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Subject: 02/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #164

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 164

                 Friday, 1 February 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Opening acts for RUSH
                     Twilight Zone...
             New World Man...Chronicles Tape
             New World Man...Chronicles Tape
                    Whispering in 2112
                    Signals blueprint
                     Time Signatures?
                      I Need Visions
                        New Album

Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 18:15:26 GMT
From: Ronald L Chrisley 
Subject: Opening acts for RUSH

Don't forget Marillion (1983?) at the Radio City Music Hall.  I've
also seen Gary Moore and Steve Morse open for them.

Ron Chrisley


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 14:55 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: various

The "Brought to you my letter __" thing has come up before.... if you look at
Power Windows credits, you'll see 'Brought to you by the letter "M"'.... I'm
sure this refers to the plethora of M's in the Song titles (Money, Manhattan,
Marathon, Middletown, eMotion, Mystic)....  however, this doesn't explain
the D reference on Presto..

King Biscuit:  In the old days (2112 and before) they frequently ,mixed
Working Man and Finding My Way together (as on ATWAS)..

Scary moments with Rush... when I was 12 and heard Witch Hunt for the first
time, I was spooked by the beginning...
I also didn't pick up on the Whispering in Twilight Zone until about the
100th listen!!

I really find it hard to believe there will only be 7 songs on the new album..
Longer songs just aren't their style anymore, and I'm sure they'll never
do another CD under 50 minutes, meaning each song would be 7 minutes long!!
I could be wrong though, they've shakened things up in the past..



From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 15:48:19 EST
Subject: Twilight Zone...

I'm glad that others noticed the whispering in "Twilight Zone" too.  Before
getting a decent sound system with CD player, I never noticed it on the LP
or cassette format of 2112.  It is definitely spooky, but not nearly as much
so as the "ghost" that someone else mentioned!

Just as a side note, my 2112 CD lacks lyrics (although it does have indexing
which I like a lot!).  Did I get a bum copy or are they all this way?


[ If you have ftp access, the lyrics to all the albums are available via
  anonymous ftp from Syrinx.  They include the written 'preamble' to each
  song from side one.  If you don't have ftp, there is also a mail server
  at node ''.  See digest tail for info.                :rush-mgr ]


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 16:23:30 EST
Subject: New World Man...Chronicles Tape

Hi 'yall
   I was pretty curious so I decided to check my copy of New World Man on
my version of Chronicles.  It seems all intact, with the keyboards coming
in with the entire first note; that's not the strange part.  Right after
Subdivisions and right before New World Man I turned my box up to full
volume (which isn't that high), and there seems to be a song fragment there,
with Geddy singing.  The words are all jumbled, like the words were being
played backwards.  I've played it over and over and I can't figure out what
it is.  Try it with your own copy and see what you find out.  Maybe I'm crazy
and I don't hear anything, but I swear there is something there.  Later all.

  William MacDonald

"Life is just a candle and a dream must give it flame"
     Rush, The Fountain of Lamneth


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 16:31:26 EST
Subject: New World Man...Chronicles Tape

Hello, it's me again.  I just talked with my roomate and he said the jumble
is from the flip side of the tape overlapping on the head.  I think he's
right, as when I flip the tape at this point, Geddy chimes in with lyrics
from Manhatten Project.  Well, thanks for listening...I guess the result of
all of this is that my tape is not defective.

William MacDonald


From: Roger Swanson 
Subject: Whispering in 2112
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 16:12:48 CST

In responce to the question about who's whispering, I believe I remember
hearing an interview where they mentioned that it was Geddy doing the
vocals on this. Listening to it, the two voices singing in tandem sound
too close to one another for it to be two different people singing. I
don't have any "hard" evidence on the subject, though.

\/Roger Swanson                        /\  To subscribe to the Jethro Tull  \/
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\/Bitnet: swanson@uiucvmd.bitnet       /\        \/


Date: 	Thu, 31 Jan 1991 14:25:37 PST
Subject: Signals blueprint

Has the blueprint on the back of the Signals album been discussed
ad nauseum already?  I remember going over that thing with a fine
toothed magnifying glass just to pick up all the puns and in jokes
and silly things in it.  Anyone else do that?  I don't have the
album handy (something about not having a turntable in the office)
but off the top of my head I remember things like the Borough of
Smeng, Pennsylconsin, and that this blueprint was the K9 survey.

If this subject has been beaten into the ground, let me know and I'll
go back to snickering over it in the corner...  :-)



Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 14:50:51 PST
From: (Patrick Jost)
Subject: Time Signatures?


I'd be interested in pointers to good examples of odd time signatures
in Rush's music...

Please email whatever information you have...


Patrick Jost


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 17:25 CST
From: Blue Steel 

     Well, it's finally finished (I think). The work on a bass players' digest
is more or less complete. The aim of this project is to provide a forum for
discussing all aspects of both electric and acoustic bass. Topics may range
from favorite players, to equipment, to techniques, to whatever might come up.
As is the case with such a digest, all flaming is heavily discouraged. I will
be trying to distribute this on a daily basis, depending on amount of material

     This is a project I had running around in my head before Christmas, and
finally got things rolling several weeks ago. Unfortunately, a great deal of
time needed to be spent working out the software bugs and getting the proper
administrative clearance.

     If you have already received the digest, it is because you responded to a
query about the bass player members of _The_National_Midnight_Star_, or because
you wrote to me asking about it. If you haven't gotten it yet, but would like
to be on the distribution list, send mail to the administrative address at the
end of this message.

     The format of this digest very closely parallels TNMS, which I found to be
a very attractive layout (kudos to the rush mgr]). Hopefully this will receive
the same type of usage that TNMS gets, and I strongly encourage those who are
on other musical lists to post a notice about the existance of this digest, as
TNMS is the only one to be notified by me.

     I might suggest that a first posting include a brief introduction,
including equipment used, influences, favorite music, personal style, and any
bands played in. All addresses for submitting material and administative
matters are contained in the digest trailer at the end of each issue, and at
the bottom of this message.

Kevin Tipple
Bass Mgr.

To submit material to the Bass Players' Digest, send mail to:

For administrative matters (subscriptions, deletions, etc.), send mail to


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 21:34:27 EST
Subject: I Need Visions

Fellow Rush People

Could someone please help me out?  I've been looking for the book
"Visions" for some time now with now luck whatsoever.  No bookstore in
my area seems to carry it or be able to order it.  Books & Co. tried to
order it for me last year but after about 5 months of waiting, they said they
weren't able to get a copy of it.

To the people who have this book, where did you get it and how much was
it?  Any information is appreciated.

					Steve Green  -  Wrabit Wrangler


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 22:16:10 -0800
Subject: New Album

     In reference to all of the speculation about what we may or may not
expect to find on the upcoming album I have a question.  Has anyone besides
me noticed that the last song on any given album by our favorite power trio
differs significantly from the other songs on the album?  And is it possible
that this dramatically different tune could be a "preview of coming attractSome examples of last songs that differ are Something For Nothing, Between The
Wheels, Mystic Rythms, and Available Light, to name a few.  In my opinion
Between The Wheels is definitely somewhat "Signals-like".  Wouldn't that
be great if the new album was along the lines of Available Light which just
happens to be my favorite song on Presto.  I haven't really put a lot of
thought into this theory of mine, so think about it and let me know if you
feel it has any credibility. (or not)

                                                  JAIMIE SCOTT


Date: Fri, 1 Feb 91 08:53 EDT
From: Ken Renard 
Subject: Superconductor

	I hope I'm not the 17th person to respond to yesterday's
question about Superconductor.  At the end of the first chorus, the time
signature does seem to change.  The last 8-bar phrase feels like a
4-4-4-6-6-1-7 instead of 8 straight fours.  It has the same number of
beats, but the feel is changing through there.  Maybe this is some kind
of copy protection to keep the Vanilla Ice type from covering or copying
this song since they can't dance to it.
	On the other side of Neil and Superconductor, was he refering to
the Milli Vanilli's and others of the like in this song where he says,
"target mass appeal   to make an audience feel   he really means it (or even
sings it)" and "careful to conceal   the fact that she's only too real"?
The Keith Sweat's write the recipe book love songs because they will sell
records when they "hit you in a soft place   with sentimental ease
they know the fantasies   that you romance to."  It seems he is refering
to fake musicians who are "Hoping you'll believe" and "designing to decieve".
Now that's entertainment!

Disclaimer:  Please do not be offended by any reference I made to any
of your favorite music people.  They are just examples of a genre of


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End of The National Midnight Star Number 164

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