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Subject: 12/05/90 - The National Midnight Star #119

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 119

                Wednesday, 5 December 1990
Today's Topics:
                 Rush samples on the Mac
               Signals least favorite album
            Transcriptions and other musicians
                     Neil's education
                      Not Fade Away
   Ah, the stinging pain of potential inconsistency...
                    Modern Electronics
           Rush Guitar and Bass Transcriptions

Date:  Tue, 4 Dec 90 14:30:51 -0500
Subject: Rush samples on the Mac

With all of the argument going on about sampling and stuff, combined with my
academic load, and GRE's, I've been holding off on the digitizing of Rush
sounds for the Macintosh.  I still have all E-mail sent to me on the subject,
and as soon as I have some time, as well as the approval of the rest of the
list (esp. the people who sent me requests), I will get to digitizing them.
Sorry for the wait.  (By the way, I'm glad no one flipped out over the post.  It was me.  :| )
Daniel L. McDonald    | Internet:             |
University of Michigan| Bitnet:|
Computer Science, '91 | USnail:   1705 Hill St.  Ann Arbor, MI 48104|
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 we twist the world and ride the wind..." - Rush


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 14:24:07 EST
Subject: Signals least favorite album

>From: flapjack 

>Oh yeah, and I've also heard that the band's least favorite album was
>_Signals_, and that they were so displeased with it that they almost broke
>up over it.  Does this ring any bells with anyone, or is that senseless

Well, Alex has stated in interviews that he cannot stand to listen to it,
or something of similar intensity. They were disappointed in the way production
turned out, and this was a factor in the decision to get another producer.
A few other tidbits: they were disappointed with the way "Countdown" turned out.
They had wanted it to be one of the most powerful tracks on the album, and they
felt it didn't live up to that. Neil also stated once that "Digital Man" was his
favorite song to play.

The break-up rumor is untrue, at least to the best of my knowledge. The reason
they almost broke up during P/G was that morale was generally low, with the
difficult search for a new producer and the death of a close friend in an auto
accident (the motivation behind "Afterimage"). Although it is possible that their
disappointment with Signals could have been a factor, they have not said so to
my knowledge. Anyone else know?


OBRQ "He won't need a bed he's a Digital Man"


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Transcriptions and other musicians
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 14:00:54 CDT

Hi people,

I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of an Alex Lifeson songbook
that is really worth anything.  I have seen some Rush stuff in songbooks,
but basically it was the same as most, with first position chords that
are nowhere near the way they play it.  BTW, I am interested mainly (only?)
in Alex's guitar parts.  I have a Steve Howe and a Steve Morse
songbook, which I consider to be excellent.  The Steve Morse has notes and
tablature.  Does Alex have anything like this?

Secondly, I am interested to find out why Rush hasn't played with very
many other people in other projects.  Some of my favorite musicians,
from the bands Yes, ELP, King Crimson, etc. have mixed and matched the
musicians.  There was Asia, who contained members from Yes and King
Crimson, Steve Howe has played with Steve Morse, Bill Bruford used to
be in UK with John Wetton, Steve Howe got together with Steve Hackett
from Genesis to form GTR, etc.  Has anyone heard of someone from Rush
getting together with this caliber of musicians to do something?
(No, the Mackenzie Bros. don't count :-)

Third, I mentioned awhile back that I am interested in trading licks
from Rush songs, and possibly even maintaining an archive of tablature
from different songs.  Anyone interested?

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 20:33:47 GMT
From: (Jay Cook)
Subject: Neil's education

In NMS #118...someone wrote that they had heard that Neil had a masters in poetry
and a doctorate in music.  I, too, had heard that rumor...but know from pretty
reliable sources, that he, along with the other guys are high school drop-outs.
The sorry thing about it is...the high school won't recognize his achievements,
even though he dropped out.  The same I think is true about the high school that
Geddy and Alex went to in Toronto.  'Tis a shame, some people can buck the trend
of staying in school and making a very good living for themselves.  Hmmm...

Oh well....

                                            "..exit...stage left.."
                                               Jay Cook (WEDGE)

--          Jay Cook               --
--    --
-- Liberal Arts and Sciences major --
--        Virginia Tech            --
-------------------------------------   "A spirit with a vision is a dream w/
                                         a mission!"  ---RUSH


Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 15:38 EST
Subject: Not Fade Away

     Does anyone out there actually have a copy of the single that
was released with the Buddy Holly tune on it.  If you do, please email
me.  I'd love to get a copy of this. (Read $$$$$$).  I have bits and
pieces of the tune played on different radio interviews, but I'd really
like to get a good quality copy of the real thing.

					Thanx in advance,

P.S. Whoever emailed me about the band Animator could you respond.  I\
     never got a chance to send an address to get on your mailing list.


From: (rader)
Subject: Ah, the stinging pain of potential inconsistency...
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 10:26:44 EST

  I wonder how many NMS readers who tire of the rap/sampling debate (a very
important issue in modern music, whether or not it pertains to Rush in
particular) enjoy slogging through numerous daily articles about roadie-
bunnies, broken strings, and Geddy's/Alex's/Neil's shoe size and/or underarm

  I perceive a creeping triviality in the NMS, which has been present more
or less since I've been on the list.  Although many NMS articles are both
interesting and informative (tourbook transcriptions, swapping tablatures,
interviews), many more qualify as nothing more than fanboy/girl fawning.
I may piss off a few readers with my observation, but please understand that
I'm not flaming anyone here.  I'm on the list as a friendly participant, so
we're all in this together.  I just expect more from Rush fans than New
Kids fans, ya know?

ron rader, jr      = Opinions are my own and do not
| |  i gotta six-    rlr%bbt$ = necessarily reflect those of
 | | pack, & nothin' to do ...!mcnc!rti!bbt!rlr = BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
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Subject: Modern Electronics
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 90 01:27:33 -0800
From: flapjack 

An issue back or so, I'm not sure since I've been reading when I get a minute
here and there, asked about what the boyz are using these days.  Well, I dug
up two fairly recent articles one from Nov/Dec '88 from _Bass Player_ magazine,
and the other is from May '90 from _Guitar School_.

The _Bass Player_ article lists Ged's gear as(I'll summarize, as there is a
full page of explanations):  A Wall bass, telex wireless, Boss GE-7B EQ switch,
Furman pre-amp, API SSO (EQ) unit, two BGW 750 power amps, a Teil cabinet, an
Ampeg V4G(and thats just for the bass), two sets of Korg pedals, a Prophet VS
II synthesizer, a Yamaha KX76 MIDI controller, a PPG Wave 2.3 synthesizer, a
Roland D50 synthesizer.  Rack 1=Furman PL8+ Power Conditioner w/ a lighting
source, below which lies two mappers, A J.L. Cooper as a MIDI patch matrix (w/
13 masters and 17 slaves), under this is an Akai S900 sampler #2 & #3 and the
aforementioned Roland.  Rack 2=Furman PL8+ w/ two mappers, below which lie two
JS mixers, below which lie Akai S900 samplers #4, 5, 6, and 7, and another
Roland.  Also, he has two Yamaha QX1 sequencers and a Yamaha MFCI MIDI foot

_Guitar School_ accredits Alex with:Guitars=Signatures, Fender Strats and
Telecasters, and a modified Strat nicknamed "Hentor" (w/ a Shark neck, Bill
Lawrence L-500 bridge pickup, and the standard Strat middle & neck pickups).
His fav. Signature is a Strat copy with three single-coil active pickups, and
another fav. is with a rear split-coil humbucker and two single-coil active
pickups.  Acoustics=Washburn, Gibson Dove, Gibson J-55 (Nashville tuned).
Amps=Gallien-Krueger CPL 2000 preamp, 400 series Mesa Boogie tube power amp,
GK 2X12-inch cabinets.  Effects=Bradshaw switching system, TC Electronis 2290-
1210 for chorus, DEP-5 for reverb and other "long" effects, and a Roland GP-16
multi-effects unit - DOD DSP 128 (it mentions a new GK preamp on the way too).
Strings=Dean Markley .009's, and Markley #1 picks.

I hope that this info is along the lines of what you were looking for, it was
all that I could dig up from my recent bass/guitar literature, and I hope
that everyone enjoys this info.

					In the mood,
						Brian Bourgon


Date: Wed, 5 Dec 90 08:40 EST
From: Force 10 
Subject: Rush Guitar and Bass Transcriptions

Does anaybody out there know if there are any Rush Guitar or(especially)
bass transcriptions?...I just started taking the bass, and any Rush material
That I can find would be helpful...
                                  Jay THompson
                           "Rising falling at force ten
                             We twist the world and
                                  ride the wind"
                                  RUSH-->FOrce Ten


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