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Subject: 01/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #155

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**                                                         **
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**                ____/  /   /  / /  \                     **

          The National Midnight Star, Number 155

                 Friday, 18 January 1991
Today's Topics:
               More on images, software bug
       General RUSH appreciation/Terretories(Iraq)
             The existence of "Broon's Bane"

Subject: More on images, software bug
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 91 09:53:24 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

For those interested, the 'images' subdirectory of the anonymous ftp
area on Syrinx has been updated.  I've put together a script to convert
Sun raster images to GIF format, and have converted all the original
rasters into GIFs.  If you consult the CONTENTS file you'll see what I
mean.  Just a note: this directory is for *any* Rush-related image
file, not exclusively pictures; individuals' artwork is also accepted.

On the topic of the "From" bug in the digest software, I've received
mail from the writer, and he says he can't figure out how to get rid
of it.  Oh well.  If there's anyone out there that's an 'awk' wiz and
feel like tackling a bug problem, drop me a line at the adminsitrative



Date: Thu, 17 Jan 91 12:09 CDT
Subject: aeolian

Just a few paraphrased lines from an old Guitar Player issue which relate
to the discussion of modes at the intro to Freewill.  The quotes are from
a letter written in response to an article which stated, among other things,
that Steve Clark and Phil Collen of Def Leppard tend to play in a sort of
Jeff "Beckian" mode!

"...that the boys are playing in a Beckian mode?  What the hell is a
Beckian mode, would you mind telling me?  Oh, for the luvva Mike, can
we expect to hear next that they also dabble in the assholian mode?
Or let's not rule out the dreaded mix-a-few-of-'em mode."

I laugh every time I remember that letter.  Enjoy it all!
Carpe Diem,

Steve "Big Money goes around Northwestern" Michaels


From: (David Laurenc Gordon)
Subject: General RUSH appreciation/Terretories(Iraq)
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 91 13:57:33 EST

	Howdy! It's been awhile since I've written, but I just want to bring us back to basics here. I get almost daily criticism from my friends who dare to
compare RUSH to bullcrap like Depeche Mode and Technotronic. Can you believe
this??? So they ask me why I like RUSH so much. I say, for starters, that there isn't a more talented trio in the world. Then I go on to add that I just happen
to like songs that actually mean something (as will be demonstrated in a sec).
I then add something to the effect of "This is rock music the way it was meant
to be, not the way it was warped so that people could dance to it." I continue
to say that I like music that is made by human beings, instead of the soulless
boxed sounds of most of today's top forty. Finally (because I'm short of time,
not because it's the last reason), I get up the courage to say I actually like
Geddy's voice. AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! End of conversation.

	Anyway, about Territories and Iraq. Those who have watched the info on
our invasion last night cannot help but admit that it rises over the pettiness
that Territories is about.

	"...Can't really feel what international means"

	The invasion was definitely international, involving four different
countries in the air attack--U.S., Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. (Notice
how the French are sitting on their butts again?)

[ I hate to nitpick, but the French had 4 aircraft sustain damage on the
  first day of the attacks.                                     :rush-mgr ]

	"...They shoot without shame
	    In the name of a piece of dirt"

	This, as does the rest of the song, applies to Iraq alone and not to
any of the allied countries. I just want to set it straight that the song
Territories is not anti-war, it is anti-pettiness. Go Team USA!

	-The opinions expressed here are solely my own
	 and do not reflect the opinions of my school,
	 my mother, my roommate, or any of a variety
	 of my other personalities.


From: (Dana Borger)
Subject: The existence of "Broon's Bane"
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 91 17:47:00 EST

Does anyone know if the song "Broon's Bane" on Exit...Stage Left"
was actually supposed to be part of "The Trees" at one time (perhaps
before the final recording of _A Farewell to Kings_)?

[ Also, are there any other album/CD/single releases of it?     :rush-mgr ]

To me, "Broon's Bane" would pass the test of "most-likely-to-be-
an-intro-to-'The Trees'".  It just sounds so "Treesy".  Was there some
dispute over this bit of music, perhaps between Rush and then-producer
Terry Brown (Broon)?  Hence the name "Broons *Bane*".


Love and Life are deep
Maybe as his eyes are wide  -np


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 155

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