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Subject: 01/17/91 - The National Midnight Star #153

**   ____     __           ___ ____   ___        ___       **
**    /  /_/ /_     /\  / /__/  /  / /  / /\  / /__/ /     **
**   /  / / /__    /  \/ /  /  /  / /__/ /  \/ /  / /___   **
**                                                         **
**                    __            ___       ____         **
**        /\  /\   / /  \  /\  / / /  _  /__/  /           **
**       /  \/  \ / /___/ /  \/ / /___/ /  /  /            **
**                                                         **
**                  ____ ____  ___  ___                    **
**                 /__    /   /__/ /__/                    **
**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 153

                Thursday, 17 January 1991
Today's Topics:
                Re: Interpreting "In Awe"

From: The National Midnight Star Editor 
Subject: Administrivia

One quick note:  does anyone on the list have any *definite* information
on copywrite issues WRT guitar TAB notation distribution?  If yes, please
send mail to the administrative address.

Hmm, things are a bit 'thin' today - I hope new album news comes soon! :-)



Subject: poetry?!?
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 91 9:21:38 PST
From: Doug Grumann 

Since everybody enjoyed my Limericks last year (insane laughter erupts
from the peanut gallery), and we've been on the subject of Rush poetry,
I thought I'd throw up a few new ones into your email mbox:

There once was a student in Des Moines
who'd play Rush at the drop of a coin
his roommate would say:
"I'm more fond of Tchaikovskay..
and you're really a pain in the groin!"

There once was a Rush fan in Alabama
who's license plate said "RUSHKA"
He couldn't make friends
with the local born-agains
who named him a Satan Worshippin Sinna

There once was a Rush fan musician
who'd spent hours just listenin'
with his ear to the grille
to the chords in Freewill
proclaimed "Surely its done in F Lydian!"


Date: 	Wed, 16 Jan 1991 11:54:20 PST
Subject: Re: Interpreting "In Awe"

I feel like this is getting a little bit away from Rush and more
into a poetry seminar, so I'd rather not explain my poem here.  If
you'd like, I'll email a reply to Bob's letter.  If you insist, I'll
post it.  Bob, I'm having trouble emailing to you...I'll keep trying,
but do you have an Arpanet version of your address?


"When I was in high school the one group I couldn't hang out with was
the Rush group...'cause the lyrics were too intelligent for me.  I
like the Ramones, man."
     --approximation of Big Rick Stewart, DJ on the local modern rock
       station (yeah, I listen to that, too).

"What happened to his nose?  Did he get hit by a baseball or something?"
     --approximation of Steve Masters, another DJ on the same station,
       talking about a certain bass player we all know and love.  It
       was an interesting conversation....  :-)


Date: Wed, 16 Jan 91 18:29:30 EST
From: (James Kittock)

Wow... poetry AND analysis.  Starts to remind me of why I'm
a computers major, not an english major... :-)

Making me think about words like that-- it's not nice!

James Kittock
Duke University Class of 1992,  Computer Science/Math/Russian Major    PO Box 5750 DS, Durham, NC 27706 USA
"Another war-- another waste land-- and another lost generation..."


Date: Wed, 16 Jan 91 18:18 CST
From: Blue Steel 
Subject: Hometown!

     I just got back to school, was was browsing through my mail since then,
when my eyes caught the address that people sent drum solos to for that Neil
Peart giveaway:

>Mail entry forms to:
>Modern Drummer, Attn: Neil Peart Drumset Giveaway
>870 Pompton Ave.,Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Now this isn't Rush-related, but my hometown is perhaps the only other Cedar
Grove in the world, located in Wisconsin. Population is approximately 1400, so
you can imagine my surprise at finding another such town. Is this, by the way,
Modern Drummer's normal mailing address?

Trivially yours,
Kevin Tipple, aka Blue Steel, By-tor       University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bitnet: UCSKRT@UWPLATT.BITNET              Platteville, Wisconsin  USA
"Oh dear, the penguin's exploded." - Monty Python


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 153

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