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Subject: 01/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #141

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**   /  / / /__    /  \/ /  /  /  / /__/ /  \/ /  / /___   **
**                                                         **
**                    __            ___       ____         **
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**       /  \/  \ / /___/ /  \/ / /___/ /  /  /            **
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**                 /__    /   /__/ /__/                    **
**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 141

                 Thursday, 3 January 1991
Today's Topics:
                  Update to images file
                   Re:  RUSH on eMpTyV
                   End Of Year Tidbits
                  Archive Server update
      Re: 01/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #140

Subject: Update to images file
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 91 11:49:27 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

The CONTENTS file in the images directory for anonymous ftp (on Syrinx)
has been updated.  I originally guessed (incorrectly) that the images
were circa 1987 or so; actually they were scanned from the _Rush Profiled_
CD, released in 1990.

The National Midnight Star
(RUSH fans mailing list)


Date: Wed, 2 Jan 91 12:26:12 EST
From: crossman@ghoti.LCS.MIT.EDU (Paul Crossman)
Subject: Re:  RUSH on eMpTyV

  When I was 12, about 8 years ago, everytime I turned on MTV, now
known as eMpTyV, eMpTyV showed rush like they were going out of style
or something.  They showed more Rush videos in a day than you could
count on your fingers.

  Just some food for thought on how bad eMpTyV has gotten in the
recent past.

Paul Crossman				"A straight line is the shortest		 distance between two points, but
					 it is by no means the most
					 interesting." -- Dr. Who


Date: Wed, 2 Jan 91 12:36:32 EST
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: End Of Year Tidbits

Just a couple quick interesting notes. The Washington Post today has a
list of the top 10 grossing tours of 1990. While Rush isn't in the top
10 (#1 went to New Kids), they did get a note as one of 19 acts (after
the top 10) to gross more than $10 million.

Also, a couple of days ago, the local classic rock station printed
their "top 500 songs of all time."  Tom Sawyer was the only Rush song
to make the list (that I could see). It barely made it at #499!  Ah,
what do they know? :-)



Subject: Archive Server update
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 91 13:04:14 CST
From: Keith E. Ford 

Changes to index of since Sat Dec  8 02:30:15 1990

------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------
  14515 rush/misc/grp_of_dec :Alex iv, Canada's Group of the Decade award
  20127 rush/misc/rston2_ivs :more Rolling Stone interviews/articles
  25759 rush/misc/sounds82   :1982 article from British magazine SOUNDS
  40802 rush/misc/rush_faq   :frequently asked questions about Rush
  79156 rush/misc/mod_drmr   :4/84 Modern Drummer interview with Neil
  17358 rush/misc/mp_tp      :Moving Pictures tour program
 107457 rush/misc/rast_fbn   :FBN raster image of album cover
  28172 rush/misc/bass_playr :added Sat Dec 22 02:30:37 1990

   and more TNMS's of course

To the person that sent me the GIFs, thanks, but I goofed and deleted
them.  Will ftp some from syrinx, but would appreciate it if you could
remail them.  :-)


From: kennb@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US (PeartLee)
Subject: Re: 01/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #140
Date: 2 Jan 91 15:59:59 EST (Wed)

  Hello all ya RUSH heads from the place known as "Someplace
special" (hahaha), someplace cold is more like it.  Anywayz, I
just got Caress Of Steel for Xmas and it's pretty cool.  But, I
was kinda wondering something, does ANYONE out there have P/G on
CD??  And does anyone know where I can get it???  I really like
the album and I want to get it but I can't find it in this place
that don't know good music if it came up and bit them in the a**.
Anywayz, would anyone be nice enough to tell me???  And if it's
possible that I send them the $$$ to get me it since I'm up here
and stuff.  But if anyone knows where to get one and would be
willing to buy iy for me if I send them the $$$ I'll be really

[ Hmm, this is odd - around the Washington DC area, it's one of the Rush
  CD's you can count on finding.  Have you tried checking your local mega-
  music store (like Tower records)?                              :rush-mgr ]


RUSH on dudes!!

  --=+<<| kennb@clmqt.marquette.Mi.US |>>+=--
        /                             \
       | "We have nothing t fear but   |
       |fear it's self."--Rush         |


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