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Subject: 11/26/90 - The National Midnight Star #109

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 109

                 Monday, 26 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                replys from postings past
                        Tour Info
              BBB lyrics and Anthem Records
      BackIssue Service going on ThanksGiving Break!
                       Basting Away
      RE: 11/21/90 - The National Midnight Star #108
             Broken strings and crossed eyes
                    Revised Top 3 list
          Various and sundry bits and pieces IV

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: Administrivia

Hope all you Americans had a nice Thanksgiving weekend!

Just a note to let you all know that there were apparently some mail
problems with Syrinx over the Thanksgiving holiday (too much turkey?).
The mail queue was full on Saturday (after Wed being the last mailing);
the mailer was killed & restarted, and that seemed to take care of the
problem.  No guarantees, however!  If you are missing issues, you know
where to send to.  If not, read the trailer of this (or any) Digest.

Also, I've received a request from William MacDonald 
about a low response to the album poll.  The deadline is this Friday (11/30),
and he's only received abotu 25 responses form a list of over 500!  C'mon,
people, there's got to be more than 25 interested parties!  Doesn't there?
For details, refer to NMS # 105.



From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: replys from postings past
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 90 14:09:43 EST

Before I comment on the latest postings, I will suggest to you all to try
not to get too behind in your readings of the digest.  I've been mega-busy
here at work and finally found time to read the last half-dozen or so issues
and man ... that was kinda tough!

Re:  Acoustics (a la Bob Friedman)
	Well, I also was at the Richfield (Cleve) Coliseum show and I thought
	that the sound was superb.  Like I mentioned, it may have to do with
	where your seats are.  It does make a difference.  I sat straight back
	from the stage on the 1st level and they sounded great.  I think
	Rush's mixing crew does a GREAT job.  Rush is one of the best I
	have ever heard live (probably cause they are such perfectionist).

Re:  Alex's string breaking
	I've seen Rush quite a number of times since '82 and I did see Alex
	break a string in "Closer To the Heart" down in Charleston, W.Va on
	the GUP Tour.  It was in his feature section of the tune.  It did look
	like he was ready for it cause he turned around and literally threw
	the guitar back to a technician then put his arms straight up and in
	a flash had another guitar around around him from another roadie.
	What astonished me was how fast the switch was made.  Maybe it is
	possible that Alex had problems with the kind of strings he was using?

Re:  Sampling et al
	I, too, noticed some minor problems at the Detroit show last March
	with the backgroud vocals on "Show, Don't Tell".  Probably cause
	it was still early in the tour (gotta work out those bugs :-).

Re:  New album
	It sounds odd to me that Rush would be releasing another album so soon
	after _Presto_.  They seem to be in the album-per-two-years mode since
	the _Signals_ album (because they have definately established
	themselves).  Geddy, himself, said on the subject of a breakup that
	they were not breaking up but not to expect an album as often as in
	years past.  They want to spend more time with family, etc.  Just a

Re:  Backmasking
	Well, I consider myself very religious and I think this is a bunch
	of bull-$%!t (see, I *TRY* not to swear, somewhat unsuccessfully at
	times :-).  My feeling is that if one tries hard enough, one can hear
	some sort of backwards message in ANYTHING from Barry Manilow to
	Larwence Welk!  The claims are just a ploy to get parents to guide
	their children not to listen to rock/hard-rock/heavy-metal, etc.
	because they think this will guide children into suicide and satanism.
	If someone is that easily pursuaded into the depths of these areas
	then that person was unstable to begin with and the parents have
	no-one to blame but themselves.
	I tried to state my point as delicately as possible and I hope I do
	not open a can of worms with this.  Please forgive me if I have
	stepped on anyones toes.  This is all, of course, my opinion.

Re:  Cancer rumors et al
	Come on now ...
	I will say that Neil was (and still is I believe) a chain-smoker
	(consult your personal copy of "Visions").

Re:  Geeks
	Well, I don't consider myself a geek and I graduated from Kent State
	(no shooting jokes, please) with a CS degree.  We're not geeks, we
	just like to play on computers (and read the digest).

Re:  "Success Under Pressure"
	I would also like to thank the individual who spent much time in
	typing in "Success Under Pressure".  Nice job!


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "Don't have a cow man."  - Bart Simpson
(216) 867-3700 x3512 <->


Date: Wed, 21 Nov 90 14:54:06 -0500
From: Tonya Y Schooler 
Subject: bb&b

Here's my version of B,B,&B:
Beneath the noble fir
Between the crowded spur
Behind the gloomy cracks

(that was I joke--I didn't mean to offend anybody!)

By the way, I'm a cognitive psychology grad student and (gasp)
a *GIRL*

Thank you, Tonya Y. Schooler, former Husky.


From: "Phillip R. Scarr" 
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 1990 15:45:11 EST
Subject: Tour Info

Not to be picky or anything, the tour list was interesting, but you
missed a short series of dates which fell between the termination of the
Hemisphere's tour and the release of PW.  These dates are interesting
because (1) it was the first time I saw Rush in concert, (2) They played
unreleased stuff from PW.  I think the tour was titled _A Somewhat
Smaller Tour of the Hemispheres_ and was restricted to a few dates in
New England (where I happened to be at the time).

[ Please address any items like this to the creator/maintainer of the tour
  list, Jimmy Lang .                      :rush-mgr ]


Phillip Scarr         <>  What the West has thrown on the waters of the
prs9k@virginia.EDU    <>  world drifts back to us on a tide of cultural
prs9k@virginia.BITNET <>  pollution appalling to behold.
======================<>           - Arthur Charles Erikson


Date: 21 Nov 90 14:32 -0600
Subject: BBB lyrics and Anthem Records

>X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.0.4 1/31/90)

	Since I posted the lyrics to "Beneath, Between, Behind" last
week 2 people have written that they saw slightly different lyrics
in their music anthologies.  I'm looking at the original lyric sheet
supplied with the album when it was released, and the line is definitely
"Beneath the noble bird", actually in all uppercase letters.  There's
a neat drawing at the top of the page and the stylized initials "NP".
I assume that this is a photocopy of the lyrics as hand written by
Neil Peart, and I assume they're right.  The neat little logo at the
top includes some stars'n'bars and what might be a sun setting (or
rising), although it's hard to tell.

	On another topic, has anyone heard any stories about how the
guys are as record executives?  I assume they own Anthem Records
(formerly Moon Records), but I remember Kim Mitchell really seemed pissed
off after leaving Anthem, and rightfully so.  After his contract expired,
Anthem released a "best of Max Webster" album and included 2 previously
unreleased songs that were recorded for the first Max album and deemed
unworthy of release.  Mitchell's feeling was "well, if they weren't
good enough for our first album, when we didn't even know what an
overdub was or that we could go back and fix things, why should it be
on a "best of" album?".  Anthem has since released another "best
of Max Webster" CD that looks like a pretty shoddy compilation.  I'm
also disgusted with their CD releases of Max Webster albums, since
they included none of the original lyric sheets and did a lousy job
on the CD artwork - they look like reduced photocopies of the original
album art, some of which was pretty neat.  Does anyone else have any
opinions or information on Rush's business ventures?

"We're just musicians, here to thin the thickness of your skin..." - Dubois

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Subject: BackIssue Service going on ThanksGiving Break!
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 90 18:16:50 EST

Sorry everyone - there won't be anything for about a week.
I have to go home for the holiday, and what hasn't been responded to yet
is still on tape.   (You should have gotten a note if it was, but no promises!)
Programs and exams beckon menacingly, so don't expect anything until next
week sometime....

Sorry for the delay...

(the humble backissue-archiver-type-person-who-really-needs-a-break-anyway)


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: Basting Away
Date: 22 Nov 90 17:06:39 EST (Thu)

Just blasted the turkey with what looks like the last baste, so I
better hurry.  Hope everyone had a great Thanxgiving!

One quick comment to ATRO - dont get too upset about the polls
that go on.  My favorite songs didn't show up in the top 3, but it
is fun to see what the outcome is from everyone.

So La Villa wins it... That's strikes me kinda funny.  I mean, it
is a great tune, but with all the talk that goes on about Lyrics
and Ged's singing, I never imagined that a wordless song would
come out on top  :^)

The day, no wait... The MOMENT I hear Tom Sawyer in RAP version, I
will cry!  I like RAP somewhat, just like all other forms of
music, but I keep hearing it over and over in my head

Tom Sawyer he gets YO! Tom Sawyer he gets YO! vrrba vrrba vrrba
high on you, on on on on you, vrrba vrrba vrrba...

Please tell me it isn't so.  :)

    I must have read 5 or 6 times now about Alex's string breaking
during YYZ, and whether it is part of the act.  Ya never know.  I
understand that some parts of some songs are more demanding on a
guitar, and if the guy wanted to show off a little with the "fast
guitar switch", why not let him?  Like I posted before, "I got off
on it".

    I do remember also during the Hemispheres tour I saw in
Chicago, during the beginning of The Trees, right when Alex
finished playing his acoustic that was on a stand, he stepped back
to whale into the jam and fell straight back onto his back, both
feet in the air.  He never missed a note.

Anybody see the Canadian Music Awards?  I read that it was what,
the 20th?  Well, I hear the turkey screamin, so later!

And oh... Your welcome, Crimson!

    \____________________    ///   //////  /////  _____________________/
   \__ The Enterprise __/  // //    //    ,.-'~   \___space for rent ___/
      \___-____BBS___--   //~~//   //    //////     --_____-___-____/
          \    \     \/  \/     /   /


Date: Fri, 23 Nov 90 12:59 GMT
Subject: RE: 11/21/90 - The National Midnight Star #108

About the gig guide:

There is a listing for Nov 6, 1981, and a (?) entry for Nov. 7th.  I was at the
Nov 6th gig, so I know that's correct, but I also know that the Nov 7th date
is wrong, because they couldn't have been playing there:  the hall was being
used by Styx and their audience.  I know this because I was there!  Yep, long
bus rides from East Anglia to Wembley on successive days...

[ Please address any items like this to the creator/maintainer of the tour
  list, Jimmy Lang .                      :rush-mgr ]

Just thought you'd all be fabulously interested...

Where are RUSH working right now?  Anybody know?

Ron Chrisley


Date:     Sun, 25 Nov 90 13:39:08 -0500
Subject:  Pentagram(s)

first of all, i don't think anything is too tangential for this list, so i'll
pqd my two bits of information to the subject of the pentagram.

the pentagram is not a true symbol of witchcraft, infact it is believed by
many to be an original symbol of life,  the pentagram was not adopted by the
christians (in fact i don't know that they ever used it.).  in its original
form the pentagram is a symbol for life because it is in fact the human body.
picture a man (sorry girls)... picture a *person* standing with legs open and
arms extended there you have the PENTAGRAM! an inverted pentagram is another story..........


From: Kenneth Mark Maxham 
Subject: Broken strings and crossed eyes
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 90 16:05:18 CDT

Brief bitching: Could the discussion of broken strings and the 700-line
lists of this and that be toned down a bit?  My head hurts trying to
sort through the huge daily volume as it is.  Things like tour listings
are great server supplies, not light reading.  Plus, I have a dwindling
disk partition on which to save back issues.

[ That's why it will no longer be posted; rather it will be available
  by request from the originator (and possibly at the administrative 
  address.                                                  :rush-mgr ]

On a less whiny note, I was enthralled by the laser show I saw at my
first concert, Power Windows in Dallas.  The running man during Marathon
was the best.  I had a small helium-neon (red) laser I'd acquired, and
was determined to rig some setup to do my own homebrew vector display.
Unfortunately, at the time, I did not know enough EE stuff to accomplish
this.  Four years and a BSEE later, though, I've got a primitive doo-dad
working.  It uses a PC and a couple of small speakers to control a small
mirror.  As soon as I get it to my satisfaction, I'll make plans available
to anyone who wants to toy with it.  Lasers of the right sort can be had
for less than $200 from Edmund Scientific, and they're *expensive*, so
I'm sure you hardware hackers can do better.  Imagine your own home laser
shows to run with your CD's!  More details as I play with it.


| Mark Maxham  | No, his mind is not for rent, to any god or government |
| | ... he knows changes aren't permanent.  But change is. |


Date: Sun, 25 Nov 90 16:16:22 -0800
From: ppierald@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Paul Pieralde)
Subject: Revised Top 3 list

In my original posting, I made an error in calculating votes. A lot of
people misspelled 'The Spirit of Radio' so I manually went through the
master file and corrected the spelling. Well as you may have guessed by
now, one slipped by and we have a new updated winner's list.

Here it is:

1)  La Villa Strangiato

2)  (tie) The Spirit of Radio
    (tie) Red Barchetta

3)  Tom Sawyer

Thanks to all the observant folks!

-Paul Pieralde


Date: Mon, 26 Nov 90 00:13:21 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Various and sundry bits and pieces IV

Good day --

Well...I finally got the Chronicles video!!  For any and all those
interested, I got it at Tower Records on Saturday for 19.95.  I almost
didn't get it 'cause I almost didn't see it!  First thing I did when I
walked in was to check the video shelf.  Nada.  Then  I went over to
the 45's stand to see if there were any "vinatge" Rush singles or
something.   The 45's are situated next to the video shelf; I looked
up and there were 10 copies of the video sitting right in front of me!
Why they weren't on the video shelf where there was room is beyond me...

I didn't check for sound quality because our VCR is ARCHAIC so the
sound is generally O.K. at best.  But I really like the Limelight
video!  It's great to watch them playing as they're recording (or
"presuming to be recording").  I wish the Red Sector A video was the
other one, altho I recall someone mentioning here that is was from GUP
video.  Has anyone ever seen the other Red Sector A video?  I saw it
once on MTV -- it was basically the same video, but it had different
shots.  At least I remember it being somewhat like GUP.  But it was a
little different -- the middle part of the song (my musical terminology
is quite rusty!) with just the keyboards  and Alex's solo; there's a
shot of Neil from the back playing the drum part and I remember I was
so excited because I could see how he was playing the part, but I've
never seen the video since.  This came out some months after the album
came out -- some time after the DEW video.  I wish I could see it

This sort-of brings up another question -- just of curiousity, does
anyone know if they'll be recording at Le Studio again this time
around?  It's kind of fun watching the Limelight and Vital Signs
videos and sort-of "imagining" them recording the new songs now --
makes me wonder what the songs might sound like, or what Neil might be
writing about this time.  Geez, if there's one thing I would LOVE to
do is watch them through the whole process of making an album -- from
the early writing stages down to mixing and even rehearsals for the
tour; to watch how they come up with such good stuff!!!  And how about
those volleyball games!  Now that would be FUN!!!!!  Man oh man, if I
had three wishes...

At any rate, the video collection is worth it.  And I finally got to
see Lock and Key!  I have never seen it till now (well...the last 10
seconds of it!) and I got to see Mystic Rhythms again...ah, happiness

Puanani Akaka   WORQ: "Everything around us is legitimizing us to all
			hell!"  Geddy Lee.


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