'  (It's True!!!)

        Darn.  I knew somebody would beat me to the punch on this one.

--| From: (Dan Delany)
--| Name of the DIGEST: The Daily Shreve

        Hmm. I know Hemispheres has a "Waltz of the Shreves", but what
    the heck *is* a "shreve" anyway, and are there a bunch of them
    docked in Shreveport, Louisiana?

        It seems we have a choice of 2 basic modes for a new Rush
    Digest name: heavy or light (no fat, no cholesterol).  While the
    subjects of most Rush songs and the nature of the music can be
    classified as "heavy", it seems the boyz themselves try not to
    take themselves too seriously and are constantly trying to
    downplay their serious nature in their writings and interviews.

        So, here's an exercise in self-indulgence (please forgive me)
    -- some offerings for a new Rush Digest name with some reasonings
    and/or comments behind the names -- in both heavy and light modes:

 The Rush Rendezvous            (2 or more people meeting at a
                                 preconceived time & place; also in
                                 software: interprocess communication)

 The Rush Regenerator           (definition: a device used in a
                                 thermodynamic process for capturing &
                                 returning to the process the *heat*
                                 that would otherwise be lost...)

 The YYZ Gazette               (pronounced "why-why-zed"; catchy when
                                 correctly pronounced, otherwise bound
                                 to generate confusion; is there a
                                 Toronto Times in real life?)

 The Rush Comsat                (def.: a satellite designed to *reflect*
                                 or relay electromagnetic *signals*
                                 used for communication; cruising
                                 under your radar/ watching from...)

 The Sonic Boom                 (a noise caused by a *shock wave* that
                                 emanates from an object traveling at
                                 or above the speed of sound)
                                 (Ok, so I'm reaching a bit...)

 Realms Beyond                  (escape to them in the night...)

 The Rush Signals Transmitter   (message received)

 Real Time: The Rush Review     (living in it)

 Anthem of the Mind             (w/ acknowledgement to the genius of...)

 The Light of Deneb             (On my ship, the 'Rocinante')

 The Cathode Ray                (soaking them up; the CRT is the
                                 retina of the mind's eye)

 The Mind's I                   (see above, and Hofstadter, and my .sig)

 The Liberator                  (hope or fear?)

 The Siren Song                 (Headed for the heart of Cygnus)

 The Tide                       (water water everywhere)

 The { Pulse, Energy, Spark, Pace }        ("Rush means energy" --Neil)

 The Inner-G                    (see above; plus I always wanted to
                                 use this name for a rock band...)

 The Far Unlit Unknown          (in between the bright lights and...)

 The Wave                       (more water)

 The Page                       (might get confused with Jimmy)

 Temporary Waves        (a jab in their ribs; why's the newspaper blank? ;)

 Moving Pixels          (biggest-selling album)

 Anything Can Happen    (spoken like a game show host, "The digest where...")

 Channel R              (brought to you by the letter..)

 Impermanent Firmament  (I dunno, just sounds neat)

 The Nose Cone          (our favorite bassist)

 Enter... Stage Right   (isn't this where I came in?)

 Open Fire!             (ready all neurons, don't hold back)

 The Three Stooges      (or blind mice; sorry, I'm almost done now)

 The Live Wire          (stages and networks...)

 The Daily Rush         (oh no! drug references! yow! run awaaaaaaaaay;
                         Warning: This name contains backmasking; if
                         you read it repeatedly, you will turn into a
                         devil-worshiping sex pervert and develop a
                         liking for all David Lynch movies)

 The Daily Planet       (never mind...)

        Well that was fun!  So long, and thanks for all the bandwidth!

[ Well, up to this point, I *was* writing down all the suggestions made for
  the name.  After reading this post, I threw away my pen!  :-)   But 
  seriously, I think Del has brought up a good point - should the name be
  'heavy' or 'light'?  Personally, I think I'd prefer light, and I think
  that as where we shouldn't take ourselves *too* seriously, this might be
  a good idea.  Besides, if RUSH ever are made aware (again) of this list,
  a light name might go over better than a heavy one.  Comments?  :rush-mgr ]

 All who dare
 To let his kingdom rise.
 I'm lashed, helpless, to the mast.
 Yet it was for me, not you, I
 Liv[e] on a lighted stage
 Still descending
  And fear
    More than high performance
 I am made from the dust of the stars
 In the available light

Just improvising,
Del Gordon
 /\      /\      /\      1-0-0-1-0-0-1, S.O.S.  1-0-0-1-0-0-1, in distress.
/  \  /\/  \  /\/  \  /------------------------------------------------------
    \/      \/      \/   Del Gordon    |><-


Date: Sun, 14 Oct 90 00:25 EDT
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: Rush to appear in 'Rock Fantasy' comics

I just got the new issue of 'Rock Fantasy' comics and inside the front
cover is a list of people who are going to appear in the series next year.
Imagine my surprise to find Rush among them!

For those who don't know, 'Rock Fantasy' is a unique series of comic books.
Each month they present a science-fiction/fantasy story in which
well-known rock stars are among the main characters.  They travel across
time and space fighting evil aliens, occult forces, and just generally
having a bizarre time.	The stars usually turn out to have some unique
mystical power which saves the day.

With so many Rush songs already having an SF/F theme, I can't wait to see
this issue!

paper :  James Shaffer Jr., 37 Brook Street, Montgomery, PA  17752
uucp  :  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  (or)  rutgers!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms
domain:	    CompuServe: 72750,2335


Date: Sat, 13 Oct 90 00:56:16 EDT
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: introduction, and digest name suggestion

Hi gang.

I just joined this mailing list (in fact, I just joined the entire
network!) and I've got to say that the discussions are fascinating!  I
first became aware of Rush about the time of "Moving Pictures" and I
started to collect their albums about five years ago.  Rush is my all-time
favorite group, and the only group aside from Yes that I have nearly a
complete cassette collection of.  And they're all good -- I can't stand it
when people ask me to name my favorite album because I just can't choose.

How does "Closer To The Heart" sound for a digest name?  It describes my
feelings about their music relative to all this mindless teenage pop music
that seems to dominate the airwaves today.  Rush's music actually means
something to me, rather than just being a nice tune to dance to.  With few
exceptions, it's the only music that moves me anymore.

paper :  James Shaffer Jr., 37 Brook Street, Montgomery, PA  17752
uucp  :  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  (or)  rutgers!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms
domain:	    CompuServe: 72750,2335


Date: Sun, 14 Oct 90 01:45:30 -0700
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Tennis Jam (anyone?)

  I still haven't gotten a response from anyone who attended the Celibrity
Tennis Tournament and Jam in Malibu, CA in September.  Didn't anyone go??
I heard that Geddy and Alex did 2 songs: Closer to the Heart and In the Mood.
The Kansas drummer sat in for Closer and Mr. Big's drummer did In the Mood.
He supposidly did a much better job than the Kansas drummer, (not surprising).
Also, Alex jammed with Kansas doing "Carry on Wayward Son" and everybody
attended the BBQ afterwards.  Alex was a clown as usual, and kept joking about
wild animals like Giraffes.  The Show was covered by at least 2 media, inclu-
ding ESPN, who plans to do a 30 minute special on it.  I have no idea when
this will happen and we may have already missed it.  DID ANYONE CATCH THIS?!
If anyone taped this, I'm willing to trade for a copy, (I have over 11 years
of Much Music Rush interviews to trade for it).

  Also, has anyone in the Bay area heard any obscure Rush tunes lately?  I
have heard Entre Nous twice in as many weeks on KOME FM.  I don't remember
ever hearing this tune on FM radio.  That DJ must really be into it!

  About CD quality...My Mercury Exit.. is ADD.  Somebody said there's was AAD.
Also, I heard that the Japanese Signals CD sounds much better than the US
version, (much brighter high-end).  Does anyone have any other Jap CDs to
compare with the US versions?
                                                        Take care,
                                                   - Chris Michael


Date: Sun, 14 Oct 90 12:20 GMT
Subject: RE: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/12/90 (#67)

"Absalom! Absalom!" is the title of a novel (play?) by Faulkner.  It is about
the decadence of the wealthy, I think.  The title comes from the fact that the
main character loses his son:  Absalom was the name of Solomon's son, who died
in a bizarre equestrian accident.

[ Kind of like Katherine the Great?  ;-)                         :rush-mgr ]

This isn't from the authoritative "Backstage Club" rag, so take it with a grain
of salt.  I'd like to hear what Neil has to say about the connection...

At the end of Camera Eye, a Londoner is definitely saying "'ello, guv!", a
quaint but characteristically Londonian greeting.

For those who don't know "generating more heat than light" is a common figure
of speech to mean something like "this idea has resulted more in emotional
arguments than it has solutions".  The point: Neil did'nt make it up, as some
seem to think.  Of course, I'm sure he's adding his own twist, so speculations
are appropriate...



From: The Bolton Flamer 
Subject: Listen up !!!
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 14:58:03 BST

        Recent postings have included a few comments on various sounds to
be heard if you listen really closely to some Rush tracks;  the live albums
seem to throw up a good few worth listening out for, but some only really come
to light with a CD player and a good set of headphones:

        1) Xanadu on ESL.  At the end, after Alex has finished the solo and
both him and Ged are playing six string ( remember Ged had a double necker at
this point ) Neil plays a part on the glockenspiel.  For this he uses a set of
hammers then switches to sticks for a roll on the snare drum; if you listen
closely you can hear him pick up the sticks after putting down the hammers.

        2) Closer To The Heart on ESL.  After the guitar solo and just before
they break into instrumental at the end, Geddy does a high pitched 'yeah'
which is echoed by another voice off to stage right - this might just be a
side-effect of the editing.

        3) Broons Bane on ESl.  Listen very, very closely as the track starts
and in the distance you can hear Ged say 'Mr Alex Lifeson' , as he does
more audibly on ESL video.

        There are more like this but I'll post them some other time if people
are interested.  One thing I have noticed, the editing on Show Of Hands is
really patchy between tracks; you can hear where they've cut crowds in and
out, and also where tapes are being swtiched on and off.

                        Andy, The Bolton Flamer.


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