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Subject: 11/07/90 - The National Midnight Star #95

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 95

                Wednesday, 7 November 1990
Today's Topics:
       How do you spell relief?  N-A-M-E-L-I-S-T
                        HYF Cover
                    Bunnies in concert
                  Re: Rush Concert tour
                     "Jacob's Ladder"
      Re: 11/06/90 - The National Midnight Star #92
                      concert sound
                  a new album perhaps??
                        red lenses
                   Re: Live mixing crew
                       Writing Neil
                        RUSH live
                     RE-  Bass sounds
                     Chronicles video
                 Chronicles Video Review
             Hugh Syme, Surfing, and Buffalo

Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 09:40 EST
From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: How do you spell relief?  N-A-M-E-L-I-S-T

Well, thanks to loyal member Dave Wolf, I've been able to recover and
reconstruct the list of names for this here mailing list.  Considering
there are approximately 540 people now on the list (can you say "growing
by leaps and bounds"?), it would have been HELL to reconstruct from 
scratch!  Thanks Dave!

Also, one other note:  This Friday, Nov. 9th, marks the one-year anniversary
of our esteemed mailing list.  Stay tuned that day for a special issue!!



Date:    Tue, 6 Nov 90 10:19 EST
Subject: HYF Cover

Hi, guys. I've been reading all of the little things that you have noticed
on the _Hold Your Fire_ picture, and I noticed one more last night that you
all have missed. Look right off of the juggler's right shoulder in the open
window. There is someone's hand shown holding a pistol. If that's not holding
your fire, I don't know what is.
-jeff                     "Just one more,
                          Who's searching for
                          The world that ought to be."
                          -Neil Peart, _Circumstances_


Date:  Mon, 5 Nov 90 18:50:51 -0500
From: John M. Burian
Subject: Bunnies in concert

>   I can't remember who said it, but someone today mentioned
>the hilarious, "spontaneous" event of the crew coming out
>to the boyz in bunny outfits for one of their shows.  I don't
>Jason Rosenberg

At the second show in Detroit, the two female bunnies went to Neil
and Alex, respectively, while the man in the bunny suit went to Geddy.
Geddy said "And the prettiest one for me.." :-)



Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 10:54:27 EST
From: ames@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ralph W Ames)
Subject: Re: Rush Concert tour

Hey desperate dude,

I live in Buffalo too, and I have yet to,
attend my first Rush concert (GASP).   If
you want to talk about disappointed...

1) They didn't play Buffalo.
2) As I drove through Rochester on my way
   to Boston, I found out that Rush tickets
   would be on sale the next day.  I have a
   friend in Rochester who said he would
   buy a pair of tickets if they went on sale.
   Somehow he never got the news about the
   concert until I got back two weeks later!
3) On the same trip, Albany had tickets on
   sale that I could have purchased.  Quite
   a trip, but worth it for Rush.
4) By the time I got home, the Toronto dates
   were sold out.



I think private jets may be in store next
time.  I need to see the Boyz!  If I miss
them again, look for one of those 'crazed
lunatic' stories in the paper.

"Take Off"
Ralph Ames


Subject: "Jacob's Ladder"
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 90 11:00:20 EST
From: David Arnold 

In the NMS # 92,  Meg  wrote:

>Also why is the song called "Jacob's Ladder"? I have no clue on this

This is in reference to the phenomenon in which shafts of sunlight stream
down out of the clouds; the shafts are quite obvious, and quite beautiful.
This effect is called "Jacob's Ladder".  Depending on the shape of the gap
in the clouds, it can even make a curtain effect.

It's usually seen on summer days when a thunderstorm with heavy clouds
builds up quickly, then starts to dissipate; I've noticed that it usually
happens at or near the end of the storm.  I've also seen it on just a
cloudy day, but it generally isn't as pronounced.

I would guess the phenomenon is named after the Jacob in the Bible; wasn't
he the one assumed straight into heaven?  It's so named because the shafts
of light look like 'a ladder to heaven'.  After the discussion on this list,
I'm sure there's somebody out there that's more up on their Bible.  (It's
interesting to have this song discussed in light of the recent RUSH/religion

If you look at the lyrics, they describe the approaching storm, and the
aftermath.  They seem to be saying the beams of light are 'the stuff dreams
are made of'; literary allusion.

David Arnold       Keywords:  Rush, Neville Brothers, Squeeze, Crack the Sky,
                               Peter Gabriel, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd,
Inet:       Talking Heads, Arc Of Ones (RIP), Stones, BOC,
UUCP: uunet!!davida  King Crimson, Police, Grass Roots, Hollies


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 11:54:02 EST
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: Ebasserhead

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael S Savett  writes:

	Michael> The pin that Geddy is wearing in ASOH video is (I think!)
	Michael> Jack Nance as Eraserhead (the 1977 David Lynch movie.)
	Michael> I've read that the boyz are big fans of the director and
	Michael> of that movie! (Wonder if they're into Twin Peaks?)

Yes this is correct! Geddy even has a "Henry" t-shirt -- there's a
poster that I (used to) have in which he's wearing the t-shirt under
another button-down dark shirt and you can clearly see Henry's somber
face.  This is, I think, the picture from the soundtrack of
Eraserhead. I've got this picture on a poster too, and a friend of
mine made t-shirts from this picture. TP trivia: anyone know (or
everyone know? :-) which character Jack Nance plays on TP?

>>>>> "Patrick" == pmw3y@hopper.cs.Virginia.EDU writes:

	Patrick> Also -- which Bass sound do you RUSHians like the best --
	Patrick> Geddy's Wal, the Steinberger, or the old reliable
	Patrick> Rickenbacker?  My ordering of those has to be Wal, Rick,
	Patrick> Steinberger.  I just never thought the Steinberger's
	Patrick> sound did as much for the sound of the band as a whole,
	Patrick> and I think that the Wal has a really great funky tone to
	Patrick> it, especially in the hands of someone who plays as Geddy
	Patrick> does.  However, I don't really think it's the best bass
	Patrick> for songs like Anagram or Red Tide, whose bass lines
	Patrick> (IMHO) aren't very varied and consequently don't bring
	Patrick> out the best of the Wal's sound.

Interesting observations, and I agree with you on this. I remember
hearing AFTK when it first came out. The Rick sound on Cygnus,
especially the intro, just blew me away!  I just had to have one!  I
know of at least one other bassist who bought a Rick because of that
song. Geddy's Rick was so distinctive -- the sucker literally growled
out at you. Albums like AFTK, Hemispheres and MVP are some of the best
bass tones, though I know the Jazz was used on Vital Signs and
probably other tunes as well.

I'm with you on the Steinberger. That bass has never done anything for
me (to me it even plays like crap -- but then I'm an old Fender boy),
but I can understand Geddy's desire to change his sound after 10(?)
years, especially since the band as a whole was undergoing changes at
that time (like producer).  The Wal is a great bass for Geddy,
especially with his style of using lots of nail to get a really
percussive sound, though it does suffer from limited low-end at times.
Lessee, was HYF the first album Geddy used the Wal on or was it POW? I
can't remember without the albums in front of me, but anyway, which
ever it was, I know that Geddy used the Wal in the studio, but kept
the Steinberger for the tour because he felt it was easier to move
around with, especially with all the keys he was playing. He thought
the Wal would be too awkward on stage, but was hoping to work it in,
which of course, he did.  I think the Wal sounds the best on Presto,
though, I still find myself yearning for that growling Rick on
occasion, but I'm glad the Gedster has progressed just the same.



Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 12:39:56 -0500
From: mlj@po.CWRU.Edu (Marcus L. Just)
Subject: Re: 11/06/90 - The National Midnight Star #92

   If we're still talking about RUSH cover bands, let me throw
this out.  Anybody heard of FREEWILL?  They're a Canadian group
I saw this summer in Cleveland at a Case Western pub.  The three
guys were dressed up like Geddy (pony-tail and circle-shades),
Alex (zoot suit), and Neil (well, T-shirt).  The first set, they
played some of their own stuff, which was pretty damn good in fact,
and later they played about an hour and a half of straight RUSH.
Their gig included "Xanadu" and "Red Barchetta" and ended in a
spectacular twenty-minute finale medely where they played just
about every song that you hadn't heard yet but wanted to.  The
band put on quite a show and really did RUSH justice.  Of course
nothing compares to a genuine RUSH concert. Incidently, that
weekend I saw Rush at the Collesium and at Blossom Center (the
BIG outdoor music facility of the area).  What a week.

Marcus at CWRU

P.S.   Has anybody seen "Mr Deeds Goes to Town," a 1936 movie
       starring Gary Cooper?  I think this is where Neil got
       the idea for "Cinderella Man." I don't know, rent the
       movie and tell me what you think.

[ Yes, actually Geddy wrote "Cinderella Man", and it was indeed modeled
  after "Mr Deeds Goes to Town".  Good call.  Or did you read my post
  in recently?  :-)                     :rush-mgr ]



Date:     Tue, 6 Nov 90 12:52 EDT
Subject:  concert sound

I'll probably get flamed for this (donning the asbestos undies)
but:  Rush's concert sound sucks.

I attend alot of concerts, and I tape them all, and so I am continuously
concerned with the sound quality of the show.  And, being a DeadHead,
know how good concert sound can be.  The sound at Rush shows is always
distored, too loud, a basic wash (I have only seen them from Signals
on, so it could have been better before).  Basically overamplified,
with not enough attention given to sound separation.

If you don't belive me, listen to the tape !
I'm not sure WHY the sound is poor ...

take care,


| Eric J. Simon       Harvard Univerity            HU GSAS BMCDB G2 |


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 18:21:40 GMT
From: (cs260401)
Subject: a new album perhaps??

>From the sacred halls of Virginia Tech:
Word comes to me about Rush being in the studio recording their next album.  I figured
this isn't a surprise.  But seeing as how I don't have quite the contacts that most
of you all out there, I may be missing more info about the album. (i.e. name, etc..)
Has anyone heard anything like what the title is, if they are staying in the same
kinda tone like "Presto", who's producing it (I hope it's Rupert Hine again!), and
if they have consented to adding a 4th member like they had always thought about.
Personally, I hope they stay in the power-trio just wouldn't be Rush
with 4 members in the band.

Something else I was wondering from reading the other messages...
A lot of talk has been made about the bunnies and the fact Alex played "Wipeout"
during the "Presto" tour.  Well, if it helps conversation any...Alex did indeed
play Wipeout and surf at the same time at the show I saw in Richmond, VA.  Also,
the bunnies DID work and danced (with the aid of the road crew) to "Tom Sawyer".

One more thing:
If anyone needs lyrics to any song that ever made it on an me
at my e-mail address...I have all the lyrics on a single disk.  But, depending
on how many lyrics you request...I may have to send them via US Mail.

Well, it's time to bolt...Talk at you all later!!

                                             "..exit...stage left.."

                                             Jay Cook (aka 'Wedge')
()                                                                                ()
()    WHO:  Jay Cook                                                              ()
()  or 106 Barringer Hall, VATECH
()                                       Blacksburg, VA 24060-0001                ()
()    WHEN: anytime                                                               ()
()    WHY: because someone has to!                                                ()
()                                                                                ()


Date:    Tue, 6 Nov 90 13:40 EST
From: "Brian Mathason" 
Subject: red lenses

I do not think that 'red lenses' has anything to do with communism.  The words
'... the soviets are the blues ' would seem to suggest that the band was trying
to make sure that the song wasn't taken that way.


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 13:13:19 EST
Subject: Re: Live mixing crew

Kevin Tipple writes:

 >   Having seen ZZ Top live last week (horrendous show) with the worst sound mix of
 >  any large concert I've been to reminded me somewhat of how I felt attending the
 >  Presto tour this past summer; namely, that no large touring act I've ever seen
 >  could really get a good sound mix live. The most common problem seems to be an
 >  overdose of midrange/brightness, so all you hear is guitar and other bright
 >  instruments. It's often times like listening to the band through a single horn
 >  speaker.
 >               .....
 >   The reason I post this to the Rush list is that we fans of the band generally
 >  hold better sonic tastes, and I'm curious as to whether a) anyone thinks this
 >  theory has any validity, and b) can anything be done about it. When I saw
 >  Presto, what really stood out in my mind was Alex's guitar was loud enough to
 >  make my ears distort what I heard, and Ged's bass was barely discernible.

...I was Rush this past spring at the Centrum in Worcestor , MA and these were
my exact impressions. I can't take the volume levels in arena anymore. Not only
was Alex's guitar loud but Geddy's voice was just killin' me...good thing I 
wore earplugs during Mr. Big...I had to put them back in during the middle of
Rush's set set 'cause I couldn't take it

"Who sold you this guitar?  Was it perhaps, oh, I don't know ... SATAN?" -the church lady
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 -----  {...sun!sunne,ulowell, ..uunet}!tegra!msaleski


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 14:33:34 -0500
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: Writing Neil

	I posted this before but no one responded, so I'm
going to try one more time.  Does anyone have an address
where I can write Neil Peart???  Any info would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanx.

--Supriya Goyal

[ You might try writing to the RUSH Backstage Club - he answers letters
  sent to him in the annual issues.  It's a start...            rush-mgr ]

"The lunatic is in my head."-Pink Floyd

"Quiet Rebellion leads to open war."-Rush

"You know sometimes words have two meanings."-Led Zeppelin


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 17:09:31 -0600
From: Crackpot 
Subject: RUSH live

In yesterday's TNMS, By-Tor was talking about RUSH sounding bad (or
at least, not so good) live, and was speculating about why.

Personally, I don't agree with your initial statement that they don't
sound very good live, so I can't come up with any reasons why!  Both
_Presto_ shows that I saw sounded great, and I am generally a pretty
picky person.

 R   P
   C   T


Date: 6 Nov 90 16:13:00
From: Cris Fuhrman 
Subject: RE-  Bass sounds

                                 Subject:  RE:  Bass sounds
Patrick Widener  writes:

>Also -- which Bass sound do you RUSHians like the best -- Geddy's
>Wal, the Steinberger, or the old reliable Rickenbacker?

Well, being a bass player, I've often tried to get that Geddy sound down.  I
don't have a lot invested in an amplifier, but I do own a Rickenbacker, and I
have played a Steinberger.  As most bassists know, Wals are a bit harder to
come by, as they're pretty much a custom bass.

My personal favorite sound is the Rickenbacker bass on A Farewell To Kings.
For you bassists out there, that sound can be obtained with Rotosounds (or
appropriate bright sounding strings) on a Rickenbacker 4001.  But to get the
special sound that "makes" it, you have to adjust the felt mute at the bridge
of the bass so that it just barely makes contact with the strings.  You'll here
that characteristic "buzz" sound.  If anyone out there has a 4001, give it a
try.  It's a lot of fun.

I also like the bass mix and general feel of songs like The Big Money, and
Grand Designs.  Although, it's necessary to have the appropriate sound system
to get the real feel of what's there.

Also, as for Geddy's use of the Steinberger, it's not so characteristic, but
it's a heck of a lot lighter and more durable than a Rickenbacker.  I think
that's a reason why Geddy went with it.  The Wal is also much lighter than a
Rick (in fact, most basses are lighter than Ricks these days).

-Cris Fuhrman,

"It's only got four strings, but they're thick ones."
                     - anonymous

     "And the meek shall_


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 19:20 EST
From: The Drummer Dude!! 
Subject: Chronicles

Greeting RUSHians:

   Today I went on a search for Chronicles video tape (Buffalo, New York) to
no avail.  I searched high and low, including a couple of the area chains and
the big player in town, Record Theatre.  The clerk there searched through
industry magazines and found nothing.  I find this really weird seeing that
someone previously stated that they have the tape in their posession.  What
was the release date supposed to be?  this is really weird, a couple days
ago I saw a commericial on MTV (Yes, I will admit it I was watching a tad
bit of the MTV) for Chronicles which showed a clip from Time Stand Still
and said available on Cassette, CD , and video... whats video mean here?
The saga continues... where is the collection???


[ And, like magic, the next post says ...                      :rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 17:58:46 -0800
From: ddelany@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Dan Delany)
Subject: Chronicles video

      Well, I've got news for all of you out there who still don't think
that the _Chronicles_ video exists yet.  I just finished watching my copy,
and I like it!  It seems to be more comprehensive than the band's previous
video compilation, _Through The Camera Eye_.  That collection only
contained songs from _Moving Pictures_ to _Grace Under Pressure_, while
this one contains songs from _A Farewell To Kings_ to _Hold Your Fire_.

      Here's the important info for all of you home viewers:

      Rush: _Chronicles, the Video Collection_
      PMV 082 765-3 approx. 63 minutes
      (Sorry, Jeff! It doesn't say anything about a laserdisc release.)

      Here's the list of songs again:

Closer To The Heart [live]
The Trees [live]
Limelight [studio]
Tom Sawyer [live, from ESL with some minor changes]
Red Barchetta [live, from ESL]
Subdivisions [from _Through The Camera Eye_]
Distant Early Warning [from _Through The Camera Eye_]
Red Sector A [live, from the p/g tour video]
The Big Money [the shortened MTV version, not the complete one from the
               p/g tour video]
Mystic Rhythms
Time Stand Still
Lock And Key

      I was kinda disappointed that the live "Lock And Key" that is missing
from the _A Show Of Hands_ videotape wasn't used, since that would allow that
large but vocal majority among us who don't have laserdisc players yet to
legally obtain this track.


Dan Delany @ Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California:
         "We feel the push and pull of restless rhythms from afar..."


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 01:41:29 PST
From: (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Chronicles Video Review

Greetings fellow Rush fans,

	Just bought the so-ever-sought after Chronicles video today.
I guess it's finally out now in the stores??  Anyways, here's a few
thoughts on the videos.

I.  Closer to the Heart
	This one reminds me of the video for "The Enemy Within" off
of Through the Camera Eye video compilation.  If you see all the
eye shots and stuff, you'll know what I mean.  Looks like this was
taken from their FTK concert tour or something.  Neil has his drum
kit with the logo on it (Man with Star).  This video is definitely
vintage stuff.

II. The Trees
	Taken from the same period as above, I think it was filmed
from the same outtake.  This version of the song is different from
the one on Hemispheres, most evident in the percussions towards the
end of the song.  Another vintage video for Rush fans.

III. Limelight
	Nicely done, the video has both studio and concert footage
of the boys playing this one.  The video portion seems like it was
taken from the same outtake that "Vital Signs" from Through the
Camera Eye was filmed.  The only difference I noticed however is
that Neil isn't wearing that pickup around his neck and also if I
remember correctly he doesn't have a mustache in this video though
he did on "Vital Signs"?  (Can anyone confirm?  Been so long since I
watch the videos I forget).  The concert footage looks like the same
period as Exit...Stage Left though not the same concert from what I
can tell as on the Exit...Stage Left concert video.

IV.   Tom Sawyer
V.    Red Barchetta
VI.   Subdivisions
VII.  Distant Early Warning
VIII. Red Sector A
IX.   The Big Money

	All of these videos off the Chronicles Video Collection can
be found on Rush's other video releases.  "Tom Sawyer" and "Red
Barchetta" are the same videos taken from the Exit...Stage Left
concert video.  "Subdivisions" and "Distant Early Warning" are
videos from Rush's Through the Camera Eye video collection.  "Red
Sector A" and "The Big Money" are both from the Grace Under Pressure
concert video.

X.  Mystic Rhythms
	This video is really neat!!  I liked watching Neil drum on
this one.  There seems to be a lot of hidden things and meanings in
the video, reminds me of the "Afterimage" video on Through the
Camera Eye with the broken doll, the boy and the bicycle.  This one
deals with really abstract stuff.  Floating balls and toy figures
all give it a pretty neat and intriguing overtone.

XI.  Time Stand Still
	Amee Mann (is that how it's spell?) appears on the video
here as we see a lot of neat hollywood effects.  If you watch this
one, try not to get dizzy with Alex dancing around and floating all
over the place on the screen.  I really liked this one as well.
Some footage in the backdrop I could tell was from the same film
that was shot on the rear projection screen during the concert for
this song.  The ending here is pretty funny.

XII.  Lock and Key
	Balls from Hold Your Fire visit this video, as the film
showned during Lock and Key from the A Show of Hands laserdisk video
can be seen in the background.  I forget the name of the movie that
Geddy (Rush's resident film-buff) picked for this song but it
reminds me of the song in concert on their HYF tour.  This is a new
video also that I hadn't seen before and once again, done very
nicely, these last couple of videos contrast the 1st two!! and you
can tell!.

	All in all, I'd recommend this one to the serious Rush
collector if not for the 1st two videos alone, even though I was a
bit disappointed that they included 6 videos that can be found on
other Rush video releases.  (Looks like a cheap way for
Mercury-Polygram to juice more money out of the boys huh?) One thing
I didn't mind and in fact I thought was a good improvement on those
6 repeated videos is the clarity and color!  It seems they redid the
color and it's a bit richer and fuller, and the clarity of the Grace
Under Pressure concert video outtakes is really nice, not too fuzzy
like the concert video.  You can see this for example on the "Red
Sector A" performance with the crystal nice lasers cutting through
the screen.  Very nicely reproduced.  I did notice that they edited
out Neil's voice during the intro to "Red Barchetta" and the sound
did drop a little but aside from that not much difference.  Does
anyone out there have any opinions??

Rush - Chronicles
The Video Collection

Polygram Music Video
Approx running time 63 minutes
Price $16.99



Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 09:15 EST
From: Might as well go for a soda ---- Nobody hurts and nobody cries
Subject: Hugh Syme, Surfing, and Buffalo

To the disapointed dude:

     Rush did not play in Buffalo because of two reasons.  The first was
because the Sabres needed the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium for their playoffs,
and they didn't know when they could give up the Aud.  Second is that they had
renovations just after they finished the playoffs so they Aud was closed.
Since Buffalo was by here in April and May it was still too cold to play
outdoors, and none of the outdoor stadiums are good for concerts.

     Rush likes to play in Buffalo, and barring any other complications I'm
sure they will play here for their next tour.  I'm positive they have good
memories of the Aud since that is the site where the "Exit...Stage Left" album
cover was shot.

     Speaking of album covers, did anyone know that Hugh Syme designed the
cover for the new Styx album?  Besides designing the past two covers for
Whitesnake, what other projects has Hugh been involved in?  Has any of his art
been in galleries?  I would like to know more about the fifth member of the
band (I think Terry Brown, although no longer with the band as producer can
still be thought of as the fourth member).


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