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Subject: 01/16/91 - The National Midnight Star #152

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 152

                Wednesday, 16 January 1991
Today's Topics:
                Cheryl Renshaw's "In Awe"
                   Re: Laser Rush, etc.
                    Moving Pictures CD

From: The National Midnight Star Editor 
Subject: Administrivia

I've just received the latest Frequently Asked Questions List from 
Dan Delany (thanks Dan!), and should get it out to you either this
afternoon or tomorrow.  Check it out; it's got new additions.

Also, I've created a new directory in the anonymous ftp area called
"incoming".  This is writable by all, so if you have an image you'd
like to send (GIF, SUN raster, etc), feel free to drop it in there.
All I ask is that you 1) send mail to the management account letting
me know what you're sending (please try to give the source of the 
picture and date, if you know), and 2) *please* don't go gonzo sending
stuff.  There's a few M of space, but it's not unlimited.

In a similar vein, if you have an idea of a new directory to add to
the anon. ftp stuff, feel free to send mail and ask about it.  There
may be a new one soon, but I still have to talk to the people about
it.  Stay tuned...

Lastly, at the risk of harping on a subject, PLEASE send your mail
to the apropriate places:  if you want to unsubscribe, don't just
reply to the digest - it comes back here to a totally different
place.  If I miss it somehow (almost did today), it goes out in the
digest, and nobody wants that.  Also, it's just plain extra work 
for me.  Also, remember Syrinx is the ftp site, Ingr is the mail
server site.  Try not to confuse them.  All the addresses are at the
end of every digest.

Thank you for your support!



From: medrcw!bob@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Cheryl Renshaw's "In Awe"
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 91 8:37:34 CST

After reading Cheryl Renshaw's poem "In Awe", I had some questions about
the interpretation of certain devices used in the poem.  I've sent
Cheryl a letter about it; I'm reposting it here for others to add their

>  In Awe
>What friends they are
>I long to meet
>Yet fear the meeting
>When awe loses its filter
>And humanity reigns again

That's an interesting device, there in the last two lines - the idea of
a sense of awe as a filter.  Does awe protect us from embarrassing
ourselves when we are in the presence of someone we admire, or does it
inhibit our inhibitions and allow us to make fools of ourselves?

"And humanity reigns again" - in ourselves, or in the admired person?
When the filter of awe goes away, do we see the object of our admiration
as themselves again (that is human, and therefore like us?), or do we
return to a sense of *our* humanity (read inferiority) and become shy and
retiring again?

Either interpretation could be valid; what did you intend?

>The ultimate optimism
>Mists my senses
>As I read and listen from afar
>Analysis reveals ever deeper meaning
>Ever increasing talent
>How much is imagined?

Why would admiration make one optimistic?  Hopes that you would meet the
object of your admiration (as is suggested in the first verse), or that
you would be seen as "worthy" of their companionship/respect?

In the last three lines, does the question "How much is imagined?" refer
to how much talent?  How much meaning?  Both?  Neither?  Could it refer
to fantasy, where the infatuated teeny-bopper dreams of wedding bells?

(That last is a pretty far-out possibility, since the whole tone of the
poem suggests that the admirer is too sophisticated for that sort of thing.)

>Where is the thinning line
>Between admiration
>And fanaticism?
>Between mere pedestal
>And Mount Olympus?
>There is lies--
>In ability to criticize

Here I think a very telling point is made about the difference
between being an infatuated fan and being a serious devotee of a genre
of expression.  A fan can see no wrong or flaw in the admired party; a
devotee recognizes flaws and faults and accepts them.

That's important, because without recognition of flaw our heroes become
Gods, and on that path lies danger.  The people we admire have struggled
to overcome obstacles to their expression; if we perceive no flaw in
them, we become caught up in worship.  It is better, I think, to respect
and admire someone who has encountered some obstruction and prevailed,
because then we have their example to follow.  Perhaps we, too, can

(One picky question:  shouldn't it be "There *it* lies" instead of "There
is lies"?)

On the whole I enjoyed this piece; perhaps it takes on a different
meaning to someone who is well-acquainted with the band, but I believe
it transcends the realm of Rush devotees and applies to any form of

Comments, anyone?
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Date: 	Tue, 15 Jan 1991 09:40:50 PST
Subject: Re: Laser Rush, etc.

>Did the group from the bay area NMS contingent go?

Well, I went to the 7:30 show last Saturday, but I have no idea if
anyone else there reads NMS.  I didn't hear anyone mention it, but I
didn't mention it either (ok, so I'm a little shy when it comes to
things like this...).

[ Aww, c'mon ... we don't bite!         Much.  :-)               :rush-mgr ]

I liked "The Body Electric", too...though the android was too fat for
my tastes :-)  I always imagined C3PO lost in the desert, so learning
the song was based on George Lucas' first film (sorry, can't remember
the combination of letters and numbers that make up the name of it...
T-something) made lots of sense!  I wish they'd done Fly By Night or
A Farewell to Kings (the title songs, not the whole albums...well, okay,
I wouldn't have complained if they'd done the whole albums...).


Most appropriate ORQ of the day :

Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world
Than the pride that divides when a colourful rag is unfurled

Thanks for sharing the Piet Hein (grooks, aren't they?  Something like
that) poems, Corrie...I really liked the Losing Face one.  It's a
rather depressing day...hope Rush on the tape player will keep the
spirits up...


Subject: GIFs
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 91 14:52:59 CST
From: dragon!keith@uunet.UU.NET (Keith Ford)

On the mail server,, the following GIF files
are available by email request.  See the trailer of this issue.
These are uuencoded gif files, for instructions, see ugif_how.
ugif_index is a collage of all the images for quick reference.
The others are album covers and pictures of the boyz.

   ugif_how        ugif_sigls      ugif_neil1    ugif_ang3
   ugif_index      ugif_aftk       ugif_ged1     ugif_2112
   ugif_fbn        ugif_hemi       ugif_ag1      ugif_alex2
   ugif_rush       ugif_alex1      ugif_ang1     ugif_ang2


Date: Tue, 15 Jan 91 17:58:31 -0500 (EST)
From: "Charles Edward Batey, Jr." 
Subject: Moving Pictures CD

I also have an older MP disc, but it doesn't sound as though anything is
wrong with it.  Does anyone know which disc revision numbers are "good"
recordings of the album?  The revision number is printed on the data side
of the CD near the center hole.  For example, my disc has the following

800 048-2 03

The catalog number is 800 048-2 and it is the third revision.

If anyone knows which revisions are defective it would be helpful...

Ted Batey


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 152

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