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Subject: 11/19/90 - The National Midnight Star #105

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 105

                 Monday, 19 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                 covering Rush; keyboards
         John Dos Passos, Dylan Thomas, and Neil
                    Neil's old sets...
                  Good deal on Rush CDs!
                   The Last Virtuosos?
           Beneath, Between, Behind (Satanic?)
                     Re: Geeks? Not!
               5-String Wal and Alex's RC's
                    Backwards bullsh*t
                      Assorted Stuff
                        Re: Polls
        Mr. Big, Satanic Lyrics, "Rush geek", etc.
                        Top 3 list
                     Eraserhead. . .
                        Album Poll
               Cancer rumours and Geddy Lee

Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 11:36:44 -0500
From: John W Connelly 
Subject: covering Rush; keyboards

Good evening everybody; nice to see ya, nice to see ya

	First-time poster here.  Been with the list since last month,
although I'm about 2 weeks behind in digesting the Digests.  So if this
topic has been beat to death already, please forgive me...

	On the topic of playing Rush tunes in a band, I was the keyboard
player in a high school band who was pretty heavily into Rush.  As such
a group with a strong synth section :), we did _Subdivisions_, _Distant
Early Warning_ (with the ethereal intro), _New World Man_, _Tom Sawyer_.
We (the rest of the band, mainly; my parts were small) also did pretty
solid, faithful versions of _YYZ_, _La Villa Strangiato_, and
_Limelight_.  We fooled around with _The Big Money_, _The Camera Eye_,
and _Zanadu_, but they never really came together.  Those of us still
around last year played with _Show Don't Tell_ and _Superconductor_ a
bit.  Myself, I like to play the synth parts from _Chemistry_ and

	As for practicing bands who cover Rush, there's a band named
"Balls Factor" here in the Pittsburgh area who does decent versions of
_2112_ (up to the end of Temples of Syrinx), _What You're Doing_, and
_Working Man_, I believe (or was it _In The Mood_?).  All older stuff;
no keyboards.  But then Rush keyboardists don't seem very commonplace
from what I've gathered from the NMS.  Are there any other Rush keyboard
enthusiasts out there?


| John Connelly, 511 LRDC | |"Klingon sons, you've |
| University of Pgh	  |=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|  killed my bastard!" |
| Pittsburgh, PA  15260   |   CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET  |     --STIII (almost) |


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 11:39 EST
Subject: John Dos Passos, Dylan Thomas, and Neil

 Hello fellow RushFans,

    Has anyone out there ever heard of an author named John Dos Passos?
  The other day in a used bookstore I noticed two of his books, named:

                          The Camera Eye


                           The Big Money   !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I take it that Neil has read these books  (or maybe he just liked the
 sound of the names: like "Absalom, Absalom").   Does anyone have any more
 info about this?  It's always neat to find literary sources of Rush songs
  -  and there are *so* many!

   For example, in _Red Tide_ (I think), the line:

         "Let us not go gently into that endless winter night"

   is from a Dylan Thomas poem (of the same name, I think), written about
 the death of his father.  I think the next line of the poem goes something
          "Rage, rage against the dying of the light"

   (maybe some connection to _Available Light_???)  I have to read the poem
 again to be sure.  Maybe some kind soul could look it up and post it?
              ((   That is, if anyone cares !!!   :-)   ))

                              Anyway, it's just snack-food for thought...

                                     - Steve Cranmer


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 12:02:47 -0500 (EST)
From: Gregory Ross Thompson 
Subject: Neil's old sets...

  Well, I don't haven't heard much about Neil giving away his old set
to someone for writing a letter, but I know that Modern Drummer had a
contest a while back that Neil sponsored.  I think the premise was
that Neil had too many drum sets hanging around his house, so he held
a contest.  The person with the best drum solo got his kit.  MD
distributed one of their little flimsy records with the three best
solos on it.  Actually, I think the contest was kinda pointless.  The
guy who won had electronic pads on his set, as well as a hell of a lot
of other crap.  He didn't sound like he needed a new set at all.  Oh

		-Greg T.


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 12:10:26 -0500
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Cancer

Regarding all of the cancer talk.

Rush seems to have a knack for these rumors.  There are always rumors
of breakup with them, but health seems to be the big topic.  My
favorite is from around the signals era.  This was before my Rush
days, so this is what I've heard from friends.  I don't know how wide
spread this got.  It was right around Signals that Neil cut his hair.
He made it very short.  Then, Signals came out.  If anyone hasn't
noticed, this albumn can very easily be interpreted as a series of
songs tracing through a life- from birth to growing up to death.
Losing it would seem to be the closer to life, while Countdown, with
not a great stretch could be acent to heaven(no talk about over
interpretation or religious beliefs- I am talking about POSSIBILITIES.
Any way, Rush also never played Losing it on tour, so I heard, but did
play the rest of the record.  So people put 2 and 2 and 2 together and
came up with something strange.  Neil has cancer, is in Chemo(look at
the hair) and the band is done.  Neat.

Anyone else ever hear this?

[ Other rumours:  John Rutsey quit because he was dying of cancer.
                  Geddy had throat cancer.
                  Geddy had throat nodules, and would not be able to sing
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

Jason Rosenberg


Subject: Good deal on Rush CDs!
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 9:18:40 PST
From: (Todd Day)

Not sure if the Wherehouse is nationwide or not...  they seem
to be big on the West Coast.  Anyway, you can get 2112, GUP,
HYF, MP, and another that I can't remember for $8.99!  This
promo is only good for a couple weeks, so get out there and
do your Christmas shopping for your friends NOW!

Todd Day |   |  ucsbcsl!ivucsb!todd

Zen koan:
		*finger = moon;		/* finger != moon */


Date:         Fri, 16 Nov 90 15:19:23 EST
From: Dark Elf 
Subject:      The Last Virtuosos?

          I saw an interesting comment in one of the recent NMS issues,
 Someone mentioned that Rush has a minimalistic approach.  I agree with this
 for the most part.   Most popular music out there today is lacking in redeemin
 qualities (Need I mention the New Kids?).  And even now most hard rock  can
 be reduced down to "how fast can I play arpeggios" or "How loud does my amp
 go".   Also most rock groups are obsessed with their image, in their songs and
 in the the way they present their live shows.  Rush, however, goes on stage
  with exactly what they need to do a great show and nothing more.  They don't
 need the ridiculous costumes, and they don't have to run around like a trio
 of lunatics on stage.  They do present a somewhat flashy visual portion during
 live shows, but the effects they use are tastefully done, and more or less
 complement the music.  In short, Rush does not need a flashy, guady "image,"
 because their music says all that needs to be said.

      I have Memory and Awareness, *
      But I have no shape or form, *     Cygnus, Bringer of Balance
      As a Disembodied spirit,     *         VESPOSIT@SBCCVM
      I am dead, and yet unborn    *             ********


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 12:08:52 -0900
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: Backmasking

I heard it!! Repent satanic Rush Fans, for here is the Back masked message
contained in Beneath Between and Behind:

Quaff the satanic Banana libido!!
Kerplonk disdain piano drop falsetto, Satan!
Mephistopholes condemn obscure atrocious options crunch!
Devil Bunnies!  I snort the nose, Lucifer!! Banana! Banana!

Reverend Doug

[ Nanu nanu, Klaatu Boraxo (sic) Nicto ...                       :rush-mgr ]

"Those who know whats best for us
 Must rise and save us from ourselves."  OPRQ (obligatory pertinant Rush quote)


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 16:11:58 -0500
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: Geeks

Well, I don't know about the rest of you RUSH fans, but
I'm not a science-techno geek.  I'm a high school student.

[ Plenty of time to corrupt your mind!   :-)                      :rush-mgr ]

"Quiet Rebellion leads to open war."

--Supriya Goyal


Date:     Fri, 16 Nov 90 15:29 CST
Subject:  Beneath, Between, Behind (Satanic?)

Greetings, Syrinxians:
        Regarding Crimson's last message about The Family Channel's recent
'special' on backward masking: I, too, saw it, and I, too, was doubled over in
disgust. Now, I don't want to see this turn into a Nuke-The-PMRC newsletter
overnight, but I just have a few things to say.
        The Family Channel has always been a haven for fear and ignorance, and
will continue to be until someone lightning-bolts Pat Robertson or some other
'nasty' event such as this one. It is pathetic the way that the fundamentalist
Christian population goes off and slanders groups like Rush simply because they
don't know where they're coming from, and they're deathly afraid of Satanism in
any form. I have plenty of ammo to prove this, as I have lived here in
Tennessee for 10 years. You know, the place where Jonathan Swift's "A Modest
Proposal" was almost banned because they thought it was about 'killing babies
in sacrificial rites.' Hmmm?
        At any rate, on to my point. The best part about being a Rush fan is
that I can proudly say that I stand among the most intelligent people among the
music-listening world. WE know what it's all about, and, thusly, we should give
a flying fig what Pat Robertson, Tipper Gore, etc. thinks about us. So do as I
do, mes amis, lock the Family Channel out of your cable boxes, and sleep
soundly knowing that if we are going to hell, we'll more than likely all be
politicians there.

                                Curtis Matthews
                                "There is 'tic' and 'toc' in 'atomic'"


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 14:21:21 PST
From: (Chang... Ed Chang.)
Subject: Re: Geeks? Not!

> From: (David Laurenc Gordon)

> It would take a relatively high degree of intelligence to properly
> appreciate RUSH. That is what I would suppose to be our common thread.

I didn't detect this "high degree of intelligence" among the fans at
the Presto concert in Oakland.  But then, maybe they just don't
"properly appreciate" RUSH... :-)  Who knows, maybe they were just
there for the drum solo...



Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 18:10:44 EST
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: 5-String Wal and Alex's RC's

>>>>> "Cris" == Cris Fuhrman writes:

	Cris> Someone mentioned about the low B string on the 5-string
	Cris> bass... it came up before in the newsgroup, and someone
	Cris> confirmed my guess that Lock&Key uses the 5-string on
	Cris> account of the Low C# and Db and Eb (not exactly sure of
	Cris> these notes).

Yes, I think Geddy talks about his experiences with basses other than
the standard fretted 4-stringer in one of the numerous (but more
recent) interviews with him in the various musician-type magazines.
Could have been the 1st Bass Player with him on the cover.  Anyway, he
says that he's tried fretless basses but found that its too much work
to get the right intonation all the time.  Remember, a good friend of
his is Jeff Berlin, certainly an accomplished fretless player. In
fact, its Geds jamming with Jeff that led to a lot of Geds recent
double-stop techniques, such as in Force Ten.  Geddy also talks about
his trying a 5-string Wal during the production of HYF. He says he
really didn't feel very comfortable playing the 5-string, but that he
did find the extended range useful for Lock & Key, which I think is
the only song to find it on.  Incidently, the only Wal I've ever
played was a 5-stringer.  It felt pretty good, but it sounded kinda
weak. I was surprised, perhaps its those Funkmaster strings he uses
(Geddy, don't tell *me* your not funky! :-).  Anyone actually found a
music store that stocks Wals?  The one I played was on consignment at
the local vintage guitar shop that does my repair work.  None of the
"majors" in the DC area stock them as far as I know.

>>>>> "By-tor" == By-tor  writes:

	By-tor> Alex skydiving: I don't think so, but if he ever does,
	By-tor> it'll probably be written up in a tour program or
	By-tor> interview somewhere. I do know he dabbled in
	By-tor> radio-controlled airplanes for a while, ending the
	By-tor> adventure with a kamikaze dive into a cow and other mostly
	By-tor> stationary objects. I would've LOVED to have seen that...

Rush-mgr reminds me to relate an interesting story concerning Alex's
RC planes.  Quite a few years ago (1980 or thereabouts), a good friend
of mine went out to the Capital Center here in Largo, MD during the
day between a 2 night gig by Rush. He figured he'd just see what was
happening. As it turned out, Alex was out in the expansive parking lot
flying his plane. Andy (my friend) strolled about watching and when
Alex crashed his plane into a tree (apparently a common occurance :-),
Andy offered to climb up and retrieve it. Alex was at least grateful
enough to give a backstage pass to Andy for the evening's show and he
got to meet the boyz.  Actually, he spent more time partying with
Herns then he did with Rush. I remember the next tour, I actually went
with Andy to see if we could hook up with the guys again, but we
didn't.  Herns did get us some pretty good seats though.  Maybe I
should have shown up with my RC cars and jammed Alex's signals :-).



Date:  Fri, 16 Nov 90 19:29:22 -0500
From: Daniel L. McDonald 
Subject: Backwards bullsh*t

First of all, I WILL GET A LIST of available digitized sounds, unfortunately,
classes have been quite rough.

Second of all, whil I recorded the first batch of digitized sounds, I decided
to play the part in Zepplin's *Stairway* which has the '666' in it.  It turns
out that,
                       "It's just a sprinkling for the the May queen"
			   ^   ^    ^
[ Ummm, it's:                       spring clean                  :rush-mgr ]

WHere those carrots are is where, when played backwards, is what sounds like
'666'.  It has nothing to do with 666, but with the way the words are.  Now
the real zealots can say that it was SUPPOSED to be that way, but I think it
is bad luck and coincidence.

I can understand Mr. Peart saying "get a life" if this is the sole occupier
of our time.  I can say that it is certainly NOT the sole occupier of my time!
Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:             |
University of Michigan| Bitnet:|
Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104|
"rising falling at force ten
 we twist the world and ride the wind..." - Rush


Date: Fri, 16 Nov 90 17:12:30 PST
Subject: Assorted Stuff

 Hi!  I am one of the many newcomers to the NMS.  I think it is really
great and I enjoy it a lot!  To say a little about me, I'm a Psychology
major w/ a music minor(flute player)and I HATE computers.The only reason
I learned what little I know is so I could get the NMS which I heard about
from jimmy lang(thanks,jimmy!)

  I went to the laserium rush show here in San Diego.  I thought it was great!
The laser show was live. I thought the YYZ and Tom Saywer were the best songs
done by far.

>musicians can have so much more freedom when they're not following a script
>there is room to jam and to modify the set as they're going along.

  I have to agree with him. I saw Eric Clapton at Alpine Valley w/ Stevie
Ray Vaughn and The Robert Cray Band. At the end of the whole concert, there
was this huge jam with about eight guitar players up there. It was great!!!!
Rush was just as awesome in concert, don't get me wrong. I saw them in
Minneapolis on the Pesto tour, and I thought it was awesome! But I do think
it would be great to hear Rush jam during a concert. Can you imagine it?
By the way, any Eric Clapton fans out there?

I welcome any e-mail about good ol' Slowhand or anything else!
rush-mgr- Is this more than 80 chrs?(I don't know-sorry if it is!)

                                   -Ronda Horn


From: Atro Tossavainen 
Subject: Re: Polls
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 90 15:53:22 EET

	I know this is a waste of digest bandwidth, but is there really
	need for "everyone's favourite xxxyy poll" all the time? I think
	we all have our personal opinions as to what Rush album we like
	most and therefore see no reason to try to define _the_ best Rush
	albums via a poll like this, and the same applies to individual
	songs and about everything.
atthe (


Date: Sat, 17 Nov 90 16:23:37 -0500 (EST)
From: "Mark R. Stemm" 
Subject: Mr. Big, Satanic Lyrics, "Rush geek", etc.

I just wanted to say a few words about Mr. Big:

I know that their type of music is  from the level
and genre of Rush, but don't let that cloud any judgements
about them. Billy Sheehan definitely has a unique bass
style, and although he and the other members of the band
might be metal pop wannabe's, they are metal pop wannabe's
who have some talent--enough to put them far above the
likes of many other "headbangers" out there like Bon Jovi,
Nelson, Slaughter, etc.(the list goes on and on...)

Someone a week or so ago mentioned the guitarist's(Paul
Gilbert?) stunt with the power drill. It does seem corny
at first, until you noticed(as I did, from the third row)
that he was moving his hands <> with the drill or
picks attached to the drill. More likely he was moving
every third, fourth, or so "note", but anybody must admit,
that takes a hell of a lot of talent.

I too, saw the "family channel" program about satanic lyrics.
Wasn't it "Anthem", not "Beneath, Between, and Behind", though?
After I stopped rolling around on the floor laughing and
wiped the tears out of my eyes, I dragged out the reel-to-reel
player and tried it for myself. I could find nothing, zero,
zelch. I guess listening to the same recording over and
over in the corner of the office with an impending deadline
can make people hear a lot of things. I wonder where they
got the band footage from, though. It looked pretty interesting.

As far as the "Rush geek" thing goes, anybody that walks
into my room would definitely think that I am one. I have
about 8 posters and several albums covering the walls, and
own about 4 tourbooks, Visions, Sucess Under Pressure(the
author doesn't know what he's talking about--notice that
most or all of the pictures are publicity or record cover
shots?). However, this is where I draw the line. I am
a big Rush fan and a collector of Rush memorbilia, and
truly believe that they are one of the finest collections
of musicians around, but I am not going to "sacrifice my
first born" to a statue of Geddy, or call them "gods".
Notice that fifth graders call the New Kids or Milli
Vanilli gods, too(anybody read USA today Friday??)

                            "That's all he wrote"
                                    Mark Stemm, CMU


Date: Sat, 17 Nov 90 20:22 EST

 I must agree with Crimson (Mark Friedman) and his criticism religous fanatics
who try to read satanism into Everything! I recall seeing a show which also
accused Rush of being Satanic. It was likely the same group for they also used
a live song "Anthem" also off of P/G video. They too put the "satanic" lyrics
at the bottom of the screen. Having nothing better to do, I dubbed "Anthem" to
reel to reel tape (yes I still have this antique) and after playing it backwards
at several speeds I could hear nothing that resembled the offendin lyrics.

[ They also claim that the star from _2112_ is a pentagram, and therefore
  satanistic.  For one, it *isn't* a pentagram, and two, pentagrams have
  been around a lot longer than the ideas of Satan/Christianity!  :rush-mgr ]

 Also, since I haven't been able to post in a long time I would like to get my
$.02 in on Rush and religion. The discussions on past postings about Neils
agnostic/atheist beliefs were interesting. It seems, however, that the
possibility of his beliefs evolving was overlooked. Recently I see several
Buddhist influences in Neils's lyrics including "Tai Shan". Also the referrence
to the mirror in "War Paint" as the mirror is often used as a metaphor for the
Zen mind. Neil also referred to the mirror in the Preto tour book, as well as a
Zen saying. Finally in his ariticle on Satanism Neil makes refference to the
Sidhartha (the Buddha).

 Well thats enough of my babbling. Maybe I should "get a life".

 Bill "Axeman" Colyer


Date: Sun, 18 Nov 90 00:24:24 -0800
From: ppierald@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Paul Pieralde)
Subject: Top 3 list

Here are the Top 3 songs as requested by you the readers of The National
Midnight Star...........

#1          La Villa Strangiato

#2          Red Barchetta

#3          The Spirit of Radio

[ Interesting that these are from three successive albums (although not
  in order...  their 6th, 7th, and 8th out of 13 studio albums.   :rush-mgr ]

Thanks again to all of you who voted.
I decided not to post the entire listing of songs with their respective
number of votes because I felt that it would take up too much room.
If anyone would like the results, send me a line, and I will forward the
results to you.

-Paul Pieralde


Date:    Sun, 18 Nov 90 13:11 EST
From: "Malzor" 
Subject: Eraserhead. . .

Is the button Geddy's wearing in a Show of Hands the eraserhead guy?
Also, does anyone know the number of albums sold for RUSH's last couple
of albums?



Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 08:15 +1000
From: Rush Are Gods 
Subject: Trivia

Techno Geek? Well, my story is Computer Science undergrad who's changed his
major to English and is trying to learn the guitar. (Add a bit of science
and I think They would be proud).
I love this magazine (only began receiving it recently). This may seem amazing
but I only heard Rush this year when I saw The Body Electric on TV! I watched
it over and over again and immediately ordered their entire (available)
back catalogue. They are the only band.
Anyways, as you all seem interested in any trivia at all....

Andrew Braybrook programmer of such home computer classics as Paradroid,
Uridium,Alleycat,Morpheus,Gribbly's Day Out etc. is a total Rush devotee. As
is Gordon Houghton ("Rush:The first band I ever really liked.") writer for
just about all of the English computer press.
Any hackers/crackers will know just how many groups are named after Rush songs
e.g Red Sector. One particular (excellent) group (to which I have no
affiliation), viz. ESI used to put Rush quotes in their cracks - beyond cool!
I'm sorry this is all the enlightening I can do but I live in a crap country
which will never see the likes of Them.
Is that a Rush shirt I saw being worn in one of the Tetris sequels????

Adam Williams
================================================================================ |  :-)  ^a.k.a Asmodeus,Pagan Idol,Count Zero etc.^  (-:
======================       -------------------------------------------
Isn't it good to know that the Amiga's potential has hardly been tapped!!!!!!!!

p.s Is there anyone in the U.S who I could pay well for certain types of tapes?
    Respond to the above address and detail cost of tape you would use and
    your copying charge and postage. I don't think this is unfair to the band
    as I will buy any of their merchandise I ever have the fortune to find and
    I encourage people to buy their albums etc. etc.


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 00:54:14 EST
Subject: Album Poll

Hey there, Rush Fans.  I introduced the Album Poll last Friday and so far I
have received a total of 16 responses!  I'd like to see a lot more in order
to make this poll a success, so please send your votes!  Remember, they have
to be in the following format:

   1) Favorite Album
   2) Second Favorite
   3) Third Favorite
   4) Fourth Favorite
   5) Fifth Favorite

It doesn't take much time, so if you can, drop me your vote!  Thanks a lot!

          William MacDonald

   "Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame..."


Subject: Cancer rumours and Geddy Lee
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 13:29:58 +0000
From: David Elkan 

Just to confuse you all the two items mentioned in the subject line have
nothing to do with each other :)

...First the cancer story:

Reading all the cancer rumours buzzing around the list reminded me of a story
I was told years ago but forgot soon afterwards (not surprising, really - it
wasn't based on much)...

"Neil Peart has brain cancer... The reason that he had all his hair cut short
and/or wore a hat on the p/g video was because of an operation he'd had for

Now I'm not saying that I believe this at all, but didn't someone else on the
list post a similar story... could this have been a GLOBAL RUMOUR??? :)

...Then the Geddy Lee story:

Also a while ago Meg, I think, wanted to know about the vital statistics of the
band members...  Well, I can only guess at Geddy's height -

In the summer I spent 3 days in Toronto as part of my holiday.  The second
evening I was there I went to the cinema, to see the film "The Unbelievable
Truth" (or something).  Anyway, getting up to leave after the film I noticed
a guy with a long ponytail walking out with his girlfriend/wife - he'd been
sitting behind me in the theatre.  Turning the corner I realised that it was
none other than the Gedster himself!!!

Knowing how much the band protect their private lives, and being a reserved-sort
-of-English-person, I didn't say anything... but I noticed that he was a
couple of inches shorter in height than me, making him about 5'8"... And no,
I didn't get his shoe size :)

Yours trivially,


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