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Subject: 11/08/90 - The National Midnight Star #97

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 97

                Thursday, 8 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                        Kubla Khan
                    RUSH's Live Sound
                        Being RUSH
     Re: The National Midnight Star of 10/31/90 (#84)
                    RUSH's live sound
                     Chronicles video
                    Re: Concert sound
               Chronicles, Surfing, Anthem
                   Re: Top Three Songs
                   Steinberger griping
               address, Rush concert sound
                   Vital Signs Reggae?
                   Moon Records "RUSH"
                     Buffalo and RUSH
                       Rush sounds
                       Rush Concert
              File Server, Happy Anniversary
11/05/90 - The National Midnight Star #91 ** Special Edition **

Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 15:23:53 mst
From: wicat! (John J. Mendenhall)
Subject: Kubla Khan


Thanks to whoever posted _Kubla Kahn_. It reminded me of days
long ago, back in a High School senior English class when we
were studying the poem. I was somewhat into RUSH back then
(1978-9) but I had two friends, who everyone in the school
considered to be "long hairs", who were really into RUSH
(Charlie and Ross, are you out there?). Our teacher was an
older woman, very intellectual and VERY conservative. My friends
talked her into playing Xanadu as part of her lesson. Class was
fun that day! Also note that at that time in our location,
Rock and Roll was a baaad thing.  Charlie told me that the
teacher later borrowed and recorded his copy of AFtK. But
she was still strict the rest of the year. I remember seeing
her at hockey games after that, hmmmm....

If anyone's interested, there was a movie made, inspired by
_Kubla Khan_, but I don't recall the title. It was made a
long time ago, and was a classic in its day. It's still fun
to watch, just imagine your own soundtrack.


John Mendenhall


Date:  7 Nov 90 10:32 -0600
From: Kerry Yackoboski 

Subject: various meanderings....

>From Tuesday's National Midnight Star, there are few things I'll
comment on...

>Michael S Savett 
>Subject: Surfing and stuff...
>  If anyone taped the Rush MuchMusic special this weekend referred to
>herein yesterday, please send me mail, as I would like to get a hold
>of that!
	Sorry, didn't tape it.  The hostess referred to Neil Peart
as Neil "Pert" (pronounced that way) and when they were showing
clips from an interview with him, the "super" on the bottom (I think
that's what the label is called) identified him as "Neil Pert".
There was also a contest where the prize was a CD set of
Chronicles autographed by the band.

>From: pmw3y@hopper.cs.Virginia.EDU
>Subject: Bass Sounds

>Also -- which Bass sound do you RUSHians like the best -- Geddy's
>Wal, the Steinberger, or the old reliable Rickenbacker?  My ordering
>of those has to be Wal, Rick, Steinberger.
	Hmmmm.  My favourite is the Jazz Bass sound.  I'm positive
this is the axe used on YYZ (my independent source is an old
interview in International Musician & Recording World, but my
ears always told me it was the J-Bass as well), and I think it's
also on Vital Signs, Red Barchetta,  and Limelight.  (I mean
the studio versions).  I thkn it's also on The Analog Kid,
but I'm not sure.  I really like the growl it has, and the bottom
end seems just a bit fuller than most basses.  After that I'd
pick the Rick, the Steinberger and then the Wal.  I was hoping
he'd drop the Wal for the last album, but it's probably a very
comfortable guitar.  The only place I can definitely identify the
Rick is on Exit, Stage Left.  The 'Bergy has a great sound, but
I don't think it's one that'll stand the test of time, unlike
the Fender sounds.  By the way, given my 'druthers I'd rather play a
Steinberger in a 2-hour concert as well, since it ergonomically
superior to the J-bass, which was not designed with ease of
wearing in mind and likely weighs over 12 pounds (mine weighs 14!!
really, think about it - that is heavy!)

>Subject: Wireless
>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 7:33:05 CST
>From: T.J. Higgins 
>> By Chris Michael
>> Last Rev: 11/90
>> LPs:
>I have one Wireless album, "Positively Human, Relatively Sane" which
>is from 1979, Mercury SRM-1-3750.  Geddy Lee and Kim Mitchell are
>thanked in the credits, but the album was produced by Micheal Tilka.
>T.J. Higgins		 	uunet!ingr!higgins (UUCP)
	I recall seeing another album out years ago, but I
don't recall the title - I think the cover had a picture of an
airplane on it, but I'm not sure.  By the way, Micheal Tilka
was the bassist on the first Max Webster albums, including
the phenomenal second album, "High Class in Borrowed Shoes".

In Wednesday's National Midnight Star, there are few things I'll
comment on...

>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 12:39:56 -0500
>From: mlj@po.CWRU.Edu (Marcus L. Just)
>Subject: Re: 11/06/90 - The National Midnight Star #92
>   If we're still talking about RUSH cover bands, let me throw
>this out.
	There's also "Click", based out of Toronto (?).  They
do some great Rush, but they've also covered Journey, Led Zep, Queen
(they do Bohemian Rhapsody, with the elaborate harmonies),
Max Webster, and even Streetheart!!  Their biggest attraction
is the sense of humour of the singer/pianist/leader, Keith
Retson-Spalding. They always parodied the latest hit, played
cartoon music, made up stupid lyrics, made fun of the drunks in the
bar, etc.  They sang "Journey on Qualuudes" which is some Journey
song played at 1/4 speed until the chorus when they snap into time,
and I remember a aong about wild sex called "Get the Butter" sung
to the tune of "I'm on Fire" by Springsteen.  On slow nights
they played "Stump The Audience", where they'd buy a drink for
the first person to identify the Rush song they were playing from.
They had 3 levels; easy, hard, and "is that really a Rush song?"
The really hard ones were short snippets from the less popular
albums and songs, like the first 3 albums.
	I haven't seen them for a few years, but they still come
through town on occasion.

>Date: Tue, 6 Nov 90 13:13:19 EST
>Subject: Re: Live mixing crew
>...I was Rush this past spring at the Centrum in Worcestor , MA
	Interesting typo.  Freudian slip, or IS THE SECRET OUT?

>Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 09:15 EST
>From: Might as well go for a soda ---- Nobody hurts and nobody cries
>Subject: Hugh Syme, Surfing, and Buffalo
>     Speaking of album covers, did anyone know that Hugh Syme designed the
>cover for the new Styx album?  Besides designing the past two covers for
>Whitesnake, what other projects has Hugh been involved in?
	Well, of course there was his involvement in that
gold heist a few years ago that earned him a few years in the slammer.
I figure he must have done the Grace Under Pressure cover while
behind bars, and perhaps even Power Windows.  Which might help
explain the "inside looking out" quality of the art.

	"sometimes we like circles and spots
	 sometimes we like love
	 we like polka dots
	 sometimes we write the diary for rock'n'roll men..."

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 11:45:23 est
From: "Dan Schwarz" 
Subject: RUSH's Live Sound

I caught RUSH on their last (Presto) tour, when they stopped at the Worcester
Centrum. I've seen a lot of shows at the Centrum, so I know how good and how
bad it can sound there. (worst sounding show yet: AC/DC, 11/90)

Rush was definitely the  2nd best sounding show I have ever heard there.
(absolute best goes to Roger Waters when he played there in '87, last stop
on the Radio K.A.O.S. tour.)

And yes, I'm also a deadhead and a "floyd-head" so I know how good concerts
can sound. I wore earplugs during all of Mr. Big's set (I'm not stupid) and
took them out for RUSH. Sure, they were loud, but the sound was incredible
(Xanadu in particular was out-of-this-world!)  I think they use 4 banks of
speakers (left-right front and left-right rear) which makes all the difference.

I have heard complaints from some of my friends who saw RUSH at the Providence
Civic Center; there it was supposedly way , WAY too loud. But all I know is
what I've heard, and the sound at Worcester this year was terrific.



Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 11:16:49 EST
Subject: Being RUSH

( writes:
>...I was Rush this past spring at the Centrum in Worcestor , MA

Wow! Really? I saw you then, you did a really good job! How did you pull that off,


"...Most of us just dream about the things we'd like to be..." - OSRQ (Obligatory Sarcastic Rush Quote)



Date: Wed,  7 Nov 90 13:27:12 -0500 (EST)
From: "Nicholas G. Alexander" 
Subject: Re: The National Midnight Star of 10/31/90 (#84)

RE:  Boyz solo projects

    As far as the Smoke on the Water recording, it was sponsored by a
non profit group called somthing along the lines of "Aid for Armenia."
I listened to it in a shop called "CD Connection" in Beavercreek, OH.
(Thats near Dayton, and yes, its actually on the road map.)  That,
unfortunately, is the only place I have ever seen it.

    Neil and Geddy were on Rockline a while ago, just after Presto was
released.   Anagram (for Mongo) is a reference to the movie Blazing
saddles.  The sherrif, in an attempt to distract a guy name Mongo,
enters the room and says "Candygram for Mongo!"  That's where they say
they got the title.  Seriously.

"My way of life is easy, and as simple are my needs."  I wish!

Nick Alexander


From: (Longshot)
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 1990 12:39:52 CST
Subject: RUSH's live sound

I have to disagree with the DeadHead who claimed forthright that the Boyz
live sound is/was inadequate. I missed the Presto tour due to terminal lack
of funds (*sniff* I'm sorry I bought groceries instead of the ticket, I have
been kicking myself ever since), but a buddy went (and bought me a tour
program as a slightly belated birthday present) and said that this tour was
not up to their previous standards. He went on to point out, however, that
Rush on a bad day can out-jam and generally smoke most bands on their best
day. I have felt that using so much synth was not such a good idea, and I was
very pleased that Presto was more of the power trio sound again. My kid brother,
who tends more towards (old) Van Halen and Metallica, loves the first 4 or 5
albums. _Working Man_ is one of his fave works by the Boyz. When you have to
handle so much equipment on stage, it will detract from your sound quality.
When you are playing to such large audiences that you have to boost
tremendously your sound level, the sound quality will suffer. My solution is,
and always will be, simple. I don't try to sit front row. Back about 50
yards from the stage, there is no distortion, and the speakers' channels
blend wonderfully.


Randy J. Ray       University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus	(405)/325-5370
!chinet!uokmax!randy	randy@uokmax.uucp
Morality is meaningful only in the culture within it exists.	-instructor


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 14:00 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: Chronicles video

Just got the video and watched it here at school. Those of you in the
Buffalo area can get it at Cavages in the Boulevard mall for $20.

This thing is REALLY disappointing.  The most glaring problem I have is
the fact that 6 of the 12 videos on here are already available!!! What
the hell was going through Polygrams collective empty heads?!?!?!? Why
not include stuff that WASN'T previously released.... Xanadu, AFTK, La
Villa Strangiato, Lock and Key (from ASOH laserdisc).  I have rather poor
copies of the above videos, but the reason I wanted the Chronicles video
was to get good copies.

They are really clever too, they didn't put the word "Live" in parantheses 
after the live tracks, at least warning us that these were already things 
ESL ON 3 DIFFERENT TAPES!!!!!!!!  Why couldn't they put the studio 
(excellent) version on there...

Too upset to continue....  SHANE


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 16:36 EDT
Subject: Fish???

	I have a couple of theories as to what "Catch a Fish" means in Tom
Sawyer. The first one is a idea my friend Dan came up with. He said he read or
or heard in a Rush interview, I'm not sure which, that Geddy likes the group
Yes, one of their songs is called 'The Fish'. Another theory is that Geddy 
just said it for the hell of it, I mean maybe he was just goofin around the 
first time he said it and it stuck. 'The Fish' is a instrumental if I recall 
	Does anybody know if any groups other than Mr. Big and Voivod opened 
forRush on the Presto Tour? And have any of you been to the Hemispheres Tour, 
I heard it was good.

[ It was excellent, although the opening band was some heavy metal band 
  named (Jethro Tull!  hah, just kidding) Saxon.  I believe they had some
  sort of recognition for a couple of years.  They didn't really complement
  RUSH well...                                                   :rush-mgr ]

Later RUSHians....
 P.S. Thanx to John Connelly for introducing me to 'National Midnight Star', andalso to Jonah Cordy for introducing me to Rush back in the 6th Grade.

                               --== < { [ Mike Hester ] } > ==--



Date: Wed,  7 Nov 90 16:39:46 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Re: Concert sound

Try a small concert hall. i.e. Greenville (S.C.) sports arena. I saw the
first show of the Presto tour there and the sound was great. I'm not
sure exactly how many people it sat, but it was small! (General

   Sure, there were times when the guitar over powered everything else,
but during most songs, (Mission, Scars, Freewill, and of course Tom
Sawyer) the bass was not only THERE but it was tight and rolling as
   Does anyone know of a recording of that show? 2/17/90 From what I've
heard, that show was slightly different from the other shows on the
Presto tour. I have a small collection of recordings that I could trade.



Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 20:56 EDT
Subject: Chronicles, Surfing, Anthem

        Hello Rush People,
                Transworld Music now has the Chronicles Vid, but I have yet
to find it in any Record Town or Tape World.  Try Camolot, they are bigger, and
hit you local independent stores.(They are better, and less expensive anyway.)
        Alex did the surfing thing here in Albany, this past summer.  I had no
clue what he was doing until I read it here.
        Now onto new stuff.  I don't have the complete lyrics to the song
Anthem.  From what I can figure out, it sounds like a lot of right-wing mumbo
jumbo.  For example: "Begging Hands and Bleeding Hearts Will Only Cry Out For
More."  I know the book "Anthem" was the basis of 2112 but I don't know what it
has to do with this song.  So, could someone send me the lyrics and lets
shed some light on this.
        "Your Minds Running Slow" -Voivod
        "The Universe is ment to expand" -Rush


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 22:07:18 -0800
From: ppierald@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Perdle)
Subject: Re: Top Three Songs

Hello again! The response to my request for your favorite top three Rush songs
was great. The race is very closso I need a lot more entries. The more the
merrier! I mean I want a lot. Fill my mbox file with entries! Go ahead, make
my day.
Send your favorite three Rush songs as they appear on the album to

song #1
song #2
song #3

That's it! Your vote does count! So do your civil duty and do it.

- Paul Pieralde


Date:         Wed, 07 Nov 90 19:31:04 EST
From: Jeffery Bacon 
Subject:      Steinberger griping

     (Throwing my two bits into the Steinberger love/hate debate)

     I rather like it, actually. It's a distinctively synthetic sort of sound.
"Punchy" is a good term to describe it; if I recall, the Gedster used that
term once to describe it. And it is. Based on what I know of guitar design,
it has to do with the way it's put together. Now, the Steinberger ads claim
the body's made of some ultra-dense super-strong carbon-fiber-laminate
something-or-another. I should imagine so. (I've never actually seen one, I'm
afraid; coming from BFE where the rage is Country/Western...ugh! But I've
studied the design a bit...) Anyway, this has the effect of making the bass
lighter and stiffer than a more "normal" bass. This, as you might guess, has
some distinct impacts on the sound of the bass.

     While the body of an electric guitar may be just a board to mount
strings and pickups on, it still has a resonance frequency and distinct modes
of oscillation. Thus, when the strings oscillate, they serve to drive the
body, which then resonates in its own fashion, which in turn feeds back into
the strings. From this effect we have the origin of such terms as "warmer"
or "harsher"...or "punchy".

     If you dig up the right equations, one finds that the vibe characteristics
of a given object are directly related to its stiffness (k) and mass (m), and
resonant frequency is (I think) w^2 = k/m. In the case of the Steinberger, it
adds up to less sustain and a no-so-rich harmonic series, or at least one
shoved higher up in the frequency range. Makes sense to me.

     A little history: round 'bout the time GUP came out, I was a relatively
new Rushian, awed by Ged and madly learning bass lines left and right. (Still
even remember some of them. Started out on some nondescript piece of junk,
then graduated to the school band's Peavey T-40. Decent feel, but the sound
was pretty generic, and it weighed a TON. D*** good sustain tho...Anyway.)
Then my bassist friend (by a miracle) got his hands on a Rick 4003. (Or at
least it was a miracle considering the price he got it at...) Pretty awesome
stuff for us. Then GUP came out...and here's Ged swinging 'round this new
absolutely cool-looking black stick...and I had to have one. Couldn't afford
one of course, but wanted to experiment with the I built one and
started hacking. Interesting stuff if ya got the money...I still wanna get
back to it someday and build a Hentor...:)

     Anyway, I got to prove the validity of my theories. I overdid mine a
bit, tho; it's probably somewhat lighter than a Steinberger and not quite
as stiff (rock maple), but it's punchy as all hell. I need another set of
pickups for it tho; I put on Jazz pickups, and I really should have put on
a more normal set of dual-coil humbuckers...but with some tweaking I can
get pretty close to a Ged sound out of it.

     I think it has its place in the Rush sound spectrum. It's a far more
synthetic sound than the Rick or Wal. Kinda fits the time, I think.


Date: Wed, 7 Nov 90 23:41:06 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: address, Rush concert sound

Hey you hosers!

O.k., it's 11:00 in the evening and I have a mid-term tomorrow (or
today), so I'll make this as brief as possible.

Supriya Goyal--I had meant to post this before, but just didn't have
the time (and I post this for others also if they're interested).
This is an address I have for the band.  However, and perhaps someone
can clarify this, I don't know if this replaces their previous
Thornhill address.  But here it is:

		41 Britan St. (#200)
		Toronto, ON

I got this last year from a book.  It was a compilation of addresses
of groups that fans could write to.  I don't remember the name of it--
it might be in a bookstore in the section where they have all of those
books about biographies of bands, how to write songs, etc.  Anyone
know why RUSH drooped the Thornhill adress from the albums, and if it
still exists?  Just curious.

About those "practical jokes" and those stunts that the crew "play" on
the band--for all those who wrote in saying that the Oakland concert
was not the only place it happened (and I'm glad you did; it's nice to
hear/read stories of the boyz!)--I didn't mean to imply that that was
the ONLY place/time that all of that happened and I apologize if I did
(well, obviously, I did!).  Anyway, like I said, it's nice to hear
about other concerts and stuff!

About the sound quality at Rush concerts--it seems to vary.  When they
were here in Hawaii, as far as I know, it was one of the best.  They
did have trouble on the first night (from what the DJ's were saying)
but the second night, the concert that I went to, it was great.  Not
too loud, things were clear and precise.  The only thing that couldn't
be understood was the rear-screen projection image of Count Floyd
(consquently, when I got the GUP video, and I finally understod what
the Count was saying, I WAS ON THE GROUND FOR 10 MINUTES--I was
laughing so damned hard I couldn't get up.  Damn that was funny:
(Because if you don't have yur 3-D glasses, you'll only be seeing
this thing in 1 1/2-D!).  ooops, sorry. Anyway, I guess it was
understandable because the arena here seats only about 7,000 (Robert,
can you confirm or deny this?) and echoes.  But it was just great.
Interestingly enough, the Robert Plant concert lst night (YES!!!!!)
probably had the best sound I've ever heard at an indoor concert.  No
muddled sounds, all was bright and clear as day and when Robert Plant
intor'd the other band memebers, he could be heard EXTREMELY well;
absolutely no problems--this being the same arena.  When I saw Rush in
Sac and Oakland, the sound was muddled--unless you knew the songs, I
don't think you could have figured out what the song sounded like.  I
was sitting at the same level as the speakers at all 4 aforementioned
concerts and Robert Plants' was simply the best.
	I really hate to say this, I think they do have to work on
their sound a litle more.  What's funny is that when they came here,
they had to leave HALF of their sound equip. behind--and they were
reputed to have had THE BEST sound system compared to almost every
other band at that time (they came here in 1984).  the speakers were
not suspended but just your basic 'stack-em-up-along-the-side-of-the
-stage' speakers.  Maybe they should have stuck to those...?

And this was supposed to be brief! Good thing it wasn't supposed to be
long...!  Good day, eh.

Puanani Akaka


Subject: Vital Signs Reggae?
From: (J. Michael Goodwin)
Date:    Thu, 08 Nov 90 08:20:11 EST

The *only* similarity is the short, choppy chords that seem to be *the*
rhythm style in reggae.  I mean, its sounds more like a soundtrack to
a sci-fi film than reggae (and I'm not slamming the song, it's one of
my favorite Rush tracks). The book was great reading! Thanks

I get the feeling with the religious discussion going on that some
people would abandon RUSH if they found out that the members are non-
believers!  They are the same great group, regardless of religious
preference or lack thereof.  There are much better topics to discuss
about the group.

Does anyone know if Rush will ever go back to the lengthy, epic
adventure style songs that they were once known for?  I recall
reading that Neil now prefers tha more concise songs, and that
the band took that medium as far as they could.  I, for one, would
like to see another 8-10 minute song on the upcoming CD.

Mike Goodwin


Date: 8 Nov 90 07:43:00 CDT
Subject: Moon Records "RUSH"

	I have two things to say.
	First, does anyone out there know how much the original Moon Records
release of "RUSH" would be worth now? I don't own a copy, I'm just interested
as a fan and a collecter.
	Secondly, to all the people out there who have been trying to find the
meaning behind some RUSH tunes, but there is one problem with how you're going
about it. You are trying to pull the main theme of a song from one or two lines,I don't think that Neil would write a song with one simple phrase to point out
the meaning. You have to look at the over-all song to find the meaning.

			Just my two cents worth.
						Karl Olson


Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 09:16 EST
Subject: Buffalo and RUSH

>From : The Analog Man
Subj : Buffalo and Rush

   I have always wanted to see the Boyz. but they didn't come to buffalo (notice
I did spell that with a small "b")on their PRESTO Tour.  I think one of the
reasons for this is that only 2 radio stations in town play RUSH, and they don't
play enough of it.

   Also, how much is the Chronicles viedo selling for.  I checked out the
Buffalo record stores, but no one seems to have it yet.


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: Rush sounds
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 10:35:14 EST

Well, there seems to have been some talk lately about the sound quality at
Rush shows.  I, personally, have never been to a bad sounding Rush concert
and I have seen them about a dozen times since 1983 (Signals).  I will admit
that I have been to shows where the sound was "better".  The YES concert in
1984 comes to mind.  One possibility of Rush sounding "bad" is your position
in the concert hall.  It does make a difference.  To Pete Jones sitting in
section C, the show could sound terrible, whereas to Joe Smith in section B,
the show could sound great.  Just a thought...


BTW these names are ficticious :-).

Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "Don't have a cow man."  - Bart Simpson
(216) 867-3700 x3512 <->


Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 12:06 EST
Subject: Rush Concert

From:  The Analog Man
Subj: Rush Concert Sound
  Everyone has been talking about how RUSH in concert seems to have too much
volume in the midrange part of the sonic frequencies.  One possible reason
for this is that RUSH plays in closed areans.  Mose areans have some sort
of sound absorbers to cut down echo and volume (An example would be
the Skytent in SKYDOME in Toronto,Ontario).  Because of these devices,
the volume levels have to be raised in the midrange region so that
they don't get absorbed.
  I'm not positive as to whether this is true or not.  This is just a
                    Later Dudes and Dudettes
                    THE ANALOG MAN
"The more we think we know about, the greater the unknown"
                  RUSH->Mystic RHythms


Subject: File Server, Happy Anniversary
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 14:28:48 CST
From: Keith E. Ford 

I joined this list some time ago, and find it very entertaining.
Here at Intergraph, I redistribute TNMS (I voted for Signals :-))
to 19 other Rush fans.  When I first became involved, I was very
interested in acquiring some back issues and the lyrics files.
Thanks to some kindly list members, these items soon found their
way to my emailbox.  Now, with the anniversary here, I would like
to return the favor.  I have a file server running (I use the word
loosely, it's VERY new) with all of my Rush stuff (and other info)
available.  It is as simple as sending a request via email, and
waiting for the reply.  Processing is done once a night for quick
turn around.  I do have a one-megabyte limit, so keep your requests
to one per day.  If you are interested, send email with the subject
of HELP to SERVER@INGR.COM or ...!UUNET!INGR!SERVER, whichever your
software uses.  They are the same place and everything is case
insensitive.  Happy Anniversary and special thanks to Manager!!!
| Micro Magic BBS     (Fidonet: 1:373/12,   MaBell: +1 205 830 2362)
| "and the Trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw." -Rush


Date: Thu, 8 Nov 90 15:48:24 est
From: "Dylan Kaufman" 
Subject: 11/05/90 - The National Midnight Star #91 ** Special Edition **

Does anyone know if "The Source" still exists?  Is it a national show?
Also, the Westwood One network, among others, carries 1 1/2 hour shows
on various bands once a week (I think)... anyone know if they are
going to be carrying RUSH sometime?



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