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Subject: 12/04/90 - The National Midnight Star #118

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 118

                 Tuesday, 4 December 1990
Today's Topics:
               Toronto Music Awards TV date
                       Rush Axology
                        from bug?
                        Dave Murry
                     Back stage stuff
                   El nombre de Gedster
                 Requests for interviews.
                  A couple questions...
                   Didacts and Narpets
                   Drum transcriptions
                     RUSH Laser Shows
                     TO music awards
                     Mac Rush Samples

Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 14:23:08 EST
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: Toronto Music Awards TV date

A short while ago I wrote this...

>> - On Wednesday December 5 at the Toronto Music Awards, there will be
>>   a special one time only reunion performance of the original
>>   Max Webster!!!!   I've got my tickets...

and today someone asked

>Is that going to be telecast?  Time?  Network?  I'd LOVE to see that!

The answer is yes.  It will be telecast on December 20 at 11:30 pm
until 1:00 am (Eastern time) on the CBC network (specifically CBLT in Toronto)
and also simulcast on Q-107.
Word from the organizer is that Geddy will be there to accept an award
but no confirmation on the others, so don't get your hopes up too
high for a live "Battlescar".
The show will be filmed "live to tape" with 24track sound and edited
afterwards for the telecast on the 20th.

Robyn "I'm just doing my rock'n'roll duty." -Dubois


Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 15:15:07 -0500
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: Rush Axology

The following is taken from Guitar World, March 1990 with additions
by J.T. Kung :

			The Magic Behind PRESTO

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson both firmly subscribe to the dictum, "If it
ain't broke, don't fix it." As roadie Jim Johnson puts it, "Geddy
hasn't changed his setup for as long as I can remember, and I've been
with the band for six years, since the _Grace Under Pressure_ tour."

Geddy runs his basses [a Wal Bass, made in England, with a Fender Jazz
bass as the backup on the Presto tour instead of the Steinberger]
through a Telex wireless unit and into two Furman PQ-3 preamps. From
there the signal is fed to an API 550 equalizer and two BGW 750 amps
that power an Ampeg V4B bottom and a Thiel double 15-inch bottom. A
custom switching system allows Lee to shift between the preamps and
the API equalizer for different tones.

Alex, says Johnson, is a bit more loaded up. He runs his Signature
[with active single coils] and Strat-style guitars into a Nady 700
wireless system which feeds into two Gallien-Krueger preamps. The
signal then goes to two Rane SM-26 splitter mixers and an effects
rack, custom-designed by Chops Joneson, consisting of two T.C.
Electronic 2290 digital delays, a T.C. Electronics 1210 Spatial
Expander for chorusing, a Roland DEP-5 and Dimension D, and a Yamaha
SPX90. All of Alex's effects are also MIDI'ed via the Yamaha MFC-1
MIDI controller.

A pair of Mesa/Boogie Strategies (200 W/ch) powers two Gallien-Krueger
twin 12's with Celestion speakers. Alex's cabinets are miked with
Shure SM-57's. The sound goes out to the house, along with two direct
lines from out of the back of the preamps and one dry guitar feed from
the Rane mixer.


As for keyboards, I hear that Geddy uses a lot of Roland equipment on
tour. Several D-550's, Akai S900 samplers [something like a total of
9!], etc. He's probably using the Roland S-770 sampler now too. Most
of the old Oberheim sounds are sampled and played via the Akai, and I
bet they'll rely on the S-770 in the future. Neil also uses the Akai to
trigger sounds via his Simmons set as well as his KAT percussion

- Joe


Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 16:39:27 -0500
From: John W Connelly 
Subject: wabbits

There seems to be some confusion about the bunnies on the _Presto_ tour.
If memory serves, here in Pittsburgh they inflated out of the hats during
"Presto" (how appropriate, I thought), and began to dance at the intro to
"Tom Sawyer".  I find it strange that they'd descend from the rafters in
other cities, but, hey, anything's possible.  Just doesn't make as much
sense as a rabbit from a hat...

But hey...

"I'm not one to go pointing my finger..."


| John Connelly, 511 LRDC | |"Klingon sons, you've |
| University of Pgh	  |=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|  killed my bastard!" |
| Pittsburgh, PA  15260   |   CONNELLY@Pittvms.BITNET  |     --STIII (almost) |


Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 18:56 EDT
From: Ken Renard 
Subject: from bug?

I'll try again here- this was started in the Monday, 3 Dec. issue
but the "from bug" got it. (bah-frombug)

	With all the advances in electronics in the past years,
music has joined the computer age too with sampling.  It's a real
neat idea to have control over any sound you wish to record with
electronics.  Imagine the studio during the recording of YYZ on
Moving Pictures after the 6th take.  There would be broken glass
all over the place without sampling.
	In (not from) a drummers viewpoint, its real handy to have
a wide variety of sounds available.  Neil has a lot of neat sounds
packed away in his electronic drums which he triggers by hitting
drumpads. The great thing about Neil is that he combines acoustic
drums so well with his electronics.  He (and a lot of us drummers)
feels that electronic sampling is a great complement to drumming
and not a replacement for it.
	In the latest interview with Neil in Modern Drummer, he
talks about where he gets his sounds from.  He says that he doesn't
get them from copying others, but by creating them himself with
synthesizers.  Neil says that he doesn't like to copy other people's
	It may be obvious that some people use sampling and triggered
sounds in place of their musical ability, but Rush sure uses it to
complement their existing talent and I think they do a good job of it.

P.S.  Everyone in the Pittsburgh area, call Buhl Science Center and
request a Rush laser show.  (412) 231-2319


From: atz@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (dweezilbub)
Subject: Dave Murry
Date: 3 Dec 90 18:41:46 EST (Mon)

{sorry about wasting space here}  Dave Murry...  I could not
respond to your letter you sent.  It said your address was DO ME!
DO ME! DO ME! DO ME! DO ME! DO ME!  Please send another letter
with a good address.

Hi RUSH FANS!!!!!  Bye RUSH FANS!!!!!

{there's nothing like listening to The Pass at 100 watts!}

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   \__ The Enterprise __/  // //    //    ,.-'~   \___space for rent ___/
      \___-____BBS___--   //~~//   //    //////     --_____-___-____/
          \    \     \/  \/     /   /


Date: Mon,  3 Dec 90 20:31:55 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Back stage stuff

About the antics of the boyz after the shows. For any of you non Visions
owners, there is a passage about Terry Brown and the guys at their hotel
one night.

   Rush had just received some new laser equipment, and to test it out,
Terry took one of the lasers, aimed it into a woman's apartment and
chased her around the room with the beam. The police soon arrived at the
guys' room, responding to a call about a man with a laser sight attached
to a weapon of some sort. Terry played dum, saying he was trying to find
the off switch to kill the thing. The police soon left and nothing else

To the Rush Manager. Will there be issues all through the holiday?

[ Well, I'll be at work through December 21st, although there may or may
  not be a digest that day due to other constraints (party).  I won't be
  working the week of 12/24-12/28, although I may sign on from home, if
  that's where I am, and I can drag myself away from the fireplace.  :-)
  I'll be back at work regularly 1/2 or 1/3 (depending upon how 1/1 is).
                                                               :rush-mgr ]




Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 21:48:51 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: El nombre de Gedster

  Here's the deal on Geddy's last name...Several years ago, I came across
a rock magazine that included a interview with Geddy.  In the intro graf,
it mentioned that he was born 'Gary Leibovitz.'  I know that entertainers
frequently shorten and/or abbreviate their names to become easier to
pronounce, spell, or to become more acceptable.  I have been told that, for
any number of the above reasons, Geddy decided to shorten 'Leibovitz' to
  I have never seen any reference to 'Weinrib.'(sp?) This may be in print
somewhere, but I've never come across it.  I don't believe that 'Lee' is
Geddy's middle name.
  Therefore, based on this information, I have concluded that 'Leibovitz'
is correct, but I do NOT have concrete proof.
  If anyone has information to the contrary, I would be interested to
hear about it.




Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 21:49:52 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Whoops...

  Almost forgot,
PLEASE, NO MORE BUNNY STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 20:36:23 PST
From: (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Requests for interviews.

Hello all.
My first posting in a while.  Some things I'd like to address.

1.  Yes, let's stop discussing rap and sampling, I've had my fill of
that for now.  (maybe for those interested we could move it to email? It
would save some of us like myself some time  to wade through all the
discussions on the NMS *<:-)

2.  Someone pointed out to Dan about the FAQL on Geddy's real name.  I
too thought it was Gary Weinrib (or some variation thereof), perhaps we
can get a definitive answer on this?  (time to check my books and
verify).  Otherwise, a very good list  compiled so far.  Nice job, Dan!
*<:-)  (May your chess board be dust-free for our awaited rematch.)

3.  As Dave has pointed out in a previous issue - the Rush Tour Dates
Listing probably won't be mailed out through the NMS for a while (unless
there's a drastic change whereby I receive all the hundreds and
hundreds of dates for the Caress of Steel tour! :-)  I am still
accepting dates and corrections if you find any mistakes.  If any of you
wants an updated list just email me and I'll send you my current list.
Note: Please, if you want the list of Rush tour dates, tell me what
revision you have, that way I can tell you if you already HAVE the
latest version!  (The current version by the way is Revision 2.1 - last
updated November 29, 1990)

4.  Since there's been some talk about the lyrics server lately, being
down, if anyone wants a copy of any of Rush's studio releases you can
email me and I have them online if you need lyrics for any album.

5.  I am currently typing in some interviews with some of the band
members from current and previous tours (thanks Dan for the old issues
of MD).  If anyone out there would like to help expand my library of
interviews and text files on Rush, please dig through your old magazines,
tapes, whatever you have and mail me about it.  If I don't have a
particular interview that you've come across, I'd like to add that to
my library.  (perhaps we can set up something where you can send me a
copy of the interview or feature articles that you've found on the band.)
Send email if you have something of interest.

Well, I guess that's about it for today.

-Jimmy Lang

"..Infinity the star that would not die.."
May you hum Cygnus X-1:Book I flawlessly.


Subject: A couple questions...
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 90 21:09:55 -0800
From: flapjack 

Okay guys, now that I've read my first FAQ issue I have a couple questions
that I know haven't been beat to death for y'all.

I have heard a few things, and wonder if any are true.  One that seems to
have been disproved already was that Niel was an American, (I didn't make
this up, I actually heard it somewhere...)  The other two Niel rumors I
have heard are that he has a Masters degree in poetry, and a doctorate (sp?)
in music.  Can anyone substantiate or refute these claims? it would set my
mind at ease...

Oh yeah, and I've also heard that the band's least favorite album was
_Signals_, and that they were so displeased with it that they almost broke
up over it.  Does this ring any bells with anyone, or is that senseless

Any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

					They call me the workin' man,
							Brian Bourgon


Date: Mon, 3 Dec 90 23:59:44 EST
From: DAR0@NS.CC.LEHIGH.EDU (David Andrew Rossing)
Subject: Didacts and Narpets

      I was experimenting with I believe what is called the "Eno sound"
this weekend (connecting the positive speaker wires of both left and
right channels to one speaker) and I noticed that during Didacts and
Narpets that there are words underneath the guitar slashes.  It is very
hard to hear normally but with this speaker setup it is easier to hear.
The words sound something like "Say word they heard" along with others.
Does anyone know what they are saying and if it has any meaning with
the song and who says this?

     Also on the subject of Rush cover tunes, as mentioned "Bad Boy" was
a Beatle song covered by Rush, but the origial version of this song was
done in 1959 by Larry Williams.


ORQ: Mr. Alex Lifeson on the plastic guitar


From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 09:42:42 GMT
Subject: Drum transcriptions

A while ago on alt.r-n-r someone mentioned that there were
a couple of books of Rush drum transcriptions available. I
think they were called:

The Drum Techniques of Rush
More of Rush

Can anybody tell me anything about these, publisher, author?
I can't find them over here and I'll need some details to
order them.

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

PS. British prog rockers It Bites have split up and I'm depressed!


Subject: RUSH Laser Shows
From: (J. Michael Goodwin)
Date:    Tue, 04 Dec 90 08:15:50 EST

Are these laser shows touring nationally?  If so, has anyone picked
up a schedule of the tour.  That would be a great item to send to
the NMS manager as a special edition.

Mike Goodwin


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 12:05 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: TO music awards

Those of you going to the Toronto Music Awards....  I have heard from a good
source that Geddy will almost definitly be going, but Alex and Neil are

Hightlights of the show will be broadcast December 20th on CBC in Toronto.



Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 12:33 EST
From: "C. Alex Harden" 
Subject: Mac Rush Samples

To whomever posted about 2 weeks ago that they were going to digitize some
 Rush samples, please respond to me vie E-mail, as I found out I have
 access to a Macintosh with Kermit and a SoundMaster program.

If you could tell me what to do to get and hear the samples, please respond.


K  ^  A  C. Alex Harden  -- Computer Science Major
 ^ | ^   State University Of New York At Buffalo
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