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Subject: 02/28/91 - The National Midnight Star #181

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 181

                Thursday, 28 February 1991
Today's Topics:
                      Geddy's voice
                       Master Alex
                      bad RUSH lines
           Ricketty-Backers and Moving Pictures
     Cygnus X-1: Does anyone know why Neil hates it?
                       On P/G songs
                        New Order
              Comprehensive list of acronyms
              Basses, guitars, opening acts
           The funniest thing I've EVER heard!
                       Rush phases
     Neil slowing down??, Caress of Steel album cover

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star 
Subject: Administrivia

Ok, since people still post 'unsubscribe' mail to the digest address
instead of the regular address, I'll no longer delete them from there,
or accept them as such.  They'll just go out with the regular digest,
and the poster won't look so swift.  I'm a little peeved, since I 
regularly mention to check the addresses - they're at the end of EVERY
ISSUE.  There's no excuse for not sending to the correct address.

If you want to be removed from circulation, please send mail to the
administrative address!

I hate to sound like a heavy, but we're all reasonably intelligent,



Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 13:59:34 EST
From: Robyn Landers 
Subject: Geddy's voice

In TNMS #180, someone writes...
>He is very
>adept at evoking emotion and passion with his voice, and at least he
>consistently hits the notes both in the studio and live (which can't
>be said of every professional rock vocalist :-).

	I missed the Presto tour, but I distinctly remember that
when I saw the HYF and previous tour or two, Geddy definitely
modified the melody of the old songs to suit his lower range.
I don't begrudge him that.  Another observation is that it took
several songs before he warmed up.  His vocals were very
wavering, tentative, often off-pitch, for the first three or four
songs.  Hard to believe this is the fault of the monitors or
sound system in general -- they would have detected and fixed that
in soundcheck.  (Maybe he was a bit under the weather?)
Anyone else notice this slow warm-up?

	A couple of amusing anecdotes:
1. A friend of mine is a Rick-playing Geddy fanatic who works at a
photography studio that does catalog photos.  Among various inside
jokes, he did a shot of children's numbered playing tiles which
of course were arranged to read "2 1 1 2".
2. I noticed in a birth announcement newspaper column a while back
that some couple named their son Geddy Lee.  That's dedication :-)

[ If we ever have a son, it's a good chance his name will be 
  "Alexander Neil"!                                         :rush-mgr ]



From: Patrick M. Ryan 
Subject: Master Alex
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 14:11:54 EST

I've got a question about the truth of an account which I
heard quite a while ago:

Someone told me that in the world of classical guitar, there are,
at any one time, a fixed number of 'Masters' (when one dies, a
new one is appointed) and that Alex is one of them.  Knowing that
Alex isn't classically trained (though you'd never know it), I'm

Can anyone shed any light on this or is it just urban folklore?

{ Aside from the Alex question, are there any classical guitarists
  out there who can tell me if there really is a group of 'Masters'
  and who they are? }

rq: "He's got a date with fate in a black sedan."


                                                                   patrick ryan
                                                          oceans and ice branch
                                       nasa / stx / goddard space flight center


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 11:39:03 PST
From: djabson@UCSD.EDU (The God of Balance)
Subject: bad RUSH lines

	I know some, perhaps most, of you out there believe that everything
RUSH has ever written is perfect.  What I am wondering is if there are
certain lines (or even songs, or albums, whatever) that RUSH has written
that you absolutely do not like at all.  The reason I am bringing this up is
just that I was listening to Signals yesterday and there is one line in
"Countdown" that just grates on my nerves.  It's the line "Excitement so
thick -- you could cut it with a knife".  From the first time I heard this
song, long before I became a hard core RUSH fan, I thought this line was
just to cliche for any band to put into a song.  Now that I have been
listening to RUSH for a while I feel even more shocked that they of all
groups would do this.  Maybe it's just a personal thing but whenever I
hear it I think of really cheesy novels (i.e. "The tension in the room
was so thick you could cut it with a knife").  Anyway, are there any others
out there you don't like?



Date:         Wed, 27 Feb 91 14:07:31 EST
From: Dave 
Subject:      Ricketty-Backers and Moving Pictures

A few issues ago Rob asked if anybody else wished that Geddy would start
using his Rickenbacker in concert again.  Personally,  I like to hear the
older songs played on the Wal.  I think it's interesting to hear the old
material with Geddy's new bass tone.  The Wal seems brighter and more
percussive (funkier I guess) than the Rickenbacker did on the previous
studio albums.  I like the Rick sound too.  Ricketty-Backer wasn't a snub
of the instrument (I own one myself).  I love that growly, deep sound on
the live version of Freewill, right before the solo.  However, I find that
the bass on the earlier albums isn't as toppy and well defined as I'd like
it in some places.  This is why I like hearing the Wal on A Show of Hands.
Closer to the Heart really sounds different with the Wal sound than it did on
A Farewell to Kings or even Exit Stage Left.  I'd personally love to hear
Freewill and the middle section of Bypass and the Road Hog with the Wal.
     On the subject of bass sounds on Moving Pictures, I was always of the
opinion that most if not all of the album was Jazz bass.  The tone is
completely different (to my ears) from Permanent Waves.  Maybe the heavy
chorusing has something to do with it.  When I got Moving Pictures around
1982, and before I knew anything about guitars,  I thought that the bass
solos in YYZ were guitar parts.  The chorusing and the buzzy bright tone
made it sound like a guitar to me.  In closing, if I had to pick a favorite
bass tone from all the albums I'd pick Moving Pictures.  Anyone want to
start a new poll?


p.u.s. - A while ago someone was wondering about the spelling of Rickenbacker.
         When the company first started it was spelled Rickenbacher but later
         changed to the present spelling.


From: (David Edward Weiss)
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 15:50:52 EST

Subject: Signals tour X-word puzzle

as one of the proud owners of this program, i can figure out a way to
post it in code of sorts:

my idea:
use letters to represent the grid, say "B" for blank and "X" for a
filled square.
i could then list the clues underneath.  then anyone with graph paper
could reconstruct the puzzle.

how does this sound?????

[ I'd hold off on this for now - there are several people on the list
  who can digitize the image.  If you want to type in the clues in an
  ASCII file, we could use that.                             :rush-mgr ]

net.trivia -- at the end of 2112 Overture, listen to Alex's guitar
and hear the 1812 Overture, also check out the clock time on the
HYF inside picture (hint: think in 24-hour time) keyword: 2112.

IMHO, the ending to 2112 is NOT depressing, and i feel that the
triumph of good over evil is a positive thought.  it shows hope.

dangerous dave (new to the list, old to the music)

ObQuote: "Tits always look better in a pink sweater." -- George Carlin (UNIX site, Gary Moore fan club address) (discrete, confidential, and worth the price)


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 15:48:25 -0500
From: (Oktay S. Ahiska)
Subject: Cygnus X-1: Does anyone know why Neil hates it?

Hi everyone...

Apologies if this has been brought up before (it wasn't in FAQL),
but could anyone tell me why Neil hates Cygnus X-1?  Where did I
hear this?  Well, someone told me, so it might not be true.

BTW, as far as I know, YYZ lost the Grammy to _Voices Inside My Head_
by The Police.

PS: Am I the only one without a quote from Rush in his/her .sig?

| Oktay Ahiska        \   The opinions expressed above (if any!) are mine. |
|     \  Not UNH's. What belongs to me, belongs to me!    |
| \--------------------------------------------------|
|------------------------\   "Give peace a chance"                         |
|  Babcock Hall, bx 2019  \  "All you need is love"     John Lennon        |
|  Durham, NH 03824        \ "All I need is a miracle"  Mike Rutherford    |


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 16:00:28 EST
Subject: On P/G songs

Date: 27 February 1991, 15:53:31 EST

On the subject of Song interpretations/theme discussions that have been floatin
g around on NMS lately (specifically about Signals), I would like to ask a coup
le o' questions: (These being,however, about the P/G album)

1) Is'afterimage'an elegy for Max Webster? If not, for whom? That song kills me
 everytime, its one of the most touching dedications since Mozart's requiem (no
t that I was around when that came out)

2) Does anyone out there think that Red Lenses is about Nuclear Warfare (I.e. t
hermonuclear attack) - I think that if the atmosphere gets saturated w. low wav
elength radiation - i.e. the Infrared associated with the heat output of a TMbo
mb you would see red.  Or am I totally misinterpreting this tune? I'd love to h
ear some interpretations of the song, because it was the first Rush tune I hear
d and still is one of my faves.

On a slightly different note, here's a tip on how to get relatively new Rush fa
ns (or slightly younger ones) even more into the group - explain the concept be
hind Anagram For Mongo (i.e. the wordplay; you did notice the wordplay didn't y
ou?) to them. It is surprising how many casual fans/listeners miss the connecti
on between the title and lyrix completely!

All for now,
S.Misra (Aldstf10@ouaccvmb.bitnet)


Subject: New Order
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 13:28:26 PST
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

> Greetings - does anyone think George Bush might have been listening
> to 'New World Man' when he envisioned his policy of a 'new world
> order'? :)  Or maybe HE is the new world man...just curious...:)
> Savvy

Doubtful. "You guys are so un-hip it's a wonder you bones don't fall off"
The phrase "[New] World Order" has been around at least since the time
Hitler used it to refer to the Third Reich.  Sort of a bad choice, IMO.

-- Dan Dickerman


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 15:49:09 MST
From: tomd@Solbourne.COM (Tom Diessner)

I also tend to agree with Rob Neely that the old rick is hard to
beat. Geddy gets such a crunchy sound out of it. I was pretty
disappointed when he quit using a Rickenbacker.

I like the sound he gets out of the Wall bass but it is
still not the same. I've owned many different basses myself,
but I always go back to my Rick 4003. It just has a certain feel.

I read an article in bass player magazine where Geddy expressed
his opinion on all the basses he has used. He has recently dusted
off the old Rick and used it for a couple shows. He still claims
it is really one of his favorite basses.

|Thomas Diessner		|Telnet:     tomd@solbourne.COM		|
|Solbourne Computer, Inc	|UUCP: !{boulder,sun}!stan!tomd		|
|Longmont, Colorado 80215	|	tel: (303) 678-4780		|


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 17:27 CST
From: Blue Steel 
Subject: Comprehensive list of acronyms

I got this forwarded to me from someone on the new music list. Since people
have been asking lately, I thought it might be of some interest. Note that I
probably should add the ORQ (obligatory Rush quote) acronym to the list. :)

From: watson@HG.ULETH.CA
Subject: Holy Acronyms Batman!
Sender: New Music Discussion List 

I often get personal messages asking me to expand on the acronyms that I use
when I post messages... so I composed a list of acronyms to avoid this state of
confusion.  Remember... proper acronym protocol is important when posting
messages. It's also important for those of us who are too friggin lazy to type.
Use and abuse them freely!!  Here they are (in alphabetical order):

AHO:    Anyone Heard Of...
ALTP:   Avoid It Like The Plague
BBB:    Blah, Blah, Blah
BFD:    Big F*ckin Deal
BJ:     (I assume you guys know this one... ;-))
BMA:    Blew Me Away
BTW:    By The Way
CIU:    Crank It Up!
DAU:    Donning Asbestos Underwear
EMOMC:  Even More Obligatory Musical Content
FIOTNC:  Frisbee It Off The Nearest Cliff
GAALMAYS:  Go Away And Leave Me Alone You Slimeball
GMAW:   Gave Me A Woody
GSM:    Good Sex Music
ICF:    I Can't Find...
IGAGBAYCDTI:  It's Got A Good Beat And You Can Dance To It
IHRI:   I Highly Recommend It
IMHO:   In My Humble Opinion
IMHTTO: In My Holier Than Thou Opinion
IMO:    In My Opinion
ISTBO:  It Sucked The Big One
LTIS:   Listen To It Stoned
MMG:    Makes Me Gag
MMW:    Made Me Wet  (female version of GMAW)
MOMC:   More Obligatory Musical Content
NAFW:   Not Another Flame War!!
NFP:    No Flames Please
NIDPA:  No! I Don't Play Accordian
NKOTB:  No Kissing Or Tongue Badminton
OMC:    Obligatory Musical Content
ONNATT: Oh, No! Not Another Top Ten
PMO:    Piss Me Off
POS:    Piece Of Sh*t
RCS:    Real Cool Shit
SJA:    woj  ;-)
TAV:    Take A Valium
TBE:    Their Best Ever
TOS:    Totally Orgasmic Shit
WOM:    Waste Of Money
WFM:    Works For Me

So... did I miss any??

- Carol -


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 19:20 CST
From: Blue Steel 
Subject: Basses, guitars, opening acts

A hearty "hey-hey!" to the list,

     Concerning Ged's basses, I definately agree that his Rick had the best
sound, but being a bass player, I can see reasons for the change. Specifically,
the Ricks tend to be heavy and not the fastest/nicest playing basses in the
world. I definitely prefer playing a Steinberger to a Rick, and I expect that I
would find the same thing with the Wal, although I prefer the Rick's sound over
the other two. Actually, a nicely customized Fender Jazz would probably attact
my favor over all three. By the way (blatant plug), for the new people/players
on this list, there's a bass digest up and running. Send mail to

     I also posted questions a while back, without much response, regarding
Alex's switch to a more "tinny" guitar sound in recent years, going through all
sorts of digital effects and what-not. I'm curious as to any opinions. I
personally prefer his relatively unaffected sounds on Moving Pictures. Nice,
growly distortion, great leads, etc.

     As a last note, when I saw Rush on the HYF tour in Milwaukee, they were
supposed to have Tommy Shaw open up. For some reason, he had to cancel, so the
promoting company had to get a quick substitute in. Perhaps they were the only
band available, but the Rainmakers just didn't gel with the Rush audience. In
fact, they got booed after their set. Probably the worst opener (even below Mr.
Big) I've seen for Rush.

Kevin Tipple, aka Blue Steel, By-tor       University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bitnet: ucskrt@uwplatt.bitnet              Platteville, Wisconsin  USA
"My nipples explode with delight!" - Monty Python


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 21:55:48 EST
From: bigal@wpi.WPI.EDU (Nathan Charles Crowell)
Subject: The funniest thing I've EVER heard!

	This is my first posting to the list, so I'll introduce myself.
My name is Nathan (call me Nate), I've been a Rush fan since I was 10 years
old (about 12 years now), and I play bass with - you guessed it - Geddy as my
inspiration.  I'm generally a fan of art rock a la Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull,
Marillion, and ELP.  I also like speed metal (like Metallica and Anthrax) and
traditional metal (like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath).

	The reason I decided to post is actually quite funny, and I though
after some of the discussions we've had lately we could use a good laugh.
Well, it seems that someone my brother knows at school has challenged him on
liking Rush.  This self-righteous person claims to have EVIDENCE that Rush
has connections with Satanism.  Apparantly, this girl's church group has pro-
vided her with a book called "Satanism Is Near You," and in this book, they
have a quote (no less) from Alex himself!  The quote says "I am Alex Lifeson,
and I am a Satanist."

	When I heard this, I nearly died laughing.  My roomate died laughing.
I told my brother to show her Neil's response to Satanism accusations.  It
probably won't change this girl's opinion, but at least it'll be an attempt.

ORQ: "Lonely things like nights, I find, end finer with a friend." - Anagram

"We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us
	love, one another." - Jonathan Swift

Nate "Big Al" Crowell


Date: Wed, 27 Feb 91 23:08 EDT
Subject: Stuff

[ I agonized over this decision for a long time.  This post was originally
  two messages.  The first contained a Sinead joke, the first part of the
  second contained the punch line.  This isn't a Sinead list, nor a joke 
  list.  If you want to see the joke, you can send mail to the originator.
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

	One other request:  Because I suffer the eternal lack of money
syndrome  (read:  College Student)  I was wondering if there is anyone in the
Pittsburgh area (Doug or Ken?) who would be willing to copy a few Rush CD's
for me:  Namely

		2112, A Farewell To Kings and Signals.

	The favor would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance.  If you
would be willing to offer this to me, please send mail directly to me.  Thanks
a bunch.

Ian Bjorhovde
			University of Pittsburgh

p.s.   Tomorrow I will post the results from that Superconductor Bash Poll I
conducted last week . . . . . .


Date: Thu, 28 Feb 91 11:42:48 +0000
Subject: Rush phases

      I am another one of those first-time posters, so please
be patient with possible naive questions. First of all, I would
like to say that Rush is very popular in my home country (Mexico)
but we have never been lucky enough to seen them play there. I am
now studying in England, but there doesn`t seem much hope to see the
boyz here before September... (sigh)

      On the other hand, someone mentioned the fact that Rush has been
through different phases, and I certainly agree with this theory. Nevertheless,
my personal apreciation of such phases is different:

  1) First Phase:  Metal (Strong inclinations towards Led Zeppelin)
                   From Rush (album) to 2112
                   I must say that the closer you get to 2112, the less
                   you see the LZep influence.

  2) Second Phase: Progressive-high tec
                   AFTK to MP
                   This my personal favourite phase of Rush

  3) Third Phase:  "Back to basics era"
                   Signals - HYF
                   Rush tends to simplify its music, but still with very
                   high quality of musical performance. I know that this
                   appreciation is shaky, but I do feel a difference between
                   this phase and the rest.

  4) Fourth Phase: Presto- ?
                   I think that all the controversy that Presto has caused
                   is a resultant of the fact that it is the first album
                   of a new phase of Rush`s work. This makes it, IMHP, the
                   most interesting album since Signals.

   Once last note. Rush`s live albums are usually out in between tha start
   of a new phase. ATW`sAS between the first and second, ESL between the second    and third, and ASOH between the third and fourth. I hope this will cause
   interesting comments.

   Thanks a lot

   Javier Diaz de Leon                         Univ. of Kent at Canterbury


From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 91 09:36:30 EST
Subject: Neil slowing down??, Caress of Steel album cover

        In NMS #180, David Kenney says that you can't expect Neil to play
at age 38 like he did at age 27.  IMO, Neil is playing better than ever.
Peart said himself in a Modern Drummer interview that he overplayed at times.
Maybe that realization has led him to tone things down a bit adopting the
"less is more" attitude.  Regardless, Peart can still play "La Villa" just
as good as ever.  The Presto tour proved that!  Also as far as age goes,
the legendary Buddy Rich was getting up there and that never seemed to slow
him down a bit.

        On another note, could anyone out there give me some insight on the
cover of Caress of Steel?  I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to figure
the pictures on the front and back of the album out.



Date: Thu, 28 Feb 91 11:58 EST
Subject: Fear

        Witch Hunt- I always felt that it is about, Fear of the Unknown and
        man's quest to destroy what he does not understand.  There are lines
        in the song that make me think about the Red Scare during the 50's.

        The Weapon- Using Fear to destroy your enemy.  The enemy is so
        powerful that if you but once loss concentration or vigor in fighting
        him, he will destroy you.  IE. Our treatment of the Japanesse during
        the WWII, Nazi Sacpgoatism of the Jews and the Gypsies.  Ronald
        Regan and the Evil Empire.  The list could go on and on.
        Propoganda could some it up.

        The Enemy Within-This one is hard, I haven't read the lyrics in
        a while.(I do Remember the killer bass line though)  Maybe it is about
        the fear of lossing the Human Spirt, with all the technology we have
        created to make our lives so safe.  By our own inovations we loss the
        power to be inovative.  I don't know.  You tell me.



Date: Thu, 28 Feb 1991 11:27 CST
Subject: sentimental(ese)?

I haven't read the lyrics of Superconductor, lately, therefore
I don't know if the following short observation was previously discussed,
intended by N.P., or other but... here goes,

listening to Superconductor one hears, among others, the line:

"Hits you in a soft place with sentimental ease..."

(forgive me for misquotes but this is the gist (sp?) of the line).

A possible play on words for this line could be "...sentimentalese..".
In a sense, it may (underline may) be interpreted as a way of
Portraying a way of conveying a message designed to "tug at the heart
strings", if you will.

Again, forgive me if this has been previously discussed or is just too
painfully obvious.

Daryl Santos


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