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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/22/90 (#76)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 76

                 Monday, 22 October 1990
Today's Topics:
          alternative riff for Spirit of Radio?
                   SCARS OF PLEASURE...
                    Rockline Interview
               Comic Books And Writing Rush
                 All The World's A Stage
                    Rush on the Radio
               Presto tour, new album, etc.
                     Spirit Of Radio
                      _Rock Fantasy_

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 90 07:13:35 PDT
From: just hear your voice 
Subject: alternative riff for Spirit of Radio?

This was the tab as set forth by Jason Bold.

>I must apologize.  My presentation was pretty poor.  Anyway, here is how
>I play it in tab:


>Every note is picked, except the 4--2--0 combination shown above with the
>lines over it.

If I could steal Jason's format for a bit:
     ^     ^     ^    ^            ^     ^    ^        ^
My only point in entering this is just to say that this is how I've always
played it, but admittedly have yet to try the other way, or to sit down and
try to figure out which is the one really being played.....

The "^" mark where I pick, the rest are hammer-ons or pull-offs.

This was a good thing to do - I've just noticed that my technique is in-
herently "choppy" or "coarse" sounding on this riff....:-)

Still, here it is for posterity. :-)



Date: 19 Oct 90 11:37:00 CDT

[ This mail seems to be partial, but it's how I got it here. (?)  :rush-mgr ]

and it really seamed to put you right there in the car as it flashed down the 
mountain side. One of the most unique uses for RUSH music I,ve heard of.
       I know RUSH has gone ( or will be soon ) returning to  the studio to be- gin work on a new album, but does anyone know when it may be released? Or even apossible title for that matter.

       " it living, or just existance?"

                                Karl Olson ( AKA - Rad )

       "Unstable condition,
        of human interface,
        and interchange."


Subject: Rockline Interview
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 90 15:24:49 EDT
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

I finally found my original copy of the 4/30/90 Rockline Interview.
We have Megen Jahnke (who was at the time) to
thank for the transcription.  I'm trying to be better in my attributions...

RUSH Fans Digest


Date: Fri, 19 Oct 90 16:53:21 -0400
From: "Michael Rashas" 
Subject: Oops...

Seems like a nasty error has crept into my posting regarding that nasty
unison lick in YYZ.  The last two notes should be B C, not C C#.  My
apologies to the parties involved.   :)
Anyway, has anyone out there ever heard of a band called Primus?  Their
bass player is heavily influenced by Geddy; in fact, on their live tape,
"Suck On This," the first song, "John The Fisherman," is prefaced by
a good part of the YYZ intro before the band segues into the song.

"We can move with savage grace
 To the rhythms of the night..."

Michael Rashas


Date: Fri, 19 Oct 90 16:52:48 -0400
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: Comic Books And Writing Rush

Someone mentioned the unauthorized biography comic books.  They are
called Revolutionary Comics.  I have the July issue they did on
Led Zeppelin.  Basically they go through the history of the
band from the very start.  At the end they do a satirical
story about Zed Leppelin.  Hey !!!! I have the radio on and
Tom Sawyer is playing.  Wow, this is sooooo cool.  Anyway,
back to the topic.  In the beginning of the comic book
they have an address to write to them at.  It is as follows:

Revolutionary Comments
519 University Ave., Suite 103
San Diego, CA 92103

They claim to respond to all letters personally.  Perhaps
if enough of us write them they will do an issue o

[ This post also seems to be incomplete.  I'm getting paranoid now.  :-) 
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Turn around and walk the razor's edge."


From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 90 13:58:02 BST
Subject: All The World's A Stage

While I was looking through a secondhand record shop today, I found
a copy of ATWAS which is slightly different from my existing copy.

Firstly, the centre-labels on the records aren't blue with white
writing; instead they have a painting of part of a city, showing
several towerblocks, trees and cars. Secondly, the innersleeves
aren't plain white paper, they're blue & white with the Mercury
logo, and they have ads for various other Mercury albums. But
thirdly, it's in a three-way gatefold sleeve!

Can anyone tell me anything about this? I've never seen it before.

[ I can.  It's the original pressing of the album.  It was out for a few
  years and several pressings when they changed and went to a plain 2-way
  sleeve.  Probably at the same time they changed the inner sleeve.  I had
  to re-buy the album several time due to wearing my copy out; I was 
  disappointed when they changed the sleeve.  Note many of the pictures 
  from the COS inner sleeve are on the ATWAS jacket...
                                                             :rush-mgr ]

Plus (although I've asked about these before and got no responses)

    Hemispheres in translucent red vinyl
    Force Ten 12" single, radio promo (same track on both sides)

[ They have several albums/EP's/promo items going all the way back to the
  first album (DJ-only copy of "In The Mood").  I have the "Red Sector A"
  10" on red vinyl, among others...                            :rush-mgr ]

And (for my bassist)

    Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted To Hear By Rush
                But You Were Afraid To Play

[ Is this an album??  It's new to me!                         :rush-mgr ]

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>


From: =Lil King= 
Subject: Rush on the Radio
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 90 19:51:47 EDT

	Sometime ago here on the digest there was a talk about the amount of
	airplay that Rush receives in different cities: Well here in
	Cincinnati the Radio Station WEBN 102.7, plays pretty much Rush
	music each day.  I don't think there are many days when I don not
	here at least two Rush songs a day.  Anyways the reason why I am
	mentioning this is because many people sent in messages saying that
	the radio station in there area ussually does not play very much
	Rush, but does play a lot of Led Zepplin.  Well after the Cincinnati
	Reds played there last game on Saturday night against Oakland, WEBN
	held a Musical World Series on Sunday putting Led Zepplin against
	Rush.  This was a call in thing where they played about an Hour of
	Rush and an Hour of Led Zepplin and listeners called in to vote on
	there favorite band.  Well, Rush one by 150 votes.  It was a great
	thing to know that the listeners here in Cincinnati are Rush fans.
	They also put Led Zepplin against some other Groups to, but I think
	Rush was one of the groups to really get more Votes than Led Zepplin.
	They also anounced that later that day they would Play ANOTHER big
	block of our favorite group RUSH.  Thats about all for now.  I just
	wanted to let everyone know that the Boyz are still apreciated here
	in Cincinnati, by given hour time.

				Later Bye,

    |-----     -----|     |-----                -----|     |-----     -----|
    |    >RUSH<     |>>>>>|  Gary "=LIL KING=" Long  |<<<<<| >PINK  FLOYD< |
    |    Presto     |     |    |     |  A Momentary  |
    |Moving Pictures|>>>>>|   Kings JERB Chuck Inc.  |<<<<<|Lapse of Reason|
    |-----     -----|     |-----                -----|     |-----     -----|
  "All the world's indeed a stage   :"We all have a darkside to say the least
    and we are merely players...."  : and dealing in death is the nature of
                  Limelight           the beast!"     Dogs of War


Date: Sun, 21 Oct 90 17:30:28 -0700
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Presto tour, new album, etc.

Hi fans,

  I have some interesting gossip to share which comes from a good friend of mine.

* Presto Tour rehersals
   A friend of his drove down to Greenville, NC for the rehersals and opening
show.  According to him, Rush spend 1-2 weeks rehearsing in the arena.  Alex
spend the better part of 1 week trying to prefect the title-track "Presto".
He stuggled to perfect the acoustic parts but finally gave up because it just
wouldn't hold up live.  In the original lineup for the tour, they were playing
Presto which led directly into A Farewell to Kings!  They also rehersed The
Camera Eye, By-Tor and Natural Science!  What a bummer!  I heard from a dif-
ferent source that Rush plans to do By-Tor on the next tour!  What a tragedy
that they had to drop these tunes!  In the last few days of rehersals, they
added Xanadu, which is probably why they had to drop the other stuff!

*  I heard from a normally very reliable source that the next studio album will
be released in Feb '91!  Also, that they were on such a roll from Presto, with
so much material and ideas that they are making lots of progress in the studio.

*  By the way, did anyone attend (and record) the Rush tour rehersals?

*  I have heard the band say in interviews that no shows are ever recorded but
that Geddy has every soundcheck recorded, to use as inspiration after the tour.
However, I have heard from several sources that they do, in fact, tape ALL
shows, secretly.  Supposidly, the roadies often listen to the tapes after the
show to get feedback to help improve the sound and to hear how new equipment
configurations sounded that night.  That night, the tapes are packaged up and
sent directly back to Canada.  These rumors were backed up when my friend,
who has met the band and roadies several times, saw Howard escorting Liam back
from the soundboard, with a medium-sized black suitcase handcuffed to Liam's
wrist.  This happened in Florida after a show while he was waiting at the mgrs
office to get some tour posters with a friend.  I heard from one other source
a while ago that a black suitcase was used by Liam to transport the tapes.
I'm sure this strange practice must really help the crew improve and maintain
Rush's top-notch live sound.  (Don't anyone call me crazy now.  I admit I can
prove none of this but it does all make some sort of sense.  Can anyone
back me up on any of this?).

* I bought Gowan's album yesterday, with Alex playing lead guitar on all tracks.
It's pretty darn good!  There are 2 or 3 very Lifeson sounding solos but mostly
he keeps a low profile.  It's not hard to find in the US, either.
(Atlantic 7 82117-2, and on Anthem in Canada).  In the liner-notes he thanks
Ray Danniels and Howard Ungerleider.  Check it out!

                                                        Take care,
                                                      - Chris Michael

PS.  Please don't anyone blast me about this gossip!
     (Rumors are Rumors...)

[ Well, I for one believe you Chris.  I've experienced your knowledge
  firsthand (well, as much as you can get through the net), and will give 
  you the benefit of the doubt!                                 :rush-mgr ]


From: The Bolton Flamer 
Subject: Spirit Of Radio
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 90 13:59:32 BST

        Jason Bold posted a message recently about how Alex plays the intro to
the Spirit Of Radio.  As a guitarist this one of the first Rush licks I learnt
to play and I've studied alot, so this may be of interest, perhaps to other
guitarists, hopefully to Rush fans in general.

        I don't believe Alex has ever played the intro live precisely the way
he did on the studio recording.  The intro consists of 4 bars repeated,
each bar contains 4 notes, execpet the last which according to most Rush sheet
music ( ie. Rush Complete Vol II ) contains 5.  Personally I don't agree with
this - I think the last bar contains 4 notes, well, at least, that's the
way Alex plays it.

        The way I play the intro is very close to the way Alex plays it -
he actually misses certain notes out but because the intro is so fast the
listeners ear puts them in there anyway.  I pluck 2nd fret on the E string
then pull off to an open E, then fret 3rd on the B string.  After this
there should be another open E to complete the 1st bar but Alex doesn't
play this normally live.  I  then pluck 5th on the E string, pull off to open
E then pluck 3rd on the B, THEN hammer on to 5th on the B to complete the
second bar.  Third bar is same as the first, 4th bar as for the second but
pluck 4th on the E string instead of 5th.  By playing the hammered E on the B
string in the second and 4th bars the timing is easier to maintain - don't ask
me why but it is; if you're a guitarist try it yourself.  Note that sometimes
the E note in the riff is an open string and sometimes it's the B string
fretted at the 5th.

        It's the pattern of plucked, pulled and hammered notes which gives the
riff its very distinctive sound and I don't believe you can get close to it
using a style that uses very fast picking.

        I apologise to non-guitarists as the last two paras were probably

        By the way, on Show Of Hands video there's a shot of Alex playing the
intro and the fingers on his left hand aren't even moving - terrible
editing or what ???  The best one to watch has to be GUP video; in the
first chorus there's a good shot of Alex playing the riff.

        I don't pretend to be any kind of authority on this, I've just studied
it alot, so I'd be interested to hear anyone else's ideas.  I doubt that Alex
always plays the riff the same; slow down the intro on ESL and you'll
notice that it's never the same twice, but in general he does use the same

                ` So much style without substance
                  So much stuff without style
                  It's hard to recognise the real thing -
                  Comes along once in a while '

                                too true...

                        Andy , the Bolton Flamer.


From: vanth!
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 90 23:17:37 EDT
Subject: _Rock Fantasy_

The address for _Rock Fantasy_ comics is:

Rock Fantasy Comics
P.O. Box 7085
Dept. S
Pittsburgh, PA	15212

(Now don't I feel like an idiot for forgetting the publisher...)

According to my brother (the local comics expert), they sell back issues.
He doesn't know if they'll sell issues as they come out.  You might have to
wait until the issue has appeared and then order it.  Or, you can try to
find a comics store that sells _Rock Fantasy_.	I still don't know when the
Rush issue is going to be out, other that that it will be next year.  I'll
let you know when I hear more about it.  I should know a month in advance,
at least.

paper :  James Shaffer Jr., 37 Brook Street, Montgomery, PA  17752
uucp  :  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  (or)  rutgers!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms
domain:	    CompuServe: 72750,2335


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