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Subject: 11/20/90 - The National Midnight Star #106

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 106

                Tuesday, 20 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                     Concert Science
                   Archive File Server
               Tom Sawyer rap-off; YYZ flub
                    Bits and pieces...
               Re:  Good deal on Rush CD's
           A Show of Hands and thanks Joe Kung
                     Lee on Keyboards
                         ASOH LDs
                 Anthem on P/G? Pentagram
                       Import info

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 17:52:40 +0100
From: (Bijan Forutanpour)
Subject: Concert Science

Yo RushHeads,

What always blew my mind at Rush concerts was the lazer works.
I've always wanted to know more about the behind-the-scenes set up
of the lazer and lightwork.  Each time that I've seen them (always
in the San Diego Sports Arena), they've had mirrors around the arena
corners, sides, etc and create a web of lazer light via reflections.
In addition, they created images on the screen behind them, much in
the style of Lazerium shows (how many people have seen the RUSH versions?)
Incredible stuff here, I WANT DETAILS!!   What sort of soft/hardware
is going on behind the scenes?! Who does it for them?
Can I send Rush my resume (yeah, right).

Actually, I can answer one of my own question:  The lazer work for
the Lazerium shows is done by Lazer Images, based in Santa Monica, Calif.

At one particular Rush show (in San Diego), they had MAJOR electrical
problems, and the concert had to be stopped 3-4 times, as they fixed
a fuse, etc, was great fun, because the Arena lights went
on and Alex started to tap dance while "problems" were being fixed. It was
too funny.  PS. From what I saw, Alex is turning into Mr. G.Q. on stage.
Relax dude, wear a T-shirt.

Anyway any info anyone can share with me/us on the questions asked in
part II of paragraph I  is highly appreciated.



Subject: Archive File Server
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 11:05:37 CST
From: Keith E. Ford 

Hello fello Rush fans.  Here is the full scoop on the archive file
server that I'm running.  By sending email with the proper Subject
line, you can receive digest back issues, lyrics, the Frequently
Asked Questions, articles, transcriptions of tourbooks, and other
items.  I would also like to provide the raster bitmaps and GIFs
if someone would send them to me.  PUH-LEEZE!  If you have something
which I'm missing, please send it along.  See below for how-to.
A list of what is currently available is at the end of this posting.

The address of this archive file server is:

   UUCP'ish:  ...!uunet!ingr!server

This archive file server currently supports the following commands:

   GET     - request a specific file listed in the index
   HELP    - request the help file (this file)
   INDEX   - request list of requestable files
   MESSAGE - this is a message to server keeper (do not process)

Commands and file names are not case sensitive.  The body of the
email is _ignored_ unless the command is MESSAGE, then it is passed
on to the keeper of the server, currently me.

To make something available on the archive, send it with the MESSAGE
command so the server keeper can respond appropriately.

I am limited to sending 1 megabyte of text a day.  If your request
is processed after this limit is exceeded, you will be notified that
your request failed.  You will also be notified if your request
contains an invalid command, unknown file name, or other problem.

Use the MESSAGE command for questions.  Do not contact anyone at site
INGR.  This might cause problems and will put the existence of the
server at risk.  As a *LAST* resort, post a message to the list and
I will reply accordingly.

Enjoy, and thanks to all who have helped me to build this collection.

------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------
   1295 help                 :help for using mail server
    167 incoming             :new files since Sun Nov 18 11:13:05 1990
   5394 index                :index of requestable files
  71854 misc/calendar        :misc calendar entries
    597 misc/faces           :ASCII faces for email
  36028 misc/ibm_faq         :frequently asked questions for IBM pc's
   7591 misc/net_mail        :how to email from one network to another
  46489 misc/unix_faq        :frequently asked questions for Unix
   2384 misc/using_simtel    :how to use list servers for Simtel

        rush/digest/#        :back issues of the digest where # is
                              23-56, 58-63, 66-71, 73-104

   9599 rush/lyrics/2112     :2112
   4930 rush/lyrics/aftk     :A Farewell To Kings
   1049 rush/lyrics/batlscar :Battlescar, from Max Webster
   7649 rush/lyrics/cos      :Caress Of Steel
   6015 rush/lyrics/fbn      :Fly By Night
   6393 rush/lyrics/gup      :Grace Under Pressure
   5586 rush/lyrics/hemis    :Hemispheres
  10295 rush/lyrics/hyf      :Hold Your Fire
   6318 rush/lyrics/mp       :Moving Pictures
  11956 rush/lyrics/presto   :Presto
   5229 rush/lyrics/pwaves   :Permanent Waves
   8463 rush/lyrics/pwindows :Power Windows
   7522 rush/lyrics/rush     :Rush
   7868 rush/lyrics/signals  :Signals
  16306 rush/misc/3told_tale :Thrice Told Tales, Rush history by Neil
  13202 rush/misc/alex_intvw :'89 Music Express interview with Alex
  11043 rush/misc/barchetta  :A Nice Morning Drive, from Road & Track
   9160 rush/misc/chron_info :text from Chronicles
   3716 rush/misc/cos_pk     :'75 COS press kit
  31118 rush/misc/discograph :Rush discography, music list
   5694 rush/misc/equipment  :hardware used by Rush
  25375 rush/misc/gup_tb     :GUP tourbook
  13141 rush/misc/hyf_tb     :HYF tourbook, Fireworks, making of HYF
   2993 rush/misc/kubla_khan :the poem, for Xanadu
  10641 rush/misc/neil_25qna :'85 25 questions to Neil
  54544 rush/misc/neil_intvw :'89 Modern Drummer interview with Neil
  19624 rush/misc/presto_tb  :Presto tourbook, Paper Scissors Stone
  20404 rush/misc/pw_tb      :PW tourbook, Personal Waves
  16320 rush/misc/red_rose   :'78 story about Rush (and a red rose)
  24868 rush/misc/rush_faq   :frequently asked questions about Rush
  14640 rush/misc/rush_spec  :'83 from The Source, Rush Special radio-view
   6634 rush/misc/satanism   :Neil Peart's editorial on satanism
  78196 rush/misc/successup  :Rush, Success Under Pressure, the book
   1718 rush/misc/uncovers   :text which songs were based on or inspired by
  41328 rush/misc/word_list  :word count from all lyrics
| ...!uunet!ingr!fordke    OR
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Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 14:45:17 -0500
From: John W Connelly 
Subject: Tom Sawyer rap-off; YYZ flub

Attention all planets...

	Lately I've been hearing some pretty disturbing news from some
pretty reliable sources.  Apparently, someone was taken our beloved "Tom
Sawyer" and put it to _RAP MUSIC_ (pardon the oxymoron).  I have yet to
hear this myself, but it appears to be true.  The 7/8 solo section
figures prominently, from what I understand.

	Please, say it isn't so!  First there was the M.C. Hammernuts
ripoff of "Superfreak", then someone did a dance music bastardization of
Yes' "Owner Of A Lonely Heart", and now ... THIS?!?  Why?  Why RUSH???!

	In other news, someone mentioned Alex breaking a string during
YYZ here in Pittsburgh, on the _Power Windows_ tour.  Someone else said
he broke it during the same song, right before the solo, in another
city.  Well, I was listening to a bootleg last night of _Power Windows_
in Pittsburgh, and he broke it *right before the solo* here.  Just
thought I'd add that little tidbit.

(Forgive me if this is old news; I'm still behind in reading my TNMS's)


P.S: As to "who we are", I'm a grad student in psychology.  Cognitive,
	psychology, that is.
P.P.S: Forgive the Trek .sig ...

| John Connelly, 511 LRDC | |"Klingon sons, you've |
| University of Pgh	  |=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|  killed my bastard!" |
| Pittsburgh, PA  15260   |   CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET  |     --STIII (almost) |


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 1990 14:49:46 EST
From: Mark "Crimson" Friedman 
Subject: Bits and pieces...

"Yes, John Connelly..."
	...I too am a Rush keyboardist!  In fact, the guitarist (who happens
	and my to be my brother, Bob) and bassist/vocalist ("Hey Joe!") from
	my "latest old band" are also NMS subscribers.  3/4 of W + Z, eh?

	Well, I used to be in the Audio Recording department here at The
	OSU, Inc., so I suppose I'm part music major.  But they eventually
	canned the program ("The bastages!") and I somehow drifted into
	Computer Science.  The rest is history!

	I heard Geddy had nose cancer!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  ;-)

"Chronicles CDs"
	I can find them for $25.  Anybody beat that somewhere else?

"Look how fast I can play arpeggios!"
	I wouldn't put Mr.Big high up on my "best band" list.  Actually,
	I know they wouldn't even put in an appearance!  :-)  I believe
	that these "speed freaks" are very juvenille in their musicianship.
	I remember when I was early in my guitar career how I'd do all
	this fret tapping arpeggio bullsh*t and would play really fast just
	for fun ("Hey! Call me Mr.Sloppy!").  Heck, for one solo I even
	tapped with my hands over the top of the fretboard!  But eventually
	I realised it was all crap and started concentrating on some solid
	technique.  I'm so happy that I did.  However, I'd still love to
	tap a Chapman Stick any day!  :-)

"Rush's 'Anthem' satanic?"
	Mark Stemm and Bill "Axeman" Colyer (an old pal-o-mine. "Hey BBBill!")
	both think that "Anthem" was the song the "family channel" 'exposed'
	as being satanic.  Well, it could have been, now that I think back
	on it, but "the point remains the same!"  I know it was off of the
	p/g video, as Axeman confirms, so all you folks with a copy check if
	"Anthem" is on the video!

"Rush influenced Hackers"
	Adam Williams mentions ESI's inclusion of Rush quotes in their
	cracks.  I've seen one example with their quoting of "Mystic
	Rhythms" on a C=64 game.  I even think one of ESI uses "By-Tor"
	as his handle.

Oh well, that's it fer now...

					- Crimson

OBRQ - "Whoaaa!!!"  -- from 2112  :-)

[ Geez, dude, lighten up - don't be so serious!  :-)           :rush-mgr ]

+----====>>>))) Mark Friedman is (((<<<====----+
|  "There is nothing former  |  (Disclaimer : the opposite of Datclaimer)  |
|     about King Crimson."   |    "I used to have a photgraphic memory     |
|   - Robert Fripp, 5/11/90  |       but it was never developed..."        |


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 12:32:41 -0800
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: Re:  Good deal on Rush CD's

$8.99 is not a bad deal, but shopping around pays off.  Rasputin's here in
Berkeley and San Lorenzo have good deals periodically - I paid $7.99 for the
first 4 studio albums at Rasputins, Tower and Leopold (fancy name for Where-
house) and $7.99 for Moving Pictures at Target (yes, Target - and you thought
they only had New Kids and Tiffany).  Also, used CD's are often a bargain -
most of the time they are in good shape (some stores are more reliable than
others) and always cheaper than new.  The Rush Albums I've bought used are
P/G for $8.00, Hold Your Fire for $9.00.  So, be patient, and you will save
beaucoup $$$.


If you can't trust Milli Vanilli, what's the sense in living?


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 19:29:47 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: A Show of Hands and thanks Joe Kung

Does any one out there know if the album A Show of Hands was recorded
digitally or analoge? Do the boyz record all of their shows?

Also, I would like to thank Joe Kung, wherever you are, for the song sheets.


"Children growing up, old friends growing older."    :-(


From: (Neil W Cohen)
Subject: Lee on Keyboards
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 90 20:07:18 EST

   O.K. I'm a big fan of Rush for both their music and their lyrics.
But I don't think Geddy Lee is an "incredible" keyboard player. (He
is an "incredible" bass player).  But when you go to the show, everytime
Geddy does a simple little keyboard solo, the audience erupts as if
it were Peart doing a drum solo. Go figure! Yeah, I know-everyone at these
shows is all wound up (or stoned) and will cheer anything, but still...

Only slightly related, I had this vision with a bunch of people in suits 
(expensive suits) - the whole auditorium is filled these guys, it's like 
the theatre - and on stage Rush is playing. The audience cheers and whistles 
and yells - not at the drum solo, not at the bass or keyboard or even guitar
solo. They are cheering the lyrics.  "Well done! Well done! How poetic! 
Allusions, more allusions!" Kind of like Monty Python's "Novel Writing",

  Oh, by the way, since I'm rambling on here, someone mentioned Paul
Gilbert of Mr. Big last week.  Just a note - he's considered one of the
hottest young guitar virtuosos today (meaning he's in every other issue
of every Guitar magazine).


Subject: ASOH LDs
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 90 14:01:50 +0900

I got my copy of the laser disc for ASOH (not Chronicles :-). I looked
for the import print (US print) but I couldn't find any. It turns out
that the Japanese print didn't have `Lock and Key' as it was mentioned
here before :-(.  But it had CD quality digital sound, and I really
enjoyed it!

Talking about breaking strings, I noticed Alex broke a string at the
end of Tom Sawyer in the video. It got tangled on the other strings
and made a small buzzing noize, but Alex pulled it off and played the
last chord while arming down to keep the pitch. Small precise techniques..

Techno Geek? I'll hopefully get my Masters in Electronic Engineering
this year.  I'm working an a file system on the DAT. I sit before my
Sparcstation1 most of the day..
                             Yoshiyuki Tanaka
                             Sophia University, Tokyo Japan.
                             Dept of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
                             Deiters Laboratory.


Date: Mon, 19 Nov 1990 15:33 CST
From: By-tor 
Subject: Anthem on P/G? Pentagram

Just a few items:

>accused Rush of being Satanic. It was likely the same group for they also used
>a live song "Anthem" also off of P/G video. They too put the "satanic" lyrics

Now I haven't seen the P/G tour video lately, but I am *pretty* sure that
"Anthem" isn't on it. For that matter, I don't remember ever seeing them do
that song live, so where did this footage come from?

 >[ They also claim that the star from _2112_ is a pentagram, and therefore
 > satanistic.  For one, it *isn't* a pentagram, and two, pentagrams have
 > been around a lot longer than the ideas of Satan/Christianity!  :rush-mgr ]

This is getting picky, but on the _Exit- Stage Left_ video, at the very end of
the tape, after the finale of "2112," the red star floating in water that I
assume was projected on the back screen was in the form of a pentagram. I also
have a 2112 bumper sticker that has the full inner-star lines drawn also. Not
that this means anything, but it's kinda interesting. What I heard once, and
promptly got rather upset about, is when some metalhead told me that Rush had
stolen Motley Crue's logo. Arrrggh!

By the way, keep those interesting "I ran into Rush" stories coming. I love to
read those most of all, and hope to have my own some day.

Kevin Tipple, aka Blue Steel, By-tor       University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bitnet: UCSKRT@UWPLATT.BITNET              Platteville, Wisconsin  USA
"Oh dear, the penguin's exploded."  - Monty Python


Subject: Import info
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 90 00:27:53 -0500
From: david l brewster 

What info do you have on imports that are of 'decent' quality.


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