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Subject: 01/10/91 - The National Midnight Star #147

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 147

                Thursday, 10 January 1991
Today's Topics:
             Administrivia: Re-additions (FYI)
                  Alex's solos and modes
                          MP CDs
             Moving Pictures CD continued ...
                         Rush Art
      Palidromes of undoubtedly cosmic significance
                    mail server index
     Re: Canadian TV shows and RUSH and other tidbits
                  More on Lerxst's Solos
                      Reader Profile
                     Moving Pictures

Subject: Administrivia: Re-additions (FYI)
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91 10:45:17 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

As some of you have noticed, when re-adding somebody upon returning
from some hiatus, you may be wondering why I send the latest version
of the introductory notes.  This is for a couple of reasons; firstly,
I don't know how long you've been on the list, and the file changes
over time.  Secondly, I have a routine I follow when adding somebody
to the list - it helps me 'keep the flow' when I follow this routine
for all additions, even if you've only been gone a couple of weeks.

The National Midnight Star
(RUSH fans mailing list)


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Alex's solos and modes
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 12:42:34 CDT

> From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
> Subject: RE: Alex solos

>      In response to Jason Bold's comments on the beginning of "Freewill",
> since the key is F a B major scale would not be "B Phrygian" but
> F Phrygian (this is because the interval between the first two notes is
> a semitone--this can occur only in the Phrygian or Locrian (usually not
> used because of its "satanic" connotations)).  The mode for FW however,
> cannot be F Phrygian because the semitone occurs between F and E (the
> first and second notes).  Thus, the mode is more likely D Phrygian.
> I believe I've kept all that straight, but Crimson (at OSU) can correct
> me otherwise.

Hmmm.  Let's see.  An F-major scale is:
 w w h  w w w h
F G A Bb C D E F

A B-major scale is:
 w  w  h w  w  w  h
B C# D# E F# G# A# B

Well, he *does* use the notes from a B major scale, but there is no
F in a B major scale, only an F#.
The notes he plays for the F part are:

F - F - C - C - B - A - G - F - F - C - C - E - D - C - D - G
(repeat, but end with an "E", rather than a G)

This gives us:

Looks like some mode of a C major scale.
So, what mode of C major starts on an F?
CDEFGABC - 4 - Lydian.  It must be F Lydian for the main riff.
IDPLMAL (You know - If Dora Plays Like Me All's Lost ;-)
I think he might change keys after the intro.  There are too many
accidentals between the key of B and the key of C.  Any comments?

(Sorry about all the space.  I was thinking on "paper".)

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 10:50:31 PST
From: spike@d31mf0.Stanford.EDU (John T. Fourkas)
Subject: MP CDs

	I too would be interested if anyone has the address to which I can send
my MP CD for replacement.  Or will they be valuable some day?  Also, Tom Sawyer
is not the only song that's cut off.  It's kind of hard to tell on Red Barchetta,
since it fades in, but it's missing about a second also.  I haven't checked the
other songs, but it seems like some engineer was pretty sloppy in cuing tapes for
the digital recording.



From: medrcw!bob@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Didacts
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 12:58:07 CST

Recently, somone discovered that the word "narpets" (as in Didacts & Narpets)
is an anagram for "parents", and that "didacts" is an anagram for

"Didact" is also another word for "teacher" or "professor"; since Neil
is often referred to as "the Professor", could he making a sly reference
to his nickname?

What do you think?
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terribly lonely."
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       Truth No Beauty?" Stardate 5630.7


Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 14:02:08 -0500
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: Moving Pictures CD continued ...

As someone already pointed out, the first pressing of the CD
was from West Germany by PolyGram [as most all old CDs], and
had the first 1/2 second cut-off from the beginning of "Tom
Sawyer." I bought this disc back in '82 or '83, and never really
complained, though I knew there was an error. Somebody pointed out an
address and phone number of PolyGram Quality Control in Indiana, and
they sent me a new disc [made in the US by PDO, Philips/Dupont
Optical] for free in a few days [I still have the old copy]. I don't
think this offer is true anymore since all updated copies are okay and
can be had for less than $7.99 [the BEST CD buy on the market, IMHO].

Up until 1985 with Power Windows, all the Rush CDs were manufactured
in West Germany by PolyGram, and had PolyGram's red striped logo.
This is how you can tell old CDs from new ones, and consequently old,
CD-crazed Rush fans from new ones. :-) Power Windows was the last CD
by Rush made there. Most CDs in the US are now made by PDO or WEA
[Warner/Electra/Atlantic] Manufacturing.

BTW, anything mastered by Nimbus [either in or Canada or England] is
usually of top quality. For some reason, these CDs exhibit great sound
quality. Also, the ZTT stuff from England is great, as opposed to the
domesticated Island stuff that's 2nd or 3rd generation copy, and
sounds like shit. Same goes for the EMI label in England as opposed to
the domesticated C(r)apitol counterparts. Now I know why imports are
so expensive ...

- Joe


Date: 	Wed, 9 Jan 1991 11:23:48 PST
Subject: Rush Art

Re: Del Gordon's request for Rush art:

Well, actually, this past semester I painted a cubist portrait of Rush
for a graphic design class.  It's a little big to scan (18"x24"), but
I designed it on the computer, so I could probably rasterize the black
and white design.  The only problem with that would be the low resolu-
tion.  I based it on scans of the boyz from the Presto liner notes.  I'll
try and do something about this if anyone is interested.


by the way...I like that random Rush generation!  Love the way these two
lines work together:

  We can build a world of wonder
  We can walk our road together

(ok, I admit it, I write poetry...maybe one of these days I'll post my
one and only Rush inspired piece...but only if you ask nicely!  :-)


From: (Jonathan L. Orwant)
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 14:49:09 EST
Subject: Palidromes of undoubtedly cosmic significance

Not only is 1991 palindromic, but its factors are also palindromic.
The next year for which this is true is 2112.

-Jon (former math team nerd)


Subject: mail server index
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 16:14:01 CST
From: Keith E. Ford 

Here is the index of the email server as of 9-JAN-91.  See the end of this
issue for access information.  Note, I've converted some of the sun raster
files into GIF's using the PBM utilies.  Some names have changed, so please
take note.  Enjoy!  -kef/M-

------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------
  38486 changes              :index changes since Thu Nov 29 02:30:14 1990
   1353 help                 :help for using mail server
   9157 index                :index of requestable files
   9157 index.sav            :in case I bit bucket the real one
    597 misc/faces           :ASCII faces for email
  36028 misc/ibm_faq         :frequently asked questions for IBM pc's
  61687 misc/inet_guide      :RFRC1118, HitchHiker's Guide to Internet
   7591 misc/net_mail        :how to email from one network to another
  46489 misc/unix_faq        :frequently asked questions for Unix
   2384 misc/using_simtel    :how to use list servers for Simtel
        rush/digest/1        : "
                             :and all in-between, thanx Mgr!
        rush/digest/146      : "
   9599 rush/lyrics/2112     :2112
   4930 rush/lyrics/aftk     :A Farewell To Kings
   1049 rush/lyrics/batlscar :Battlescar, from Max Webster
   7649 rush/lyrics/cos      :Caress Of Steel
   6015 rush/lyrics/fbn      :Fly By Night
   6393 rush/lyrics/gup      :Grace Under Pressure
   5586 rush/lyrics/hemis    :Hemispheres
  10295 rush/lyrics/hyf      :Hold Your Fire
   6318 rush/lyrics/mp       :Moving Pictures
  11956 rush/lyrics/presto   :Presto
   5229 rush/lyrics/pwaves   :Permanent Waves
   8463 rush/lyrics/pwindows :Power Windows
   7522 rush/lyrics/rush     :Rush
   7868 rush/lyrics/signals  :Signals
  16306 rush/misc/3told_tale :Thrice Told Tales, Rush history by Neil
  13202 rush/misc/alex_iv    :'89 Music Express interview with Alex
  11043 rush/misc/barchetta  :A Nice Morning Drive, from Road & Track
  28172 rush/misc/bass_playr :'88 mag interview of Geddy Lee
   9160 rush/misc/chron_info :text from Chronicles
   3716 rush/misc/cos_pk     :'75 COS press kit
  31118 rush/misc/discograph :Rush discography, music list
   5694 rush/misc/equipment  :hardware used by Rush
  14515 rush/misc/grp_of_dec :'90 iview Alex gave at Artist of Decade
  25375 rush/misc/gup_tb     :GUP tourbook
  13141 rush/misc/hyf_tb     :HYF tourbook, Fireworks, making of HYF
   2993 rush/misc/kubla_khan :the poem, for Xanadu
  79156 rush/misc/mod_drmr1  :4/84 iview with Neil in Modern Drummer mag
   4972 rush/misc/mod_drmr2  :3/87 Win Neil's Drums
  32970 rush/misc/mod_drmr3  :5/87, 10/87, 8/88 of Modern Drummer
  17358 rush/misc/mp_tp      :Moving Picture tour program
  10641 rush/misc/neil_25qna :'85 25 questions to Neil
  54544 rush/misc/neil_iv    :'89 Modern Drummer interview with Neil
  23301 rush/misc/nstudio_iv :"In The Studio" with Alex & Geddy for MP
  19624 rush/misc/presto_tb  :Presto tourbook, Paper Scissors Stone
  20404 rush/misc/pw_tb      :PW tourbook, Personal Waves
  11408 rush/misc/q107_iv    :Rock Report with Alex, group of the decade
  16320 rush/misc/red_rose   :'78 story about Rush (and a red rose)
  20127 rush/misc/rston2_ivs :reviews from Rolling Stone
  20947 rush/misc/rstone_ivs :reviews from Rolling Stone
  40802 rush/misc/rush_faq   :frequently asked questions about Rush
  14640 rush/misc/rush_spec  :'83 from The Source, Rush Special radio-view
   6634 rush/misc/satanism   :Neil Peart's editorial on satanism
   9849 rush/misc/sounds78   :from SOUNDS mag, iview with Alex
  25759 rush/misc/sounds82   :from SOUNDS mag
  78196 rush/misc/successup  :Rush, Success Under Pressure, the book
 101205 rush/misc/ugif_2112  :ugif/bw, 2112 cover
  84965 rush/misc/ugif_aftk  :ugif/bw, A Farewell To Kings cover
  49758 rush/misc/ugif_ag1   :ugif/bw, alex & geddy
  49230 rush/misc/ugif_alex1 :ugif/color, alex w/guitar
  20838 rush/misc/ugif_alex2 :ugif/bw, alex w/guitar
  55669 rush/misc/ugif_ang1  :ugif/bw, the boyz
  87231 rush/misc/ugif_ang2  :ugif/bw, the boyz
  21015 rush/misc/ugif_ang3  :ugif/bw, the boyz
 124666 rush/misc/ugif_fbn   :ugif/bw, Fly By Night cover
  10965 rush/misc/ugif_ged1  :ugif/bw, geddy w/bass
  92963 rush/misc/ugif_hemi  :ugif/bw, Hemispheres cover
    197 rush/misc/ugif_how   :*** how to display a ugif file
  28774 rush/misc/ugif_neil1 :ugif/bw, neil w/drums
  74993 rush/misc/ugif_rush  :ugif/bw, Rush cover
   1718 rush/misc/uncovers   :text which songs were based on or inspired by
  41328 rush/misc/word_list  :word count from all lyrics


Subject: Re: Canadian TV shows and RUSH and other tidbits
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 15:12:36 MST
From: Brent Taylor 

Greetings from the Great White North (God, I hate that phrase).

Anyway, Cris Fuhrman was wondering about Canadian television and content
regulations.  I'm not positive on this, but I think there are only guidelines
that shows produced in Canada for the glorious Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
(makers of Degrassi, for example) reflect something about Canada (ie RUSH
in the background, Ontario plates).  Its not a hard and fast rule or anything.

The other principal network in Canada, CTV, tends to produce programs that
don't reflect Canada at all.  Ever see "Night Heat" on late at night on
CBS?  Made in Toronto, but you would never know it...  However, this is
is improving with them - they have a show called E.N.G. that actually makes
references to Toronto (whatever good that will do!) [Had to flame Canadian
Easterners at least once, they expect that from Albertans.]

Other shows made in Canada but you'd never know it: Mcgyver, 21 Jump Street,
Wiseguy (all mostly made in Vancouver, but for American networks.)

The bit about "Great White North" on SCTV was a joke pointed at such things
as these guidelines, and also Canadian content regulations in radio.  For
those of you that aren't lucky enough to be stuck here when its -35 C with
one of those four strong winds blowing, the CRTC (Canadian version of the
FCC) dictates that 30% of the songs on AM and FM rock stations must have
Canadian content (ie RUSH, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell) between 6 AM and
midnight.  Some say its tampering with what the market will bear, others
say that you wouldn't have bands like RUSH at all if it weren't for CANCON.
Some say its the typical Canadian inferiority complex coming into play again.

As for RUSH and radio out here, can you say "BARREN WASTELAND"?  The AM
stations won't touch it at all, the two rock FM stations in Calgary are stuck
in classic rock/ contemporary hits formats and only play the Native Sons when
nobody is listening (11 pm to midnight) to fill up their CANCON quota.  You
occasionally get the late night guys playing them, but for the most part
the band is entirely ignored out here.  The university station won't touch
them because RUSH is too commercial for them!!  Talk about being stuck between
a rock and a hard place.  If you think life as a RUSH fan would be better
if you moved up here, you're dead wrong.  Oh well, got most of the albums

Brent "I'm Canadian, I own a toque, and I drink Molson, eh" Taylor
Bruno Gerussi Lives!     |Brent J. Taylor (ingr!cal_pn!bjtayl)| ph 403 291-7509
Bring back the Beachcombers!|  Intergraph Calgary Logistics   |fax 403 291-7531


Date: Wed, 9 Jan 91 18:56:40 MST
From: (Fred Peabody)
Subject: More on Lerxst's Solos

   Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't Freewill be in F Lydian? The main
descending riff [that the song starts out with] Starts on F and uses the
notes of the C major Scale. This would make it F Lydian, I believe. Does
anyone know if Lifeson uses this mode in his solo or does he switch keys?
   Also at the beginning of La Villa Strangiato, where there's that fast
Spanish-sounding mini-solo Alex is using a Phrygian scale.
   Presto was a big let down for me solo wise. The only good solo is Chain
Lighting. It sounds kinda like Eddie Van Halen. [anyone know what scale
that is?] The rest of the solos seem to be using Ionian and Major
Pentatonic type scales and don't really have the agressiveness of previous
material. They all sound like something you'd here from any other generic
radio band. [make that any other modern band] It hurts me to say this
since Alex is my favorite guitarist, but it's how I feel.

   Changing gears here, I was wondering who's producing Rush's new album.
I hope it's not Rupert Hine!  The Presto song arrangements strike me as
kinda commercial for some reason, and I *HATE* that stupid sing-along
at the end of War Paint. [an otherwise solid song] Geddy's bass
playing was also rather disappointing, with a few exceptions, one of
which was his cool bass solo on Show Don't Tell.  At least Neil's
drumming was awesome...

[FP] [An Alias]


Subject: Reader Profile
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91 10:58:01 N
From: Gordon MacKinney 

Dear Mr. Editor -

Point #1, you do a great job.  You run a clean, intelligent
publication, with many thanks, of course, to your insightful

[ Hey, I don't write this stuff - it's 98% the list members...    :rush-mgr ]

Point #2, speaking of these contributors, as a new subscriber,
I'd be interested in a profile of TNMS readers.  How many are
students, non-students, Americans, Canadians, male, female, etc?

[ Whew, that's not a trivial task!  Are you volunteering?  :-)   You
  could probably get a decent estimation from the members list; figure
  out who's got a male/female name, and scan for addresses ending in 
  ".ca".                                                          :rush-mgr ]

Gordon MacKinney
Boeblingen, Germany


Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91  09:05:42 EST
Subject: Moving Pictures

Barf, heave, toss....  I have one of those early MP discs; probably
purchased the first week of release.   Still, I noticed something....
   At around 8:50 into "The Camera Eye", there are two curious noises
that sound like someone burping (Alex?) and someone admonishing him
gently (Geddy?)  Other friends o' mine remembered the sounds and
checked, and agree.  Can anyone confirm this?   The second voice -sounds-
like Geddy's, but it's difficult to be sure....
   Of course, if the rest of the world, with its cleaner, newer MP
discs, has already heard this since it's obvious on a cleaner master,
I'll be suitably humbled....  :-)

  --Paul W. Cashman                 ILink SF&F conference co-host
corum@uscn.bitnet                   President, Int'l Michael Moorcock
GEnie: P.CASHMAN                     Appreciation Society
CIS: 71520,3130
   "Better the pride that resides / In a citizen of the world
    Than the pride that divides / When a colourful rag is unfurled"


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