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Subject: The National Midnight Star of 11/05/90 (#90)

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 90

                 Monday, 5 November 1990
Today's Topics:
       Updated Mailing List Introduction (11/2/90)
                     HYF street scene
              Metallica--Master of  Puppets
                       PRS Guitars
                topics of world importance
          Chronicles Video and Master of Puppets
                       Rush Videos
              Mix mag, Religion, Discography
                 Rush-related Discography
                        Red Lenses
                  Final Call for Dates!!

Subject: Updated Mailing List Introduction (11/2/90)
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 90 11:01:07 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Here is the latest incarnation of the mailing list introductory file, FYI.
Just thought you'd like to see what's being sent to new members.


------------------------------ cut here ------------------------------

Welcome to the RUSH mailing list, "The National Midnight Star"!

This is a list for general topics pertaining to RUSH, both the band and
its individual members.  Any appropriate topics are welcome, and flames
are discouraged.  Topics have included album & concert reviews, song
'dissection', tour speculation, and general discussions.

The list was originally a mail reflector, but due to high volume has
evolved into a moderated digest. Mailings are usually every weekday, but
this depends upon (my) work load and general availability.

There are currently over 500 members in this list, scattered across North
and South America, Europe, and Asia.

To post to the list, send mail to:

For administrative matters, send mail to:

Note: There is a Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQL) which is posted
on or around the beginning of each month; you might refer to this before
launching a 'new' topic.  Also, please check the 'tail' of each issue for
the correct addresses for administrative, posting, and archive mailings.

That's all for now; periodic updates sent via the list.  Copies of current
membership of the list available by sending mail to 'rush-request'.

The National Midnight Star
(RUSH Fans Digest)


Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 09:41 EST
Subject: Bunnies

                  Well, since everybody else has been posting about the bunnies
I figured I might as well stick my two cents in.  I saw the boyz in Rochester,
and there were no bunnies.   About two months later I went to the Toronto show,
and the bunny incident occurred.  BTW, does anybody have any idea as to how a
band as pathetic as Voivod managed to open for a band as awesome as Rush?!??
                             Well, gotta go
              "Listen to my music/and hear what it can do.
               There's something here as strong as life
               I know that it will reach you."      Rush 2112


Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 12:29 EST
Subject: HYF street scene

Something else I noticed in that building (the one with the Statue of Liberty)
Look at the lower (lowest) right-hand window.  Is it me, or does that look like
water? "High" water?  Just a thought.

And a brief comment on Hand Over Fist, to extend the metaphor in the song, I
always thought that the part "Humming your favorite song / You know I've
hated that song for so long" was a kind of a "scissor" (as in scissor-paper-
stone), since it was bugging the one guy, screwing up their relationship
(possibly), acting as the scissors that cut the paper (leaving the rock, the
one guy, "stand alone").

On the humorous topic, I was wondering, did they coming out and start doing a
surfing song for part of the encore when anyone saw them, like they did in
Pittsburgh?  *Oh yeah, Geddy also greeted us in proper Pittsburghese: "How
YINS guys doin' out there?" :)

Brief question (geez, I guess I shoulda had all this in the subject line. Oh
well.): Has anyone seen posters of the cover of Presto or a full poster of
the juggler scene? (Not just a close-up of the juggler, I mean).

One more brief question, then it's off to lunch.  I've seen mention of videos
for The Pass and Superconductor. Are these just the ones used in concert, or
are the "actual" videos?  If they are, where can I lay my hands on 'em?
After all, there's no chance of seeing them on MTV, since a Rush video plays
for 2-3 weeks, and then disappears, never to be seen again.

Stew Fyfe

P.S. Just remembered something else that was pretty funny, when Alex and Geddy
were on Rockline after ASoH came out.  Someone asked if it was true that they
were breaking up, and Alex said: "What? This is the first I've heard of it."
And Geddy said: "Well, Alex, I didn't want to tell you after the show." And
then I think Alex asked if anyone knew of a good job.


Date: Fri, 2 Nov 90 11:49:57 -0800
From: estrada@cory.Berkeley.EDU (Victor Estrada)
Subject: Metallica--Master of  Puppets

Matthew Deter ( writes:
>  In the list of thanks-you's for this album (1986) there is a line
>"Geddy, Alex, Neil of Rush."  I found this a bit odd, as it implies some
>sort of freindship between the Rush band members and MetallicA's.  Anyone
>care to comment?

I don't know what kind of relationship there is between Metallica and Rush,
but I do remember that shortly after Master of Puppets was released, I read
an interview with Geddy.  One of the questions he was asked was what bands
did he like at that time.  He gave a very enthusistic thumbs up to Metallica.
He said he was really excited by their music.  I thought this was great, since
these happen to be my two favorite bands!  I assume Geddy was also impressed
by Metallica's commitment to their music, though I don't know this for sure.
I think in this sense, the two bands a very similar.

				     Victor Estrada

"Honesty is my only excuse."            "One likes to believe
 Try to rob us of it but its no use.     In the freedom of music."
          --Metallica                                --Rush
	    Damage, Inc.                               Spirit of Radio
	    ------------                               ---------------


Date: Sat, 3 Nov 90 14:59:21 est
From: "Dan Schwarz" 
Subject: PRS Guitars

Paul Reed Smith is something of a local legend in my hometown (Annapolis,
Maryland) ... he started making guitars about ten years ago, I think.
(someone correct me on this if I'm wrong) and they've become quite popular
in recent years. I recall that Eddie Van Halen was seen around town a couple
of years ago, picking up a PRS guitar handmade by Paul. I think he was buying
it as an investment of sorts, rather than as a guitar to use every day. I'm
sure Paul's original handmade guitars are very valuable by now.


Date:     Sun, 4 Nov 90 09:25:49 -0500
Subject:  topics of world importance

does any one know who is on the pin that geddy is wearing in the a_s_o_h video?

has any one heard that the beat to yyz is actually the morse code signal for

"alternating currents force a show of hands...."

patrick  the_analog_kid


Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 18:19 EDT
Subject: Chronicles Video and Master of Puppets

           I work for Transworld Music.  They are one of the biggest music
and video distributers in the country.  They own every Record Town and Tape
World in the nation.  So they are big.  They also don't have the Chronicles
Video, nor have they any record of ordering it.  I don't know what this means
but I felt it should be made public.
           As for the reason that Neil, Geddy, and Alex are part of the
thanks list on Master of Puppets is: I heard and interview where Cliff Burton,
their late bass plyer, listed them as an influence.  I also read an interveiw
with Geddy.  He said that Metallica reminded him of Rush.  Not in the way they
sounded but that they(Metallica) were doing their own thing and not selling out
to get a record deal.  So, I guess it is safe to say that they are fans of each


From: (Jeff Boerio)
Subject: Rush Videos
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 22:16:48 EST

Right now, I am sitting here watching Rush on MuchMusic.  I am praying to
my God hoping that someone else knows about this, and is recording this
show.  They're showing their videos.  So far, "Closer to the Heart,"
"Limelight," an interview with Neil from 1-90, "Tom Sawyer," and now
"Distant Early Warning."  "Limelight" anmd "Tom Sawyer" were videos I
hadn't seen before, recorded in LeStudio.  I'll assume that these are the
only videos for these tunes that have been released.

I hope someone is recording this show, because I would really like to
obtain a copy of this.  If you have recorded this show, please get in touch
with me via Email.  Thanks!

     - Jeff

Jeff Boerio (
Purdue University ECN Software Support Programmer
Rush Quote: "Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"
Pink Quote: "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."


Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 20:13:12 -0800
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Mix mag, Religion, Discography

Hi folks, I have a few bits of Rush info.....

* Mix Magazine
  The October '90 issue of Mix has an interview with Rupert Hine.  He didn't
mention Rush but at least there's a good picture of the dude.  He may be the
next producer, who knows.
  Also, on pg 164, there's an article on live sound which talks about the Rush
settup.  There's a nice picture of the speaker settup from the Rush show at
Oakland Collesium with an insert photo of the boys jamming.

* Hold Your Fire picture
  I inspected the picture to look for the "sex act" next to the Statue of
Liberty.  The tour program photo reveals much more detail.  It looks possible,
but I won't describe graphically what I think I see.  Also, I noticed that the
clock next to the Chinese restaraunt is set for 21:12!  This is of course,
military time and it's obviouslly night.  Folks talked about all the little
details in this picture on many occasions but I don't remember hearing about
the 21:12 clock, (at least, I don't remember anyone mentioning it).

* About Rush and religion
  I don't think it's any of our darn business what their beliefs are.  But I
can't help mentioning that Peart said he was taught by a bunch of Nuns and
that he is wearing a large silver cross around his neck in the Fly by Night
promo film.  It's possible that attending a religious school run by Nuns could
have influenced the creation of 2112.  I know I would have felt pretty
oppressed in the environment of a religions school.  He has said that he
doesn't really believe in the existence of a supreme being but that he does
acknowlege the possibility of powers and forces we cannot perceive or
understand.  I don't think we should dig any deeper into the group's beliefs.

* Rush-related Discography
  I have compiled a discography of rush-related recordings.  This includes
any published recordings which the members participated in.  I posted it in
a seperate entry.

                                        Well, that's all for now.  Take care,
                                                  - Chris Michael


Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 20:14:35 -0800
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Rush-related Discography

[ Great list Chris; thanks!                                     :rush-mgr ]


By Chris Michael
Last Rev: 11/90


"Universal Juveniles" by Max Webster (Rush in "Battlescar")
1980 (ANR-1-1027 Anthem)

"Great White North" by Bob and Doug McKenzie (Geddy singing "Take Off")
1981 (ANR-1-1036 Anthem)

"Vignettes" by Marie Lynn Hammond (Lee on 2 tracks)
1983 (BTR 1002 Black Tie Records)

"Boys Brigade" by Boys Brigade (Lee produced)
1983 (ST 12278 Capitol)

"We Are the World" by USA for Africa with Lee in Northern Lights singing
"Tears are Not Enough"
1985 (40043 Columbia)

"Alien Shores" by Platinum Blonde (Alex on 2 tracks)
1985 (PCC-80105 Columbia)

"Champion" by Jeff Berlin (Peart on 2 tracks)
1985 (Passport Jazz PJ 88004 A)

"Beyond Borders" by Canadian Guitar Summit (with Alex)
July 1987 Guitar Player Magazine (flexidisc)

"Pieces of Eight" (Peart percussion complilation)
May 1987 Modern Drummer Magazine (flexidisc)

"Serious Business" by Greenway (Alex doing solo in "In the Danger Zone")
1988 (81827-1 Atlantic)

"Clean Slate" by Clean Slate  (Alex produced)
1988 (ANM-1 5002 Anthem) (5 song EP)

"Dream on the Horizon: A Tribute to the Olympic Spirit" by The Big Picture
1988 (WSC-331 Chartwell Records)  (Alex on 2 tracks)

"Smoke on the Water" (Mega-Rock Re-Mix)/Paranoid, by Rock Aid Armenia and
Black Sabbath, (Alex on guitar)
1989 UK ARMENT 001, ARMENTR 002, ARMENT 002

"Lost Brotherhood" by Larry Gowan (Alex on all tracks)
1990 (80160 Anthem)


"Star Jam Series: Neil Peart Style"

"Starlicks Guitar Lesson: Alex Lifeson Style"

"Boys Brigade" by Boys Brigade (Lee produced)
1983 (4XT-12278 Capitol)

"Clean Slate" by Clean Slate  (Alex produced)
1988 (4AN-1 5002 Anthem)

"Lost Brotherhood" by Larry Gowan (Alex on all tracks)
1990 (CT 80160 Anthem)


"Universal Juveniles" by Max Webster (Rush in "Battlescar")
1980 (?? ANR-1-1027 Anthem)

"Alien Shores" by Platinum Blonde (Alex on 2 tracks)
1985 (EK 40147 Epic)

"Smoke On the Water" by Rock Aid Armenia (Alex on guitar)
1989 UK (ARMEN CD 001)

  Several of these titles appeared on other labels and on different media,
(ie. Cassettes, LPs, Singles or CDs).  All additions or corrections are
welcome!  Enjoy!


Date: Sun, 4 Nov 90 23:09:17 -0600
From: Carl Samos 

Fellow Midnight Star Readers,

    I wrote last week that I "heard it straight from the horses' mouths"
about RUSH in the studio and about Chronicles the video.  Well, the
"horses' mouths" that I refer to are the band and their management.  True,
there has been talk on the digest about the video being available, but
has anybody actually seen it?  As of yet, I haven't heard of it being
available, and I tend to believe the management when they say it's not
finished.  After all, they do have some involvement with the project.
Well, if anybody sees it, let me know.

[ Ok, well I hate to sound like a 'doubting Thomas', but I just wanted to
  make clear the concept that the band and the management releasing the 
  video are two separate entities.  Mercury/Polygram will be releasing 
  the video, but RUSH are no longer under contract with them, having 
  switched to Atlantic after "A Show Of Hands".  If the Mercury people
  say it's not done yet, then I'd tend to believe them.  I had been told
  that a local distributor had it, but that may have been a marketing lie
  to get me to order it...

  Also (for curiosity), did you speak to them, or see/hear an interview?
  What is the source of the info?                               :rush-mgr ]

    Matthew Deter wrote in TNMS #89 that Metallica thanked RUSH on their
Master of Puppets album.  I've heard Geddy say that he likes Metallica's
music: "It's got a lot of energy."  And conversely, the members of
Metallica all enjoy RUSH's music.  I'm not sure if it goes any deeper
than that.

    Today we finally finished all of our studio work!  We were actually
done a few weeks ago, but Tim wanted to resing one of the tunes, so we
did that today.  In a few months our CD will finally be available!  It's
never too late to be added to our mailing list!  Just e-mail me your
postal address, and we'll send you a newsletter.

    Have a good day, eh!

    Carl Samos            We've got Mars on the horizon   says "The National Midnight Star" - it's true!
    Animator              What you believe is what you are.


From: The Bolton Flamer 
Subject: Red Lenses
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 90 10:03:06 BST

        Someone recently asked about the meaning of Red Lenses.  Being here in
the UK ( Warwick, England to be precise ) I thought I contribute my 2 pence
worth rather than my $0.02 on the subject.

        As far as I can make out the title Red Lenses is a play on the idea of
Rose-Tinted Spectacles - a phrase often used about someone who sees the world
as a cleaner, better place than it really is.  Neil is using that association
here with Red coloured specs - red could well be a hint at communism.  Not
being an American I don't know much about the subject but I believe the
term McCarthyism has alot to do with the subject of this song.  Wasn't
there some period not so long ago when the States became obsessed with closet
communists and famous people were brought before a committee and made to swear
they weren't communist.  I think the committee was instigated by a guy called
McCarthy.  Sounded like some kind of Witch Hunty.

        No doubt somebody more knowledgeable will fill in all my omitted


Date: Mon, 5 Nov 90 02:42:22 PST
From: (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Final Call for Dates!!

Well, it's getting near that time boys and girls.  This will be my
final call for dates that anyone has for Rush concerts.
Please send them my way to :  or

I am as most of you know by now, compiling a big list of tour dates
of Rush in concert and the current count is up to roughly 500 or
so dates.  If you've old concert stubs or anything that might help
fill up the missing gaps (and there's a LOT of them!) please send them
to me in the form:

Month Date Year		Location Played, State (or country if foreign)

I could really use some foreign dates if anyone over in Europe or
elsewhere help me I'd be grateful.  Thanks to those that have sent
me numerous dates.  By now I've most of the dates off of many
people's concert shirts and yes, even back issues of Rolling Stone
magazine and other sources.

Also, thanks to the many who sent me their bootleg list with dates
from all sorts of places.  Many of you have expressed an interest in
trading and from all the bootleg lists I've received doing this
Concert Listing - I've compiled a pretty big list of things.

Because of the nature of such things, if anyone would like to submit
their bootleg collection and are interested in the lists of others
that I've received, please send it to me in _EMAIL_ and you'll get a
copy of lists I've gotten from people which I've used to fill out
missing gaps.

For the majority of cases, I have used these bootlegs as a
definitive date on questionable cases.  The 1st edition of the
Concert Listing will no doubt be riddled with errors, so send
corrections to the above address if you know FOR SURE of a certain
date that is erroneous.


(still looks good after a year!)


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