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Subject: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/29/90 (#82)

               RUSH Fans Digest, Number 82

                 Monday, 29 October 1990
Today's Topics:
                        Rush GIFs
                     Chronicles video
             Red Tide and God(sounds cool...)
                 re: fan lists aux Canada
                         Red Tide
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/26/90 (#81)
        Chronicles video, rasters, religion, etc.
                 Rush Religious Overtones
            Various and sundry bits and pieces
                         Red Tide
                         Red Tide
                      File requests
    Xmas In Australia, RHPS, Superman, and Digital Man
                   Rush vs Christianity
     Chronicles video, and where IS Peter Collins...
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/26/90 (#81)
                     solo stuff . . .
                     Bassists, take 2

From: Manager, RUSH Fans Mailing List
Subject: Administrivia

Hi all, 

    Just a quick note to let you know the results of the voting.  It turns
out it was a close race; the winner won by *one* vote!  I'd also like to 
add that the turnout was pretty low, less than 25% of the total list.  I 
guess I shouldn't be surprised; this is the normal turnout in a national 
election, so why should we be any different?  On the humorous side, neither
myself nor David-the-vote-compiler remembered to vote!  (Not that our choices
would have swayed the results in the least, it turns out.)  Hmmm, I guess 
that means I can't make any smirk-y comments about the turnout, eh?  :-)

And the winner is (drumroll, please!):

                 The National Midnight Star !!!!

I almost didn't include this, remembering only the SCTV connection, until I
remembered the lines from "Red Lenses":

    "we've got Mars on the horizon
     says the National Midnight Star"

I guess it's a good thing I did!  Here is the voting breakdown:

                   NATIONAL MIDNIGHT STAR     41 }
                   SIGNALS                    40 }  (sooo close!!)
                   DAILY SHREVE                7
                   UNDERLYING THEME            6
                   TEMPLE PAPER                3  
                   SHMENG BOROUGH TIMES        2
                   CYBERSPACE RUSH REVIEW      1
                   THE OVERTURE                1
                   THE RUSH METHOD             1
                   THE REAL RELATION           0
                                 TOTAL       102

The Digest starting tomorrow will reflect the new name.  Thanks for all who



From: atz@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (Jeff)
Subject: Rush GIFs
Date: 26 Oct 90 08:21:48 EDT (Fri)

Hi all!  For people out there who have the encoding and decoding
capabilities, I can send you Rush GIFs thru mail.



Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 08:46:53 PDT
From: (Dan Delany)
Subject: Chronicles video

Does anybody have a catalog number for it yet?  Has anybody actually SEEN
it yet?


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 12:07:05 -0400
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Red Tide and God(sounds cool...)

   Well, to add to what will, again, be an undoubtably large
set of answers to some questions raised yesterday, here I go.
   Patrick someone asked about Red Tide and its meaning.
   Although a few lines allude to AIDS, it seems
that the song is Neil being pissed off at the way people abuse
the environment/world.  Alex mentioned in a guitar magazine that
Neil is very environmentally minded, and that the song was
inteneded to be an angry piece.  The jist of it is that this
is our only world.  Why are we being so careless?
   The next answer I would like to give out(in all of my divine
given wisdom) is the answer about religion and the boyz.  It seems
that Neil is an atheist/agnostic.  He believes in neither God nor
the Devil.  He isn't, from what I can tell, such a fan of
organized religion, either.  The other two are different.  Although
I have no clear way of judging, my impression is that when the
band started, Alex and Geddy were agreeing mostly with Neil(at least
after he came in) but now, they seemed to have changed.  At least
they aren't so vocal.  Geddy made a commect on RockLine after HYF
that as he ages, his opinions change.  He was answering a question
about his view of Ayn Rand, but he slipped religion in as well.
The boyz(2 anyway) may be lightening up a tad in their "later years"

Who knows?

Jason Rosenberg


Q.  How do you play plywood?

A.  Well you wear gloves so as not to get splinters,
you take a piece of 1/4" plywood, and smack it down
HARD on the top of a wooden stool.  Very demanding,
technically - took years of practice.

-Neil Peart


Date: 26 Oct 90 11:08:00 CDT
Subject: Chronicles-VIDEO

	Apon hearing about the relase of the video, I checked a local record
store to see if they had it in. They didn't, but the clerk told me they would
have it in friday, saturday at the latest(10-26 or 10-27). I hope this helps

		"Unstable condition,
		 a symptom of life."



Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 12:32:16 ADT
From: Ken Dykes 
Subject: re: fan lists aux Canada

>Subject: Fan Groups
>yesterday also.  The reason for this post is my shock at the absence of lists
>for some other great Canadian bands.  I am not familiar enough with the
>school's computer to start a list myself, but would anyone out there be
>interested in say a Triumph(I know they broke up, but I'm still a fan) or Kim
>Mitchell/Max Webster group?
>Well, enough of that non-Rush stuff!  I read yesterday about the $19.95 price

   Non Rush??? ha! you *do* realize that on Max Webster "Universal Juveniles"
album that Rush joined in????

>for the Chronicles video!  I'm very excited. Since the typical price for a
>new video is 25 or 30 bucks, and being that I am the typical poor college
>student, I thought I'd have to wait a while to get it.  But at 20 bucks, I can
>get it as soon as a store in the area has it.

     Does anyone know if/when it will be on LaserVideo ??
  Much better sound on videodisk than some mangled edge-track on an overplayed
tape :-)

   - Ken Dykes, Software Development Group, UofWaterloo, Canada [43.47N 80.52W]  []        watmath!kgdykes


Subject: Red Tide
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 13:08:29 EDT

	Being from the beaches of North Carolina, I know a little about
the Red Tide.  It is an excess of a certain type of bacteria that is caused 
supposedly by industrial wastes such as phosphates, etc.  It kills off the 
marine life and when the tide rolls in, it has a reddish tint, hence the 
name red tide.  There is also yellow tide, I think, and that occurs mostly 
north of Virginia.

	So the song Red Tide, which has many allusions to the nastiness of the
environment, is basically about all the bad things society does to the
environment.  In the last two lines, it is stated that it is time to stop the
pollution and get our mess together.


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 13:20:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Barry Lowell Brumitt 
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/26/90 (#81)

> Excerpts from internet.rush: 26-Oct-90 RUSH Fans Digest of 10/26/9..
> (21967)

>   I am a big fan of all of Rush's work and a friend told me that the band
> members do not believe in God.  I can see that the lyrics of some of
> their
> songs plainly state that they do not recognize the existence of God
because [various examples cut]
>    Does anyone have any input on this subject or the religious beliefs of
> the band members?

Well, given Neil's Randian influences, it would be unlikely for him to
be anything
other than an atheist. Though, agnosticism is a possibility.

Personally, I agreee with their attitude of seperating their private
lives from their work, ie, their music.

It's their business, not ours.

"Experience to Extremes"


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 14:23:51 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Chronicles video, rasters, religion, etc.

  Greetings -- as far as the video goes, I'm psyched! In calling
around to various stores here in Delaware, I was told the video was
delayed until Tuesday, so I'm being patient!  The song selection
looks good!

  What's up with the rasters? I tried FTPing the Waterloo system
anonymously, and was denied...what gives?

  To the person that asked about the boyz' religious beliefs, I
agree with you as to the meanings of Freewill and High Water, but
I'm not sure how much the band subscribes to those theories. I
would gather that at least Neil, as writer of the lyrics, agrees
with what HE wrote!  Geddy is of the Jewish faith, and I know he
had a Jewish wedding, but again, I've never heard him talk about
his beliefs. I'm not sure of what faiths Alex and Neil are!

  I hope we can discuss this in a rational manner without any
religious zealots misconstruing what we are trying to bring out.


"One thought he was invincible, the other thought he could fly...
 they were both wrong! -- Steven Seagal "Marked for Death"



From: (rader)
Subject: Rush Religious Overtones
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 14:27:15 EDT

>    I am a big fan of all of Rush's work and a friend told me that the band
> members do not believe in God.
>    Does anyone have any input on this subject or the religious beliefs of
> the band members?
>                                   -Mark

  Actually, I have an incredible amount of input on this subject.  Maybe I
should say opinions on the subject; regardless, this seems to fan the flames
out of control whenever someone brings it up (and not only on the Rush list
either, try rationally discussing religion with 95% of the population and
you're sure to heat the emotions.  Most people aren't prepared to debate
their subjective realities.).

  I had the good luck to initiate a short-lived thread concerning some
disparaging comments Neil Peart made about Black Sabbath.  My original
questions go unanswered, but religion was brought into the thread, and
a couple of Rush-listers got a bit testy ;).

  Therefore, I'm inviting Mark and any other Rush fans who wish, to contact
me via email concerning religion and rock in general (use the addresses in
my .sig).  Maybe that way we can keep it civil, who knows?

  As far as Neil, Geddy, and Alex are personally concerned, I can't really
speak for them or their personal beliefs (and neither can the other Rush-
listers, although they might try! ;)).  I think it's clear from Rush's
music, however, that Rush views theistic belief with healthy skepticism
(at least!).  I don't know what label the members would apply to them-
selves, if any.

  An extra tidbit:  A few weeks ago, I mentioned an Jim Ladd radio inter-
view with Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, in which Jim questioned David
about his public pronouncement of atheism (since Pink Floyd sounds very
etherial, what's the deal?).  David's reply, which I thought was extremely
cool, was that this was evidence of a spiritual "present" (as in tense),
an inherent part of material being.  As opposed to the general theistic
denial of materialism in favor of their ideal spirituality.

  You get the message;  I welcome comments/further discussion.
ron rader, jr      = Opinions are my own and do not
| |  i gotta six-    rlr%bbt$ = necessarily reflect those of
 | | pack, & nothin' to do ...!mcnc!rti!bbt!rlr = BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
*** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 10:04:28 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Various and sundry bits and pieces

Morning, chaps!

Forgive my typing, I left my glasses at home and am quite BLIND!  Oh
well, gives me an excuse to sleep in class as I can't see the board...

First off...someone asked if there were any 'girls' on this list, well,
I know there's at least one (me!)...I know you're al confused--'Hinano'
is my dad's name.  I take over his computer every morning ('evil
deed, evil deed') to read the Digest.  Ha-ha!  Another one of those
"Steve Owen-Mike Owen" debates!  Oh well, just for future reference, I
really don't mind being called by my dad's name.  As they say, "it
don't make no mind to me!"

Well enough of that--oh, boy, I'm about to open the proverbial can of
komodo dragons (forget the worms!).  Sorry, rush-mgr, you're free to
delete this if you so choose.  

[ I don't delete unless the posting is totally inappropriate to the 
  context of this group.  For the record, I've only deleted one post
  for inappropriate content (not counting 'add me' or 'drop me' notes);
  it was not for 'inflamatory content', just inapropriate.  (If you
  *reeely* want to know, send mail to rush-request.)         :rush-mgr ]

                               Someone asked about whether the boyz
believe in God.  Well...I do know that Geddy comes from a family of
Polish Jews, and as his parents are directly from Europe (were theey,
in fact, from Poland?) I'm sure he's had at least some background in
religious matters.  Aside from that, I really don't think it's fair to
say whether they do or don't believe in God (not to mention it's also
none of our busieness).  My feeling is (and it's just a *feeling*)
that *in general* I think thy do.  But I don't think they believe that
God controls every aspect of one's life.  I don't see how belief in
God constitutes the belief that God controls evrything.  The boyz are
a very individual and independent bunch of guys and they'll believe
what suits thier tastes.  As for "High Water" (I'm deliberately
leaving "Freewill" out of this) containing some lines about
"evolution", I don't understand how that can prove that they don't
believe in the existence of God.  Maybe God 'inventd' evolution in the
first place!  For me (and maybe for them), I really don't trust what
the Bible says; I don't want to take a human being's word on what God
thinks--I'd rather hear it from God himself (<--EDITORIAL PIECE).
Like I said, I'm sure I've opened up several proverbial cans of worms.

Religion is a very touchy subject, and not one to be tread upon
lightly.  As always I hope I didn't offend anyone (including the
original poster), these are "my opinions and not necessarily those of
anhyone else", and are not meant to sway, criticize, etc. anyone or
anyone's beliefs.   Any and all may criticize what I've just written
(or agree), but I will say nothing more...

Now that that's over with...a couple o' questions:

	*Was there ever a video done for "Territories"?  I keep
	thinking there was for some reason.  I don't mean the one on
	ASOH, but a 'studio' video.

	*In the Signals Tour Book, there are pictures of the roadies.
	Does anyone know who is who?  Th only person I can figure out
	for sure is Larry Allen (he's only obvious!)  Anyone know the

Puanani Akaka WORQ: "But there it was, the response, the tonality, the
		overall *exitement* of the Ludwig sound was just
		*fractionally* better.  So...I ordered a set!"--Neil
		Peart on changing from his Tamas to his Ludwigs.


Date:  Fri, 26 Oct 90 16:21:04 -0400
From: John M. Burian
Subject: Red Tide

>my question for today is:  what is red_tide about?   a friend of
>mine told me that it is about AIDS. which makes sense... but not
>through out the whole song.....

>any idea....

I originally thought that _Red Tide_ was about the Soviet Union and
the threat of nuclear war ("..endless winter night.."), but, like
the aids theory, it doesn't fit the entire song (besides, the Soviet
threat seems to be a thing of the past).  However, a friend mentioned
that it was about some nasty red algae that literally covers lakes,
kills fish, washes up on shore, and is a hazard in general.  Somebody
know anything more detailed?

	- (take a guess who)


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 16:20:16 -0400
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: Red Tide

	Someone asked about the meaning of Red Tide.  I may
be way off on this but I have always interpreted it as
a song about the environment.  It says

"stay out of the sun
it only burns my skin
sky full of poison
and the atmosphere's too thin"

I really liked the song alot the first time I heard it.
In fact I even wrote my own version of it.  Here it is

		Lost Land
			By Supriya Goyal

Sun rises over the horizon
Spreading its rays on a poisoned land
Took for granted it would last a million years
Now its time's measured in grains of sand

Kingdoms of glass shatter in our hands
Threatening to leave a world of strangers
A revolution stirs against the commansds
But still our eyes are blind to the dangers


On empty promises we can't rely
Need a vision of the future now that won't lie
Must end these practices that are sure to kill
All of us must fight to save our free will

Once it's lost there's no road to go back
True faith and rhythm are the powers we lack
It's time for a world of sinners to make amends
Time to heed the warnings nature sends

(End of Chorus)

Rain that was once a gift from the heavens
Has been made deadly by lack of care
We do nothing as the end quickly nears
Ignorant by choice if we're not aware

Broken glass is falling from our hands
Beginning to wound a land of strangers
The war has grown stronger against the commands
But still we choose to ignore the dangers


Forests that once shined full of glory
Now living in some half forgotten past
The land calls for help but non one hears
Our chance for survival has faded fast

Fatal glass has covered the entire land
Has brought an end to the world of strangers
Rebellion has overpowered the commands
And all dreams have surrendered to the dangers


Second verse third line should read
A revolution stirs against the commands

Well anyway I'd be glad to hear other interpretations
of Red Tide.

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Quiet rebellion leads to open war."--"Red Tide"


Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 14:04:56 -0700
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: File requests

Could someone e-mail me the 2112 tourbook? I forget what digest it was in,
or I'd request a back issue, and I stupidly overwrote it.

Also, if someone could tell me where to find rush raster files, I'd be happy.



Date: Fri, 26 Oct 90 00:11:27 EDT
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: Xmas In Australia, RHPS, Superman, and Digital Man

Couple of unrelated questions this time, plus a comment.  First, why was
'Xanadu' listed as 'Xmas In Australia' in the first of the two
discographies posted recently? Second, the list manager mentioned that the
Rocky Horror videotape was going to be $19.  Someone tried to tell me today
that it was going to be $90!  Which sounds a little unreasonable, to say
the least, but one never knows.  Is it really going to be $90?

[ On the R.H. topic, I was in error in my original note.  I re-checked with
  several local places, and have gotten prices ranging through $69.99, 
  $79.99, and $89.99.  *Sheesh*                                  :rush-mgr ]

Now the comment.  The person who said that he thought that 'Presto' could
be about the pre-Crisis_on_Infinite_Earths Superman reminded me of the time
I actually worked out how the 'Grace Under Pressure' and 'Power Windows'
albums could contain prophecies of the Challenger disaster.  (I'm not
kidding!)  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I've forgotten most of
the details.  Needless to say, I was extremely bored at the time.  I've
been bored recently too, and I've started to work out how 'Digital Man'
could be about Dr. Paul Bennewitz (an infamous, or famous, person in the
annals of 1980s UFOlogy.)  I may actually post this latter theory when I
get it all together.  I'd like to hear others' theories on 'Digital Man'
too, if anyone has any good ones.  There are still plenty of parts that my
Bennewitz theory doesn't explain.

Wow, this got a bit longer than I thought.  I can't wait to see the replies
to it!	:-)

paper :  James Shaffer Jr., 37 Brook Street, Montgomery, PA  17752
uucp  :  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  (or)  rutgers!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms
domain:	    CompuServe: 72750,2335


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (Jeff)
Subject: Presto
Date: 27 Oct 90 00:44:03 EDT (Sat)

With all of this discussion going on about the song Presto, I
figure I would throw my two cents in...

I have always gotten DEEP into older Rush songs, most of them
always seem so complex in every aspect...  However, to me, the
song PRESTO seems so easily understood, in my opinion, people seem
to be looking for a deeper meaning, than is really there....

To me...  PRESTO is simply about someone looking back on their
life, and the mistakes they made and realizing how wonderful
hind-sight is, that like with a Wave of a Wand they could go back
in to their past, and make everything turn out the way they want


From: lrc!
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 90 10:32:23 EDT
Subject: Rush vs Christianity

	Being from a Lutheran College...I just couldn't let this one pass
by...Im not a lutheran but I am a christian and i do have a little
more education then the average college joe in christianity (i think)
	As far as the boyz beliefs go...I can recall an article i read
once where one of the band members was denouncing accusations that
they played/encouraged devil music...While that doesn't mean that
they believe in 'God' it doesn't mean that they don't either...Also 
there are several theories floating about that God created the world...
and men but in order to have  a heaven and a hell...he had to give man 
the ability to choose for himself what he wanted...i.e. "Freewill"
	Again that might not be the translation of the song
but then again...???...It doesn't point out any preferences
of Rush  towards atheism...Also 'High Water' might seem to
contradict the chapter of genesis...but if one was to study the
Bible one would realize that some of the greatest poetry ever
written was in the Bible...poetry fraught with symbolism and
semi-obscure there any one literal translation
for the bible, or is it more food for the be translated
by the individual...There are tonnes more to say about this
but I am probably skirting the edge of a Flamer so i'll let it lie
	Just remember i wouldn't say for sure what the boyz
religious prefs are but from their songs i wouldn't want to draw
any hasty conclusions...

Brad  "DIMEnSioNAl bOy" Cameron...

Yo Ted.....


From: Atro Tossavainen 
Subject: Transcriptions
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 90 19:55:05 EET

	I have been bothered by the fact that all the Rush transcriptions
	that are available here are for easy piano & vocal. So I'd like
	to ask whether there are any complete and separated (i.e. guitar
	bass keyboards and vocals, perhaps even drums, no TAB needed)
	transcriptions or do I have to transcribe my own? Any mail-order
	addresses are welcome.


Date:  Sat, 27 Oct 90 18:10:09 -0400
From: Daniel L. McDonald 
Subject: Chronicles video, and where IS Peter Collins...

I was in a local record store today looking for Chronicles on video.  Before
I actually asked the sales-idiot any questions, I noticed Queensryche's new
album.  What is this last sentence's relevance?  When I saw the production
credits on the back, I saw Peter Collins, and engineering by Jimbo Barton.
Also I saw a few *-ed entries with reference to Paul Northfield.  Has anyone
checked out this particular album?

On to more Rush-related things.  None of the record stores I checked out in
had Chronicles on video.  I guess it might be out this Tuesday (10-30)
instead.  I didn't quite understand everyone else's postings.  Is it out
in other parts of the country?  Or is everyone equally getting delayed?

Also, I'm glad to hear that Mr. Lee, Lifeson, and Peart are back in the
studio.  I hope the new album comes out before I graduate!  (i.e. this May)
Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:             |
University of Michigan| Bitnet:|
Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104|
"rising falling at force ten
 we twist the world and ride the wind..." - Rush


Date: Sat, 27 Oct 90 01:01:42 EDT
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/26/90 (#81)

>Subject: La Villa and Presto
>2.  Micheal Rowden postulates that "Presto" might be about the
>"Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman", and for this I nominate
>him for the "Get A Grip on Life" Prize.   To me, this theory is

Since this showed up *after* I had mailed my little ramblings (see my last
message!), I'd better clarify things.  I don't actually *believe* in
anything I speculated about, but nevertheless I regard it as an interesting
game to play -- something to keep the mind occupied.  Much the same as I
regard the "Paul McCartney is dead" scenarios, for an historical example.

>[ Please, let's keep things under control ...                   :rush-mgr ]

Uh huh.

>From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
>Subject: SUN raster (again)

If anyone gets their hands on these pictures, could you please let me know?
I'd be interested in obtaining either GIF or IFF (Amiga) conversions of
them.  I'd have to do this by floppy though as my network connection is
only 2400 baud.  I can read 880K 3.5" Amiga disks and 720K 3.5" IBM disks.

>From: Dark Elf 
>Subject:      Lyrics to La Villa Strangiato?????
>	   In the Show of Hands video, Alex Leifson is shown singing or speaking
> into the mike during La Villa Strangiato, but this "vocal portion" was deleted

On "Exit Stage Left," there are two distinct portions.  One is just "la la
la la la, la la la, la la la la... Hey!" in time to the music, the other is
definitely spoken words but I've never been able to decipher any of them.

>Date:	   Thu, 25 Oct 90 21:20:46 -0500
>Subject:  Red tide.
>my question for today is:  what is red_tide about?   a friend of mind told
>me that it is about AIDS. which makes sense... but not through out the whole

The first verse definitely seems to be about AIDS.  The remainder is
apparently about various environmental problems such as acid rain ("The
rain is burning on the forest floor,") ozone depletion ("Stay out of the
sun, it only burns my skin ... and the atmosphere's too thin,") perhaps
waste dumping ("And the red tide covers the shore," although red tide is an
actual natural toxicity caused by algae also.)

>Date: Thu, 25 Oct 90 17:14 CDT
>Subject: Freewill...?
>   I am a big fan of all of Rush's work and a friend told me that the band
>members do not believe in God.  I can see that the lyrics of some of their
>songs plainly state that they do not recognize the existence of God because
>songs like "Freewill" state that events governing one's life are at random
>and not ruled by a supreme God.  Likewise, the song "High Water" says that

One of them (Alex or Neil, I can't remember which) has said that he doesn't
believe in Satan.  I take this to mean that he doesn't believe in the rest
of Christianity either.  But I have no idea if the rest of the band share
his beliefs, or what (if anything) he does believe in.

paper :  James Shaffer Jr., 37 Brook Street, Montgomery, PA  17752
uucp  :  uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  (or)  rutgers!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms
domain:	    CompuServe: 72750,2335

P.S.:  I need an undigestifier program (obviously.)  (By the way, I assure
you that I WON'T have this many replies to most digests!)  This node is an
Amiga (Hi to the gang from NCDS!), but if anyone has any source code in C
or Pascal that's not too machine-specific I'd be interested in seeing it.
Mail it directly to me at one of the addresses in the above signature file.

[ If you have emacs running on your machine, some versions have an un-
  digest-ifier built in.  Hope this helps.                      :rush-mgr ]


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 1990 15:12:24 EST
From: STU_SMMCDANI@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU (Raw shark. Why would I want to know about Raw... Shark...)
Subject: solo stuff . . .

Hello all,

    This is my first posting to the list, and to start things out ironically
enough, I'm going to mention something off the subject.  For those of you out
there who like them, Styx has reformed and just came out with a new album
called _Edge_of_the_Century_.  If you want any more info on what it is like,
e-mail me and I will give my opinion of it.  It is different . . .

    And now for my main question, I have watched for a week or two now,
but the only mention of solo projects for each of the members has been
Geddy's singing w/ Bob and Doug MacKenzie and Alex's Northern Lights thing. For
most of the other bands I like, finding solo projects by the individual
members isn't that much of a problem.  Is there any others stuff floating
around out there by the Rush guys?

    I have all of their released stuff except Chronicles, which I will probably
get sometime when I'm feeling rich, and one concert taped from the radio.  In
ninth grade, a friend asked me if I wanted to go see a concert by Rush, so I
naturally replied, "Who's Rush?"  I didn't go to the show, but I did by the
album on impulse.  It was p/g, and I didn't like it at first, but it grew on
me.  'tany rate, I like everything they've done except for the song Madrigal,
which gets on my nerves for some reason.

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array, a pattern so grand and complex..."


                             (Scott McDaniel)


Subject: Cronicals
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 90 18:20:32 PST
From: Bob Joslin 

I don't know why, but I broke down and bought the Cronicals CD set.
I've already got all the songs!  It does seem to be a higher quality
recording.  There are more highs in Tom Sawyer, for example.  I'm sure
they massaged it a bit.

Anyway, when I was at the store, I talked to a sales person (who I
might add was wearing a well worn Presto T-shirt.)  I asked him if he
new about the Cronicals' Video.  "Really, that would be realy cool!"
He didn't know, but we did look in the receint releases order list.
We could not find it.  So, I'm a little concerned!  I'll try a more
relyable source tonight (Tower Records.)

On the more coolness/get-a-life front...  KOME (our local San Jose
station) played Rush on the top 9 and 9 last friday night!  This
new CD set may have brought out a small Rush fever.

Bob Joslin


From: (David Laurenc Gordon)
Subject: Bassists, take 2
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 10:20:29 EST

		Hi! This is the second call for any bassists on the RUSH bbs
who are interested in getting in touch with other bassists. I've already got
about about five or six names, but I figure there are more bassists out there;
after all, what bassist could not appreciate the talent of the Gedster? Anyway,
if you don't want your name given out to other people, that's fine; I'll just
mail you any information that I get. However, I suggest that you have your name
sent out; my schedule does not allow for lenghty, regular trips to the terminal
and you'll get information faster. (like the difference between overnight
delivery and "we'll get it there when it's convienient.") If you've already
sent in your name, you might want to send me anything new you've discovered.

		Dave L. Gordon
		Johns Hopkins University

ORQ: A modern day warrior, mean mean stride,
     Today's Tom Sawyer, mean mean pride.


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