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Subject: 03/11/91 - The National Midnight Star #189

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 189

                  Monday, 11 March 1991
Today's Topics:
                 Zeppin, Cygnus X-1, etc.
                       RED STARS CD
                      A question...
                  Neil's Electroni Setup
                        Laser Show
                       Laser shows.
                       Jack Secret
                       Rush Comics
                  immortality & Raistlin

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: Administrivia

As most of you may have realized, there have been some irregularities
with the mailings of the NMS in the last few days.  This is due to several
reasons which I'd like to explain here.

First of all, there seems to be an awful lot of mail bouncing back with
the messages "connection deferred", or "connection refused", or "connection
timed out" sorts of messages.  This means that the remote machines have
dropped or refused a connection from Syrinx.  I assume that when this happens,
Syrinx will normally re-try at two-hour intervals, giving up after several
tries.  Many of those affected are in the .uk domain, and those connected
via a UUCP connection.  Dunno what I can do about it; just hang in there for

Secondly, when sending to the list, the sheer size causes Syrinx (a 14 MIP
machine with 8M of memory) to slow down for several minutes while it chews
the mail queue.  This has caused us to by necessity mail out the NMS later
in the day, when the machine isn't busy.  This was done by hand last Thurs.,
and was supposed to have been done automatically Friday.  Well, it didn't.
For some reason, the 'cron' setup I had didn't fire off when it was supposed
to.  I'll play with it today, and will continue to send the NMS manually
until I can get the cron to run.

Sorry for the sporadic sightings over the last half-week; I hope things
settle down soon.

Thank you for your support.



Subject: Zeppin, Cygnus X-1, etc.
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 12:21:28 PST
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

A few issues back someone was asking for the Led Zepplin tune that sounds
like Anthem (Track 1 on Rush's FBN).  The only similarity that sprung
to mind is the end bit: two (well, one and a strong echo) guitar power
chords starting each measure, and just reverb filling the rest of the
measure.  This is similar to the intro to Zep's "Good Times Bad Times"
(Begins with a similar chord-silence-chord... etc, then "In the days of my
youth/ I was told what it means to be a man...)

As for the relationship between Cyngus X-1's books 1 and 2, I agree with
the last issue's poster somewhat, in that they coincide: the end of
Hemispheres bringing-in the character who was riding the Rocinante through
the black hole.  Also, given the '70s theories about using Black Holes
as portals into another time, my guess is that the subject of Cygnus Book 1
travelled through the black hole, screamed a bit, got disembodied,
then travelled back in time and mythology to appear at the time of the
Greek gods, where he was appointed God'o'Balance.

Also remember that he's already screaming at the end of Book 1: "Every nerve
is torn apart!"  Ouch.  Just before the "I have memory and awareness..."
bit, listen for the parts of Cygnus X-1 that float by, indicating that this
is where we get the tie in.  He's disoriented at first, then realizes where
he is, and that he's screaming -- causing the distraction.

Finally to answer the question of:

> I'd be interested to see a profile of NMS subscribers as follows:
>     Those who picked up Rush:
> 1) From the begining
> 2) During the second phase (AFTK to MP)
> 3) Third phase (signals to present)

For me it was during high school, when I heard bits of GUP (p/g) on the radio.
After missing thier local show, but hearing "Exit... Stage Left", I started
filling-in the record collection in reverse chronological order.


Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 15:38:18 -0500
From: brian christopher te 
Subject: hello

Hellooo fellow rush fans!
(from yet another first time poster)

I have been wondering if anyone knows the lyrics to Battle Scar?
I happened across an old (* gag *) 8-track and it sound something like:

	Bust the bastards
	Screw the fear
	Let the healers feel the way I feel

		...but please dont quote me because it is after all off an 8.

[From memory:  "Bust the busters/Screw the feelers/Make the healers/Feel 
  the way I feel".  I have the lyrics at home; I'll try to get them posted
  here, and also update the lyrics directory with them.  (Dan and Keith:
  take note for new update to FAQL & addition to server)        :rush-mgr ]

Until later...
      Brian C. Testa                  |        "Be an adult,not a kid,       |      Hit the toilet,not the lid!"
"Ooh, I'm runnin here, I'm runnin there
I'm lookin for a girl
Cos there's nothin I need, there's nothin I want more             CIU!!
In the whole wide world
Well I need it quick and I need it now
Before I start to fade away
That's why I'm searchin, that's why I'm lookin
Each and every day!"


Date: Fri, 8 Mar 91 16:39:48 PST
From: Eric Rescorla 

More ideas about Xanadu. Doesn't it say "Held within the pleasure dome?"
(I'm quoting from memory, but I think that is right), so would it be
unreasonable to suspect that somehow this guy is physically trapped there?
I don't know...just a thought.
    As for immortality being boring. Imagine being trapped alone in
Xanadu for a thousand years---after all, he is the LAST immortal man.
I think this would be pretty bad by then...

Eric Rescorla                            
Yale University Department of Chemistry   


Date:    Fri, 8 Mar 1991 20:40:54 EST
From: RH2@JAGUAR.UCS.UOFS.EDU (Rebel, Runner, Restless young Romantic)
Subject: obj:

       halloo, to all those concerned!

             i am quite interested and willing and capable and eager(and

             unable to stop this epinephrine surge) to keep a dynamic

             file of musicians, primarily those who play RUSH, but

             theoretically, any musicians.  yea or nay?  as i am

             attending the prestigious U of SCRANTON, i shall

             be receiving most of my information from the

             east coast; however, i am not limited by

             the fabric of time and space.  hope

             to receive lots o' mail....

                                               rose hometchko
                            (*notice:  that's 'eros,' in its english form*)


Subject: Trivia
From: (Lance Neustaeter)
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 91 20:39:50 PST

   Re: Diadacts and Narpets.  There definately are words there, as
opposed to "vocal sounds" and they are definately not the same word
repeated over and over.  Does anybody out there agree with the
interpretations I had posted earlier?
   Re: Chain Lightening.  Okay, listen to the four bar phrase which
comes right before Geddy sings his first line.  In the second and
fourth bar you will hear Geddy faintly singing syncopated ("between
the beats") "hey, hey, hey" after counts 1, 2 and 3.  If you can pick
it out there, you should then recognize it throughout the song.
   As for the police whistle on Distant Early Warning, I discovered it
by reading somewhere (record cover?) that one of the instruments
played by Neil was the police whistle, so I decided to listen to the
whole CD in order to find out in which song he did.

Good Premises,              $    They laugh 'cause they know they're
Lance Neustaeter            $    untouchable, not because what I said
  $    was wrong.  --Sinead O'Connor


Date: 9 March 1991 00:14:25 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

i have come across a few of these. its basically the sound track from
EXIT...LEFT vid. the sound quality is only fair and since its a direct
copy from the vid its not really worth the money. unless u happen to be a
collector since they are getting to be fairly rare. the ave. price is
$35-40 bucks though. so i would not put this item at the top of your
MEMORABILIA LIST but if you've got every other item then go for it!


ORQ: "he won't need a bed, he's the digital man"

ps: certainly true since i have finals this week.


Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 04:47:43 -0800
From: Brian Markenson 
Subject: A question...

	This might be a rather naive question, but I don't know the answer, so
I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.  By the way, I am new to Rush fandom, having
just discovered them in December.  They have since become my favorite band.
	Anyway, I've heard a number of references in this list to Rush being
a Satanic band...after having listened to most of their albums, I just can't
find where such a rumor would spring from!  Where did this idea originate, and
who proposed it?  Just curious....
	Thanks for your time.....

[ Most of it is just wind; the most "incriminating" thing I've heard them
  use is the fact that _2112_ has a pentagram on the cover.  Well, for
  starters, it's NOT a pentagram...  See back issue #28 for Neils' response
  to charges of Satanism in rock music.                          :rush-mgr ]

Brian Markenson


Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 09:57:48 EST
From: (David Pakman )
Subject: Neil's Electroni Setup

Greetings!  Someone asked for a description of Neil's Electronic Setup.
Initially, he used simply Simmons SDS9 (Grace) including that ancient
brain making the familiar "electronic" drum sounds.  He quickly
switched to Simmons SDS1000 pads, utilizing the Yamaha Pad-to-MIDI
converter.  After acquiring something like 6 Akai S900 (with the 16-bit
upgrade), he sampled everything on the planet and has Larry Allen load
them in during the show.  He also has the KAT MIDI controller playing
samples from the S900s.

Rather recently (Presto Tour), he changed pads and no longer uses the
Simmons as his triggers, now favoring ddrum electric pads.  Lastly, he
uses the Shark pedals as foot triggers and has a custom made trigger
placed between his 12" and 14" mounted toms, affectionately referred to
as Sydney.

Take care,

David Pakman


Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 12:34:45 CST
From: Robert Clark 
Subject: "Imports"

There has been some question of the nature of Red Star of the Solar
Federation.  I would advise not to buy it.  When Rush put out the
video to ESL, they also broadcast the concert on some national concert
of the week thnig.  Anyway, all that is is the soundtrack to the
ESL video.  A friend got it last year and I ended up doing some very
close listening tests and I STRONGLY believe it's just that.

[ If that's the case, it's also on side four of the Import "Sailing 
  Into Destiny".                                          :rush-mgr ]

Also, our beloved manager mentioned Xanadu.  Another fine Import.
That's taken from one of the 1980 St. Louis shows.  March 16th I
think.  They played three nights so one never knows which show(s)
it was taken from.  Anyway, the single album version of that is called
Temples of the Syrinx.  It includes La Villa Strangiato, Natural
Science, 2112(The whole thing for once), and In the Mood + Drum solo(YYZ
wasn't around! :-)  BOTH of those are of very fine quality for Imports.

[ Ahh, yes, that's what I was referring to, "The Temples Of Syrinx".
  From what I'd heard (never having see/heard it in person) it's not
  as good a copy.  I don't know if it was a higher generation tape, or
  a different/poorer copy of the same show, or what...       :rush-mgr ]

Both of them were given to me before I had any clue of how cool RUsh

-Rob Clark

SOrry 'bout the typos, I just woke up.


Subject: Laser Show
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 91 12:50:24 +0000
From: gimper@leland.Stanford.EDU

Greetings Rush fans!  Although I have subscribed to this group for
several months now, this is my first post, so bear with me.
Anyway, a few months ago there was a post about a laser Rush show
in the Bay Area.  I went to see the show last night, and it was
quite good.  I found the musical selections quite surprising:

		2112 (Overture and The Temples of Syrinx)
		Tom Sawyer
		New World Man
		The Weapon
		The Body Electric
		Show Don't Tell
		red lenses
		Between the Wheels
		The Spirit of Radio

I really did not expect so much from p/g.  (Not that I don't like
it -- p/g is one of my favorites.)  But I would have liked to
hear *something* from PoW or HYF.  Actually, this playlist (with
the exception of "Show Don't Tell") is very similar to one that
I heard at a laser show in L.A. after p/g had just come out.

For you Bay Area subscribers, if you want to catch the show, you'd
better hurry!  They announced last night that this upcoming Friday
(3/15) is going to be the final showing of Laser Rush.  It's held
in the Planetarium in Golden Gate Park.  Showtimes are 7:30 and
9:00, and the price is $6.00.  If you want more info, e-mail me.

And just to throw in two more cents to an old subject, I also
have a preference for Ged's Rickenbacker.  I don't mind the Wal
for the new stuff, but I don't particularly like it on the old
tunes.  In particular, during the guitar solo of "Tom Sawyer" on
the ASoH video, the Wal just doesn't seem to have enough bottom
end to cut through like the Rick did.

Anyway, there's my $0.02.  (Or more like $20.00)  :-)

-- Stuart

ORQ:  Contrary to what was said on another page, I do *not*
      use a Hentor Barbarian bass - they're too long...
      (Geddy Lee, p/g tourbook)


From: Tero Valkonen 
Subject: Laser shows.
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 23:53:10 EET

So the question is: what are these Rush laser shows, anyway?
Something related to movies (very distantly, I suppose, if
at all)? 3-D videos or something?

Well, at least I got the guts to show my ignorance on this
subject. :-)
Any info would be deeply appreciated.

[ It's like a Pink Floyd concert, only with Rush music.  :-) :-)  :rush-mgr ]


Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 19:45:09 EST
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: Jack Secret

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

			--The Wizard Of Oz

*  From the disk of:  | jms@vanth.uucp		     | "There's UFOs over New
Jim Shaffer, Jr.      |!vanth!jms | York, and I ain't too
37 Brook Street       | uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  | surprised."
Montgomery, PA 17752  |    |	    (John Lennon)
      "Nobody told me there'd be days like these... Strange days indeed!"


Date: Sat, 9 Mar 91 19:50:57 EST
From: vanth! (Jim Shaffer)
Subject: Rush Comics (Marshall Robin) writes:
>That was Defenders #45. Got it right in front of me here. They used
>"Truth is false and logic lost". Not only that, but it was dedicated
>to Geddy, Alex, and Neil of Rush on the first page. The story has
>an anti-collectivist theme to it. Since it was printed Mar 77 it
>makes sense that it would draw from 2112 (however vaguely). Maybe this
>is FAQL material?

Huh?  Did I miss something here?  This looks like it's an answer to a
question, but I never saw the question.

(By the way, since it's now 1991, my brother is trying to find out when the
Rush edition of "Rock Fantasy" is going to be out.)

*  From the disk of:  | jms@vanth.uucp		     | "There's UFOs over New
Jim Shaffer, Jr.      |!vanth!jms | York, and I ain't too
37 Brook Street       | uunet!cbmvax!amix!vanth!jms  | surprised."
Montgomery, PA 17752  |    |	    (John Lennon)
      "Nobody told me there'd be days like these... Strange days indeed!"


Date: Sun, 10 Mar 91 13:39:03 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: stuff

I have a few comments on some things brought up in Fri's NMS.

First, someone asked about "Red Stars of the Solar Federation":

		  This is just portions of Exit...Stage Left put onto disk, when I
heard it for the first time, in between songs, Neil would start talking,
thats what tipped me off.  It's worth getting as a collector, but if
you just want boots, this is not a must have.

Second, there was a question about Rush's move to Atlantic records:

  They made the switch because they felt they needed a change.  They
wanted to see what another company would do for them.  Specifically,
they desired that the new company do a better job of promoting their
album releases, which Polygram really didn't do IMHO.  Proof of Atlantics
commitment is the RUSH Profiled disk that was released after Presto.

Just an update:

  The concert poll is going well, there are alot of good ideas out there.
You'll be interested to know that Natural Science ahs taken a commanding
lead(now that really makes me :-)).  Keep those concert lists coming!!


ORQ: Alternating currents force a change of plans
     Rational responses force a change of plans


Subject: immortality & Raistlin
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 91 10:24:08 CST
From: dragon!keith@uunet.UU.NET (Keith Ford)

 > Just my two pence on the last immortal man.  Immortality is boring and
 > likely bound to drive you crazy, even if you have good food and good
 > drink to eat (honeydew and the milk of paradise).

In the fantasy book series, Dragon Lance, there is a mage named Raistlin
Majere.  When he took his sorcerer's test, he was cursed with three things.
His body because very frail, his skin took on a golden hue, and the pupils
of his eyes became shaped like hour-glasses.  This last curse caused him
to see everything in an accelerated time.  People he would look at would
age, die, and turn to dust, or so it appeared to him.  Anything of beauty
quickly whithered with age.  Now, someone who lives forever would see his
friends come and go, and nature would pass him by.  He would not be a true
part of his surroundings.  No matter where he went, this would be the case.
Maddening, no doubt.  When he says he can't leave the caves of ice, I don't
think he means physically.  The caves symbolize his encasement, and the ice
indicates the "frozen" state of being.  (IMHO of course)

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