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Subject: 03/06/91 - The National Midnight Star #186

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 186

                 Wednesday, 6 March 1991
Today's Topics:
           Red Sector A (an answer at last!!!)
                Rush Flame wars on the net
              'the constallation of Cygnus'
                       2112 Ending
                 4th member... no way...
            Re:  Rocinante (again)  and basses
                    email server index
                       Alex in GFPM
                 Neil's Electronic Setup
               Red Sector A interpretation
                     4th band member
                      Red Sector A.
                       4th member?
           What happened to the immortal men???
                       Red Sector A
          Various and sundry bits and pieces VII
                  Compilation music book
                      The Analog Kid
                   Barometric Pressure

From: (David Edward Weiss)
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 91 13:49:04 EST
Subject: Red Sector A (an answer at last!!!)

what is Red Sector A everyone asks?
I'll tell ya'!
Red Sector A (or Alpha, depending on who you ask) is an area at the
Kennedy Space Center.  Rush viewed a space shuttle taking off from
this area (this is the closest a civilian may view a launch).
Rush viewed the launch during their Exit...Stage Left tour.
A full account of that story is in "Visions," the only Rush
biography I know of.

dangerous dave

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Subject: Rush Flame wars on the net
Date:    Tue, 05 Mar 91 16:39:39 EST

I'd be curious as to how many NMS members are involved in the *massive*
flame war in alt.rock-n-roll.  I hadn't read there in a while, and come
back to see an apparently out of hand situation.  I would just like to
say that no one on this list has to justify the fact that they like
Rush to *anyone* else on the net.  IMO, Rush is great, but i also
like other bands.  One of the great things about the list is that we
can discuss Rush without tying up bandwidth in the aforementioned
group.  No need to throw gas on the fire.

Mike Goodwin


Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 17:42:14 -0500
Subject: 'the constallation of Cygnus'

I have been waiting for almost a year to tell someone about Cygnus.  Now I have
my chance to tell what I know of Cygnus X-1 (to more then 700 people at once!).
I started doing a little information hunting about Cygnus after I first heard th
e song.  In general this is what I've got.

Cygnus is of Greek origin, it was the swan that Zeus used to ride to visit one o
f his many wives.  The name Cygnus spawns from the latin word 'cygni' which is
a baby swan.

The constallation of Cygnus is made up of six stars with the brightest being
Deneb (alpha-cygni) the constallation is in the shape of a cross.

                      * <--(deneb)
                *      *


If you look at Deneb as the tail of a swan then the two ends of the cross
would be it's wings while the other three stars would make up the long neck
of a swan.

The constallation is seen primarily in the summer months of July and August
in the Northern Hemesphere opposite Orion with the North Star being between
Orion and Cygnus.  The Constallation goes under many names:
                 The Northern Cross
                 The Hen
                 The Swan
                 Cygnus (never Cygnus X-1)

Cygnus X-1 is not the name of the constallation but the name of the black
hole that exists in the bounds of the constallation.  The size of the black
hole is about one tenth the size of the Earth while it's mass is ten times that
of the sun.  Well that's about all I can say about the mighty Cygnus!

(gee that felt good!)
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From: (Jeff Beck)
Subject: 2112 Ending
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 16:47:51 CDT

Hi people,

I have a thought to the ending of 2112...

He talks about "passing into another world" (forget the exact lyrics)
at the end of 2112.  Perhaps dying and the Elder race assuming control is
the same thing?  If the Elder race are all dead, they have already "passed"
into the next world and are probably in control there.  So, when he dies,
he passes into the Elder race's world.  Just a thought...

* Jason Bold - Madison,WI= [(rutgers||ames)!uwvax||att!nicmad]!astroatc!bold *
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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 18:10 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: 4th member... no way...

Someone in the last TNMS thought someone else was playing keyboards behind
a curtain. ....  ah..... no.     This keyboard is probably being controlled
either Alex's or Geddy's MIDI pedals, MIDIed to a keyboard on stage (so that
two distinct sounds can be produced with one keyboard), or maybe MIDIed to
Neil's KAT thing.



Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 17:36 CST
From: (6079 Smith J)
Subject: Re:  Rocinante (again)  and basses

Ooof.  I thought I cancelled that post...after remembering that
Dulcinea was Quixote's girlfriend and Rocinante was his horse.  Lesson
learned: Never trust your mailer.  :)

Other business:  I've always salivated over the sound of Rickenbacker
basses.  Rush and Yes, two of my all-time fave bands, both have used them
a lot, and that "crunchy" sound is just amazing.  Playing a Rick is a pain,
though, as I discovered later; they weigh about 200 pounds, seems like.
As for Steinbergers:  they're strictly for people with bad backs as far as
I'm concerned.  I think they sound lousy, and I hate playing them.  If I
saw Rush live (maybe someday...) and Geddy didn't use his Rick at all, I'd
be disappointed.  Just one more masochistic bassist for Ricks!

6079 Smith J

ObRQ:  "Hey you guys...Take OFF!"  --Geddy


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Date: Tue,  5 Mar 91 15:30:29 EST
Subject: Alex in GFPM

	Hiya.  I just heard that next month Guitar for the Practicing Musician
will feature ... (drum roll please...)  Alex Lifeson!  Yea!
	They will also be printing sheet music for "Freewill" so anyone who
plays guitar should get this magazine next month.
	Rush-mgr, can I send this article in to the NMS for a Special Edition??



Date: Tue,  5 Mar 91 21:29:40 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Neil's Electronic Setup

Hi. I was wondering if anyone out there knows how Neil's
electronic/digital sampling thing setup works? How does he select the
sounds, and are they all on one disk or what?

Just curious.



Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 22:05:49 -0500
From: (Nate Huang)
Subject: Red Sector A interpretation

I happened to hear a Neil interview on the radio show "Innerview" with
Jim Ladd shortly after GUP was released.

The inspiration for Red Sector A was indeed the Holocaust.  Neil even
read many books on the subject, and was really moved by the fact that
some of the survivors of the concentration camps actually DID think
that they (and their liberators) were the last people alive on earth.
("That's intense..."  -Neil)

But Neil specifically does not make any *direct* reference to the
Holocaust, just several indirect ones.  The motivation for this was to
make the song have "a more timeless quality".  Neil points out that
all throughout history, countries, races, and people have been guilty
of persecution, and America is no exception.



Date: Tue, 5 Mar 91 21:55:09 PST
From: (James C. Harman)
Subject: Question

     I am new to the Rush mailer, but have been a Rush fan for about ten years. One question that I have never found the answer to is this: On my Cosk
Sorry, I Fucked Up. Anyway, on My CoS album(vynil) the lyrics for Lakeside
park do not incluse the line "Smokin on the pier" I wondered why?
Also, what do the cities that are listed after each song on the vynil lyrics
of FBN and CoS have to do with each song? Is this where the songs were


Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 01:28:58 CST
From: smb1@Ra.MsState.Edu (Murdock)
Subject: 4th band member

    Someone wrote in the 3-5-91 issue asking about the 4th band member who
controlled the off stage synthesisers and stuff. (Sorry that I can't remember
who, messed up in trying to cut that section out, please forgive me.) Anyway
in most of the program that I have (From HYF and Presto) it lists someone
by the name of Jack Secret and taking care of those things. From what I
understand is that he is the person who changes the disks for Geddy's MIDI
equipment and controls the background music when they need it. I would assume
that these tracks are already recorded and he is just pulling them off of
disk and playing them with one keypress when the time comes. Does this sound
about right???

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Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 02:13:24 PST
From: "Careful with that VAX, Eugene...  06-Mar-1991 1012" 
Subject: Red Sector A.


In the deepest recesses of my mind, I remember an old Kerrang interview (All my
back issues are at my parent's home, so I can't check this out), but I do
believe that some of Geddy's close relatives were lost as a result of the
concentration camps, though I'm sure someone knows the details for definite.

A question for you... In the song 'Twilight Zone' (bad lyric #352 - '...Take it
off, he's got 3 eyes' - Hate it, love the song), I remember (from the book
'success under pressure'), that a quote was used in some comic book. I Can't get
hold of the book any more, so can anyone tell me the quote, and the comic book.

Also, as for the 'Radiation warning' on the SOH video.... I was at the 2nd night
at Birmingham, and his singing was Terrible !!!!!!! 8^)



From: (David Edward Weiss)
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 91 08:49:41 EST
Subject: 4th member?

Rush has no fourth member.  Anyone seen backstage is doing what Geddy
has described in past tour programs:
Jack Secret (Tony Geranios) is back there flipping disks, and getting the
neccessary samples to the bass pedals/keyboards/etc.
that is his job during the show.  he has been doing it for years.

as for RED SECTOR A, i still quote sources that specify that RED SECTOR A
is from Kennedy Space Center, when they went to watch the space shuttle
lift off.

dangerous dave, prime minister of shmengland, second in command to
                h.r.h. king lerxst

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From: tribe!kenney@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: What happened to the immortal men???
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 8:25:46 CST

On the topic of least favorite Rush lines:

I've never liked/understood the line "The last immortal man" from Xanadu.
Whenever I hear it, I wonder, "What happened to all the other immortal
men?  Did they all die?"

Any comments/clarifications?

--Dave_K		Ohio State Basketball  1991 Big Ten Champions


Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 16:01:17 +0200
Subject: Red Sector A

After reading all the postings about the meaning of "Red Sector A" and
listening to the song N times I'm pretty convinced that Neil was
thinking about WWII concentration camps when he wrote it --- still,
the picture it brings to my mind is something like the future in the
movie "Terminator". I know, the machines in that film just killed
people instead of taking prisoners... maybe it's the close proximity
of the song "The Body Electric" that brings to mind visions of a
future controlled by machines. Funny.

BTW, the line "Am I the only human being to survive?" also suggests
something like this.



From: UNCLE 
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 09:08:14 +0100
Subject: ERRATA

	OOOPS looked like I fucked up !!

	I am of course referring to the letter I sent you about Show Of Hands
video recorded at the NEC Birmingham. In the letter I said that Neils guitar
kept changing colour, well it wasnt Neils ( unless hes thrown away his
drumsticks and learnt to play guitar !!! ) it was Eric's. Anyway after
looking at the video again I noticed another strange thing, its definately
a different guitar because the strap changes from black to white !.
	Also ( still on the subject of Show Of Hands ) what did Eric
say at that point in 2112/In the Mood When they decided to cut the sound
and put out a warning that the lyrics may be offensive ?
	Anyway sorry about the cock-up and keep up the good work, this is
the best thing on the whole mail network !!

[ This is my favorite post of this issue!  I can't wait to see the guys 
   again; Neil, Geddy, and Eric.  :-)   Sorry, couldn't resist!   :rush-mgr ]


Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 10:01:01 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Various and sundry bits and pieces VII

Good day! --

2112:  I was a little disturbed, myself, when I realized that the
protagonist at the end committed suicide.  As someone wrote in the
other day, I "changed" the story so that the Elder Race of Man came
back in the nick of time and he was saved (o.k., so I'm an optimist).

Red Sector A:  I always had the distinct impression this song was
about the Holocaust victims in the Nazi prison camps -- which doesn't
mean, of course, that it can be about anything else.

Red Lenses:  I've never really formulated a substantial 'meaning' for
this one, but I sort-of saw it as an 'analysis', if you will, of the
color red and the different things it symbolizes (of course, Neil
doesn't mention 'blood', so maybe I'm wrong -- or it could've been a
little too gross to mention?).  But does anyone know why the title
isn't capitalized?  Just wondering if there's something in that...?

Neil's drumming:  Perhaps a small reason for his drumming being
'simpler' could be a new batch of influences.  When he was growing up,
his favourite drummers were the really busy ones -- Keith Moon, Mitch
Mitchell, Bill Bruford, etc.  Now, he's gotten into drummers like Manu
Katche (one of my personal favourites, as well) and another British
drummer (I don't think he mentioned his name) who was simple, but
brilliant in his simplicity.  So, along with what everyone has
mentioned before, I think Neil is just maturing as an artist (but it's
still so damn much fun to see him play something like "Xanadu"!)

Drums & Drumming:  I recently picked up a copy of this month's issue of
Drums & Drumming and there is a back issue (Feb/March '90, I believe)
about solos/soloists which includes Neil.  Of course, it's only $7!
(Sure, no problem!  I'll just buy three copies...!!)  Naturally, this
is a must-buy!  Just thought I'd let all the rest of you know...

Neil's guitar (?):  Alright... I just can't keep the secret any longer
-- not since this has gotten out (sigh).  Yup, you guessed it -- Alex
is really Neil!  (<-- "What the h*ll is she talking about?")  Ha ha!
seen.  Not only have they 'changed' their names, they've all switched
	Ho-Hoo!  This came from one of the classic things I had ever
seen:  When RUSH were in England for the HYF tour, one of the
'reporters' happened to get an interview with Neil.  So when the issue
finally came out -- on the cover is this striking picture of Alex
playing on stage.  Below his picture are the words, in large print,
RUSH - N - ROULETTE, and then below that, in tiny letters that are
almost impossible to read against the background, is 'an exclusive
interview with Neil Peart'.  Has anyone else seen this?  It's just one
of the strangest things I'd seen -- when I first saw it, I thought,
"Oh, great!  An interview with Alex!"  Wrong!  It's Neil!  I mean,
guys, that's Alex on the cover.  He's the guitarist.  Neil's the
drummer.  Get it right!  I stared at it for a while and kept thinking
about all those people who sort-of knew who RUSH were and are now
confused, "I thought Neil was the drummer?" It was so strange to see --
and so damn funny ("Geez, you'd think the magazine would know who it
was interviewing!")  So, I've concluded that Alex is really Neil, Neil
is really Geddy, and Geddy is really Alex!  How clever of them!  But
now we know their secret...

Just some minor rambling on this cold, wet, lonely morning...

Puanani Akaka    "Here are the last words of Joseph of Aramethea.  He
			who is valiant and pure of spirit will find
			the Holy Grail in the castle of Aaaauugghh!"


Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 15:07:50 -0500
From: "John W Connelly" 
Subject: Compilation music book

Fellow Rush musicians,

	I was in a National Record Mart last week, where I spotted a rela-
tively new Rush music compilation book (the title of which escapes me at the
moment...  It started with a "P", I think.  Black cover, with the Rush star.
Published in 1988, I think.  Sorry if this is old news...)  Anyway, it covers
selections from every album from _Rush_ through _Hold Your Fire_.  Transcrip-
tions are on the order of the album books they've put out (i.e. no tablature
for guitar players).  Speaking as a keyboard player, much of the newer stuff
seems pretty accurate w/r/t the albums.  I prefer to pick up Geddy's synth
parts by ear, and most of them are easy to do that way, but for those rusty
in that skill the book seems to do them some justice.
	The songs in this book didn't overlap perfectly with _Chronicles_;
they included stuff like "Losing It", "Between The Wheels", "Mission", "Lock
And Key".  Is there such a compilation book for _Chronicles_, or another one
covering everything up through _Presto_?

"Bearing a gift beyond price that's *almost* free..."


| John W. Connelly  | "If you choose not to  |  |
|  511 LRDC Bldg.   |   decide, you still    |+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=|
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Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 16:13 EST
From: Noah Christian 
Subject: The Analog Kid

I always thought that the Analog Kid and Digital Man were direct references
to Supertramp's song that I always called `the adjective song.'  `When I was
young, I though that life was so wonderful,' to `they showed me a world where
I could be so'

	I only briefly mentioned this before, but since someone (Robyn?)
mentioned what influences Peart had, I would like to propose that song as one
of them.

	I would also like to thank R Cwiakala for his Wizard of Oz theory.  I
think it is a pretty reasonable point of view...

Noah Christian


Date: Wed, 6 Mar 91 16:23 EST
From: Noah Christian 
Subject: Barometric Pressure

	The interpretation of the mercury/barometric pressure lines is
interesting, but when a barometer falls, sailors usually get antsy.  Contrary
to a lack of pressure on an individual, it's more pressure on someone when
a low pressure cell hits them.

	`And the mercury is rising, barometer starts to fall,'  a storm is
coming would be the normal weather interpretation.  It was previously stated
(in the FAQL?) that Peart is an avid weather-watcher, so I don't think he
could have confused this, but the lines as delivered could be confused.  And
he may even be aware of this.

Noah Christian


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