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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/16/90 (#70)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 70

                 Tuesday, 16 October 1990
Today's Topics:
         RUSH Fans Digest Archives Announcement!!
                       New imports?
             The boyz' educational background
                    Rush on the radio
                  How do I get rasters?
            By any other name...just a thought
           Digest name and other sundry items.
                     p/g and PloyGram
          Apology to Erin!!  (The HYF Tourbook)
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/15/90 (#69)
                       Bass notes!

Subject: RUSH Fans Digest Archives Announcement!!
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 90 09:19:48 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!!!

This is the official announcement of the availability of the RUSH Fans
Digest archive of back issues.  This service has been thoughtfully provided
by the wonderful Helen Todd (aka Luna Kaftan).  The issues available are of
the current incarnation of the Digest, issues 01 through the present (up to
number 70 today, I believe).  Older issues are out there in net-land some-
where, but she doesn't have them available.

To request back issues of the Digest, send mail to:

When you send your request, include the Digest number, or she will not be
able to honor your request (because of the implementation, the date will
do little good).

She will compile them and do them all on Sunday evening, so there will be
(at most) a week turnaround.  I've been told that if you request an issue
from the last day or two, you have the potential for faster turnaround, but
this is an 'undocumented feature', *not* a guarantee!

She has also requested that when you send your request, please try to
include an *Internet* address to send it to, if possible.  There are
sometimes problems mailing from an Internet (and I assume Bitnet) site
to a UUCP address, so if there's a choice, please make it easy on her.

>From personal experience, telling her "I want the issue with  in it" does little good; it would cause her to search every issue for
that one, and is more time consuming than it's worth.

For those of you requesting several issues, this is definately the way to
go.  If for some reason you need quick turn-around on a single issue (so
you can respond to a hot topic), I'll consider fulfilling *single* requests
for Digests here at the administrivia address.  These requests may take
from a couple of hours to the next day to honor, depending on mail delays,
time zones, etc.

RUSH Fans Digest

P.S.  Due to the bug in the Digest software, a small portion of the 
      posting of "The Making of Hold Your Fire" is missing.  Due to
      it's length, the re-post will be by itself in a special issue.
      Also, the complete "Kubla Khan" will be reposted, probably in the
      same issue.  I haven't been able to fix the bug, but with diligence,
      I can spot the problem when it occurs, and can fix it from now on.


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 13:22:35 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: New imports?

   Greetings - just returned from the local record store and I came
across some interesting Japanese imports that can be ordered.
The titles of the Rush imports were "Rush Live," "New Live," and
"Will to Power."  I know the Japanese imports have a tendency to be
disappointing, and at $32 a pop, I'm in no hurry to pick up these CDs,
but if anyone has any info on these discs, please post or e-mail.

[ From personal experience, if you're a serious collector (I'm sort of
  serious), if you see something unusual somewhere, BUY IT.  It will
  probably not be there the next time you look.  I got burned on a 12"
  EP this way once...  Could you post the catalog numbers and ordering
  information, if it's not too much trouble?                   :rush-mgr ]



Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 14:20:13 EDT
From: (Eric Hyche)
Subject: The boyz' educational background

What are Geddy, Alex, and Neil's educational backgrounds?
Someone had told me one time that one or more of them are
electrical engineers by training. Since I am an EE, I would
like to find out if this is true or not.

Eric Hyche


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 14:49 EDT
From: "Derek D. Lichter" 
Subject: Rush on the radio

You know it's interesting... last week, I turned on the radio at about 3 am,
just to keep me awake (midterms, argh), and set it to one of the stations
I really don't like much up here (PYX-106 for those of you in the Albany NY
area).  It's a classic-rock format station that tends toward the pop end:
Guns-n-Roses and Bon Jovi are played quite a bit.  What did I hear?  The
opening strains of "Working Man."  Wow, I thought, this must be a mistake,
but I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.  At the end of the song, I was
quite expecting to hear the latest Winger tune, but instead -- "A Passage
to Bangkok" -- !?!  And then "La Villa Strangiato"!!!  I was quite awake
by this time.  :-)

Well, I was hoping that this marked a whole new outlook on the station's
part, but I suppose it was just a momentary abberation on the part of the
DJ, 'cause they haven't changed their format; still, it was nice while it

"Plays that song that's so elusive..."

                                                Derek L.


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 16:00:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Solomon B. So" 
Subject: How do I get rasters?

     I'm new to this bboard and am unfamilliar with it but I do share a
common interest in RUSH.  I would like to know if anyone can take some
time off to either explain to me in detail how to get the rasters (I've
read the stuff on how to do it but I'm computer illiterate) or if anyone
can e-mail them to me.  It would be greatly appreciated.
     Also,  I remember reading something about Neil Peart being an
English prof ( I remember reading it last year on some other bboard),
I'd like to know how the rumors got started.
     One more thing,  are there any other albums or songs that Rush has
out other than the 16 out by mercury and Atlantic?  I remember seeing an
album by them that I've never heard of before (I can't remember the
title) in a catalogue of rare and import cd's,cassettes, and albums.  I
would have bought it but the $75 price was out of my budget at the time.


p.s.   in reference to how to get the rasters,  I am using an Andrew
account at CMU using xwindows.


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 09:49:26 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject:  By any other name...just a thought

Ha ha!  I figured we couldn't use 'The Omega Concern' for a Digest
name!  Oh well, just thought I'd throw that in as a joke.

Actually, I really like "The National Midnight Star"--it's light, it's
an inside 'joke' and it's totally inconspicuous!!!

Yeah, I think we should keep the name light, if for no other reason
than to keep from taking it too seriously.

After all, *they* don't take things seriously.  I mean how many (native
Canadian) bands would go to England to record an album and end up in
cowboy hats and speaking in Southern accents?!  Now that would've been
a sight to see!

Puanani Akaka

(Hey, Brad Cameron! I've been having trouble getting mail to you.
I'll try to get something over to you sometime this week.  Until


From: (David Laurenc Gordon)
Subject: Bassists
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 16:05:00 EDT

       	I play the bass and I love RUSH. I would really like to find out if
there are any other RUSH fans/bassists out there. So, if you're interested,
or you have any tips to give, drop me a line at:

	If you write, let me know:
		1)If you would mind your name and e-mail address given to
		  other bassists;
		2)If you would like a list of other bassists who reply to
		3)If you have any playing tips.

	By the way, is anybody out there able to play Tom Sawyer at Geddy's
speed? I know the line but I'm about two measures slower on that incredibly
tough(as far as speed is concerned) part after "Today's Tom Sawyer, he gets
high on you, and the space he invades he gets by on you..."

		-Dave (a.k.a. Chainsaw)
		-Johns Hokpins University

ORQ: "Someone set a bad example,
      Made surender seem alright
      The act of a noble warrior
      Who lost the will to fight."-The Pass


Date:    Mon, 15 Oct 90 16:10 EDT
From: "Michael L. Sensor (814)949-5626" 
Subject: Digest name and other sundry items.

Hello out there.  I would like to suggest that the name of this illustrious
Digest be "Signals."  It's short, concise and relevant.  I do like the
"National Midnight Star" idea, however.

Also, to respond to the recent posting by Steve Munro (?) regarding what
'add' and 'aad' mean, the author was referring to the classifications of
digital recording.  I'm sure you are familiar with them...

Michael L. Sensor  

"I will choose free will."


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 16:24:17 -0400
From: Tonya Y Schooler 
Subject: flames

what does "no flames" mean?

[ The net-world in general has a bad habit of slamming a person for posting
  what an individual might consider stupid, trivial, common knowledge, etc.
  Those familiar with Usenet know what I mean; has seen it's
  fair share of "flame wars" between two or more people on the basis of little
  more than differences in personal taste.  These quickly degenerate into 
  glorified name-calling fests, and waste everyone's time (and money - all
  network traffic costs somebody money somewhere).  I am committed to avoiding
  this at all costs.  If somebody posts a flame, I will simply remove it from
  the Digest, and send them reprimanding mail about it.  If you have to have
  it out with somebody, do via e-mail, over the phone, in person, or whatever;
  DON'T do it here.  (A recent example was the (always) rather touchy subject 
  of religion.)  In general, you have your opinions, and you should respect 
  others rights to have theirs, whether you consider them right or wrong.
  I'm sorry to take up so much space saying this, but it's a big peeve of
  mine... Now, back to fun stuff!                                :rush-mgr ]

r.e. J. Rosenberg: yes, Alex has been a little sluggish in concert lately. I
also noticed that he wasn't wearing his wedding ring at the concert (not
that I was looking!)

Also, I hope this RUSH "get a life" Digest does not pose a threat to my
graduate career!!!!


Subject: copyrights
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 13:39:18 PDT
From: Doug Grumann 

Re:  All these posts for the mailing list's new name.   Let's face the fact
that many (if not all) of us are considered extremely bright and creative,
at least in our own minds!  We could have a vote between all the possibilities
...the title with more than 3 votes would win.  I would bow to our esteemed
rush-mgr to make an autocratic decision at some point in the near future and
dispense with this topic.  We can bring it up again next year when the list
traffic falls below 1000 lines a day again.

[ True.  I plan on compiling a few of my favorites, and have people vote on
  then through e-mail, not here on the list.  Stay tuned to future Digest(s)
  for details...                                                  :rush-mgr ]

> Besides, if RUSH ever are made aware (again) of this list,
> a light name might go over better than a heavy one.  Comments?  :rush-mgr ]

1) We shouldn't be overly concerned about what Rush thinks of the name of
OUR mailing list!  If they wanted to name it, they could volunteer to manage
it too.  (While they're at it, they could buy us all CDs, just for being

2) I doubt we'd ever get sued for naming a list after something "copyrighted".
Look how long the UMASS lyrics server survived before it was shut down.  Now
THAT was copyright infringement!  (no, I didn't blow the whistle.. does anybody
know the full scoop on that story?  Luckily I pulled down all the albums I
needed lyrics for before it closed!)

[ Well, being the moderator of the list, I really don't feel like being
  hassled with legal problems, so as you said above, I'll make the final
  decision.  Call me a wimp if you will ...  :-)                 :rush-mgr ]

Does anybody remember the album poll Ron Kleiner sponsored around March?
Does anybody want to volunteer to run it again?  With all these fresh keyboards
in the list, it would be interesting to see if tastes have changed.

I have a (smaller) survey question:  What are people's favorite albums to
"mix" using random play on a multiple-CD player?  I've got a 6-disc cartridge
that I fill with CDs for several hours of continuous rock n' roll.  My own
favorite combinations are:

- classic Rush:  their older stuff (pre-Permanent Waves)
- favorite mix:  Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Hold yer Fire, Presto.
- Rush + Yes:  Any Rush albums mixed with: the Yes album, Fragile, and Drama.

Bad combos:  Pink Floyd never sounds good on random play.  The 3 live
Rush albums SEEM like they'd play well together, but don't.

BTW:  I've had this flash of genius:  YOU ARE ALL WRONG!  There aren't 5
epochs in Rush history.  There's not 3 main divisions in Rush's career.
Their musical style can't be divided into 4 eras...  THE MAGIC NUMBER IS
TWO:  There's the time BEFORE they started playing, and SINCE.

(smileys all around, naturally)


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: p/g and PloyGram
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 16:43:05 EST

Steve Mundro wanted to know what p/g was.  It's the symbol for grace under
pressure.  And speaking of grace under pressure, has anyone noticed the
following (or am I just not getting enough sleep??):  The reissues of the
cassettes all have PolyGram written on the face, and the P and G are in
boldface type.  Notice how that could be shortened into P/G?

     - Jeff
Jeff Boerio (
Purdue University ECN Software Support Programmer
Rush Quote: "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"
Pink Quote: "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."


Subject: Apology to Erin!!  (The HYF Tourbook)
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 18:33:49 EDT

The Fireworks essay from the HYF tourbook (issue 69), was actually typed in
by fellow list member (and camper) Erin Sasaki.  Just thought I should
rather belatedly give credit where credit was due....sorry about that!! :)



Date: 15 October 1990 19:21:00 CDT
Subject: LERXST

DOES ANYONE out there know where and how alex got the nickname of





Date: Mon, 15 Oct 90 22:38:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/15/90 (#69)

I have a feeling this question has been asked rather often, so forgive
the waste of space. What is the address of the Back Stage Club(?).

[ To save bandwidth, I'll include it here.  From their mailing:

    Send $9.00 (check or money order) to

      RUSH Backstage Club
      1055 E. Tropicana Avenue, #580
      Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

      (Please do not send cash)     <--- Their words, not mine

  I'm not sure about any extra postage & handling, though...  :rush-mgr ]

   As for a net title, I like Signals.

Thanks for damn good net. Mgr, keep up the good work.


Date: Tue, 16 Oct 90 02:47 CST
From: By-tor 
Subject: Bass notes!

   I'm still looking for the exact notes that Geddy plays for his second solo
on YYZ, the one with all the sixteenth notes. Someone *has* to know it, and I'm
not against getting duplicates. Anyone, anyone... Bueller?

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Tipple
Alias Blue Steel, By-tor
University of Wisconsin - Platteville
"La la la laaaaa!" - Alex on La Villa Strangiato


From: (David Datta)
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 90 08:19:36 CDT
Subject: Names

I don't know what to call the list but I think our illustrious leader
should change the From line to:

>From (Priests) temple@syrinx...

just for kicks.

-Dave [....uwm!uwpvacs!datta]

FTP for lots of neat stuff including but not
limited to the discography archives.


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