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Subject: 01/09/91 - The National Midnight Star #146

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 146

                Wednesday, 9 January 1991
Today's Topics:
             xloadimage problems, digest bug
         Re: R.U.S.H. and lone wolves of Rushdom
                The Spirit of the Radio...
                   Moving Pictures CDs
                      RE: Alex solos
             xloadimage, Rush Heads, Rush Art
                 Canadian TV shows & RUSH
                    Didacts & Narpets
                   CD Quality Questions

Subject: xloadimage problems, digest bug
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 91 14:04:38 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

In a previous issue of TNMS, a reader stated:

>I successfully downloaded and decoded the file into its component
>.c and .h files, but when I tried to compile it, I found out that
>there are some header files missing.  It seems that .h files in a
>directory 'X11' were not included in the tar files.  Can you send them
>to me?  I am trying to port this program to the PC under MS-DOS
>via Turbo C.

If I had been thinking, I would've spotted the flaw in his reasoning.
I wasn't, but another list-er was kind enough to point out:

 "About the person that couldn't get xloadimage to compile.  If he doesn't
  have an X11 directory, he probably doesn't have X on his system
  (especially since he says he's trying to port to MS-DOS).  Without X,
  xloadimage is completely useless.  Giving him the header files *might* get
  it to compile, but he's not going to do much without an X server."

This is a valid point; I know MS-DOS has some sort of windows system (can
you tell I'm PC illiterate?), but it's not X or X-compatable as far as I
know.  There apparently are X-systems available (for $$$$), for the PC,
but unless you have this you're probably SOL.

The most viable alternative is to download the images, then convert them
to some format which is easily displayable on a PC or PS/2, like GIF.  No,
I don't have such a converter, but they do exist.

If something public domain is available, I'd consider putting it in the
ftp directory for people to access.  If you have such a beast, drop me
a line here (management accout).

Thanks to Chris Craig and Ed Klein for technical input.

Also, on the topic of the bug in the digest software that affects lines
beginning with "From", I've successfully contacted the originator of the
software, and have send him a description of the problem.  He sounds like
he either already has a fix, or is willing to look into it, so we should
be bug-less soon!

Have a day,
The National Midnight Star
(RUSH fans mailing list)


Date: 	Tue, 8 Jan 1991 09:25:37 PST
Subject: Re: R.U.S.H. and lone wolves of Rushdom

Speaking of Brother Jed and Sister Cindy, there's a newsgroup now
about  I just stumbled across it this weekend.
Pretty humourous....

Sorry to get off the main subject of this evening's entertainment.

re: "lone wolf of suburbia" or whatever...
I suppose it can describe me, as well, but doesn't that description
fit most suburbanites, even if they're the only ones that think of
themselves as such?  I mean, deep inside, doesn't *everyone* feel
like they're alone in the world?  Sometimes, at least?  For example,
from the outside, I don't seem very "lone wolfish" -- happily married,
known for my terrible jokes at the office, generally well adjusted
socially.  But the lone wolf idea still holds appeal.  Anyway, enough
philosophy, let's get on with the show...



Date: 	Tue, 8 Jan 1991 09:31:36 PST
Subject: The Spirit of the Radio...

Yup! Here's the two lyrics for your comparison:

Sounds of Silence:
"And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the
subway walls,
 And tenament halls
 And whispered in the wells of silence"

Spirit of Radio:
"For the words of the profits were written on the studio wall,
 Concert hall,
 And echoes with the sound of salesmen..."

Clever, clever, Mr. P!


I knew learning Sounds of Silence in junior high chorus would be
useful someday....  :-)


Date: Tue, 8 Jan 91 09:46:50 -0800
From: ddelany@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU (Dan Delany)
Subject: Moving Pictures CDs

To my knowledge, there have been 2 versions of the _Moving Pictures_ CD.

   The first CD version was missing a few seconds at the beginning of
Tom Sawyer, and had some other subtle flaws.  This disc had the weird
red designs on the CD, and the titles printed on the disc itself were
in block text.  The second version is the "fixed" version.  The title
on the disc is in the same font as the text on the album cover, and
there is no red on the disc.


Date: Tue, 8 Jan 91 14:33:12 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: Alex solos

Good day, eh? (and welcome to 1991)

     In response to Jason Bold's comments on the beginning of "Freewill",
since the key is F a B major scale would not be "B Phrygian" but
F Phrygian (this is because the interval between the first two notes is
a semitone--this can occur only in the Phrygian or Locrian (usually not
used because of its "satanic" connotations)).  The mode for FW however,
cannot be F Phrygian because the semitone occurs between F and E (the
first and second notes).  Thus, the mode is more likely D Phrygian.
I believe I've kept all that straight, but Crimson (at OSU) can correct
me otherwise.
     With regards to other solos by King Lerxst, yes--I've noticed a lot
of pentatonic and blues scales.  I've also noticed the Phrygian mode
popping up (Jacob's Ladder, La Villa, Cygnus X1) and the Lydian (Distant
Early Warning, Xanadu) as well as the Ionian mode :-)  Let's face it--
even if the man isn't classically trained he's got a terrific grasp of
what works and he'll use just about anything.  Much to our collective
enjoyment. Kudos to the Genius King of Schmengland!

                                            --Bob Friedman
"The stars are'nt aligned or the gods are malign
blame is better to give than recieve"


Date: Tue, 8 Jan 91 16:21:38 EST
From: gordon@Stars.Reston.Unisys.COM
Subject: xloadimage, Rush Heads, Rush Art


Donald Cross  wrote:
--| ...the xloadimage source on anonymous ftp...I successfully
--| downloaded and decoded the file into its component .c and .h
--| files, but when I tried to compile it, I found out that there are
--| some header files missing.  It seems that .h files in a directory
--| 'X11' were not included in the tar files.  Can you send them to
--| me?  I am trying to port this program to the PC under MS-DOS via
--| Turbo C.

	This sounds like maybe X isn't installed.  You need to have
   X libraries accessible in /usr/lib/X11 in order to build most X
   applications.  As our humble Mr. Rush-Mgr more implied than stated,
   you can get X source from "" via anonymous ftp.

	This week I also downloaded xloadimage and the raster image
   files from Syrinx.  I only had one small problem: I had to include
   one Unix SystemV archive library, libc.a, in the Makefile in order
   to resolve a reference to a routine called "_tolower".  Then
   xloadimage compiled successfully, and it works great.

[ Hmph.  And that's even with options for SysV in the README file.  I
  just looked myself, and didn't see any libc.a, so apparently it's been
  left out of the distribution.  All you SysV people take note!  :rush-mgr ]

	The Rush raster images are fantastic!  More!  More!  We want
   more!  I display Fly By Night in the background window and then put
   up small windows of the faces of the boyz all around--literally
   Rush heads are floating around my screen!

[ Since the 'xloadimage' program supports a variety of file types (SUN
  raster, GIF, etc), if you have any to contribute, I'll accept them and
  store them in the anon. ftp area.  Plz send any pictures to the admin.
  address, not to the list.                                     :rush-mgr ]

	Does anybody know of any Rush-inspired art besides album
   covers?  I'd love to get some rasterized versions, if any exists.
   (Actually I'd love to get the originals, too :)  As one obvious
   example, a drawing of somebody "laughing out loud" while roaring
   down a country lane in a red Barchetta with a one-lane bridge in
   sight and two "gleaming alloy air-car[s]" giving chase would be
   most inspiring.  How about the Temples of Syrinx?  In my mind's
   eye, they are huge monstrosities, surrounded by "massive grey
   walls" that gleam under the "Twin Moons" like a city from a Pat
   Foss painting where the tops of buildings get lost in the haze that
   the atmosphere creates over vast distances.

Lit up with anticipation,
Del Gordon

 Listen to my music
 Alone and yet together,
 The things we'd like to be
 pound the streets with marching feet
 We can build a world of wonder
 We can walk our road together
 A little bit longer
 To magnetic north
 and run behind the scenes

                              />, /_/ _/` /-/


Date: 8 Jan 91 18:17:56
From: Cris Fuhrman 
Subject: Canadian TV shows & RUSH

Subject:  Canadian TV shows & RUSH

This weekend I caught the tail end of a show on PBS called  Jr.
High.  (I can't remember the name...)

[ Degrassi Jr. High, maybe?                                     :rush-mgr ]

The last episode was about two brothers:  one is gay and confronts his family
with the information, and the other is younger and has trouble dealing with the
fact that his brother... etc.

Anyway, the reason that I'm posting is that during two of the three scenes
where one of the main characters goes to a Radio Station to demo his band's
tape, the station was playing Rush tunes in the background (one was Limelight,
the other Force 10).

So this leads me to a question for those knowledgable about Canadian TV:  Is it
true that some TV programs are required to exhibit a certain amount of national
material?  Someone once told me that that's why SCTV used to show "Great White

The license plates on the cars showed that they were from Ontario.  Maybe it
would be the same situation as if an American program were filmed in
Minneapolis and they played Prince songs (please don't flame me for this
example).  I'm *not* a prince fan...


"And the meek shall
   inherit the Earth."


Date:         Tue, 8 Jan 1991 23:33:18 EDT
From: Donald Cross 
Subject:      Didacts & Narpets

In the _Caress of Steel_ song "The Fountain of Lamneth", there is
a section called "Didacts & Narpets".  Many people know that
'narpets' is actually an anagram for 'parents'.

This intrigued me, so I wrote a program to generate all possible
anagrams of a word.  I gave it 'didacts' as well, and discovered
that it is an anagram for 'addicts'.  I didn't notice any other
valid words in the output file, but there were 5040 possible permutations
of 'didacts', so I easily might have skipped over them in my quick search.
(Actually, there are fewer than 5040 permutations of 'didacts' because
of the repeated D's, but my simple program does not handle repetitions
caused by exchanging identical letters...maybe I will fix that!  :-) )

By the way, it is amusing to note that 'lamneth' is *almost* an anagram
of 'anthem' (if only the L weren't there).

Anybody want a copy of my anagram program?  (Turbo C source code)
It's a simple fgets/printf program, and you have to use file
redirection to get the output to go to a file.
send e-mail to:

Don Cross   (Internet)
cross@ucf1vm.bitnet       (Bitnet)


Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 00:03:12 PST
From: "Didier Lalli - BCE Valbonne - 828.5423  09-Jan-1991 0901" 
Subject: CD Quality Questions

Hi there,

I'd like to know how I'm supposed to know that the copy I have of MP on CD is a
bad one ? Any dates ? If it's made in Germany then it's bad or what ?

[ See Dan Delany's mail above.  Also, listen to the beginning of "Tom
  Sawyer"; if it sounds like the first 1/2 second is chopped off, then
  you probably have the bad pressing.  There's an address you can send
  it back to for a replacement; somewhere in Illinois or Indiana, if I
  remember correctly.  I did it, and got the new one back in about two
  weeks.  Anybody have that address?  I'll look for it... it's in the 
  old issues somewhere, but waaayyy back in early '90 or late '89.
                                                               rush-mgr ]

Also is there any other CDs that had the same problem, that had been re-released
from a better source ?

I bought all my RUSH CDs a while ago, so I'm concerned.

Didier Lalli
Digital Equipment,
Centre Technique Europe S.A.R.L.        DTN 828-5423
B.P. 129 - Sophia Antipolis 	        Tel. +33 92 95 54 23
06561 Valbonne Cedex - France	        Fax  +33 93 65 41 58


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