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To: rush_mailing_list
Subject: The National Midnight Star of 11/02/90 (#89)

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**   /  / / /__    /  \/ /  /  /  / /__/ /  \/ /  / /___   **
**                                                         **
**                    __            ___       ____         **
**        /\  /\   / /  \  /\  / / /  _  /__/  /           **
**       /  \/  \ / /___/ /  \/ / /___/ /  /  /            **
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**                 /__    /   /__/ /__/                    **
**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 89

                 Friday, 2 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                   bunnies, videos, etc
                        New name?
                        ASOH video
                    Anagram for Mongo
             Re:  Symbols on "Hold Your Fire"
                    Rush on MuchMusic
                      Alex's Guitar
                 FAQL, rarities, bootlegs
                 Beneath Between & Behind
              MetallicA _Master_of_Puppets_
                 Lady Liberty looks on...
                   Another bright idea!

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 12:25 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: bunnies, videos, etc

First off, I'm glad my nomination for list -name was chosen.. send all checks
or moneyorders to the above address.

Still no sign of the video, and I check at least 2 record stores a day...

At the Detroit show last March, the 'playboy bunnies' made an appearance too,
so that wasn't a one-shot deal.

Does anyone know what kind of guitar Alex was using on the latter part of
the Presto tour??? He was using his white Signature for the early shows, but
switched to a guitar the likes of which I have never seen... it was an oddly
shaped body with kind of a cherry sunburst finish.  It sounded exaclty the
same as his Sig. so I figure its a Sig. too.

If the boyz are beginning work on an album now, and they follow they're
(make that their) usual (slow) schedule, you can expect a late April-May
release, but no way as early as February.



Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 13:09:05 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: New name?

Hey gang -- now that we've established a new name for the digest,
why don't we call our esteemed rush-mgr 'editor' of the National
Midnight Star? Any seconds to the motion????

[ Maybe 'managing editor'?  :-)                              :rush-mgr ]

Also, did anyone pick up 'Chronicles-The Video' yet?  I still
haven't seen it and I assume it was delayed at least another
week?  Can anyone confirm this?



Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 13:26:41 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: ASOH video

In TNMS #87, someone said something about ASOH video selling its
10,000th copy...I heard an interview with the B-Man not too long
ago saying the the video went double platinum, which as far as
recorded music goes, represents 2,000,000 sales.  Is 'double
platinum' status different for video tapes?  (I personally can't
see ASOH selling ONLY 10,000 copies -- I mean, that's not very
much at ALL!!!!)



Date: 1-NOV-1990 13:38:25.40
From: "Jeffrey William Stanton Yaus, KBE" 
Subject: Anagram for Mongo

There's been some discussion about Anagram (for Mongo) lately... since 
someone's already mentioned the Blazing Saddles joke...

 Each line is indeed an anagram... which is really amazing considering how
the song's lyrics as a whole hold together while Neil manages to cram an
anagram into each line somewhere.

  As for the meaning... IMHO it's another bit about/against religions..
  as in "Cosmic is largely comic / a con they couldn't conceal" or "End the
need for Eden " and "dreams of merchandise" .. as in religions waxing too
materialistic (also applies to "saint turns to sin.")



Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 14:27 EST
From: "The new, improved, industrial-strength DUDE!!!"
Subject: Re:  Symbols on "Hold Your Fire"

The juggler is actually a scene from the movie "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?",
except in the movie, the balls were not on fire.

			The Dude


Date: 	Thu, 1 Nov 90 15:06:00 EST
Subject: Rush on MuchMusic

    Hi everyone.
    Much Music up here in Canada will be playing Rush's
    A Show Of Hands this coming monday on their Big ticket special.
    For those who haven't seen it or bougyt,it's time to dust off
    your VCR's and tape it.



Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 16:00:24 -0500
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Bunnies

   I can't remember who said it, but someone today mentioned
the hilarious, "spontaneous" event of the crew coming out
to the boyz in bunny outfits for one of their shows.  I don't
mean to burst your bubble, but they did that in The Meadowlands
and in Providence as well.  Geddy did a great job of looking
surprsied, but my guess is that the spontanaity(?) wasn't really
there.   Still damn funny

Jason Rosenberg


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject:  Alex's Guitar
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 14:46:11 CDT

Hi people,

When I saw Rush last summer at Alpine Valley, I noticed Alex was playing a
Paul Reed Smith guitar.  I own one, and the ones I saw in the store had
either two humbuckers (which could be split for strat sounds), or they had
a treble humbucker and a single-coil midbody pickup.  Alex was playing a
guitar that had a treble single-coil and a midbody humbucker.  I have never
seen one like Alex plays before.  Someone told me that the PRS guitars that
are really valuable (ie. collectors items) are the ones personally made by
Paul himself.  The one he had looked kindof old, but I suppose that could
simply be because he uses it so much and takes it on tour with him.

Does anyone know how old his guitar is, when PRS first started making guitars,
and which kind he (Alex) has?  Thanks much in advance.

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 10:37:36 GMT
Subject: FAQL, rarities, bootlegs

In the discography section of the FAQL, Dan Delany mentions this:

>  Additionally, several collections are available: {sorry - no catalog
>                                       numbers, as I don't have these.}
>  [ titles deleted ]
>  _Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted To Hear By Rush But You Were
>  Afraid To Play_ - this collection was targeted at radio stations.

You might add that it was never officially released, and is extremely
rare. It's a selection taken from FBN, CoS and 2112. I'd class it as
a rarity rather than an "available collection".

This leads to my main point: I suggest we compile a list of rarities
and bootlegs. Whether these should go in the FAQL is debatable, but
it would be useful to have a list available to list members.

I hereby volunteer to assemble such a list. (I don't recall any
other volunteers, but I missed a few issues due to mailer problems.)
If anyone has any boots or rare releases, send me details by e-mail.

Rarities should include coloured vinyl or picturedisc versions
of standard releases, unusual packaging, plus radio promos, etc.
anything you can't get by looking in the average record shop.
I'd need a title, tracklist, description, format, etc. Approximate
value (if known) would be useful as well.

For bootlegs I want to know:

    Format(s) (vinyl, tape, cd)
    no. of discs/tapes
    where it was recorded
    when/on which tour it was recorded
    description of cover art

(I got badly burned buying an expensive and rather dodgy bootleg
once. I'd rather not make the same mistake again, and if I can help
others do the same, so much the better.)

Send me any details you have and I'll compile a list. It might be a
while, but I'll let you know how it's going and I'll post a summary

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>


From: evanh@sco.COM (Evan A.C. Hunt)
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 14:26:51 PST
Subject: Beneath Between & Behind

> I'd really like the lyrics to either the whole of the Fly By Night
> album, or at least, "Beneatth, Between, and Behind," because I can
> never make all the words out.

	Oh, yeah, that's an especially hairy one.  A friend of mine
once described this song as "Geddy Lee mumbling at the top of his
lungs."  I loved that description so much I never much cared what
the words were after that. :)



Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 15:01:54 PST
From: (Old Tom Bombadil)
Subject: MetallicA _Master_of_Puppets_

  In the list of thanks-you's for this album (1986) there is a line
"Geddy, Alex, Neil of Rush."  I found this a bit odd, as it implies some
sort of freindship between the Rush band members and MetallicA's.  Anyone
care to comment?

Matthew Deter    |  |  Taxes are not levied for
UC Santa Barbara |  6600mld@ucsbuxa.bitnet    |  the benefit of the taxed.


Date:     Thu, 1 Nov 90 19:08:43 -0500
Subject:  h_o_f

it's funny that jason bought up hand over fist...i was comming home from a date
last night and i had my cd blasting h_o_f.  since i first heard the song i kept
thinking of the game i use to play when i was a kid, 'paper, scissors, stone'.
(i hope someone out there knows what i'm talking about so i don't sound like a
complete idiot!)  the game is reflected in the three hand figures that are on
the album cover ie.  the scissors cut the paper, the paper smothers the rock and
rock crushes the scissors...any way that's were the refrain comes from.

the versus in the song are alot more in depth (as usual).  my favorite line is
"see the passing stranger
 feel the strength in his hand
 feel the world expand"
this line is basically saying that every time we meet a new person (a stranger)
our world opens up another door and expands.  i imagine alot of you guys have
girlfriends who hate RUSH, such as mine(interesting topic), but i tell her that
i think that hands carry the most purest form of energy in the world, emotions.
this is what i think about the line...
" hand over hand is the STRENGTH of a common touch"... she of course thinks it's
stupid.  my last analysis of h_o_f is when "i feel my spirit resist and i open
up my fist,  lay hand over hand.."  the unclenching of a fist (war) and laying
your hand over someone elses (peace) in a show of "STRENGTH in a common touch".


p.s.  when i first saw the three figures in the cd cover i though they signified
the three members of the group.  fist (drums),  two fingers (bass) and the
open hand (guitar strum).  but this was before i heard the song.  who knows may
be they planed it like that.


Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 22:42:36 EST
From: Macon Pegram 
Subject: Lady Liberty looks on...

In reference to the posting yesterday about the scene in the window of
the building in the background of the picture on the inner sleeve of
HYF, the one next to the Statue of Liberty of a man and woman exchanging
bodily fluids, it wasn't removed; it's still there, they just covered
it over with a fire escape. Look for yourself...

I can't help wondering why Mr. Syme included this at all, unless this
yet another meaning (albeit a triffle odd, eh !!) to 'Hold Your Fire'
Could be... Then perhaps that is why this amourous couple was covered
by a 'fire escape' that is so the illusation would escape the 'terrible
swift sword' of album censors...

Of course, this is only mere conjucture on my part.  :-)

The Grinch

'I need what keeps a young man alive, and I say I need it now'

or better still -

'OOh yes, I said I'm coming!'

which just goes to show there's a Rush lyric to fit every occassion! :-)


Date: Thu, 1 Nov 90 23:19:02 EST
From: Macon Pegram 
Subject: Another bright idea!

After the lewd humor of my last posting (sorry, I was listening to live Tull
(hi, Roger!) on the way over here!) I am going on to something more serious -
Once again I have decided to start up a mailling list!

(Before this non-Rush posting is struck down, I should state it was directly
inspired by several postings here as of late, and I think of interest to all
on this list)

As regular subscribers know, last week (or was it the week before?) I had the
great idea of starting a Marillion list, which met with much favorable response,
BUT I was also informed that there was already one in existance (hi Graham,
oops! graham!) so before I state my bright idea, let me say, if there is
already a list of this nature out there, let me know and I'll concede once
more (and sign up as well!)

So now that the suspense has mounted - How about a list for 'prog rock' in
general, where people could post about prog bands that don't have their own
lists... a sort of catch all list. Some definitions first - by prog (which
BTW is short for 'progressive' - a shortening which became a reverend term
amongst the Genesis/Marillion/Yes/Rush/ELP clone bands which thrives in
Austin, TX in the mid-eighties, including my own (short lived) bands 'Carthage'
'Trilogy' and 'Ocktober'. Ah the days of being a 'prog'! Er, um, back to the
subject) yes, I known this is a mega-abused term, but I mean such bands as
King Crimson, ELP, Pallas, IQ, Dream Theater, UK, the list goes on, but I'm
sure you all get the picture... Call it 'complex rock' if you will. This list
might even be extended to progressive metal bands such as Fates Warning,
Watch Tower, Seige's Even and oh yeah, Queensryche. Why not, I like them all...
Among other things, this would (hopefully) remove all the non-list related
postings that crop up in the Rush, Tull, Yes, et al. lists now ...

Anyway, if there is another list out there this has this format, tell me,
tell Steve Owens, tell this list, we'll all benefit. Else, post me and let
me know if anyone's interested in this idea. Also, if any of these bands
above have their own lists, let us all know (but seriously, how many postings
as week would you get on a Dream Theater only list? So hopefully by lumping
these bands into one list, they can all recieve the discussion and exposure
that this list has done for DL&P (which is great! All pay homage to our
beloved rush-mgr!)) oh! and also once again I haven't any good ideas for a
name for the list, so if you write, suggest a name - the Marillion suggestions
were great! (As evident in the name graham used for his list, eh)?

Well I've babbled on enough, let me know what you think...

The Grinch

PS - Ya, know, now that I think of it, a better subject title for my first
     posting, considering if they hadn't covered it up, all of us Rush fans
     all around the globe who happened to noticed (and I think we would) it
     would be standing there in shock, would have been
     'and with the eyes of the world, we stare!' :-) (back to the humor!)


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