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Subject: 02/13/91 - The National Midnight Star #170

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 170

               Wednesday, 13 February 1991
Today's Topics:
               The Pass and a JUICY RUMOUR
                   Rush Concert Groups
                   Musician subscribers
                       Christ, etc
                  Opening Acts REQUEST!
                  opening bands (again)
                      Re:  The Pass
                   Zebra, more DDD talk
                   Moving Pictures DDD
                        DDD discs
                     The Pass (again)
                Voivod, La Villa, Rush/Max
      Re: 02/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #169
                    Aimee Mann on HYF
                   OTHER OPENING BANDS
               La Villa Strangiato and CDs
                   Boycott Redd Kross!
                   geddy on metal shop
            Not Really RUSH, but Kim Mitchell
                Supporters; 2112 reference

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Hi all,

    Just a quick note on a couple of things.  First of all, Syrinx
finally received it's upgrade to the real version of Ultrix 4.0 
(instead of the Beta stuff it's been running for months/years/decades
now).  If there were any problems late Friday or over the weekend,
this may be the cause (mail, anon. ftp, etc).

    Also, due to illness on my part, there was no NMS for Monday, 2/11
or Tuesday, 2/12.  I'll try to stay well enough to get it out the rest 
of this week.



Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 11:52 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: The Pass and a JUICY RUMOUR

Someone mentioned they think 'Christ what have you done?' is not an
interjection.... I tend to agree, to some extent.

True, Christ did not commit suicide, but I *think* Neil is saying that the
'noble warrior' set a bad example for mankind by 'losing the will to fight...'
The message in the song is that the only noble pursuit is the whole-hearted
will to live.  And Neil does not have to even believe in Christ to use this
reference in a song, he could be simply using it as a literary parallel.
Actually, I think the line in question is a double-entendre... it is used
both to the teen who has committed suicide as a an interjection, and by Neil
questioning Christs actions leading to his crucifiction...  All my opinion,
but I'd like to hear comments on this.

>From the JUICY RUMOUR department- from a very reliable source.... the album
has been delayed till NOVEMBER (approx.)... no info on why, but my guess is
that the boys want a particular producer (hopefully Peter Collins) and are
waiting till he (or she) is available..  Personnally, I don;t care who produces
as long as it's not Rupert Hine.

AND----------  also from the reliable source, the boys are PLANNING on a mini
pre-album release tour a la the Semi Tour of the Some of the Hemispheres
(before Signals) and the pre P/G tour...  This would be the most!!! I can't
imagine what it's like seeing the Boyz play a song I have never heard before



Date: Thu, 7 Feb 91 16:18:53 mst
From: wicat! (John J. Mendenhall)

>From jjm

Subject: The Pass

In TNMS #168 Kenneth Mark Maxham  writes:

>I wonder how many people realize that when Neal writes in The Pass:
>     Someone set a bad example, made surrender seem alright
>     the act of a noble warrior who lost the will to fight.
>     Christ, what have you done?
>that the word "Christ" is a noun and not an interjection.

No one but Neil can say if he meant for "Christ" to be a noun
or an interjection.  I don't think it matters because the
meaning to the listener is more important than the meaning
to the author (unless you are the author).

As to how you interpret the above passage you might do well
to note the following:
1) Christ did not surrender.   2) Although Christ was noble,
he was not a warrior.  3) Christ never lost the will to do
anything. & 4) He would never want to fight in the first place.

In this post I am always using "Christ" as a noun and never as
an interjection. I will supply references if you request.


John Mendenhall


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 17:30:50 GMT
From: (Tony R. Rice)
Subject: Rush Concert Groups

Anyone interested in getting together to see a RUSH concert at the following

     Capitol Centre, Largo MD (Washington DC)     RUSH always plays here
     Richmond Coliseum, Richmond VA               RUSH usually plays here
     Hampton Coliseum, Hampton VA (Norfolk VA)    RUSH always plays here

Email me at the above address or to MRMIDI or HAHAHAHAHA on America Online. I'm
willing to organize something if enough people are interested.

Some ideas are:
          Dinner before the show in a nearby banquet room
          Ride Sharing
          Getting tickets/seats together
          or just meeting somewhere before the show to say hi

Email me with any other ideas you may have.

Tony R. Rice                            | Virginia Tech Department of Computer
                                        | Science & Sleap Deprevation Studies
________________________________________| Promoting Creativity Through
                                        | Conceptual Torture


From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: Musician subscribers
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 11:15:51 CDT

Sorry about posting, but I can't get mail through with that address.
We don't have a very sophisticated system here....

Anyway, for the request of musicians subscribed to TNMS, count me in!
I am a guitar player, and I was "raised" on Rush, if you will.  I had
been playing for about a month when I first heard 2112 on the radio.
I had been taping some other stupid song and just left the tape deck
on.  Imagine my surprise when I heard something as intense as 2112
after only having been exposed to crap like "I don't like spiders and
snakes", etc....  Anyway, after I heard Rush, I spent the next three
months working on nothing but 2112.  Then I heard La Villa Strantiato
and worked on that until I could finally play it after two years.
Then I worked on stuff from Permanent Waves.  Then I realized that there
*are* other groups worth listening to and fun to play, like Yes,
Zeppelin, etc.  But basically, after two years of playing guitar,
my repertoire consisted of at least 90% Rush songs!  I remember very
much my amazement that you didn't have to have a simple rhythm guitar
part with a lead over it to make good music.  One guitar could do
it all.

 * Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
 * "A strawberry mind, a body that's built for two" - Michael Hedges          *


From: Dan Dickerman 
Subject: Christ, etc
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 10:07:51 PST

> Neil's line "Christ, what have you done?" is an interjection and a noun.
> Neil says himself that he likes to write multiple interpretations into songs.
> It's the mark of a good lyricist/poet.

It's a floor wax!  It's a dessert topping!

[ It's a desert topping you cow!  :-)   Sorry, couldn't resist.   :rush-mgr ]

Okay, I took literature/critical analysis classes like everybody else.
So, at the risk of starting a holy war, I'm gonna throw-in my 2 cents:

To be fair, the original statement of lyric did leave-out a large section
of the lyrics (presumably to more clearly illustrate a point and not
to mislead).  This correction was noted in the last issue (I've added
a few more to make a different point).

> >     Someone set a bad example, made surrender seem alright
> >     the act of a noble warrior who lost the will to fight.
  And now you're stranded on a rocky ledge
  Staring down into a hartless sea
  Done with life on a razor's edge
  Nothing's what you thought it would be . . .

**a vast portion of the track ommitted here for space concerns**

>    "No hero in your tragedy
>     No daring in your escape
>     No salutes for your surrender
>     Nothing noble in your fate
>     Christ, what have you done?"

The suicide in question, falling "into a heartless sea", is a very passive
method, requiring only the effort of allowing one's self to fall.  In a
similar sense, Jesus allowed himself to "fall" to his death by not
resisting the will of his crucifiers.  In both cases, the person
basically _allows_ himself to die.  Stretching a point, true, but in the
mind of a really depressed person (For those of you who have never been really
depressed, you really should try it some time, just for the experience),
they can seem very similar, allowing a suicidal person to think himself
(or herself) a Christ figure, committing a martyred, noble act.

To accept that last bit, you'd need to assume that Jesus committed a
martyred, noble act: a purely religious question which I will not pose.
Note however, that if you take the opposite opinion, you could even
interpret this to mean that Jesus did a silly thing in allowing himself
to be crucified.

Taking the martyred teen point further, the Lyric also be interpreted to be
addressing the suicidal teen himself (or herself) who, thinking they are
facing a martyr's death, would answer to the title "Christ."

Personally, I'd always just thought was an interjection.


 "Crucifiction?  Down the hall, line on your left, one cross each."


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 13:22:51 -0500
From: jlang (~ Rush Fanatic ~)
Subject: Opening Acts REQUEST!

Ok, Ok, due to popular demand (a whole 2 votes!!) I will now start going
throught the back issues of NMS to find out about Rush's opening acts
from the various tours.  Since this does take time, to speed up the
process, those of you who have seen Rush (and it better be everyone
on the list! *<:-) Right? .... I said RIGHT??) live, from ANY tour,
please send me an email message with:

1. What tour you saw Rush on (even the date would be nice).
2. And WHO openned up for them on that show you saw.

Please email this to so I can keep all the incoming
mail in one place.  Thanks.

Once I get all this info compiled, I will summarize for the list and
will implement it into the Rush List of Tour Dates.  (I forget when
this was last put out, anyone got the Digest Number?)

Well, that's about it from this end.  On a side note, I saw a local band
performed here at UCSD, called The Excentrics, and they did really
good Rush cover tunes, Limelight, and Red Barchetta.  If any of you are
into local music scenes and are in Southern California, try and see
these guys, really good!  The BEST Rush cover I've seen in a long time.

On the new album.. I think we're all due now for another instrumental
no??  Can't wait...

 "...but now the sea's too heavy..And I just, I just don't understand.."
 			-The Guys from Up North.


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 13:21 EST
Subject: opening bands (again)

        When I save Rush on the GP tour, Marilion opened for them.  I didn't
really like them then.  Now I do.  I think Marillion also opened for Rush when
they did the post-signals tour at Radio City Music hall.  I'm not sure, I wasn't
        One quick question, how many people would like to see Rush pass the
opening band and play 2 sets instead?



Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 10:33:08 PST
From: (Ron Zasadzinski)
Subject: Re:  The Pass

I agree with Robert Simmon that the use of "Christ" in the line
"Christ, what have you done?" is both an interjection and a noun.
In the context of the song, it makes the most sense to me as
an interjection (see David Arnold's excellent commentary issue #169).
However, I believe that "Christ" is also intended as a noun in The Pass
based on how the lyrics are printed in the album. Notice that for
every song on the entire album, the only words printed in capitals
are the words in the chorus and proper nouns. The line
"Christ, what have you done?" is at the end of a verse, not a
chorus (all the other words in that verse are not capitalized), yet
"Christ" is capitalized.

Hence, my conclusion is that both meanings are intended. There is
always the possibility that the capitalization of "Christ" is
a typo, but Neil once said in a backstage club newsletter that
he personally checks the lyric sheets himself before they are
printed so I would think that the probability of typos is very small.

ORQ- "... until later" (Show Don't Tell, _Presto_)


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 10:47:35 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Zebra, more DDD talk


>   Does anyone know if Zebra ever _did_ open for Rush - aside of that one
> time when they had to cancel at the last minute?  That was a band with a
> lot of potential.

I follow Zebra pretty closely, and to my knowledge they never opened
for Rush (too bad). Zebra has LOTS of potential... they are a great
band. Another super talented 3-man show (but not as talented as Rush :-))
Check out their Live album.

Lewis A Bernstein  writes:

>    As far as DDD sounds on the Rush compact discs, I think
>that Moving Pictures is DDD, and so is everything that they made
>after that point.  To all of you audiophiles, the disc player was
>already making waves as early as 1983, you just couldn't get them
>for a reasonable price until 1985 or so (I got mine in '85)
>Moving Pictures was one of the first discs that I bought, and I

Nope. I must disagree. Moving pictures is not DDD. I believe the first
Rush recording that was done DDD was Power Windows in 1985. True, the
CD player may have been available in the mid to early '80's, the CD
format really did not come on strong till about '86 . Maybe
I was behind the times? :-).

David Conley     "The Digital Anatomist"
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 11:12:37 PST
From: ninjar@EBay.Sun.COM (David Martin)
Subject: PESTO

             Some Rush fans seem to not like Presto as much
        as other albums and are looking for rush to repeat
        something they have already done in the past. From
        what I`ve read in Guitar School and radio interviews,
        Rush has stated that Signals was an experimental
        album. Rush`s style has changed from rock to progressive
        rock to progressive jazz. Rush has stated that this
        is their style now and is what we will probably see
        in the near future. It took years for Rush to get
        where they are at now, Rush music is just Rush music,
        the best band in the universe, there is no comparison.

                        David@sun (49ervile)

               "I find no absolutin in my rational point of view"


Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 12:03:56 -0800
From: Douglas V. Simpkinson 
Subject: Moving Pictures DDD

No.  Sorry.  My brother's copy of MP is AAD, and mine (printed later) is
Either AAD or ADD.  Signals was AAD and later became ADD.  Even my copy
of P/G is AAD, though later editions were ADD.  Power Windows was their
first digital recording.   I WISH Moving Pictures was DDD, that would
be a multiple orgasm.



Date: Fri, 8 Feb 91 15:42:41 CST
From: Murdock 
Subject: TNMS

   Well, here goes my first post to TNMS.  Just a couple of little things that
I've jotted down notes to.  I know that in Atlanta for the HYF tour the opening
act was McNealy Schneker Group (sp?).  They weren't all that great in my

[ I thought it was "McCauly Schenker" (sp?), not "McNealy..."?    :rush-mgr ]

opinion.  I sort of had a rough day before hand and I took at little nap right
there in the Omni while they were playing.
   As far as the Presto tour goes.  I drove back to Atlanta from School here
in Starkville, MS on wednesday for the concert that night and then had to be
back for finals starting on Friday.  I think it was *well* worth it.  For
Time Stand Still there was no picture of Aimee Mann on the back screen either.
I don't know why they didn't show her picture this time.  But, I do know that
we did have some very nice looking ladies in Bunny outfits come on stage and
had the Boys towels and a drink.  Well, Geddy and Neil did, Alex got what
looked to be a Stage Hand dresses in a giant bunny outfit smoking a cigar for
   I also thought that the stage show lacked a little of what was there from
the HYF tour.  Although I think that the Laser's were a little better.
Especially the way in which they had the fiber optics around the screen and
on the floor of the stage and beamed the lasers through them.

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Date: 9 February 1991 00:25:11 CST




From: moocow! (Doctor Math)
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 91 05:54:53 EST

Boog to all.
A (dare I say it) usermeet at one or more of the sites along the next
Rush tour is about the best idea I've heard in a long long time.
Unfortunately for me, the nearest location will probably be a two hour
drive for me. My car does not run. Hopefully it will be by the time
the tour rolls around... but just in case, is anybody else "out there"
located near the University of Notre Dame in greater 219? Given the
ability of any group with this good a communications link to organize,
we should help the planet out a little and carpool where possible.
Side note: To those who have noticed some correlation between La
Villa Strangiato and old cartoon sountracks, take thee unto thy
local music store and pick up a copy of "The Carl Stalling Project"
(on CD, of course). It's got just about every piece of music from
all the old Warner Brothers cartoons. Great listening.
Note to rush-mgr: You won't find this account in the mailing-list
proper; I gateway the mailing list into a newsgroup (with Waffle).

*** Doctor Math


Date: 09 Feb 91 03:22:47 EST
From: Brad Armstrong <71161.1313@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: DDD discs

Lewis Bernstein makes a statement about Moving Pictures being his first
DDD disc.  The earliest Rush DDD I know of is Power Windows.  Is there
a DDD of MP?  Mine is ADD and sounds just right.  Seems to me it
wouldn't be possible to go back and do a DDD from an analog master,

(aside: see, Derek, I'm learning! :) )


Brad Armstrong                               71161.1313@compuserve.COM
The Lion's Den                                           Rochester, NY
       "... everybody got to elevate from the norm." - N. Peart


From: Kenneth Mark Maxham 
Subject: The Pass (again)
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 91 11:16:55 CST

Boy, that'll teach me to try to slip in firm opinion as fact!  I should
know better with you guys.

I came to the "Christ" conclusion a long time after getting _Presto_;
The Pass was one of my favorite songs, and that one line always jumped
out at me: it somehow seemed uncharacteristic of a Peart lyric, to
throw in that sort of emotional outburst.  Sure, Peart has spoken with
emotion, but usually in a more eloquent way.  (Except for "Excitement
so tense ... you can cut it with a knife" -- bleah.  :-))  An
interjection seemed ... very odd, to me.  So I was pondering this, and
of course his wordplay has always impressed me, so I thought, "What if?"
The crucifixion was no suicide, but it did present an ... "alternate"
view of death (not only did Jesus allegedly redeem mankind, he also
showed up three days later and said "Psych!  There's more!")  And Jesus
sorta did "surrender," in that he knew it was coming (he did predict
his betrayal, and so on.)  So my conclusion seemed reasonable, and it
was more satisfying to me than invoking the name of a deity as an

Maybe he denied it in the interview to keep the Refried Jesus Wheezers
off his back ... ;-)  I have some amusing "Funnymentalist" stories,
should the subject of Rush and Satanism rampage through the NMS sometime.

I'll throw in my belated vote for Available Light as my favorite from

Is there any way we could change the convention for _Grace_Under_Pressure_
from P/G to G\P?  My eye finds the latter much more pleasing.


| Mark Maxham  | No, his mind is not for rent, to any god or government |
| | ... he knows changes aren't permanent.  But change is. |


Date: Sat, 9 Feb 91 13:49:30 -0800
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Voivod, La Villa, Rush/Max

Hi everybody,
  Here are a few pieces of interesting Rush info.....

Rush and Voivod
  According to the "Western Front News", (Feb-Mar 1991, pg 7),
    "Voivod will enter the studio in February to record a new album with
    Rush producer Terry Brown.  Geddy Lee is reported to be contributing
    to the album, due for a summer release through Mechanic."
  Well, that seems self-explanatory enough.  It should be very interesting.
  Hopefully, Terry will produce for Rush again on one of their next albums.
  Rupert Hine is supposed to be producing the next one, though.

La Villa Inspiration
  This requires a brief story....2 weeks ago I left a message on a friend's
answering machine.  His answering machine message had some whimsical cartoon
music on it.  To my astonishment, it was like it was taken right out of
La Villa!  He said he took if off a CD and didn't know anything about the
Rush song.  Well, to make long story short, the piece was written in 1951 by
Carl Stalling, and was used in several Warner Bros. Cartoons at that time.
It can be found on "The Carl Stalling Project" CD by Warner Bros (9 26027-2).
Carl basically wrote all the classic Warner Bros music (Merrie Melodies).
The piece itself can be found on track 13 of the CD in several places.  The
equivalant piece can be found in many spots in La Villa, (like for example,
6 mins into the song).  I wouldn't be surprised if other parts of that came
from cartoons, as well.  One of these days I'll listen to the whole CD.

New Rush song?
  Someone described an apparently new Rush song that they heard last fall.
It was probably Battlescar, by Rush and Max Webster.  That was ruled out
because it's an old song.  However, I believe the CD was released around
last fall.  Radio stations around here played it a lot at that time.
(The CD is Universal Juviniles, by the way).

Well, du-dea-d-de-d-dats all folks!

- Chris Michael


Date: Sat, 9 Feb 91 19:15:35 PST
From: (Old Tom Bombadil)
Subject: Christ

 Kenneth Mark Maxham  writes:

>I wonder how many people realize that when Neal writes in The Pass:
>     Someone set a bad example, made surrender seem alright
>     the act of a noble warrior who lost the will to fight.
>     Christ, what have you done?
>that the word "Christ" is a noun and not an interjection.

I think it is both.  As an interjection, he is exclaiming at the teenager's

As a noun, he is pointing out that Christ's "sacrifice" was not a cool
thing.  I recall that when I heard an interview with him on the radio that
he mentioned Samurai warriors' willingness to sacrifice themselves for their
country as not being too bright.

ORQ:  "No, his mind is not for rent, to any god or government."

Matthew Deter    |  |  Taxes are not levied for
UC Santa Barbara |  6600mld@ucsbuxa.bitnet    |  the benefit of the taxed.


Date:         Sun, 10 Feb 91 01:01:40 EST
From: michael 
Subject:      Re: 02/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #169

   Has anyone out there ever voted in an election, and the next day when they
saw the outcome say,   "if I didn't vote the number of voters would be(example)
2,374,847 instead of 2,374,848.
   Well, when I saw the outcome of the most popular album, I noticed that not
one soul put down Grace Under Pressure as their favorite album.  I am truly
sorry that I did not vote in the poll, but I would now officially like to
change that 0 to a 1.  Enough said.
                                   ...UNTIL LATER...


Date: Sun, 10 Feb 91 01:42:33 EST
From: pmw3y@spot.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Aimee Mann on HYF

Someone in one of the past 3 or 4 NMS's was asking about a song
on Hold Your Fire other than Time Stand Still on which Aimee
Mann had some vocals.  I can't tell for sure, but my guess would
be Open Secrets (listen right at the end of Geddy and Alex's
solo - I had always assumed that voice to be Geddy's, but upon
further listening and reflection it sounds a little too feminine
(perhaps a bad word choice - how about "smooth") to be Ged's.  I
have heard Geddy hit that particular range, but not with that
tonal quality.)  Anyway, that's my two cents.

BTW, I've always considered the "breakdown" section at the end of
Open Secrets to be a great jam - sure wish they'd have played it
live, it might have turned into a real rocker!  I also think that
it's Open Secrets, more than any other song on HYF, that gives the
album the "jazz fusion" color that I hear mentioned so frequently.

ORQ:  "'Nuff said.  Well, maybe just a few more words!"

Patrick Widener                  Internet:
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University of Virginia           ICBM_Net:  38.02 N, 78.30 W
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Date: 10 February 1991 20:07:19 CST




Date: 10 Feb 91 13:42:38 EST
From: Brad Armstrong <71161.1313@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: La Villa Strangiato and CDs

Reading the response a few days ago, which gave the specific times
into a song to look for what was being described, gave me an idea.
When I first got Hemispheres I remember being frustrated at not being
able to match the subsections in La Villa Strangiato with their
respective titles.  Sure, I had my guesses as to what was what, by
repeated listenings, but it wasn't until I got the sheet music for the
song that I could follow along.  Now the digital wonder child allows me
to pass that knowlege along easily!  So here it is, the first,
unofficial, I-did-it-myself Guide to La Villa Strangiato:

La Villa Strangiato (An exercise in Self-Indulgence)

                                          Studio    Live    Time Sigs
I.    Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds!        0.00      0.16    3/4, 4/4
II.   To sleep, perchance to dream...     0.27      0.49    4/4
III.  Strangiato theme                    2.00      2.18    4/4
IV.   A Lerxst in Wonderland              3.16      3.36    7/4
V.    Monsters!                           5.43      6.09    7/8, 4/4
VI.   The Ghost of the Aragon             6.09      6.30    4/4, 3/4
VII.  Danforth and Pape                   6.45      7.07    4/4
VIII. The Waltz of the Shreves            7.26      7.48    6/8, 3/8
IX.   Never turn your back on a Monster!  7.52      8.14    6/8, 4/4
X.    Monsters! (Reprise)                 8.03      8.24    4/4
XI.   Strangiato theme (Reprise)          8.17      8.40    4/4
XII.  A Farewell to Things                9.21      9.14    7/8, 4/4

      Total length of song                9.32      9.10
      Total length of track               9.35      9.38

The times listed are the time into the track at which that section
starts.  In the live version some sections were lengthened by vamping
and soloing, but the only abridgement I noticed was that section 11 was
cut by half.  This accounts for most of the shrinkage in the live
version, I think some of it is somewhat faster as well, especially near
the end.  The time signatures are included due to all the discussion
lately about them.  Most changes are fairly simple to locate, but I can
do a more detailed charting of them, with comments on the sections, if
anyone wants.  The only one that might throw one off is section 8 which
mostly alternates from one measure to the next.  The talking in the
live version starts in the last two measures of section 6 and I am told
is pretty much as indicated in the liner notes (any of you French
speakers out there might want comment on this one).

I'd appreciate it if anyone who has documentable comments by the band
on this track, or other information about its origins could e-mail them
to me.  Any interesting stuff will go into a future Guide to La Villa
Strangiato.  At that point it might make a good addition to the FAQL.

Also, about 3.36 into the live version I have what sounds like a bad
edit, but is probably a fault in the pressing or, most likely, damage
to my disc.  Does anyone else have this fault (if you go to look for it
it's really obvious, so don't go looking for the sound of a normal


Now a question for the many Canadians in our audience:
I went to Niagara Falls, Ontario yesterday, specifically with the idea
of hunting down some music that is not available in the States.  I
could only find two mall-type record shops in a major indoor mall.  I
was hoping for something a little more extensive, any suggestions as to
where to look next trip?  Do I have to go all the way to Toronto?
There was a lot more I was hoping to find.

I did pick up the new Gowan (Lost Brotherhood), which is almost unheard
of in the local stores.  I could only find one store employee who even
knew what it was down here.  I found two who knew what a Max Webster
was, but only found a few discs at IMPORT prices.  It was nice to see
four different Max Webster CD's in the same store all at once at
regular prices.  The Gowan wasn't cheap though, $20.97 Canadian to be
exact (the other store wanted $2 more!).  Did I get ripped off?
Anyhow, I have given it a listen through and my first impression is
simply that Alex didn't influence the style of the album noticeably.
This is pretty much what I expected and I will have to listen many more
times before I'm able to say much more than that.

Another thing I took note of is that the discs by American artists were
mostly Canadian pressings, or at least repackagings.  The two American
discs I got were actually Canadian pressings.  What's the deal with
this?  Are they mostly issued as separate pressings up there or what?
The quality of the two I got was quite good, by the way, and the price
was right (bon prix as they say in the GWN).  I saw an American
import that was WAY overpriced though, so I guess it works both ways.
Some of the 'new age' American artists were $50 Canadian, and are $15
to $20 U.S. down here, ack!

Take off, it's a beauty way to go!


Brad Armstrong                               71161.1313@compuserve.COM
The Lion's Den                                           Rochester, NY
       "... everybody got to elevate from the norm." - N. Peart


Date:         Mon, 11 Feb 91 14:13:13 EST
From: John McMillan 
Subject:      Boycott Redd Kross!

Dear Rush Faithful,

     A quote from the February 8th issue of the Miami Student, taken
directly from an interview with Steven McDonald, bass player for Red
Kross, an upcoming alternative/pop band:

     Q: How and why did you decide to get a band together?

     Steve: "I kind of gravitated toward it. Blah Blah Blah... We were
inspired by the Ramones and the Runaways. They made music more
accessible, music with guts, ***not as jerk-off as Deep Purple or
like Rush, who were so caught up with being "gifted."

     This kind of senseless iconoclast trashing really pisses me off.
Just look at anything newcomers like "Skinhead" O'Connor do for
publicity. They're willing to say anything offensive or shocking for
the sake of their own fledgling, petty careers.  Down the road, these
people will most likely feign regret or retract their inflammatory
statements, but the damage (and the publicity) is done.

     I've heard RUSH described as pretentious and full-of-themselves
many times, but I also have yet to hear one bad word about anybody
else, no matter how deserving, coming from Geddy, Alex, or Neil.
Maybe Red Kross, whoever they think they are, should take a lesson
from Rush and their devoted fans worldwide, and elevate themselves
above the norm of dishing trash out on "the establishment" for a
quick sound bite.

     My point: If and when you hear or see publicity about Red
Kross, DON'T BUY IT!  Tell anyone who will listen to you, that
they are pathetic losers, unworthy of our time and, most importantly,
our MONEY.  With a little momentum, I think we could actually take
a little wind out of the McDonald brothers' sails, and some cash
from their slimy pockets.

Keeping the faith,
John McMillan


Date: Mon, 11 Feb 91 18:32:36 EST
From: (Sudhir P. Moolky)
Subject: geddy on metal shop

Geddy  was interviewed on "metal shop" by charlie "the butcher" kendall.
Charlie first played "fly by night" and then asked geddy about that album.
Geddy replied about how they had only 10 days to complete that album and
also about how they slept in the studio most of the time.
After that hectic schedule they had to fly to some city for a gig.

Do any of you have more info on this......

ps : Metal Shop is a two hour program every Saturday (12 midnight - 2am)
	on the radio. (c/o MJI broadcasting).


From: (The Gillrocker)
Subject: Not Really RUSH, but Kim Mitchell
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 91 0:18:42 EST

	I have loved loved Kim Mitchell since I first heard "Go For Soda"
   when I was 14.  That was six years ago.  I ran out to buy Akimbo Alogo
   after I saw him live with Autograph.  I got his next effort 3 years after
   it came out.  I found it by looking in a cut out bin.

  	To my point...I have Rockland on CD, and would like to get more of
   his stuff on CD. (Akimbo Alogo and this new live album I read about for
   starters)  Is there anyone else in the states that has had luck in finding
   Kim Mitchell on CD, or do I have to go across the boarder to the GWN?
	Any help will be appreciated.

 _ __            _      __
' )  )          //     /  )
 /--' __.  . . //     /    __  _____    _   ______  __.  ____
/    (_/|_(_/_From:
Subject: Supporters; 2112 reference

On the topic of Rush-references popping up in odd places, one of the
time periods accessible in the computer adventure game Ultima II is
2112 AD.  As I expected, this was not a coincidence; at the time he
wrote the game, Richard "Lord British" Garriott's girlfriend was a major
Rush fan (I suspect he was at least a minor devotee) and That Year
just happened to creep into the game.....  

Glad someone mentioned Blue Oyster Cult as an opening act for Rush;
I saw that show here in Atlanta and it -was- a killer double bill.  The
only regret?  BOC wasn't allowed to play longer....

   --Paul W. Cashman                 ILink SF&F conference co-host
 corum@uscn.bitnet                   President, Int'l Michael Moorcock
 GEnie: P.CASHMAN                     Appreciation Society
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