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Subject: The National Midnight Star of 10/30/90 (#83)

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 83

                 Tuesday, 30 October 1990
Today's Topics:
                    Various ramblings
                    Rush and Religion
                  RE: Boyz solo projects
                     Visions Request
                    Rush 'n' Religion
                      Back to HYF...
          Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/29/90 (#82)
                        new album
                         Red Tide
                    Religious Beliefs
                  Queensryche's "Empire"
         Bass on YYZ, Laser Disks,& Japanese CDs

Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 11:04:28 -0800
From: hawks@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Harvey H. Hawks Jr.)
Subject: Various ramblings

I have several items of possible interest.

First of all, I have part of a radio program called "The Rush Special"
from around 1983 (Signals era).  I have transcribed what I have (about
half of it) and could post it if anyone is interested.

[ If you would like to submit any large article for posting, please send
  it to the rush-request address.  This way I can easily store it and send
  it as a special edition.  Thanks.                              :rush-mgr ]

Secondly, and please pardon me if this has already been answered, I
was wondering who the voice belongs to which says "I will be the
judge" and "Give the jury direction" in Show Don't Tell.  I mean
the growly background voice, not Geddy singing.

Thirdly, some people may be interested in something I call Eno sound.
On one of Brian Eno's ambient albums, he describes a set-up for
a third ambient speaker (in addition to two stereo speakers).  This
speaker has its leads (wires) hooked up to the two positive (+) (red)
leads of the right and left channels.  (Normally, a speaker's leads
are hooked to the positive and negative leads of the same channel.)
This speaker is then getting the difference between the right and
left channels.  Since, normally, the vocals are straight in the middle
of the mix, the difference between right and left is nothing, so
the vocals are not heard.  Effectively, sounds way off to the right
or left are made very distinct, and sounds in the middle of the sonic
field are eliminated.  This generally makes everything sound strange,
but it also makes guitar parts (in rock songs) very prominent (and
much easier to transcribe).  I suggest everyone try this.

Questions, comments, suggestions, discussions, etc. welcomed.
				 Harvey H. Hawks, Jr.

"Two against one isn't fair, so three works that way." - Lee


From: Chris Schiller 
Subject: Rush and Religion
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 11:31:44 PST

Let me first say that I for one welcome all of the debate about religion
and Rush.  I do think it is irrelevent as to whether Geddy, Alex or Neil
personally believe in God or religion.  Rush is as personal a part of our
lives as religion.  To some Rush might be more so.  It is only natural
that there will be a debate, or at least a reconcilliation.  I am enjoying
all of the bandwidth and will contribute my own, but I agree with our
personal deity, the List Manager, that we should not let it get out of

Neil writes a great deal about the connections between humans and nature,
humans and their past, and humans and their future.  There are a few basic
ground rules that have to be understood to intelligently talk about these
things.  The first is that humans are closely related to all living things
on Earth.  We are animals, and as such are subject to forces rooted in
our genes.  We have society and culture, some of it ruled by genetics, and
some of it handed down from those that have lived before us.  We are
just glorified apes.  I have a hard time seeing how much of Neil's writing
can be unravelled if these basic ideas are not understood and accepted.
I don't see the need to argue the basics (Evolution, God's will) when
there is so much more to explore about things much more relevent, such
as how we are going to live on this planet with ourselves.  I don't see
Neil needing to argue this either.

For those that are looking for black or white in the lyrics, there are
little tidbits here and there.  But remember, we are reading art, and art
is an exploration, an asking of questions, and a pushing of frontiers.
You will probably see what you want to see.  I personally see some blacks
and whites:

	   A planet of playthings
	   We dance on the strings
	   I will choose freewill

But what about:

	   Anger wear a crown of thorns
	   Reverse the golden rule

Is he slamming religion, saying that it has distorted what their deities
have said, or is he using Jesus and his fabled death as a metaphor?
Neil is making us think here if nothing else.  But I don't see any definite

The lyrics are just words, like the Bible, and you can hold their literal
meaning as truth, or as just ideas and explorations written be someone else.
It's all within yourself.

-   Some of them burned on our ceilings
-   Some of them learned as a child

Chris Schiller


Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 15:26:56 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: Boyz solo projects

     Somebody asked if the Boys had done any solo projects.  Well, I know
of a few recordings on which one of the guys appears sans the other two,
but I don't know if you would consider them "solo projects."

     Alex played guitar on the recent Gowan album "Lost Brotherhood."
This is an excellent album (Tony Levin plays bass/stick on it also, in
case anybody is interested).  Alex also played on one of the early albums
by Platinum Blonde, but I can't remember which one.  There was also a
soundpage in "Guitar Player" a few years ago with something called "The
Canadian Guitar Summit."  This was one song that featured Alex, Rick Emmett,
Liona Boyd, and Ed Bickert.

     Similarly, Neil had a soundpage in "Modern Drummer" of a track that
showed off what he could do with his (then) new Simmons drums. The track
was called "Pieces of Eight."

     I believe Geddy was involved in the Northern Lights project as well
as Alex.  Geddy also produced the debut album by Boys Brigade (I haven't
heard it, but he seemed pleased with it).  Well, that's all I've heard
of.  If anyone knows of other projects, I'd like to know.

--Bob Friedman


Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 12:28:03 PST
From: (Christopher A. Monk)
Subject: Visions Request

A couple of days ago someone mentioned a new release of the book 'Visions'.
I've been trying to get a copy of this for a while, and have never had any
success.  Can anyone tell me how to get a copy?  I've tried several book
stores that say they can get 'any book' in print and they never can comply.
Is the book available mainly in Canada?  Is it published by a Canadian

[ I do know it's available through the RUSH Backstage Club, but I don't 
  know which edition they'd have.                             :rush-mgr ]

Any information would be Great.



From: evanh@sco.COM (Evan A.C. Hunt)
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 13:20:31 PST
Subject: Rush 'n' Religion

> As for "High Water"...containing some lines about "evolution", I don't
> understand how that can prove that they don't believe in the existence
> of God.  Maybe God 'invented' evolution in the first place!

	Note that this idea is exactly what the song "Prime Mover"
is about.  ("I...activate the programs and run behind the scenes.")

[ Wow, God's a background process?!?!?!   :-)                 :rush-mgr ]

	I don't know if Neil actually believes in God (I don't know
if I do, either) but there are a few things I've always felt about
this subject.  First, that a God who can create an entire universe
from a singularity is *far* more subtle and awesome than one that
does it by saying "Let there be light."  Second, that if I were God,
I'd be much more interested in giving my creations free will and
watching to see what they decided to do, than I would be in
controlling or punishing them.  I have the impression from many of
Neil's lyrics that he shares these feelings.



Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 17:08 EST
From: From the terminal of The Bolivian Master 
Subject: Back to HYF...

I can't remember what issues they were, but a lot of talk was made
about the references to previous albums.  This may have been noticed,
but I don't recall reading about it, but has anyone noticed the
picture of The Statue of Liberty?  It's on the third floor of the
building that's above the restaurant.  You can see the head through
the window.  Any comments (dumb question, I'm sure there will be....
(:    )?

                        The Bolivian Master


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Re: RUSH Fans Digest of 10/29/90 (#82)
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 15:54:04 CDT

Hi people,

I have heard Rush mentioned on the radio recently as "Geddy Lee and Rush".
A friend of mine, who used to be in a popular band, and who has met a lot
of big-name musicians (Kinks, Aerosmith, etc.) told me that when someone
is about to leave a group and start a solo career, they start billing the
band as "XXXX and ".  This was true when they started
"Burton Cummings and the Guess Who", "Phil Collins and Genesis", etc.
Does anyone know if Geddy is planning some solo albums?  Phil Collins never
left Genesis, he just started a solo career in addition.  I wonder if that
could be it.  I certainly don't want (and don't believe) Geddy Lee to (will)
leave Rush.  Can anyone come up with any *other* examples of billing a
band with a person't name before a split and/or addition of a solo career?
Can anyone come up with examples where this has NOT been the case?

NOTE:  I HAVE NOT heard any rumors of Geddy Lee leaving.  It's just that
       the radio has been saying "Geddy Lee AND Rush".

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 17:26 EST
From: Broonsey 

Greetings RUSHans--

On the 25th, B659ZAQ@UTARLG.UTARL.EDU mentioned that Neil's lyrics seem to go
directly go against Genesis.  That's because they do.  Neil is a devout
objectivist.  He has NO religious preferences.  He takes things that make sense
and incorporstes them.

As far as Christianity, as far I know, he doesn't believe that at all.

Adam Dickson				|     "When a man lies, he murders
Wright State University			|	some part of the world..."
Dayton, Ohio				|          - Merlin, "Excalibur"


Date:    Mon, 29 Oct 90 17:26 EST
Subject: new album

Hi, folks. I'm a new member to this group(today was my first day), and
I know that Rush's new album is due out at the beginning of Feb, but I
didn't find out the name of the new album. Could one of you diehard fans
out there tell me what it is? I know this has probably been posted before,
but, hey, I'm new here. 8) Just one more thing, about the Chronicles video,
is it going to be like videos(say, like, from Mtv), or is it going to be
something totally off the wall? Just wondering......   8)
                       the new man, jeff c.   8)


Subject: Red Tide
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 15:16:57 CST
From: David Sandberg 

Supriya Goyal writes:
> Someone asked about the meaning of Red Tide.  I may
> be way off on this but I have always interpreted it as
> a song about the environment.

I agree there's been a good case made for the environmental angle on
this song.  However I still think some nuclear conflict references are
woven into it as well.  Peart has certainly shown himself capable of
mixing several themes together in a single set of lyrics!  Completely
aside from the "endless winter night" reference, take the lyrics
Supriya quoted as an example:

> "stay out of the sun
> it only burns my skin
> sky full of poison
> and the atmosphere's too thin"

These might be describing some of the major environmental effects
which have been postulated as likely in the aftermath of a nuclear
war.  My recollection is that, if these postulations are correct,
the ozone layer would be obliterated and it would be lethal to go
out into the sun with skin exposed.  And "sky full of poison" is

So, I interpret 'Red Tide' as commenting on both of these subjects
at once.  They are certainly related in enough ways to be twined

Later, fellow TNMSers!  (What good is a name without a subsequent
acronym to confuse newcomers? B-)

 \\         David Sandberg         \      "He had a need to      \\
 //       /    discover a use for his   //
 \\  uunet!umn-cs!sialis!quad!dts  \     newly found wealth"     \\


Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 23:03:00 EST
Subject: Religious Beliefs

Well, I found out a little information lending to the discussion on the
religious beliefs of the Boyz.  Though this info only deals with Neil
Peart, I'm sure you will all find it interesting.  For all of you who
have it, refer to your copy of Visions.  Tell me that the charm hanging
off of Neil Peart's necklace on page 22 is not a cross.  I am not saying
that this makes Neil a Christian or anything; just a bit of interesting
I looked throughout the book to see if I could find something similar
hanging off of Dirk's or Lerxst's necks, but to no avail.  But it was
real surprising to discover that little find........
The National Midnight Star, heh?  I voted for Signals myself, but I guess
I can live with the other title.  Perhaps every so often, we could have
another vote on the title....Something to think about.
Well, so long to all......


Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame...........


Date: Mon, 29 Oct 90 23:10 EST
From: From the terminal of The Bolivian Master 

This post is in responce to Alex's "la la la...." singing to La Villa
Strangiato in A Show of Hands.

I was listening to an interview with Geddy Lee on Rockline one night when
that exact same event was brought up.  Come to find out it's a joke.
Mr. Lee said something about how Mr. Leifson always mouths something
into the mic during a non-vocal part.  Something happened that the camera
didn't pick up what he was saying.  So, they decided to keep it on the
video, but put the *WARNING* symbol on the screen as a joke.

So fellow and fellowette Rushians, not only is Rush particular about how
they sound, but when something goes wrong, it seems that they do have a
sense of humor as well.

Geddy (or should I say "Gary") also answered a question as to how he got
to be called "Geddy."  (Seeing as how someone said Geddy is of Polish
decendancy, I figured I'd bring this up.)  His mother has a strong Polish
accent, and whenever she would say his name, which is Gary, it would sound
like Geddy.  Eventually it stuck and now he's known as Geddy.

Enough for now....

                        The Bolivian Master


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 10:22:15 GMT
Subject: Queensryche's "Empire"

 I  know  this  is non-Rush, but someone asked about it in todays digest.
 The album is EXCELLENT! If you're expecting a  re-working  of  Mindcrime
 then  forget  it,  this is all new stuff. This album is targetted at the
 more commercial end of the market, there's a bit less "bang!"  and  more
 melody.  Floyd  fans  should  like it, especially the track "Comfortably
 Numb" (Oops, I mean "Silent Lucidity", listen and you'll see :-)) I  saw
 a  review in "Kerrang" (Heavy metal mag, I'm not sure if you get it over
 there) a while ago, they thought it was pretty damn good as well.

   ~ Andy

[ At the risk of being rude, could we move any further discussion (replies, 
  etc.)  of this band & album over to e-mail?  Thanks!            :rush-mgr ]

 | Andy Booth                 | JANET:               |
 | Dept. of Math. Sciences    | EARN:               |
 | University of Durham       | ARPA:  |
 | South Road                 #==============================================#
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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 08:05:07 EST
From: Troy Karhoff 
Subject: Insights,Trivia,Questions

     So it's said, constant change is here to stay...

     While watching and listening to the "A Show of Hands" video, I
noticed the variation in the lyrics of 'Tom Sawyer':
                           Catch the witness
                           Catch the wit
            		   Catch the spirit
                           Catch a fish

     When Rush performed in Michigan, I again witnessed the "catch
a fish" phrase. Is anyone picking this up?

  I'm getting a little depressed . . . why, you ask?

 1.) A Show of Hands - Live greatest hits
 2.) Presto - a great CD, in and out. Grade: A
 3.) Chronicles - All time greatest hits (should have come out when
                                          the band's career has finished)

It appears that Rush are reflecting upon their past achievements A LOT
lately. They are failing to push ahead - a Rush trademark. They are
becoming increasingly aware of their families and other interests
outside of Rush. The purpose of these "greatest hits" albums is to
give themselves some breathing room until the next studio album. So,
I guess it boils down to this: Rush's days are numbered, unfortunately.
It could be this year or the next, but it's ultimately going to happen.
Lee, Lifeson, and Peart have been so influential to a large group of
fans that Rush's eventual retirement would be devastating. OK,
enough of my optimism and on to positive issues . . . .

[ But, on the other hand, you'll notice they do four studio albums, then
  a live album.  Count the albums.  Also, _Chronicles_ is being put out
  by their previous label, and they were rumoured to have fought against
  the release.  Take heart, all is not lost!                    :rush-mgr ]

######Some TRIVIA that you may or may not know######

     The tapping introduction to YYZ is actually Morse code. YYZ is the
code exchanged between controllers and pilots at Toronto International

     Sticking to my "Moving Pictures" theme, how about that album cover:

-There are workmen moving pictures into a church
-The people gathered at the event are crying because the pictures
 are emotionally moving
-There's a film crew making a moving picture of the scene

........Talk about TRIPLE meaning. Check out "Permanent Waves" for
the same kind of stuff.

     Red Sector A is the name of the area that Rush watched the
launching of the first space shuttle at Cape Canaveral, FL.


    Finally, I have "Exit..Stage Left", "Grace Under Pressure", and
"A Show of Hands" on video. I know there was at least one other
video compilation produced (between Exit and Grace). I need the
name of it so I can purchase it for my collection. Any help would
be appreciated. So long

[ There's "Through the Camera Eye", a compilation of their videos for
  singles.                                                   :rush-mgr ]

                                         Troy Karhoff

"Science, like Nature, must also be tamed"


Subject: Bass on YYZ, Laser Disks,& Japanese CDs
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 23:13:44 +0900

A little while ago, I think someone asked about the bass parts in YYZ.
Its the part before the 16 beat cutting on the guitars right?  Here's
what is says in the song book I have (RUSH ANTHOLOGY from WATANABE
MUSIC PUBLISHING LTD). It might not be perfect so don't forget to
trust your ears. I'll write it in TAB because its easier to write in
ascii. Do you get what it represents?:-)
     ==     =======  =======  ======   ==+--

I just got a new laser disc player. If CHRONICLES is coming out on LD,
I'm sure to buy it. I hope it does. Are the other videos such as ASOH
available on LD too?

Also a note on Japanese CDs. The Japanese record companies tend to
put simple names on Japanese releases of foreign albums, probably
because they cannot be pronounced easily through a typical Japanese
mouth:-). So even if you hear of a new album title on a Japanese CD,
its probaly one you already know. Some of these Japanese titles are
wierd and probably don't include any considerations of the original
artist. For example, I thought the Japanese title for ESL was "Shinwa-
taisen", which would translate into something like  "The Mythical


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