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To: rush_mailing_list
Subject: 03/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #188

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 188

                   Friday, 8 March 1991
Today's Topics:
                       mailing list
                        bad lyrics
                     What did he say?
                       Red Sector A
               Buddy Rich Memorial Concert
          Beginning noise on "Time Stand Still"
              Bad copy of Chronicles video?
                  the name of Cygus X-1
                 ATTN! Neil Peart fans!
                      The new album.
                    "4th Band Member"

Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 11:37:42 EST
From: Derick Cordoba 
Subject: mailing list

	I have enjoyed your Midnight Star a lot but I must ask that you take me off your mailing list.
			Thank You,


Subject: bad lyrics
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 12:40:43 PST
From: Doug Grumann 

Dave_K writes:
> I've never liked/understood the line "The last immortal man" from Xanadu.
> Whenever I hear it, I wonder, "What happened to all the other immortal
> men?  Did they all die?"
> Any comments/clarifications?

Comment:  I always thought it meant he was the last immortal man to FIND
(get trapped in) Xanadu.

Alternative:  Neil was the last man to use Xanadu in a song, before Olivia
Newton-John ruined the word for all eternity.

My submittal for bad lyric #353:  "We told you before, but you didn't hear
us then, and you still question why.. No! you didn't listen again!"

Some of these intense lyrics from early in their career should be disqualified
from the contest, though, cuz Neil didn't write them.


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 15:49:05 EST
From: Macon N. Pegram 
Subject: What did he say?

Can anybody tell me what the enigmatic phrase at the end of 'I think I'm
going bald' on CoS is? It is spoken just before the song fades out.

The Grinch

'when our weary world was young, the battle of heart and mind begun'


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 10:59:12 +0100
From: tools!fl (Frank Lancaster)
Subject: Red Sector A

This is my first personal mail to the list. Up to now I
only sent two interviews from a British magazine to the
list. (Another one with Neil from 1980 is coming up).

But as I live in Germany and grew up mostly with German
friends, it is quite obvious that I thought of the
concentration camps (Konzentrationslager, KZ in German)
in Germany during the Nazi regime when I first heard
Red Sector A.

 (I know this has been mentioned before
in the list, but e-mail takes its time to reach me in Germany,
and I had to think somewhat about this before responding).

"All that we can do is just survive
 All that we can to help ourselves
 Is stay alive..."

Have you ever heard someone, who was held in a KZ,
describe the life in it, how the only objective was to
survive the next day?

"Skeletons they shuffle away"

This always evokes in me the pictures of the heaps of dead
people and the barely living, who really looked like skeletons
when they were freed,.

At the end of the song liberation seems to near, but
still with a doubting  tone:

"I hear the sound of gunfire
 At the prison gate
 Are the liberators here ---
 Do I hope or do I fear"

This reflects, quite well I think, the feeling of the
prisoners when they were liberated. Could they hope again,
now that they were freed? Or did they now have to feel the
fear for the rest of their lives? Many of the KZ prisoners
never recovered from their experiences, they had
nightmares all their life, could never return to Germany,
had difficulties meeting or speaking with Germans, because
of the memories that are connected with Germany.

"Are we the last ones left alive?
 Are we the only human beings
 To survive?..."

This, I find, is not so much a statement about the small
number of survivors, but far more shows the feelings
towards the Nazis as torturers and captors, and the vast
majority of the German population who knew what was going
on inside the KZs, but didn't do anything against it. Who
could see them still as human beings, after doing what
they did?

This is not intended as somekind of outlet of hate against
Germans, that would be quite impossible as I am myself
half German. In Germany the KZs and the prosecution of
the Jews is still discussed a lot, especially by the
younger population. I also see the problem as it manifests
itself in a more general way not as a specifical German
problem. The recent events in Kuwait, torture and
execution of the innocent people by the Irak army, but
also the treatment of the Japanese in America during
World War II, show that this kind of behaviour is somehow
rooted in every one of us.

The only other non-German group, that I know of, which has
written a song about the prosecution of the Jews, is
Marillion. I wonder if there are other examples?

Another item which further strengthens my belief in this
interpretation of Red Sector A, is Geddy's family.
As far as I know his father and mother were Polish Jews
who fled from Poland in World War II.

I hope this subject doesn't upset anyone, but Grace
Under Pressure is an album where nearly all songs have
a somewhat dark and fearful theme. I would like to see
more discussion about feelings and interpretations of
songs in a more general way, not about single lines in
songs ("The Pass" discussion). Surely Neil carefully
thinks about every line he writes, but they obviously
are not intended to be seen individually but in the whole
context of the song. I also appreciate varying
interpretations of songs, nobody has to be converted to
your own interpretation. I think one can gain a lot by
listening to a very different opinion.

Frank Lancaster (not always a serious and dull bore)
(I just had to place this one here, somebody actually
said he didn't like this line!?!?! :-)


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1991 16:39 EST

1) About issue 186. The only books I know of that contain a compilation
   of Rush sheet music are:
       Rush Anthology   (black, with red star, yellow figure (ie 2112),
                         and blue writing. Contains various songs from
                         Rush to Moving Pictures)
       Rush Complete    (same as Anthology except all in gold. I'm not
                         sure on the contents, but I think it contains
                         all songs from Rush to Permanent Waves???)
       Rush Complete II (also gold. I've only heard about the exsistence
                         of this one. It picks up where Complete I
                         leaves off and goes up to HYF)
  There are also many separate books containing the music to specific
  albums. I have only seen Power Windows (it has pictures and what I
  think are catalog numbers for several other ones in the back cover)
  and ESL, which contains the music for Broon's Bane (I wish I would have
  bought it-- haven't seen it since in any stores).
  I won't even comment about the person who doesn't know who the
  guitarist for Rush is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Now, now, let's be nice.  I like Jethro Tull, but can't name the band
  members...                                                  :rush-mgr ]

2) I just bought "The Best of Max Webster Featuring Kim Mitchell" and
   have a few questions. Who is Kim Mitchell? Max Webster performs
   Battle Scar but it is written by Mitchell. I assume Mitchell is a
   person and not the name of another band.

[ Kim Mitchell is the driving force behind what was Max Webster, kind of
  like Ian Anderson is the driving force behind Jethro Tull.   :rush-mgr ]

   Also for those who could not find Max Webster in your favourite music
   store (this was discussed about 15 issues ago) try looking under
   "W". Some stores do not know that Max Webster is a group and not a
   single performer's name, hence it may be under "W" instead of "M".

3) To the person, who, several issues ago, said they owned an album
   entitled "Red Stars of the Solar Federation", I would like to
   obtain a copy of it. Please email to me to work someting out.

OBRQ: "All at once, the clouds are parted.
       Light streams down in bright, unbroken beams."
                             --Jacob's Ladder,PW


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 17:03:23 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: Buddy Rich Memorial Concert

	I called the Ritz today, and SRO/Anthem Entertainment, confirming
that Neil will indeed be playing at the Buddy Rich concert.  If anyone wants
to order tickets, call Ticketmaster at (212) 307-7171.
	The show is on Monday, April 8th, 7:00 pm, at The Ritz in NYC.  The tets are $17.00 each, but Ticketmaster adds on a service charge, plus a 2.50
fee for the whole order.  This sucks, but such is life.


ORQ: "I hear their passionate music
      Read the words that touch my heart
      I gaze at their feverish pictures
      The secrets that set them apart"


Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 17:32 CST
From: Blue Steel 
Subject: Beginning noise on "Time Stand Still"

A hearty "hey hey!"

     This has bothered me for a while now. At the beginning of "Time Stand
Still," before Alex's guitar kicks in, there's a really low level "hum" on the
track. It's on the album and the CD, but not live, so I'm assuming that it was
a bad taping job in the studio somewhere. Anyone care to elaborate?

Kevin Tipple, aka Blue Steel, By-tor       University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Bitnet: ucskrt@uwplatt.bitnet              Platteville, Wisconsin  USA
"I'll tell you what's bleedin' wrong with him-- he's dead!" -Monty Python


Subject: Bad copy of Chronicles video?
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 91 20:43:29 EST


  I've just gotten my SECOND copy of the Rush Chronicles video tape, and
they've both had the same problem.  In "Closer to the Heart", there's a glitch
right in the middle of Neil's solo on the big tubular bells.  This kinda
spoils the song for me!

  Have other people seen this?  Is this just a bad batch (it says "63" on the
back of my tape, if that means anything)?  Or, as I'm beginning to suspect,
did the store just re-shrinkwrap the one I brought back before (they were out
of stock, so they gave me a store credit, and I came back after about five

Email me, please, if there's a definitive answer to this one.



Date: Thu, 7 Mar 91 17:39:20 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: the name of Cygus X-1

Good day (again)--

Just a small scientific note for any and all (and none) who are

The name Cygnus X-1 is derived from the fact that the black hole is in
the constellation of Cygnus (no kidding...) the Swan.  The "X" is
because black holes are discovered from the x-rays they emit.  And "1"
because it was the first black hole ever discovered.

Just throwing in $0.02 for the day...

Puanani Akaka


Date: 8th March 1991, 4:50pm EST.
From: "Mark Connell" 

Subject: Through the Camera Eye Video

While in Toronto last year I bought every Rush video I could lay my
hands on. The Boyz arn't very big here in Oz so it's difficult getting
anything apart from their albums. My silly guys use
NTSC format while we have PAL format TV. So the videos are unplayable !!
I've managed to swap some of them but have Through the Camera Eye left.
Anybody out there interested in a swap for the same/other videos (PAL)
or tour programs, bootlegs etc. I'll consider anything !

If your interested send me a note.

Mark Connell                         Internet:
Melbourne, Australia


Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 00:32:32 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: ATTN! Neil Peart fans!

Good day --

O.k.!  Someone mentioned that Buddy Rich concert w/ Neil Peart a few
days ago, and I'd just like to elaborate on that with the details
(thanx to Modern Drummer!):

The Second Annual Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert will be held
(as previously mentioned) on April 8.  It will feature William
Calhoun, Jr. (Living Colour), Peter Erskine, Omar Hakim, and Neil
Peart along with the Buddy Rich band featuring Steve Marcus.

For those who may be planning to go, it will be held at the Ritz --
	254 W. 54th Street
	New York, NY 10019
It will start at 7:00 pm (this is a Monday, BTW)

Tickets are $17 in advance, $20 at the door.  Tickets can be purchased
		Manny's Music
		Sam Ash (all stores)
		L.I. Drum Center (all stores)
		Drummers Collective, Ticket Master, and Ritz Box

And the BEST part is -- for all of us who can't make it (a.k.a. we
live to damn far to get there...) -- (drum roll, please):

	It'll be videotaped for commercial release on DCI Music

If anyone _does_ make it, let the rest of us know how it was, eh!

(Drummers Sidenote: does anyone know whatever happened to Omar Hakim's
trash can lid?)

Another $0.02... hey, that makes $0.04 in one day!  Oooh,

Puanani Akaka  (BTW, all proceeds from the tape will go the the Buddy
		Rich Memorial Scholarship Fund)


Date:         Fri, 08 Mar 91 12:27:32 BRA
From: Mauricio Alves <>
Subject:      The new album.

       Hello Rushians !!!!
       Lately, I haven't seen at NMS news about the  next  RUSH  album .
Is it ready or the boyz are at the Le Studio ??

       Mauricio Alves ( One in a thousands brazilian RUSH fans ).

       " Dont' feed the people, but we feed the machines. "


Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 12:47:34 EST
From: pmw3y@calico.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: "4th Band Member"

The last couple of NMSs have had articles explaining away the presence of
Jack Secret on the side of the stage loading disks for Geddy's synth setup.
I just thought I'd add something - the original poster mentioned seeing a
keyboard on "the side of the stage Geddy runs over to during In the Mood"
(paraphrased from memory, apologies if i didn't get it right).  Well, since
Geddy and Alex usually run around to each other's side of the stage during
the In The Mood solo section, that would put Geddy on stage right, where
Alex is during most of the show.  My theory is that the keyboard seen by
the original poster is the small one used by Alex during "time stand still",
which is pushed aside after they finish that song.

anyway, that's MY theory.  :)

ORQ:  "i been down so long, i lost count of the years
       i sang some sad songs, i drank 12 beers"

[ Ok, I have to ask:  has this ever been really sung?  If so, is it on a
  tape somewhere?  If yes, I WANT A COPY!  :-)                   :rush-mgr ]

Patrick Widener                  Internet:
Department of Computer Science	  
University of Virginia           ICBM_Net:  38.02 N, 78.30 W
"Run DMC first said a DJ could be a band
 Stand on its own feet - Get you out your seat"


Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 13:30:28 EST
From: (Barry A. Warsaw)
Subject: Stuff

>>>>> On Wed, 6 Mar 91 16:22:33 CST, buckeye!jes@uunet.UU.NET said:

	buckeye> Another interesting feature of this song is the key
	buckeye> changes in the chorus near the end.  I think this adds
	buckeye> something to the song, makes it more dynamic.  I thought
	buckeye> this to be unusual for Rush, since I can't recall them
	buckeye> doing that before.

Well, Marathon comes to mind immediately, and I think they change keys
in the ends of more songs, but I can't think of any others off hand.
Usually when they do, they'll go up a whole step for a single chorus
then back to the original key.

[ I call it "The Barry Manilow Effect".   :-)                  :rush-mgr ]

>>>>> On Thu, 7 Mar 91 08:20 EDT, "Douglas G. Schwabe"
>>>>>  said:

	Doug> What was the reason behind Rush's move to Atlantic Records?

I believe they felt that Polygram just wasn't giving them the kind of
support they wanted, especially with distribution and promotion and
such.  Apparently Atlantic offered to do a much better job in these
respects, hence the switch when their contract with Polygram expired.



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