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Subject: The National Midnight Star of 10/31/90 (#84)

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 84

                Wednesday, 31 October 1990
Today's Topics:
                    Laser Disc Reviews
                    News of the Weird
           Records worth and those Signals guys
                 Re:  Boyz solo projects
                   2112 (Presentation)
     Re: The National Midnight Star of 10/30/90 (#83)
                  Various replies to 83
                  Digitized Rush sounds
                      songs needed!
     The magazine DRUMS and DRUMING with Neil Peart.
                     RUSH and humour

From: (Sinistar)
Subject: Laser Disc Reviews
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 11:13:33 CST

I have all the Rush laser disc albums, so I just thought I would rate
the video and audio quality of each.  The performace and song selection
is too subjective, so I won't comment on them.

Exit Stage Left has extremely poor audio quality, much worse than the
studio version of it.  It isn't even in true stereo, they just did one
of those cheesy stereo effects where they cut and boost alternate
frequencies for each channel on the EQ.  Also, there is a nasty buzzing
sound in the background during the whole video.  The video quality is
good though, because it was actually shot in film and then transferred
to video.  One thing of note is that this concert seemed really dark,
and kind of depresses me.

Grace Under Pressure Live has much improved audio quality, is in true
stereo, and actually takes advantage of the fact that it is being played
on a digital medium.  It was definitely not recorded digitally, but a
fine analog recording.  The video quality is unfortunately low, there
are a lot of problems that are inherent with NTSC video when you have
strong color bursts that laserdiscs are capable of reproducing, but
unfortunately, your TV isn't.  Also, there is lots of light streaking
from the bright lights.

Through the Camera Eye has different audio quality than the CD releases
of the individual songs.  All of them seem to have boosted highs for
some reason.  I postulated that maybe the recording engineers left the
CX noise reduction on during the digital transferring, which would be a
serious error.  When I switch to analog audio, it sounds substantially
duller, and sounds how it does on the original recordings.  Normally,
the analog and digital differences are pretty small, usually in the area
of dynamic range, not frequency response, which led me to the CX idea.
Anyways, two of the videos from Grace Under Pressure used the much the
same footage, and I hope both of them weren't released.  I liked the
fact that one of those videos was letterboxed.  Overall, this album has
good video and good audio quality with the exception of Tom Sawyer
ripped off of Exit Stage Left.

A Show of Hands is by far the highest audio quality so far, recorded at
the shows digitally.  The video quality is also superb.  I really don't
think there is any room for improvement.  One thing that may be of
interest is that Lock and Key is on the laser disc version, but was cut
from the video tape.  I really can't think of any flaws of this album.

All discs retail for $34.95 I believe.  By the way, I bought my LD
player just for Rush, and I love it.  I would recommend buying one to
anyone who has an even medium-end stereo/video.  If you have a monitor
with video inputs, you can watch your discs on it, and appreciate the
high resolution.  The overall improvement (from videotape) even on poor
laserdiscs is substantial, and all players have the same quality audio
and video output.

All discs were unfortunately CLV, even though some could have fit on one
disc with CAV.


Date:        30 Oct 90 09:51 -0800
Subject:     News of the Weird

There's a column in the San Jose Mercury News called, 'News of the Weird'.
It prints strange and weird news storys from around the world.

Well, here's one from last Sundays column...

In the latest "He Stood Me Up" lawsuit, Dana Jurist won $79.50 in a
Downington, PA., court from Shawn Norbeck, who failed to keep their
date for the junior prom in May.  He said that he had a virus, but
in reality, he had gotten tickets to see the rock group Rush.

Just thought you'd want to know...

             Larry Schwarcz
             HP Cupertino, CA


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 10:44:05 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Records worth and those Signals guys

Finally found the time to interject a few words into the latest
Digest discussions....
Sorry if some of these items are a bit old:

Last week, wrote:

>Thanks. I was just about to ask this as I just got mint copies of Fly By
>Night, Caress of Steel, 2112, ATWAS, and AFTK that fit the above description.
>Does anyone have a clue on how much they would be worth?
>[ Note:  The original FBN and COS sleeves had pictures, drawings, and/or
>  pictures on them.  If you got the 'Mercury catalog' sleeve, it's a later
>  pressing.                                                      :rush-mgr ]

I'm a bit of an amateur record collector, so I thought I would look up
some info on domestic Rush singles and albums in my Price Guides. The
figures given are for records in MINT condition (i.e.,perfect):

                    Singles, 7-inch
Mercury:1975-87                                  $1 - $3

                    Singles, w/picture sleeves
Mercury: 1981                                    $1 - $3

                    EP's, 7-inch, 33/45 RPM
Mercury: 1980                                    $5 - $10

                    LP's, 10/12 inch, 33 RPM
Mercury (1000 through 4000 series, except picture
         discs): 1974-82                         $5 - $8

Mercury (3743 "Hemispheres" picture disc): 1978  $10 - $15

Mercury (7000 series): 1976-81                   $8 - $12

Mercury (9000 series): 1976-81                   $10 - $15

Mercury (800,000 series): 1984-87                $5 - $8

*Note: the series # is located on the spine of the jacket as well
as on the center label on the vinyl. These numbers come from
Jerry Osborne's Official Price Guide. If you have imports, such
as Anthem from Canada, European (I have several Dutch pressings),
South American, etc they will have more value. Hold onto your

On another unrelated matter, Hinano asks a question I have also
wondered about, who are the guys on the last page of the Signals
tour book: I think I have identified only 3.

The large fellow, I think 1st on the left in the second row
(this is from memory, I must consult the Tour Book tonight)
must be Howard Ungerleider, the Tour Manager.
For sure, the guy in the center of the second row is Nick Kotos,
head of Security and I believe stage manager.
And the fellow in the bottom row next to the film project must
be the concert projectionist Lee Tenner (makes sense!).

David Conley    "The Digital Anatomist"
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 14:19:29 EST
Subject: Stuff

Re: Neil Peart and religion:

Of the three, he would be the one I would LEAST expect to have religious
beliefs. Consider:

( From an article by Neil entitled ROCK GROUPS HARDLY SATANISTIC)

>    Speaking for myself, as lyricist and drummer for "Rush", and one
>of those accused of this heinous crime, I must object, Your Honors.
>Far from being a closet Satanist, I confess crudely, I don't even
>*believe* in the old bastard!  I wonder if that's better or worse in
>your eyes, Grand Inquisitor?

I don't know how long ago he said that, but I would doubt if his views now have
changed that much from then...

Re: The end of life as we know it....

Those events are irrelevant to Rush's career ending. Nobody was heralding the
end when ESL came out. And Chronicles, as Dave said, was Polygram trying
to make a buck off of them. Actually, looking for a new label is probably
a positive sign. Combine that with the fact that Rush sounds more positive
about the group now than in the past 5 years or so (except for a disturbingly
negative interview by Alex just after the release of Presto, but that seems
to be an exception), I would say they will be around for a little while
anyways. They are contractually bound for 2 more albums, and I wouldn't
be suprised if they renewed. But give them a break, I mean they are in
their late thirties, they would probably like to slow down and take it easy

Work:                    |The spell has been broken |The dark lands are bright
School:                  |The wraith of the Necromancer    |Soars away in the night...                     -Rush


Date: 30 Oct 90 14:02 -0600
From: Kerry Yackoboski 

Subject:  bass for YYZ and where's DM Conley?

Yesterday, wrote some TAB:
     ==     =======  =======  ======   ==+--


	I don't understand this - it's not quite like the
TAB I normally read; what are the lines underneath the neck?
And what are the "+" signs?  I do have the bass for YYZ in TAB,
from some guitar magazine, but it's not quite right.  If I
knew what part you meant, I could probably type it in.

Also, if The Digital Anatomist (David M. Conley) is out there,
would he please contact me?

	In a kinder, gentler, mode,


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 15:15 EST
From: "The new, improved, industrial-strength DUDE!!!"
Subject: Re:  Boyz solo projects

	G'day, eh!
	I read in one of my guitar magazines about a year ago that Alex played
on an anniversary recording of "Smoke on the Water" with various other artists
including David Gilmore, Chris Squire, and Ritchie Blackmore.  Anyone know
where you can get this?
	Also, anyone understand the meaning of the songs "Anagram (for Mongo)"
and "Hand Over Fist"?  I think Rush should get an award for the most tasteful
allusion to the use of condoms in the song "Red Tide"!  Later, eh!

			The Dude


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 18:22 EST
From: JASON 
Subject: 2112 (Presentation)

[ Note:  We 'go easy' on everybody.  One of our 'sub-mottos' is that flames
  are greatly discouraged.  There's enough of that in!
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

This is my first posting so go easy on me, OK.  I actually didn't discover
Rush until I heard _Presto_ nearly a year ago.  Needless to say, I now have
more than half of their albums and am gaining fast on a lot of their past work.
Unfortunately, all of the albums I have except _Presto_ are copied from a
friend.  For some reason I am unable to decipher the lyrics to 2112, especially
'Presentation'.  Could someone either post them or to save redundancy on the
list Email them to me at:

[ I'll take care of this one, folks!                            :rush-mgr ]

Thanks immensely in advance.

Jason Crabtree			| I don't have a quote yet because I can't         | figure out what Geddy's saying!!
Wright State University 	| 			-ME


From: kennb@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (Kenn Baynard)
Subject: Re: The National Midnight Star of 10/30/90 (#83)
Date: 30 Oct 90 16:45:14 EST (Tue)

         Hey, what is this anywayz?? I thought that this was a
Rush Digest...  Not something else.

[ It is.  Where have you been?  We voted on this name last week.  If you
  don't recognize the source, check out "Red Lenses" on _Grace Under 
  Pressure_.                                                   :rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 30 Oct 90 19:47:20 -0600
From: Crackpot 
Subject: Various replies to 83

>From: (Jeff Beck)

>I have heard Rush mentioned on the radio recently as "Geddy Lee
>and Rush".  A friend of mine, who used to be in a popular band,
>and who has met a lot of big-name musicians (Kinks, Aerosmith,
>etc.) told me that when someone is about to leave a group and
>start a solo career, they start billing the band as "XXXX and
>".  This was true when they started "Burton Cummings
>and the Guess Who", "Phil Collins and Genesis", etc.
>Does anyone know if Geddy is planning some solo albums?  Phil
>Collins never left Genesis, he just started a solo career in
>addition.  I wonder if that could be it.  I certainly don't want
>(and don't believe) Geddy Lee to (will) leave Rush.  Can anyone
>come up with any *other* examples of billing a band with a
>person't name before a split and/or addition of a solo career?

First, I want to say that I have never heard reference to "Phil
Collins and Genesis (although I now consider Genesis to be
effectively, "The Phil Collins Band", but that's another story).
Also, you are really taking this much too seriously.  It was just
a DJ, for heaven's sake.  They often refer to "This lead singer
and That band".  Nothing is meant by it.  Now, if albums started
coming out labelling them as "Geddy Lee and RUSH", then I would
worry.  But right now, I think you're making a big deal out of

>From: David Sandberg 

>Supriya Goyal writes:
>> Someone asked about the meaning of Red Tide.  I may
>> be way off on this but I have always interpreted it as
>> a song about the environment.

>I agree there's been a good case made for the environmental
>angle on this song.  However I still think some nuclear conflict
>references are woven into it as well.  Peart has certainly shown
>himself capable of mixing several themes together in a single
>set of lyrics!  Completely aside from the "endless winter night"
>reference, take the lyrics Supriya quoted as an example:

>> "stay out of the sun
>> it only burns my skin
>> sky full of poison
>> and the atmosphere's too thin"

>These might be describing some of the major environmental
>effects which have been postulated as likely in the aftermath of
>a nuclear war.  My recollection is that, if these postulations
>are correct, the ozone layer would be obliterated and it would
>be lethal to go out into the sun with skin exposed.  And "sky
>full of poison" is obvious.

I hate to break it to you, but if there is an all-out nuclear
war, the sun will be the least of your worries!

Personally, I don't see where you come up with the nuclear war
stuff.  It seems obvious that the whole song is about pollution
and the environment.  Notice that the Red Tide is creeping up
throughout the song.  First it kisses the shore, then it washes
ashore, finally it covers the shore.  A nuclear war is not slow,
environmental pollution is.  You are really trying too hard if
you are looking for any other subject but pollution, which is the
obvious subject of this song (of course, I've seen much worse
cases of looking too much in this very digest).

>From: Troy Karhoff 

>    While watching and listening to the "A Show of Hands" video,
>I noticed the variation in the lyrics of 'Tom Sawyer':
>                           Catch the witness
>                           Catch the wit
>            		   Catch the spirit
>                           Catch a fish
>    When Rush performed in Michigan, I again witnessed the
>"catch a fish" phrase. Is anyone picking this up?

Yup.  Geddy sang it that way when I saw them in St. Louis, but he
sang it "normally" in Indy.  I first found out about it when a
local band that does RUSH covers (among other things) performed
"Tom Sawyer" that way.  Apparently they do it regularly.

Ok, now, time for my input on this religion stuff.  I'd like to
see it disappear.  I don't mind seeing discussions about the Boyz
religious beliefs, but any more than that is getting silly.  I
don't read this digest to hear what everyone around thinks about
religion in general (I have already seen at least one or two of
these here), I read it to find out about and discuss RUSH.  Just
my $.02 from someone who is sick of seeing religion being pushed
on people in virtually every FidoNet Echo, and who doesn't want
the same thing to happen here.

 R   P
   C   T


Date:  Wed, 31 Oct 90 00:20:18 -0500
From: Daniel L. McDonald 
Subject: Digitized Rush sounds

Does anyone out there in Midnight Star's readership wish to have digitized
Rush sounds for their Macintoshes?  Through the miracle of MacRecorder,
I am (for a limited time only, it's borrwed) offering you Mac-owning
Rush freaks a chance to get some Rush digitized sounds.

I must, however, put a legal notice in here.  These are intended solely for
the listeners enjoyment!  Don't put theses in your soon-to-be-released
application's about boxes, or anywhere else that you might get in trouble.

I haven't actually recorded any, but I will be taking suggestions.  Please
send me your suggestions to the address below (in my signature file).
A few that I have thought of are...

    -"It's TRUE"  -  From Red Lenses, referring to our publication
    -"That's nice" - From Chain Lightning
    -Subdivisions (from the song)

Oh well, if you're interested, act now!  I won't be doing this for long!
I also don't expect anything in return.  (But a few bootlegs, or MTV videos
are nice.)
Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:             |
University of Michigan| Bitnet:|
Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104|
"rising falling at force ten
 we twist the world and ride the wind..." - Rush


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 90 01:07:18 -0500
From: (Richard M Franks)


It's been mentioned on the list that Geddy's real name is Gary Lee Weinrib.
I was looking on the back of the box that my video of the P/G tour and a
person named Alan Weinrib is credited as the producer for the video of "Big
Money" that's tacked on the end of the tape. Any relation?

just asking-



Date: Wed, 31 Oct 90 01:43:33 PST
From: (******* Meg *********)
Subject: songs needed!

I need songlists from any bootlegs anyone out there might have.
I'm trying to compile a song list for each tour to be posted in the
anniversary issue, so I need dates of the bootleg and then the
list of songs from it (they don't have to be in order). Or if you
saw them on tour and happened to write down the songs they played send
me those! Anything helpful welcomed...



Date:         Wed, 31 Oct 90 11:01:25 BRA
From: Mauricio Alves <>
Subject:      The magazine DRUMS and DRUMING with Neil Peart.

Hi folks!!!!!
     I would like to know if there is  any  DRUMS and DRUMING  with  an
interview with Neil Peart.
     If there is, I would like to buy it.

     "Fly by Night away from here,
         change my life again,
      Fly by Night goodbye my dear,
         my ship isn't coming
       and I just can't pretend."

    "Big money goes around the world..."

Mauricio Alves.


From: David Arnold 
Subject: RUSH and humour

I just thought I'd throw my $.02 in here about RUSH, humour, and the
changing of lyrics.

It's well known, by those of us (you know who you are!) who are nutzo
followers of the band, that over the years they have injected numerous
incidents of humour in their live playing of songs.  I'll post just a
few that I can remember from *ahem* live recordings I've heard:

1) During "Tom Sawyer":  "Catch the fish"    (already discussed)

2) During "Spirit of Radio": "One likes to believe in the freedom of baseball"

3) Durning "The Analog Kid" in Milwaukee (during a pennant race?):
    "The boy pulls down his Brewers cap and covers up his eyes"

4) During "The Temples of Syrinx", Alex sung this during the last chorus,
    Geddy caught on the second time around:
     "We are the plumbers, we'll fix your sinks
      With our mighty wrenches, we'll fix those clogs"

5) Having Count Floyd (from SCTV) introduce "The Weapon" (in video, on
    the large screen behind the band) as:  "Oooh, kids, a verrry scary
    song! ... So scarey you'll want to pull your own heads off!"  
    (I rolled when I first heard this, while drunk on a camping trip.)

6) Thanking "Mrs. Buvliachki (sp!) for the cabbage rolls, they were very
    delicious".  I believe it was mentioned she is also an SCTV character.

7) Heard on the PA before "New World Man": Siegfried from "Get Smart" saying
    "I've excaped from prisons before, und I'll escape from prisons again"
    (Also, the 'exit music' after the show was theme from "Get Smart".  I
     was at this show.)

8) Alex clowning at the mike during "La Villa Strangiato" & the resulting
    censorship scandal in the "A Show of Hands" video.  :-)

9) And of course, the well known Three Stooges intro/music (including the
    Three Stooges saying "Hello, hello, hello".)  This is even on the "A
    Show of Hands" video & album, is it not?

On a non-humourous note, I have a question for you all:  does anybody know
the name of the music played before older RUSH shows, circa 1975/76?  It's
an orchestral piece, if that helps any.  Check the album "All The Worlds A
Stage" if you can't remember what I'm referring to.  They apparently used to
use it a lot, as I heard it on ATWAS and also a 1975 boot.  (Of course, I
listened to the boot while on a boat anchored outside the 3 mile territorial
limits of the US! ;-) )  (Ten points to the person who recognizes where 
*that* came from!)

Thanks, and later!

David Arnold       Keywords:  Rush, Neville Brothers, Squeeze, Crack the Sky,
                               Peter Gabriel, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd,
Inet:       Talking Heads, Arc Of Ones (RIP), Stones, BOC,
UUCP: uunet!!davida  King Crimson, Police, Grass Roots, Hollies


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