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Subject: 02/18/91 - The National Midnight Star #173

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 173

                 Monday, 18 February 1991
Today's Topics:
                     Re: Kim Mitchell
                     Should I try it?
               Rolling Stone Reader's Poll
                  AAD ADD DDD and Christ
      Re: 02/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #172
                    A couple opinions
                My mistake, I admit it...
      Re: 02/13/91 - The National Midnight Star #170
       Miscellaneous Posting About Recent Things...
                      OK, OK, OK....
                 I hear voices in my head
      RE: 02/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #172
                    various tidbits...
                   1981 Concert Sticker
             Rush and Rolling Stone, Part II

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 12:19:39 EST
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: Re: Kim Mitchell

    In TNMS #172 of Friday Feb 15, I see my name (Robyn) mentioned thusly:

>I realize this isn't a Rush topic, but there seems to be a lot of interest in
>Kim Mitchell's music here lately, and besides, my opinion *was* called for.
>> Any other Canadians care to voice opinions?  Robyn?  Ron?  Dave Wolf?  Mark
>> Dykeman?  Martin?  Back me up here....                     ^^^^ ^^^^
>So, IMHO ....  [Dave goes on to talk about Max/Kim albums]

    I must have missed a TNMS recently.  I gather someone is soliciting
opinions on Max Webster/Kim Mitchell.   These I can certainly provide :-)

    I agree with Dave that "Universal Juveniles" ranks at the top
of the Max heap.  I'd have to put "High Class in Borrowed Shoes"
up there with "A Million Vacations" though.  While there are good
tunes on Vacations, Kim was experiencing writer's block at the time
and most of the songs are the other guys, not him.   The first album,
"Max Webster" (a.k.a. the Blockhead album because of cover art)
also has to be included in the list of essential Max.

    I don't share all of Dave's thoughts about Kim's albums though.
Yes, the EP is good, and "akimbo alogo" is great, but the followup,
"Shakin' Like a Human Being" was pretty, well, wimpy in my opinion.
It seemed like a bunch of lightweight songs directed at the
teeny-bopper crowd.  Aside from the brilliant song "In My Shoes",
the standard Kim rocker "That's the Hold", and the goofily funny
country honk flavour of "Easy to Tame", the rest is pretty fluffy.
I'll grant perhaps that it is well-crafted fluff, but it certainly
seems out of place compared to the rest of Kim's collection.
And the hit "Patio Lanterns" is just too sappy as far as I'm concerned.

    "Rockland" is a big change.  Far from being lightweight pop tunes,
there's a lot of depth, introspection, seriousness, in the songs.
"Rock'n'roll Duty" is an archetypal Kim rocker, and a great song,
but is not characteristic of this album.  The songs are, um,
contemporary? Mature?  Hard to describe.  "Expedition Sailor", with
guest acoustic solo by Rik Emmet (ex of Triumph) is the highlight for me.

    Kim definitely has left behind the bizarro strangeness of Max,
languished in "Shakin'...", but recovered well with a strong new
style in "Rockland".  And yes, his live concerts are a total blast.
Lots of non-stop fun.  He really enjoys touring and performing.

	"I'm just doing my rock'n'roll duty" -- Dubois


Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 13:10:04 EST
From: Ronnie Peugh 
Subject: Should I try it?

Since RUSH seems to be holding off on their new album, do you guys think
I should send them a poem I wrote a while back which I think they coould
turn into a song.  If this sounds like a good ideal, tell me the best
way to procede.

rockin' on


From: (Tone_Deaf_Drummer@Garage.home.mus)
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 10:23:42 -0800
Subject: Musicians???

A week ago I posted a message to NMS readers that if they were
musicians (particularly those influenced by Rush) that I would be
interested in hearing from them.

During the weekend I received an enormous response to the poll and a
few more letters 'trickled' in during the rest of the week.

First of all, thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate the

And now, some results (finally!):


(As of 2-15-91)

Bass Players: 12 (29%)

Guitar Players: 15 (36%--highest)

Drummers/Percussionists: 6 (14%)

Keyboard Players: 7 (17%)

Vocalists: 2 (5%--lowest)

Some interesting information...Among the people who responded there
are also people who play: woodwinds, clarinet, sax, wind synth, tuba,
baritone, and trombone...Even a guitar player from Sweden! A very
diverse bunch of musicians we Rush fans are...

Thanks again for the response!

Yoav Gershon
( UNIX: )


Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 14:03:52 EST
Subject: Equipment

Rush now uses two types of Samplers -
Roland S770s (a whole bunch) at the time of the tour they were doing
testing for Roland
Neil's E-Drums use an Akai S900
Alex plays Signature guitars (a Canadian brand) as well as a Sportscaster-
a modified Fender Strat.
All of the above was from musician magazine about 8 months ago.
Just as a guess I'd say the unknown synth was a Sequential Circuits Prophet
VS, or maybe an Oberheim.

"I want to look at life ... in the available light"
-rob simmon


Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 14:10:35 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Rolling Stone Reader's Poll

  Greetings to all - for all you RS bashers out there:
In the latest issue (with Sinbad O'Connor on the cover) is the 1991 RS
readers poll.

Best Bassist:
1)Paul McCartney

Best Drummer:
1)Phil Collins
2)Tommy Lee


  I suppose that considering RS is a pop-oriented magazine never giving
bands like Rush much ink, we should be proud...or should we? Post w/replies.



Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 17:01 EST
From: Noah Christian 
Subject: DDD ADD AAD and Christ

	I think that Peart may have intended many connotations by the word
`Christ' in The Pass, on the Presto album.  I base this on an article in
Guitar magazine where he says that he is very interested in words that may
have as many as five meanings.  He says that their older work (I thought of
Hemispheres) took many lines to complete a thought, and he has tried for
brevity.  Being Jewish, he may not see the point of Christian Martyrdom.

	As for ADD and AAD, they are essentially the same, especially for a
band like Rush.  Their older albums (before Power Windows) were all analog
recorded.  This really didn't matter, because their recordings pretty much
went straight to pressing, they weren't big on remixing.  That middle A on
Grace Under Pressure only means that the original analog recording didn't
need much manipulation (or didn't get it) on the way to the digital pressing.

	Their method of recording can be followed in their biography Visions.
The recording was done with a straight take, sometimes they had to do a song
as many as 15 times to get it right.  The listener was assured that the
concert version had a good amount of sweat behind it.  With Power Windows and
a new producer, they tried digital.  Peart would lay down a rythym track, and
the others would play the music to that.  Then Peart would record the final
drum track.  It saved a lot of exasperation for the band.

	I think the problem of just looking at the letters and trying to find
the best CD is impossible.  I personally like Signals, even though it was
their worst recording technically (listen to the distortion on the opening
guitar of The Weapon).  Digital recording has helped them in the recording
room, certainly.  But I think more important than finding the best signal to
noise ratio and DDD recording is finding a song that is aesthetically pleasing
(as Peart said in Modern Drummer) and portrays a deftness in the performers.
A lot of their older work shows a progression and boldness that is rarely seen.
Terry Brown, I feel, knew their desired direction as musicians and produced
with them some incomparable albums.

	I'm wondering if anyone knows an address for Peart.  I would especially
like to know if anyone has been successful with a letter to him.  I would like
a direct route, sending something c/o a record company really isn't usefull to
me.  Since this is my first posting, forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls...The bell tolls for me

(I had to throw a quote in somewhere)

Noah Christian


Date:         Sat, 16 Feb 91 01:37:56 EST
From: mike 
Subject:      Re: 02/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #172

this is for hinano akaka,
       i apologize before hand:

                          NN N O  O   T
                          N NN O  O   T
                          N  N  OO    T    'ONE' OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS,

                          IT 'IS' MY FAVORITE ALBUM, PERIOD!
                                  ...UNTIL LATER...

p.s. sorry i was just feeling a bit manic, plus you got on my nerves.:)


Subject: A couple opinions
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 91 23:40:23 PST

>I wouldn't mind if they explored more along the lines of
>"Available Light', and cut loose Peart more as in previous
>(before PRESTO) recent LP's.

    I have the exact opposite opinion of this situation.  My opinion has
been that Moving Pictures (or there about) was a peak and the music (for
me) seemed to be on a slow downhill trend from there on (I still bought
every disc--and like them, mind you).  I'm sure that probably the
production, composition, style, vocals and guitarmanship got better
steadily, but I am a drummer and that's the main aspect of Rush's albums
that I felt was becomming more and more simplistic (as for the other
aspects, I can't say for sure.  Like I said, I'm just a drummer).  Every
new Rush album I bought was a mixed emotion experience.  It's Rush!
Which is a fantastic musical experience--but also a slight
disappointment with the (in some aspects) decline in complexity (still
light years ahead of other bands, but a disconcerting trend for Neil
none the less).

   Until PRESTO!   Fantastic!  My first opinion was "He's gone back to
the older style and complexity!"  Jazz???  Nah.  It has a nice hard edge
without losing the production/arranging and stylistic skills they've
honed over the years.
   Alot of people here have said that "Available Light" is their fave
song on the album.  I feel like the odd man out, here.  I'm not sure
which would be my fave (they're all very good), but I'm pretty sure that
"Available Light" would be down on the list (if I had to make one).

Re: "Christ" in The Pass.

   Personally, I felt It can be taken (and was probably intended--which I
don't think "Lotus land" was intended to) taken both ways.   However, I
read Hinano's argument for interpretting the word "Christ" as an
interjection and it seems to support the conclusion of it being a NOUN.
Sorry, Hinano, I don't think your conclusion follows from your reasoning.
   What I'm saying is that, if it was written against "suicide for the
sake of Martyrdom", Christ (the Proper noun) would be a good person to
address it to.  After all, Christianity holds self-sacrifice as the
cardinal virtue.  Sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice.  blech.
   But, like I said, I think it was intended to be taken either/both

Good Premises,
Lance V Neustaeter


Date: 16 Feb 91 14:06 -0600
From: Kerry Yackoboski 
Subject: My mistake, I admit it...

	In Friday's NMS I offerred the opinion
that my copy of Moving Pictures was labelled
DDD, but I checked when I got home and I was wrong.
It has no markings on the disc (or the case)
to indicate which stages were Analog and which were
Digital.  I humbly admit my error and plead for
the mercy of the Net-Gods.



Date: Sat, 16 Feb 91 21:14:45 -0500 (EST)
From: "Nicholas G. Alexander" 
Subject: Re: 02/13/91 - The National Midnight Star #170

In response to "Boycott Red Kross!":

<   Maybe Red Kross, whoever they think they are, should take a lesson>

    By writing that message you are guilty of the exact same crime you
accuse Red Kross of commiting.  You yourself said that Rush sets the
example by keeping their mouths shut, no matter how accurate or easy the
comment might be.  So why do you go and slam Red Kross?  If Red Kross is
really as bad as you say they are, then they will die of their own
accord.  If not, then the fact that *not everyone likes Rush* will
simply be affirmed.

                "We can walk our road together
                 if our goals are all the same
                 we can run alone and free
                 if we pursue a different aim
                 let the truth of love be lighted
                 let the love of truth shine clear
                 on with sense and liberty
                 with the heart and mind united in a single perfect sphere"

Nick Alexander


Date: Sat, 16 Feb 91 21:51 EDT
From: It's Da Bishop! 
Subject: Miscellaneous Posting About Recent Things...

I've been catching up on about a week's worth of posting, and I feel that
I must reply to some...  Do you people know how *LONG* it takes to read all
of this stuff?  If you get behind, it just piles up and up and up...
Anyway, enough of that.  Here I go:

1) To try and put to rest all of this discussion about CDs and what letters
are on them, I happen to be at home, and I can look at my copies of them
and see (with some explanation to go along with them).  Hmm...

All albums before "Permanent Waves":    AAD
                  "Exit... Stage Left": AAD
                  "A Show of Hands":    ADD
       "Perm's, Pictures, and Signals": __D
     "Presto, Windows, Hold Your Fire": DDD
                "Grace Under Pressure": __D

Now the explanation (for those of you who already know this, skip to #2.):
	All compact discs have either 'A' or 'D' for three different
categories: Recording, Mixing/Editing, and Mastering.  Obviously, a
company cannot "master" (or transcribe) a CD by analog means, so all
CDs have 'D' for the last one.  Another obvious point is that before the
invention of Digital Recordings, all recording was done on analog tapes,
hence the 'A' for any early stuff.  The middle letter is basically left
up to the group and the producer.  Depending on what they want to do, or
what kind of sound they want, they either digitize the music and mix it,
or they just keep using the analog tapes to get the ready-for-sale copy.
Just a note on my notation: '_' means that I could not find it on the
disc, or in GUPs case, I didn't have the disc handy.  Although, the middle
letter doesn't matter much.  Another note: the liner notes on the three
questionable albums above are confusing, and I can't tell whether they
were recorded and mixed digitally, or what...  Just *PLEASE* do not post
a lot of flames or just discussion on this note -- I don't really care
about *how* the albums were done, I just care that they *were* done and
that the sound quality is *incredible*!  I'm sure most of you agree...
Sorry about the rambling over a point that has been done to death, but I
hope this disspells some of the mystery.  By the way, anybody can find out
the info. I just gave you -- look on the back of the CDs before MP.

2) Next order of business:  Thank you to Brad Armstrong, who posted the
times for the parts of _La Villa Strangiato_!  The time sigs were an
interesting addition, but hard to follow for a person like myself, who
just dances around like an idiot and doesn't count out time or beats.
I had always found the song easy to follow (in terms of the sections)
except scetions 8-9, because the break isn't easy to determine.  Thanks!
However, I can tell you that you made a mistake in your comment about
Geddy's on-the-spot lyrics in the live version:  I think that they are
in Spanish, because "La Villa Strangiato" translates to "The Strange
Villiage" in Spanish.  I'm not an expert (I took French in high-school),
but this is what I have heard, and I don't think that "Strangiato" is
translatable in French.  Notice the 'Buenos Nochas,' not 'Bonjour.'
Kudos go as well to whomever posted the _Superconductor_ analysis.  I
thought that it only switched from 4/4 to 7/4 (or 7/8) time, but all
the talk that was happening made me doubt my judgement.

By the way, can anybody tell me the difference between 3/4 and 3/8 time,
or 7/8 and 7/4 time, for that matter?  Please e-mail all responses to
the address below, to avoid clogging up the digest.  If anyone else wants
to know, I can post the sum total of all of the replies later.

3) A question or two for our distinguished Rush-mgr:  What's the deal
with the new addition to the lengthy footer for NMS?  You know, the
"subject to restrictions... Federal crime..." thingy.  Also, did I do
a good job of keeping my lines to an acceptible length?  Just askin'.

[ I mentioned this in an earlier issue, but it's basically due to the 
  posting of the Digest by a former list member in the Usenet newsgroup
  ''.  I posted a follow-up apologizing, and mentioned that I
  considered what happend illegal.  I got mail back from someone saying
  (paraphrased) "once it leaves your machine, it's fair game", and "if
  it's on my system, I can do what I please with it" if it's not copy-
  written.  Hence the copyright.  I added the part at the end to put
  a bit of the fear of God(dess) into people who might be mischevious.
  It's lifted from another mailing list I'm on (anyone recognize it?).

  Yes, your line lengths are fine.  :-)                        :rush-mgr ]

Well, that's about all that this RUSH Fanatic has to say (for now).
Thanks for listening to... err... reading my ramblings.

-Todd Oliver, The Johns Hopkins University

"What's so unpleasant about being drunk?"
"You ask a glass of water."
(Ford Prefect and Arthur Dent, preparing to jump into hyperspace.)


Date: Sat, 16 Feb 91 17:03 EST
From: Lewis A Bernstein 
Subject: OK, OK, OK....

I'll stand corrected, Moving Pictures is ADD, as is Signals.
P/G is AAD also.  My copies of the discs, were printed before
they put these codes on all of the discs.  Indeed, I was confused
by the fact that my disc says Digitally Mastered. (as does Signals,
but of course not P/G)

I also hope that Rupert Hine is back for the production of the
new album.  Most of you realize that he also added backup vocals
and additional keyboard support for Presto as well.

On the subject of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, I also agree that many
of you out there would like too.  Although my guess is that a substantial
portion have already read it along with most of her other stuff.
(I just picked up a first printing harcover for $12 !!!!)

As far as Rush on the radio, I hear quite a bit here in Buffalo.
Presto, (the song) is on the active play lists of a few radio stations
here.  In addition, one can hear Rush once or twice a day besides the
obligatory Presto.

I've heard that FreeWill are a good Rush tribute band, but every time
they play here in Buffalo (1-2x per month) I always have something that
I *have* to do and therefore can't go and see them.  I'll get there soon

PS - Congrats to the Giants (I still wish Buffalo won.)


Date: Sun, 17 Feb 91 10:24:27 MST
From: kellerl@holst.CS.ColoState.Edu (laura s keller)

	To answer a question from before, Aimee Mann sings backup vocals
for two of the songs on Hold Your Fire. The obvious one is Time Stand
Still and the other one is Open Secrets. She comes from the band 'Til
Tuesday and from what I gather she was a friend of the band and they
asked her to do the vocals because Geddy's voice didn't suit the part
and so she agreed.

	Also someone asked about what guitars Alex used on the Show Of
Hands tour. Well, he used Signature guitars on the Hold Your Fire album
so chances are he used them for the concert...

	Neil and his cycling. He is indeed an avid cyclist. He has
sometimes ridden his bike from one concert to the next (if the concert
is within 150 miles.) Also the song Tai Shan is about him climbing up a
sacred Chinese mountain. He was riding his bike all around China for the
experience, before they went in to make Hold Your Fire..

	I have a question, does anyone have the birthdays for the guys?
I have always been curious as to how old they are.

[ They're all in the FAQL.  The latest mailed version is in Digest #154.
                                                                :rush-mgr ]



Date: Sun, 17 Feb 91 14:43:59 -0500
Subject: I hear voices in my head

I was recently listening to my p/g cd and during distant early warning I heard
a synthizied voice singing along with geddy.  It is not very noticable untill
you have headphones on, plus the voice is only a few tenths of a second behind
geddy.  I thought it was really wierd; I though my headphones were giving me
problems but sure engough it's in there.

"yet another case of whispering with geddy"
pq                                     % why use vi when you can use Emacs!                % why use AT&T when you can use gnu!     % "Experience to extremes" -ORQ


Date:     Sun, 17 Feb 91 16:11 EST
Subject:  limeRUSHlight

Why was Rush never more popular than it was?  Personally, I think they
happened to come along at a bad time.  They were, during the mid-late
seventies (Caress of Steel on) obtuse enough to be lumped in with all
of the other art-rock bands.  Ron Chrisley just posted an article ot
the Marillion list where he describes the music industry's reaction
against the art rock bands like Yes, Genesis, and ELP as they became
weirder and weirder in an effort to keep from repeating themselves.
They lost a public following since they couldn't be followed themselves.

Anyway, albums like A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres were sufficiently
weird (IMHO) for radio stations and the like to associate them with
the other art rock bands who were considered to be on the decline.  I think
if Rush had come along a few years earlier or a few years later, they would
have gained a larger pop following.  Kind of like Marillion did in England.

The other reason, I think, is that Neil's lyrics require a bit more thought
that a lot of people want to give.  They tend to be quite intellectual and
not very emotional (compared to Fish and some others).

Anyway, I was only 4 when RUSH came out, so what do I know?  :^)

                                       Scott McD.

P.S.  Ron wrote the article too, he didn't just post it.

ORQ:  "the"  -  appears in many different Rush songs in between more
                meaningful words.


Date: 17 Feb 91 19:40:00 EST
Subject: RE: 02/15/91 - The National Midnight Star #172

In TNMS 172, Aron Drake again mentioned the RUSH tribute band Freewill.  Can
anyone give me more information about this band?  I would like to catch their
act but have no idea where/when they play. I need to see some live RUSH and
am afraid I will go in to withdraw if the boyz don't get back on the road until
next year.  (I wonder what Neil would think of that last line? :)) I understand
Freewill has played in Cleveland, and I would be able to make the show if they
were going to be there again.  Any information would be appreciated.
	Thanks fellow Rushians. . .

P.S. Christ, what has this discussion become?  Can't we all have our own
opinions without having to enforce them on everyone else?


Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 11:17:56 cst
From: Jay Cook 
Subject: various tidbits...

Greetings my fellow Rush-friends!!!

   Been a while since I posted, so I'll cover the topics I can re-

On Christ in "The Pass":

   Yea, I know Neil's feelings about religion, Christianity, etc...
and I respect him for his individuality, and most importantly his
rationality when using 'Christ' in that one verse.  I, too, agree
it is just an interjection, and not a real expression of his
personal bad feelings towards Christ.  I would really hate to see
this topic get blown out of proportion, as it is so prime to do
amongst ordinary our friend the rush-mgr would
probably go absolutely nuts....

On the new album...

   I have heard so many rumors as to when the new album is going
to be released.  I have heard things like Nov. and Dec. here but
other people I've talked to have said that they are almost finished
right now, as we speak, and are releasing the album next MONTH!!
Now, I don't want to sound demanding or anything (No, Jay, you're
not demanding at all... *rolls eyes*)  but if someone can find
as official a date as possible, I'd, for one, be most grateful!

On groups to tour dates...

   A truly stellar my friend Tony Rice stated a couple
of digests ago, the Capital area would be the area I'd be willing
to meet people at shows.  I could pretty much handle anywhere from
Baltimore to Greensboro..maybe even Charlottee.  More later...

Well, that's about all from the Virginia Tech scene...later all!!

*  Jay Cook                *  ORQ: 'Freeze this moment a little*
*  Virginia Tech           *  bit longer. Make each sensation a*
*  Liberal Arts and Sci.   *  little bit stronger.  Experience *
*  *  slips away...'  -RUSH            *


Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 11:02:17 CST
From: Today's Tom Sawyer 
Subject: 1981 Concert Sticker

I walk into my university's student union, wondering what types of poster
goodies those limeys have on sale this time.  It's a poster sale, 2 days
only, put on by some cheap English establishment.  Well, no Rush posters,
but a nice R.E.M. one I just might buy later... I walk over to the postcard
display... hmm... a Grace Under Pressure postcard... nah, just a cheap
copy of the album cover... nothing special... and no others... wait...what
ASK!  I nearly jump head over heels...Wow..Rush!  I walk over to the counter,
and sure enough, I see a Rush sticker on sale for just $1!  Here's what it
looks like (Yes, I bought it!)

(star & nude logo from All The World's A Stage cover)

It *looks* genuine, but I don't think it is, seeing as thought it was only
one dollar... it's made out of that cheap fibre-type material that tends to
fray around the edges, so I'll probably end up framing it... does anyone
else have this sticker?

--T. Edward Christian,  Maintainer:  NOTES FROM THE BIG
  CHAIR:  THE TEARS FOR FEARS MAILING LIST.................................


Date: Mon, 18 Feb 91 12:45:10 -0500
From: (David H Chao)
Subject: Rush and Rolling Stone, Part II

   In the March 7th issue of _Rolling Stone_, something GOOD is actually in
there about the boys.  First, in the reader's poll, Geddy got 2nd place in the
"Best Bassist" category.  The rankings were:

   Paul McCartney
   Geddy Lee
   Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)
   Michael "Flea" Balzary (The Red Hot Chili Peppers)
   Adam Clayton (U2)

   The "Best Drummer" category went as follows:

   Phil Collins
   Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)
   Neil Peart
   Larry Mullen, jr. (U2)
   Jason Bonham (??)

   I have a feeling more people voted for Phil because most people don't know
much about Neil.  Still, it is nice to see that there are people out there who
have respect for Rush...

   This is a quote in the "Artist's Picks" section:

   Will Calhoun of Living Colour:  (_Presto_ was 4th on his top 10)

   "I've always been a Rush fan because they've never compromised.  They don't
try to write pop songs or make slick videos with slick girls in them.  They're
Rush, and they've got their little niche.  There's a lot to say for that, even
if you don't dig their music."

   Ok, so RS didn't actually SAY that... but at least they printed it!  If you
ask me, it's about damn time!


"Mystic rhythms - capture my thoughts
 And carry them away
 Nature seems to spin
 A supernatural way
 Mystic rhythms - under city lights
 Or a canopy of stars
 We feel the powers and we wonder what they are
 We fell the push and pull of restless rhythms from afar"

          -Rush, "Mystic Rhythms", from the album _Hold Your Fire_


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There is now anonymous ftp access available on Syrinx.  The network
address to ftp to is:       or

When you've connected, userid is "anonymous", password is .
Once you've successfully logged on, change directory (cd) to 'rush'.

There is also a mail server available (for those unable or unwilling to
ftp).  For more info, send email with the subject line of HELP to:

These requests are processed nightly.  Use a subject line of MESSAGE to
send a note to the server keeper or to deposit a file into the archive.

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