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Subject: 11/28/90 - The National Midnight Star #112

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 112

               Wednesday, 28 November 1990
Today's Topics:
                   In Defense of Polls
             Alex guitar switch in 2112 ASOH
                       Rush bunnies
               CARAS awards show in Toronto
           Bunnies, Vocals, and Sampling (NOT!)
                  Rush, Rap, and Magick!
                 Hold Your Fire CD single
               Why won't Rush Tour Britain?
           Hey B-Man, It's a Quarter to Eight!
                       polls et al
                      Tom Sawyer rap
                   Big Al Days Returns!

Subject: In Defense of Polls
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 8:09:14 PST
From: Doug Grumann 

Jim Shaffer writes:
> I don't mean to be insulting to anyone, but I HATE being asked to name my
> favorite .  My favorite band is ...

Some people think its a pain, but many others enjoy learning what songs,
albums, and groups are considered "favorites" by people with similar
(excellent) tastes in music.  I've kept around that favorite album poll
from last spring and used some of the winners as guides to purchase new
music.  For example, I didn't realize that Peter Gabriel's solo albums
were so good.

dougg (what time did Neil's watch say it was? :-)


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 11:30:12 EST
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: Alex guitar switch in 2112 ASOH

    In Tuesday's TNMS, someone mentioned Alex's amazing "now it's black,
now it's white" guitar during the 2112 Overture in the A Show of Hands
video.  I saw that too.  Did you also notice that Geddy was waiting
in front of his mic, ready to sing "And the meek shall...".
He waited, and waited, and waited, and finally looked over and Alex
started playing and Geddy had to jump in quickly, with an amused
expression on his face.   Before that point, Alex had the black guitar.
After that point he had the white one.  (Or vicey voo, it doesn't matter.)
So rather than editting clips from several concerts,  I think
he just did a guitar switch, which explains the extra delay.

    As for all this theorizing that Alex intentionally breaks guitar
strings so he can show off his prowess at throwing guitars off stage
and catching new ones quickly...  I highly doubt it.  Who needs
all that hassle just to look cool?  I think the other performing
guitarists would agree with me that one simply does NOT need the
hassle of breaking a string or switching instruments while

Robyn  "I'm just doing my rock'n'roll duty" -Dubois


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 11:20 EST
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: Rush bunnies

I think that the Rush Bunnies were a common part of all of the
Rush shows on the past tour.  I saw them four times and all four
of them had the large rabbits and they danced in Tom Sawyer all
four times.  I do have to admit that the first time that I saw
them I broke out laughing.

Now for the part of the shows that I believe was not a common
thread for all of the shows on the tour, it was either the
first or second show in Toronto, (I don't remember, I was at
both though.) and three ladies dressed up as playboy bunny
types came out just before a song or before the encore to re-
introduce the group to us....  Could these women have been the
boyz wives/girlfriends?  We were in Toronto you know, and I didn't
see them in the other three shows that I watched.

Was anyone else in Toronto and can verify this, or maybe tell me
if this was a more common occurence than I seem to think.

BTW, all three were quite good looking......


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 11:40:45 EST
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: CARAS awards show in Toronto

    Someone asked about the CARAS awards show last week in Toronto
where Rush was honoured as Canadian group of the decade.
Yes, "The New Music" program on CITY-TV devoted an episode to covering
this event.  I taped the segment on Rush.  There's really not
any great scintillating new insights to be gleaned from the
interviews with the band.  Neil is serious mostly, Alex is a cut-up,
Ged is his usual self.  During the individual interviews, Neil gave
a lengthy discussion of his feelings about the award.  Geddy joked about
what decade it was supposed to be for.  Alex made some faces and then
asked the interviewer what the other people said.   Then during the
actual acceptance speeches, Neil made the big speech about support
of family etc, after which Geddy said "What he said.", and Alex
said "What did the other people say?".
    So, to the person who wanted a copy of this, I really doubt it's
worth the bother and expense of shipping a tape around, but if
you're desperate I've got it.  :-)

    A couple of other items:
- Just a reminder that Alex said they'll be recording in the spring,
  release date around June,  touring possibly in the fall.

- On Wednesday December 5 at the Toronto Music Awards, there will be
  a special one time only reunion performance of the original
  Max Webster!!!!   I've got my tickets...

Robyn  "I'm just doing my rock'n'roll duty" -Dubois


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 12:20 EST
From: "C. Alex Harden" 
Subject: Bunnies, Vocals, and Sampling (NOT!)

Hi all!  Just a few responses here!

>From: "Mark R. Stemm" 
>Subject: Giant Bunnies?
>I'm just wondering if for any other(than Omaha) shows,
>two Giant(15' or so) Bunnies dropped from the lights during the
>Presto part of the show and started "dancing" with the help
>of some of the roadies? Or was this a freak occurence? We
>didn't get the roadies in bunny costumes--Mr Big came onstage
>during In The Mood. There was this cute little guitar duel
>between Alex and the guitar player(I forgot his name--again).
>You figure out who got more applause.

I saw them in Rochester and Toronto, and in Rochester we got to see it all...
In Toronto, I wasn't sure, since I was way in back...8)...the bunnies were
 there, but beyond that, I can't remember.

>From: (Slarty Bartfast)
>Subject: Triggered vocals and _The Body Electric_
>I admit I have not kept up to date on the Midnight Star, but I've read the
>discussion you've had about the pedals that Alex uses. If you have the
>_Chronicles_ video, you will see that in some of the songs recorded live,
>Alex uses the pedals. You will also notice that when he does, no vocals are
>triggered. In fact, what is triggered, is background bass chords and various
>effects. I think this should settle the argument completely.

It doesn't.  Granted, he and Geddy use the pedals a lot for synth samples, but
 Alex DOES use them for background vocals quite frequently.  In the Toronto
 Presto concert, I was sitting relatively close to the back monitors, where
 most of the sampled stuff is broadcast.  Take, for example, "Subdivisions";
 he triggered Neil's voice saying 'Subdivisions'.  And I'm pretty sure he
 triggered 'show me, don't tell me' for "Show Don't Tell".  I'm sure sometimes
 effects are layered into one sample for ease of triggering, so perhaps that
 is what makes you think what you think.

>I did enjoy the video extremely. Seeing the three in their earliest recordings
>(Closer to the Heart, and The Trees) was somewhat amusing (Hair, cloths, and

Yeah, it was the first time I ever saw Neil actually MOVE when he had long
 hair! 8)
Also, I liked the version of "The Trees" they did on there.

>From: Michael S Savett 
>Subject: reviews, interviews, etc.
>Pretty cool interview with Mr. Lifeson last week...good to hear about
>the next album! BTW, was the awards ceremony broadcast on TV at all
>(MuchMusic,MTV,local cable?) If so, I wouls be interested in obtaininbg
>a copy.  Please e-mail me with info!

Please inform us...what are you referring to?

>From: "Michael L. Sensor" 
>Subject: Thievery of music (aka sampling)
>I'm shocked (ZAP) to hear about the supposed rap version of "Tom Sawyer."
>Some people may have no objection to it, but I personally find it foolish
>and usually stupid: look at "Ice Ice Baby".  Tell me that's not a *poor* tune.

It is.  But people who are into the "fast food" music mentality could give
 two shits where it originates from.

>IMHO, sampling of music in most forms degrades the purpose of music itself:
>to _create_ an art form.  (Granted, you might not agree with me on my defin-
>ition of its purpose, but oh well.)  Sampling merely takes someone else's work
>and makes it into something that is (ostensibly) yours.  As an objectivist I
>find this reprehensible. No one should have to stoop to this level.

Too true.  It's like going to a junkyard, taking parts from various cars, and
 trying to make a new one for yourself, calling it your "model".  If it moves,
 great, if it doesn't, at least it's yours.  Sampling should be restricted.

>Well, folks, there's some food for thought.  Toss that around for a while.


>From: "Mike Andrews" 
>Subject: A few observations on live performances.
>Hello fellow Rush-heads..  just a few thoughts that came to mind about live
>Anyway..  something else, concerning live versions of "In The Mood".. during
>the chorus, has anyone noticed that during each tour they change it a bit?
>The part that goes "Hey baby, it's a quarter to eight"..  on ESL it's "Hey
>cookie..." and on p/g and ASOH it's something else (can't quite make it out)
>and I was listening for what they'd say when I saw them on the Presto tour
>and couldn't understand it then but my friend said it was "hey woman..."
>Anyone know what word they've used on what tours, just out of odd curiosity?

On ASOH, I think it goes like this:

Alex:  'Hey Geddy, it's a quarter to eight...'
Geddy: 'Hey Ally, it's a quarter to eight...'

>Can't wait for the new album..  February or June?  I've heard both, anyone
>know for sure?  (hopefully February, but if they are just in the WRITING
>stages right now, it'll probably be June..  sigh)

I think they are recording in February, with a release date of (hopefully)

Party on!

Cygnus, The God Of Balance

K  ^  A  C. Alex Harden  -- Computer Science Major
 ^ | ^   State University Of New York At Buffalo
  \|/    Bitnet:   V409EPK3@UBVMSB
<--+-->  Internet:
  /|\    Usenet:   ub!!v409epk3
 v | v   US Mail:  368 Wilkeson Quad; Buffalo, NY 14261
O  v  S  Any statements made above are by me unless otherwise noted.


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 12:24:07 -0500
From: (Jason Rosenberg)
Subject: Sampling

   Michael Sensor writes that he dislikes sampling because he
feels that it degrades the art of music.  Stealing other
peoples work isn't creating something new.  Where do you
draw the line?  Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer take other
peoples music and put new words onto it.  Neil takes other
peoples ideas and puts it to different words.  The boyz have
been known to throw in tidbits of other songs into their
music(the 1812 overture, etc.).  Although it goes without
saying that I respect Rush more than any other band, and
feel that they are one of the most "honest" rock bands out
there, not everything they do is original, and that IS NOT
bad.  Music doesn't have to make a statement or change the
world or change the art form.  All that is nice, but first
and foremost, music must be music.

--Just a thought

Jason Rosenberg

"I'm not lying, I'm insane!"


From: (rader)
Subject: Rush, Rap, and Magick!
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 12:43:35 EST

  Lots of fun discussion on the ol' NMS lately...

  I don't know how many of you followed the Rap is sh!+, no Rap is God
flame-fest on, but the discussion in NMS has definitely been
extremely one-sided, and in my opinion, WRONG!  You anti-rap Rush fans should
open your minds a bit and listen to Public Enemy for a while.  It
might not get you to enjoy rap as I do, but you can't deny that these dudes
have loads of talent and creativity.  While having something pertinent to
say (even if you disagree with the message).

  As a Rush fan, I have to put up with enough small-close-minded abuse of
my musical outlets without having to tolerate it here on NMS.  If you
all pride yourself on your intelligence and open minds, then start backing
it up and stop slamming rap on the basis of ignorance.

  Personally, I've always thought the rhythm of Tom Sawyer was perfectly
suited for a rap cover, and I'd like to hear it.  As long as the rappers
in question have Rush's permission to use the song in their work, it's
perfectly OK.  If you don't agree, then think about cover tunes.
Man, most of the bands I love have ripped off Robert Johnson and other
seminal bluesmen more than once.  Has Rush performed any covers?

  At the very least, think about your criticism before you slam something
you dislike.  Those who bitch out-of-hand look like fools, and I doubt
that many Rush fans are foolish.

  Yep, I remember back in high school, kindly informing the local God Squad
that the Red Star logo on 2112 wasn't satanic.  Of course, this little bit
of information was lost on them.  Unfortunately, zealots like to avoid
reason when it collides with their precious misconceptions.

  The Wicca covens like to draw distinctions between "white" and "black"
magick, but in reality, there is no substantive difference.  "White" and
"black" magick are merely descriptive terms, roughly corresponding to
selfless/selfish magicks.  The discussion on which pentacle orientation is
"evil" and which is "good" is therefore moot.  It all depends on your
intention.  Really, the idea that certain symbols are "evil" or satanic
and therfore taboo, while other symbols are "good" or godly and OK, is
pretty screwy to begin with, in my opinion.

  I welcome discussion on these topics.  Heh, heh, heh!

ron rader, jr      = Opinions are my own and do not
| |  i gotta six-    rlr%bbt$ = necessarily reflect those of
 | | pack, & nothin' to do ...!mcnc!rti!bbt!rlr = BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
*** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 12:02:46 -0800
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: Hold Your Fire CD single

I just saw the CD single to Time Stand Still and Time Stand Still edit -
is it worth anything since there isn't anything on it that isn't on the album?
It is a promo copy, I don't think it was a general release.  Info would be



Date:     Tue, 27 Nov 90  16:05 GMT
Subject:  Why won't Rush Tour Britain?

I'm sure it came as a suprise to a great many people when Rush toured AT ALL to
support "Presto", earlier this year.  But I would ask many of the American fans
out there on the net to imagine, if you would, the disasppointment of the many
British & European fans when they where informed that the chances of the show
coming their way were, at best, slim.
It is all very well to be shown in the European rock press the spectacular
photographs of the stage-show, read in-depth interviews with the band on how
they are enjoying being out on the road again & listen to journalists ranting on
about what an amazing experience this latest Rush tour is but if one is denied
the privelidge of being able to see it for oneself it all begins to pall after a
Of course I appreciate the enormous cost of bringing the "Presto", stage show to
Europe to do what would, at best, amount to no more than a ten date tour & I can
understand the band's lack of enthusiasm for travelling so far from home for the
considerable period of time that a tour, no matter how short, plus rehearsals
would take.After their touring experiences of the late seventies (particularly
the "Farewell To Kings Tour) I am amazed they go out on tour at all now that it
is no longer a necessity.But, & it is a BIG but, Rush do have a lot of fans on
this side of the pond, particularly in this country.These fans turned out in
considerable numbers for the "Hold Your Fire", tour in '88 & would certainly
do so again if another tour were to be announced.It also paid dividends for
the band in terms of musical credibility.In the 1988 "Making Music", readers
poll Neil Peart won the "Best Drummer", category, Geddy Lee was voted second
in the top bassists section (behind Mark King, who was rapidly approaching
Godlike status at that time) & the band was voted third best live act of 1988.
So what, you might say.  Well, "Making Music" is Britans leading musician's
magazine & ,whilst this will not do much to cushion the financial loss that
a tour would involve I hope it gives some idea of the esteem that the band
is held in over here.
Also, seeing as the band frequently record in this country why not line up a
series of warm-up dates, like the band used to do in the States, in order to
prepare themselves for going into the studio?
I don't like to gripe about my favourite band but it does gall a bit to be told
that the band no longer consider that European tours are a practical
proposition.It's like being told by someone that you've nursed to health that
now they are well they no longer need you.
I would appreciate the comments of anyone on the net about this.Who knows?
Maybe we can do something about it.

           it's the singer not the song,
           makes the music move along.


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 17:44 EST
Subject: Hey B-Man, It's a Quarter to Eight!


   In response to the person who asked about Geddy's substitution of
 words in  _In The Mood_,  (RE:  the line "Hey baby, it's a quarter to 8")
 I've heard "Hey cookie (or mookie or pookie???)"  as well as "Hey B-Man"
 in Philadelphia (for Bill Bonishevitz - and I know that spelling is wrong)

    And I agree that it's virtually impossible (for me, at least) to name
 a "favorite" Rush song or album!

					Steve Cranmer

   				        --- " OY! OY! Headache!!! "


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: polls et al
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 15:52:31 EST

Some people have expressed their dislike about being asked to participate
in polls.  I say, take a look at the quote in my .signature.  That's right,
"Don't have a cow, man!"  as the Bartman would say.  I know participating in
polls is not for everyone (just look at the percentages of Americans that
actually vote in public elections) but this does not mean you should repremand
them for requesting you to participate.  If you don't want to participate,
scroll past the request (i.e. stay home on Election Day :-).


Dan Kelley           <-> ...!uunet!telxon!dank  <->  telxon!
Telxon Corporation   <->
Akron, OH  44313     <->      "Don't have a cow man."  - Bart Simpson
(216) 867-3700 x3512 <->


Date: Tue, 27 Nov 90 20:17:33 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Tom Sawyer rap

  Has anyone actually HEARD this song?  For all I know (nothing personal)
someone may be trying to pull our collective legs!  Before we continue
to flame rap music and sampling, let's be sure we keep this in context
(that means the context of Rush).  If someone has heard of the tune,
please let me know; I'd be interested in the title, artist, etc.  If,
however, this seems to be an unfounded claim, I would be disappointed
to see further bandwidth wasted on this subject.



Date:         Tue, 27 Nov 90 17:13:34 EST
From: michael spiegel 

Hello out there,
       Geez, when my friend Mark(The Analog Kid) told me there was a Rush
newsletter I almost flipped!  I am very ha(ppp)y to see that there are so
many people with excellent taste in music, not to mention knowledgable.
       Since this is my first message out, I guess I should start out with
what I find the most interesting tidbit about Rush, Geddy Lee's real name.
       A few years ago I was in Toronto and met one of his former high
school classmates.  He told me his real name in Gary Weinrib(wine-rib),
       I thought this was very interesting, but when I bought 'The Big
Money' Video/CD, the name Alan Weinrib, popped up.  Either way I hope this
is not a rebroadcast of information, and I hope I can be as informative as
the rest of you out there. Thanks.

P.S. Someone asked about other picture disks. Yes, Power Windows, exists.


Date: 28 Nov 90 09:42:00 EDT
From: "HINDS" 
Subject: Big Al Days Returns!

Greetings to all RUSHians from sunny Florida! (82 F, Skies Partly Cloudy,
	Wind SW 5MPH, etc.)

Re: Giant Bunnies and Picture Discs c/o Mark
    When the boys were here at the St. Petersburg Bayfront Center, the two
    bunnies did not drop from the ceiling--they inflated out of giant top
    hats on either side of the stage (during Tom Sawyer?--help Broon and
    Cygnus!) and proceeded ot dance (or at least jiggle) throughout the song
    and into the encore.

    As far as picture discs are concerned, as far as I know, Rush Through Time
    was originally released in Europe on a picture disc that was front and back
    the same picture of the band on stage as the black vinyl version has on its
    outer sleeve.  I have only seen one (I've been looking for about 7 years or
    so), and unfortunately, I was impecunious at the time, and had ot pass it
    up (it was overpriced, anyhow).  I do, however posess a specimen of every
    other Rush picture disk that I know of--The HYF one, Hemispheres, a
    7-inch with Tom Sawyer b/w Red Barchetta, and an interview (non-Mercury,
    non-authorized, I think) picture disk of Alex.  I also have what I have
    been told is quite a rare (though I am not sure how many are really out
    there) shaped picture disk of the space shuttle Columbia, with (of
    course) Countdown b/w New World Man.  I am genuinely interrested in hearing
    how many of you have one or have seen one of these.

Re: A few observations on live performances c/o Mike
    I noticed the amazing chameleon guitars, and originally just thought it
    was a new Jack Secret c/o The Omega Concern invention, though later I
    just attributed the change in guitars to the different shows.  Bonus
    question:  Does Alex change clothes, too?

    As far as the improv "In The Mood" lyrics go, three come immediately to
    mind, I have heard what sounds like "Hey Yama" and "Hey Rupa" (during
    the same performance) and even what could be a "Hey Noodnick."

Questions from a new subscriber but old Rush Fan:

    (1) Can anyone substantiate that the begining to Witch Hunt has someone
        chanting "We must protect the children of Fort Lauderdale Florida!  We
        must protect our children!"  And can anyone tie this to an alleged
        incident where Rush was chastised for an occurrence at a Ft. Lauderdale
        show where a fan was seriously injured?

   (2) Has anyone seen the video for Xanadu?  I hear that the Tama drums
       tapestry picture of Neil (on a raft on a lake) was taken from this

   (3) Was Chronicles released without a thumbs up from Rush?  Didn't they
       leave Mercury because they were disgruntled with the quality of their
       reproductions?  If so, why does Show Don't Tell appear on Chronicles?

       +--O0O Lerxst

"Gubs!  We need Gubs!"


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