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Subject: 12/10/90 - The National Midnight Star #124

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 124

                 Monday, 10 December 1990
Today's Topics:
                     T.O music Awards
                     Rush Tablatures
                    Rush on Flow Rack
      The NMS content woes continue... film at 11...
      ... the pictures that give pleasure to your I
                      server update
           "In the End" Transcription problems
                        My e-mail
Re: 12/07/90 - The National Midnight Star #123 ** Special Edition **
             Re: Rolling Stone Album Reviews

Unnecessery administrative note:   I'm glad to see discussion instead
of flames WRT the discussion of contents of postings here.  I fully 
encourage the posting of thoughts & opinions; I only ask that you do 
it in a constructive tone.

Also, on a non-related subject, please refrain from starting any line 
with "From" as the first non-blank characters on the line.  I thought
it only affected lines which had "From" in column one, but the first 
post here tday highlighted the bug very nicely.  I was able to fix it,
but keep it in mind, please.  (No, this isn't a flame at you, Kerry!)



Date:  7 Dec 90 10:35 -0600
Subject: T.O music Awards

        From this morning's Winnipeg Free Press, the Toronto Music Awards
(held Wednesday night?) gave best group award to Rush.  I forget if this was
for the year or for the decade.  Geddy Lee won best bassist, Neil Peart
won best drummer.  Best female vocalist was Lee Aaron (grew up in the
Winnipeg suburb of Transcona, also home of far too many lawn flamingoes and
a place near and dear to my heart!) and male vocalist was Sebastien Bach
from Skid Row.  There was no mention of whether anyone from Rush attended the
        just keeping you informed (creating a buzz buzz buzz), Kerry.

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


From: (rader)
Subject: Rush Tablatures
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 10:00:56 EST

> Third, I mentioned awhile back that I am interested in trading licks
> from Rush songs, and possibly even maintaining an archive of tablature
> from different songs.  Anyone interested?
> Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *

  My appy-polly-loggies (remember A Clockwork Orange?) to the list in advance.
For some reason, I can't get email through to Jason.  I promise to keep it

  Count me in, Jason.  I would _love_ to access a nice big collection of
Rush guitar tabs.  Tell us how it goes, can you get a tablature mail server
up and running at your site?

ron rader, jr      = Opinions are my own and do not
| |  i gotta six-    rlr%bbt$ = necessarily reflect those of
 | | pack, & nothin' to do ...!mcnc!rti!bbt!rlr = BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
*** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 12:52 EST
Subject: Rush on Flow Rack

Hello Rush Folk,
I may have told you this before, but I work for a large CD/TAPE/VIDEO
distributer called TRANSWORLD MUSIC.  Anyway, they have this thing called
FLOW RACK.  FLOW RACK is about 60 tiltes that sell a lot of copies every week.
I am not sure what a lot is, probably around ten, in each store(RECORD TOWN and
TAPE WORLD).  Well I was messing around on our department's terminal, and
looked up what RUSH was on FLOW RACK.  Well, I must say I was pleasantly
surprised.  The list is,
                        'Moving Pictures'
                        'Hold Your Fire'
                        'Fly By Night'
                        'Perminate Waves'
Just goes to show you that RUSH is still gaining fans, who are interested in
their older stuff(WOW 'Moving Pictures' has been out for almost 10 years!) as
well as the new stuff.
One More thing before I'm gone.  There is a really cool record store here in

[ What happened to this sentence?  It came in like this...        :rush-mgr ]

Anyway, I am outta here.



From: (rader)
Subject: The NMS content woes continue... film at 11...
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 13:24:20 EST

  Hi all.  It seems that I've caused more than a bit of consternation and
confusion amongst the denizens of NMS-land.  I see that my recent post
about "expecting more from Rush fans" was slightly misunderstood, and I
hope to clear the confusion and get us back to more important topics. ;)
Jeez, I didn't think my article was _that_ obtuse! ;)

  When a significant majority of articles in NMS are devoted to what I
feel are trivia, i.e. bunnies, Neil's organ size ;), Geddy's favorite breakfast
cereal, etc., and this goes on and on, I'm perfectly happy to read it all
and instantly forget what I don't care about.  Come on, I _like_ lots of
trivia!  I've posted my share of trivia-articles as well:  pentacles,
magick, good/evil, 2112 logo, friends' opinions of Rush.  I'm not coming
down on any of you for posting the 100th bunny article.

  When overtones of debate surface, I join in wholeheartedly.  After all,
I assume all Rush fans are quite witty and intelligent ;)!  The rap/
sampling debate rages on, not only in the NMS or Net, but in the courts and
homes and studios.  This is an important issue, folks.  New developments
often meet with resistance when they first come into play, and this affects
Rush both directly (Rush using sampling in their work), and peripherally
(rappers sampling Rush tunes).

  So when I see things like:

    "a rap version of Tom Sawyer?  My God, these foul cretins DARE to 
     transgress the work of our idols?  It's theft, pure and simple!  It
     certainly can't be music; after all I don't like it!  There oughta' 
     be a law!" 

I feel compelled to disagree.  Yes, I came out in full support of rap.  And 
I was immediately castigated in NMS and also email for, among other things,
abusing NMS with non-Rush-related material.

  My "expecting more from Rush fans" post pointed out that it's downright
hypocritical for us to mutely accept line after line of nonstop trivia,
but then come down hard on those who attempt debate.  Yes, we're all a
friendly audience, and share at least some measure of musical taste.  That's
why discussion should work better here than in a general newsgroup.  I
"expect more from Rush fans" because we are Rush fans, and given the abuse
heaped upon Rush by the unknowledgeable, should understand the pitfalls of
ignorant flaming.  Rush fans should be able to discuss controversial topics
without getting weeds up their asses.  I'm starting to wonder, though.

  My real feelings on the NMS content issue?  Post whatever you like, when-
ever you like, so long as it's Rush-related.  And keep an open mind, after
all, your feelings are not necessarily natural law!

  Sorry to ramble on like this, but I needed to make myself clear.  Hope
this helps things out, and thanks for reading this far.
ron rader, jr      = Opinions are my own and do not
| |  i gotta six-    rlr%bbt$ = necessarily reflect those of
 | | pack, & nothin' to do ...!mcnc!rti!bbt!rlr = BroadBand Tech. (SO THERE!)
*** Punk ain't no religious cult, punk means thinking for yourself - DKs ***


Date:    Fri, 7 Dec 1990 14:14:36 EST
From: STU_SMMCDANI@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU (There can be only one.)
Subject: ... the pictures that give pleasure to your I

>. . .
>in finals week here at Northwestern and had to give a Big High-Five to Ron
>Rader for pointing out the need to stick to non-trivial topics like the
>listing of equipment presently being used by the Canadian Trio.  Being a
>musician and electrical engineer myself (as well as true Rush fan) I have a
>tremendous interest in matters both acoustical and electrical.  Yeah, it's
>o.k. to hear once in a while about Neil's haircut or some fans throwing beer
>bottles at Geddy's head (anyone remember that one?) but let's try and stick to
>the interviews and concert dates and album releases and equipment updates.

That's a pretty narrow list of things to write about.  Equipment updates
are relevant, I guess, but not being a musician I find them quite boring.
In fact, I do what you *should* do to all of the bunny and sampling postings:
skip them.  I'm not interested in nearly all of the posts on this list,
but obviously somebody else is, so why not let them have their fun?  If
we try to come up with only topics that all 400+ list members agree are
fit for posting, we'd have virtually nothing to talk about.  However,
I would agree that after any topic has been beaten to death, our esteemed
Rush mgr could ask that it be moved to mail.  Like perhaps this topic.

The artlicle focusing on Hemispheres was quite interesting because that
happens to be my personal favorite Rush album, and also because Bill
Bruford is the other drummer that I consider best in the field.  On
my CD for 2112, all of the different parts are indexed, but none of the
different parts on "La Villa Strangiato" are.  Where do each of the
12 parts begin and end?  (I have figured out where the first one begins
and where the last one ends, tho  :^)  ).

ORQ: a word sounding similar to a fairly low level D&D monster.

                          Scott McD.

"We've taken care of everything, the _words you hear, the songs you sing_..."


Date: Fri,  7 Dec 90 15:00:46 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Samples:Neil

WAIT!!! Don't go! This has nothing to do with the sample debate. I am
honestly curious if any of you musicians out there (drummers in
particular--or even computer types) know how Neil's sampling set up
    I know he uses an Akai sampler, but how does it work? For example,
during the show  he uses his Kat keyboard to play a number of different
sounds. (Marimba, keyboard etc.) Does he physically switch the sounds,
or is a computer programmed before hand to switch the sounds. Does he or
a stagehand change disks during the show? Someone's got to know. Does
anyone know what type of computer he (they) use to manipulate the
sampled sounds?

Sorry to be so ignorant, but this computer/music thing is kind of new to me.

ORQ: "I can't wait until the new album! '91 tour, here I come" -me


Subject: server update
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 17:08:09 CST
From: Keith E. Ford 

The email archive file server now replies to your request with
a subject of "RE: ".  Should make sorting your
email an (cough) easier task.

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Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 17:16:33 -0800
From: (Steven Bancroft)
Subject: "In the End" Transcription problems

Hello RUSH fans,

This question is directed to all 6-stringers out there.. I'm trying to
figure out some of the chords for the intro to "In the End" off of Fly by
Night.  Here is what I have so far:

C -> F/Bb -> ???? -> ????

I can't for the life of me figure out what the ???? chords are.

I tried it in another key (G), and it works out great:

D -> G -> F -> C

but I want to know what the original chords are.

Any help would be appreciated of course..

Steven "I love my 6-string" Bancroft	    There is no safe seat at the feast
University of California, Davis		    Take your best stab at the beast
					    The night is turning thin
Internet    The saint is turning to sin
BITNET    smbancroft@ucdavis.BITNET
UUCP      ..!ucdavis!smbancroft				--RUSH


Date: Fri, 7 Dec 90 20:31:13 -0500
From: supriya (Supriya Goyal)
Subject: My e-mail

Hey RUSHites,
	I received e-mail the other day from someone who
claimed to be Neil Peart.  When I tried to respond to the
e-mail address, it came back to me with the message "Host
Unknown"ch leads me to believe that the mail was fake.
Have any of you has a similar experience or can you tell me
who the Neil impersonator is?  Look forward to hearing from you

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Rearrange me until I'm sane."--Floyd

To the fake N.P.  Please send me e-mail as yourself.  I'd
really like to know who you are.

[ Gee, there seem to be people out there who have learned how to fake
  mail items (reeeeely tough in Unix :-) ).                   :rush-mgr ]


Date:         Sat, 08 Dec 90 21:54:48 EST
From: mike spiegel 
Subject:      WEINRIB

I sort of feel responsible for all this confusion with Geddy's real last name,
since I brought it up to begin with.  I would like to reiterate my source: it
was one of his high school classmate.  Now from this point alone I can not prov
anything, but after I knew this piece of information, I saw the name Weinrib on
'The Big Money' Video/CD(5 1/2inch)version.  What it says directly is:
                            Alan Weinrib

Now I do not know who Alan is, but anyone with this CD can verify that the name
Weinrib does exist and is now part of TNMS's vocabulary(period).

                                    ...UNTIL LATER...

P.S. I hate to bring up pentagrams (I know I am going to regret this), but did
anyone notice the semi?-star right under the LE of Chronicles?  I am not trying
to be a sh**-stirrer.


Date: Sun,  9 Dec 90 13:33:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Barry Lowell Brumitt 
Subject: Re: 12/07/90 - The National Midnight Star #123 ** Special Edition **

What does Rolling Stone have against Rush?

I think every interview hacked on Geddy's voice, or on Neil's Lyrics...

Very odd.



ps. Why is R.S. so concerned about "dancibility" ? Rush isn't designed to
be danced to.... I think R.S. has a warped concept of music...

"The evening plane rises up from the runway,
 over constellations of light.
 I look down at the millions of houses,
 and wonder what you're doing tonight." -We all know where it's from.


Date: Mon, 10 Dec 90 09:08:14 PST
From: lutanist@EBay.Sun.COM (Dennis Richards Montgomery)
Subject: Re: Rolling Stone Album Reviews

>oppressive. In addition, Alex Lifeson is not a particularly
>interesting lead guitarist,

That sounds like what I'd expect from Rolling Stone...This brings
up a subject I've been wanting to explore for some time.  Namely, Alex!
A fellow Rush fan (but non-musician) asked me what I thought Alex's
contribution was.  My answer was creativity.  His chord voicings are
unusual.  He seems to love adding 9th's and using odd inversions.
He also has this knack for creating chords (check out the haunting
ending of "Cygnus X-1")...and his solos are totally bizarre with respect
to phrasing and his use of harmonics.  Give a good listen to his solos
from "Tom Sawyer", "Chemistry", and "Kid Gloves" to see what I mean.
Speaking as a guitarist, I find Alex's creativity and ability absolutely

"Apollo was astonished
  Dionysus thought me mad..."


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