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Subject: 03/20/91 - The National Midnight Star #196

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 196

                 Wednesday, 20 March 1991
Today's Topics:
                       Snare sound
                        A RESPONSE
                 Broone's Bane-The Trees
                      Flame away...
             re:Shane Faulkner, Lyrics, etc.
               Hemingway and The Big Money
                   Broon's Bane + $.02
                      MTV and stuff
                  Rush Productions, etc.
                      linus, lyrics
                  Rush, Drugs and Satan
                  Re: DDD vs AAD vs ADD
              RE: Broon's Bane and The Trees
                    Depeche Mode List
                      Lyrics & music
       Whispering, DEW, Didacts and Narpets, Syrinx
                     Big Money Video
      Red Barchetta and Anthem (Best/Worst lyrics?)!
                   Rush Backstage Club
                     Hold that poll!

From: (Basil Fawlty)
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 12:11:10 -0800
Subject: Snare sound

Does anyone know what snare Neil is using during Red Sector A on GUP? It sounds
different from the other snare sounds (maybe because Neil is playing 16th notes
on the high hat and so he hits the snare differently from when he would be
keeping his hand over it [most of the time]).
Any takers?

maybe the answer is in the Chronicles video?

[ If I'm not mistaken, Neil's using his electronic drums when they play
  "Red Sector A".  When he would go into his drum solo during this song,
  he would start it on the e-drums, the kit would spin, and he'd finish
  on the 'real' (accoustic?) drums.                           :rush-mgr ]

Yoav Gershon                               UNIX:
University of California, Davis


Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 16:16 EST

i am replying to rob harris' question concerning other works of neil
in the writing category. a close counterpart of mine (and the biggest fan
i know- his collection astounds) entered the room of andrew macnaugton, the
bands personal assistant. andy showed my pal neil's book, which only family
members and close friends of the band own. my friend told me that it was
just a collection of poetry, i believe. this all took place in detroit,
michigan- right where you currently reside, harris! glad i could shed some
light on this subject- this is a true story, i have no reason to lie. as
always, slainte mhath to the rush-mgr for the commendable efforts to this

                             KEVIN HULME



Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 18:39:09 -0500
From: jah14@po.CWRU.Edu (Jonathan A. Horvath)
Subject: Broone's Bane-The Trees

My name is Jon, I've been a RUSH fan for about 13 years and have
been involved in music for 18 [I'm 22 now] and have been on the
guitar for about that long as well.  I like the transition from
one to the next on the EXIT...STAGE LEFT album and feel that it
follows nicely and naturally.  It is not in the same key, but that
simply makes the change all the more beautiful and graceful.
Music isn't a bunch of theory or mathematics it comes solely from
the heart, everything else is just rhetoric.



"...And the end is just some distant illusion, and the answer- just some
fading delusion.  I tried to break this wall, but I can't get through.  I
can't accept it anymore..."  from ANOTHER SHATTERED DREAM written by me,
perforemed by Overture [my band]  Jon ENGL/RLGN  JAH14 write for a tape...


Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 19:42:11 EST
Subject: Flame away...

Usually I don't post but I finally decided to put my two cents in
about this Lyric thing.  I have been listening to Rush since P/G
came out.   Its been a long time I think I was about 14  then and
I am 21 now.  Since then my intellect has dicatated changes in my taste
in music, and many of my old favorites are no longer.  I will listen to
music from my early Rock n Roll days and think  God, thats terrible.
But, Rush has managed to stay in their secure and safe.  I feel that
the main reason is because they have dealt with issues that haven't
really dissipated as i have grown older. Which isn't to say that they
won't, I can't answer that question any more than I could say what I will be
like 10 years from now.  But being a 4th year communication major, I know
the importance of showing and not telling.  I have written a lot of
poetry and some fiction. I have attended classes taught by very adept
present day poets i.e. Richard Murphy.  Anything that paints an
image in youre mind as opposed to simply stating it, is MUCH
more effective. I think that Neil Peart is a genius as a composer
but as a writer he shows a much higher perception of the world
around him than he puts into his lyrics. Which still isn't necessarily a
criticism. It is very HARD to write lyrics to match music, its tempos
and rhythm changes or visa versa. Not to mention all of the rhyming.
	But to say his lyrics are brilliant in the form, from a
literary standpoint just isn't true.  Now I realize that I have stepped
on the toes of some peoples Gods but so be it. I really enjoy Rush
but it stops there. I get insights from there music and I somtimes
learn from them but it doesn't mean that they are perfect. And judging
from some of the previous responses, some people seem to put them
way up on some kind of pedastool...  So flamers come on but please
direct responses to me personally....:-)

Brad Cameron "the dimensional boy"


Subject: re:Shane Faulkner, Lyrics, etc.
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 21:47:42 EDT

First, to Shane, I disagree that all youngsters are being exposed to music
solely via eMpTyV...there is still hope for our younger generations, it
seems the world in general is getting more conscious of music beyond the
bounds of the top 10...I admit, my first exposure to Rush was rather
pathetic, but hey, the ends justify the means?

Second, about the wonderful lyrical controversy, let it rest. Some people
like Peart. Some people don't. Some people like Tolkien, some don't.
Some like the music of Rush, some don't. Nobody stands in a place to call
someone else's opinins worthless. Personally, I enjoy Rush morefor the
sound of their music, and the sometimes brilliant lyrics are a fringe
benefit. *shrug*

Nothing yet on my ESL question (Zanadu vs. Xanadu) I know one of you
devoted fans must know :)


OBRQ : 'Listen!' -Didacts and Narpets (odd song, eh?)


Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 22:11:00 EST
From: (Charles L. Hamilton)
Subject: Hemingway and The Big Money

Hello all...

Noticing references to both Hemingway and The Big Money in TNMS 195 reminded
me of something one of my English major buddies pointed out to me.  He had
purchased a book by John Dos Passos titled _The Big Money_, which I noticed
and asked him about.  He said Dos Passos was a comtemporary of Hemingway.  So
I picked up the book and was skimming through it when !surprise! I noticed
each 'chapter' had a section in it called "The Camera Eye".  Nifty.

For those of you who are in constant search of Rush trivia, I hope I have
provided something which you did not already know...

Chuck Hamilton


Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 22:20:54 EST
From: Evan Bjorn Ingersoll 
Subject: Broon's Bane + $.02

I just saw Chris Schiller's post on Broon's Bane and thought I should
throw in two cents.  I would argue that BB has got to be the intro
to *something*.  Just try this experiment:  Play Broon's Bane and stop
the tape/cd before Trees starts.  Do you feel there's something missing?
So would anyone else who's listened to a lot of tonal, western music.
The last line has that descending bass pattern A-G-F#-F, ending on
a chord that's full of dissonances that, in western music, the listeners
expect to hear resolved.  I don't have my guitar handy, so I can't work out
the exact details of the cadence, but I think the end of Broon's is
a modulation to the key of Tree's, and so is a great lead in.  I've tried
to play Broon's as a stand alone piece, and it just doesn't work.
The last chord needs to resolve somewhere, so I usually tack on the "intro-
to-Trees" ending with the DM-AM-Bm which is a nice, final cadence.
Anyway, enough rambling.

Subject 2:
I have to throw in something about lyrics, since everyone else is.
I think Neil has a lot of great ideas, and generally I like the way they come out.
However, especially in some recent songs, I think he gets caught up
in his effort to find rhymes, to the detriment of the music.  Some of
the lyrics sound like he was *really* stretching to find a rhyme.
Like he had something to say, knew what it was, but it didn't rhyme
and so he threw in words that did, but didn't really get the point across.
Most Heinous Example:  "some of them burned on our cielings."  Really,
now, that's stretching a bit far.  My favorite lyrics are those where
he bags the "every-other-line-must-rhyme" mentality and just says it,
like for example in Camera Eye.  Great lyrics just don't have to rhyme.
In short, I think the ideas are great, I like the music, but some
of the poetry is really painful.  Feelings-cielings-feelings-cielings-
feelings-cielings-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Not to be harsh or anything.

OK, I'm done.

BBQ- Humpty Dumpty Was a Dude!
     Humpty Dumpty Had no Hair!
       -eggs don't have hair.


From: (Christopher Anthony Capone)
Subject: MTV and stuff
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 14:53:43 EST

Word up y'all,

In response to the question concerning Dr. Dre and that other guy
on "Yo! MTV Raps", the Rush that they were apoligizing to was most
likely the record company called "Rush".  They have absolutely
nothing to do with the band that we all know and love.  As far as
I know that record company just produces rap albums.

As far as the interpertation of Red Barchetta goes, somebody asked
that question last year.  Mr. Peart got his inspiration from a short
story published in a magazine (the name of which now escapes me) The story,
I believe, was called "A Nice Morning Drive".  Anyway, since there
was so much talk about it last year I'm sure that our NMS manager
knows the exact title and all that stuff.  I agree that it is futuristic.
The references to the Motor Law (a law that outlaws cars, most likely
because of environmental problems or natural resource shortages or
whatever) and the reference to the turbine frieght are obvious examples.

[ The original story, "A Nice Morning Drive", originally in Road and Track
  magazine a few years ago.  A transcription was posted in TNMS # 34.  The
  original story was set in the near future, for what that's worth.
                                                                 :rush-mgr ]

Any word on the new album or possible tour dates?  Last time I heard
(through this medium) was that the boyz would release the record in
June and begin touring in October.  I'm currently on exchange in
Australia so I won't be back in the states until Jan 92.  What's
the word on the street?  I'm hopeful.

Later on,



Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 23:59:07 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Rush Productions, etc.

  Greetings - Yesterday a poster asked about an apology on 'Yo MTY Raps'
to Rush and its management, etc. This may be in reference to Rush
Productions, a rap record label and production company managed by Rick
Rubin. I'm not sure who they promote.
  Also, to the poster who commented on the Rand-Judaic connection, I'm not
so sure either Ayn Rand or Neil are (were?) Jewish. I've seen Neil with
a cross on in several pictures..but then that doesn't men he isn't
Jewish...(it's late, I'm babblin, I'm outta here!)

Michael Savett


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 01:32:02 -0500
From: (Linus VanPelt)
Subject: linus, lyrics  writes:

> 4)Sally's neverending lust for Linus is a clear display of pre-marital
>   sex promotion.

Hey... leave me and my lady out of this.  =]


	The reasons I got into RUSH was most definitely for the music and the
lyrics to _some_ types of songs.  I enjoy the lyrics of songs like _Xanadu_,
_The Necromancer_, _The Fountain_, etc. becasue they are like a story.
Though there are deeper meanings (especially the fountain) the face value can
be somewhat of a refreshment.  I enjoy fantasy novels (Anyone looking for good
ones to start?  Try anything by David Eddings or Katherine Kerr... really great
stuff plug, plug, plug..)  Take for instance _The Trees_.  Though the deeper
meaning is not too pleasant, the story itself at face value is neat.
	I do admit there are Rush songs that I don't like (like isn't perfect)
and one of them is _Freewill_.  Just a personal preference, something that I
really can't give a reason for, but it is there.  oh well...

ALSO.. does anyone know why in _Hemispheres_ that Dyonisis was used for
the argument for the heart and not Aphrodite?  I thought Dyonisis was the
Bringer of wine?  maybe my mythology is going bad..

Linus VanPelt

* Linus VanPelt     * In life there are very few securities.
*  linus@ritcsh.csh *
*         *				Gimme my blanket.
*                   *


Subject: Rush, Drugs and Satan
Date: 19 Mar 91 23:51:28 MST (Tue)
From: (Dan Quella)

Here we go again!

(I'm not attributing this quote as I don't mean to flame the poster...)
> And since we're talking about the satanic side of RUSH, am I the only
> one who sees "Passage to Bankok [sic]" as about drugs? If you read the lyrics
> carefully, their [sic] are several references to smoke and the like.

Good grief! Let's get a few things clear:

1. Rush is not satanic. The posts about 666 and all were JOKES, for cryin'
   out loud!

2. Reality check: What do drugs have to do with a fictional mythological
   character? Nothing, except in the minds of a vocal but deluded minority.

3. Marijuana is not "drugs," it is one drug, and a benign one at that. It is
   a tragic accident of history that it is even illegal. Read "The Emperor
   Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer.

> [ I haven't heard of any post-2112 drug references to them...     :rush-mgr ]

Not directly, no, but much of Rush's lyrics have to do with independent
thought. I'm quite sure that Neil is as disgusted with the drug war mentality
as I am. The War on Rights is a perfect example of a "Witch Hunt."  The PDFA
et. al. would do well to listen to "Show, Don't Tell," as all they know how
to do is lie with propaganda and chant "It's bad! It's bad!"

If my last anti-drug-war post caused just one Star reader to open their mind
and start reading talk.politics.drugs, it was worth writing. I must give the
readers of TNMS credit, though - there were no flames in subsequent issues
and I only received one in Email from someone with apparently poor reading

Well, I could go on, but that's enough for now, as it is only peripherally
related to Rush.  I wish Neil would write a song about the subject. If anyone
could pull it off, he could!

"Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand"



Subject: Re: DDD vs AAD vs ADD
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 91 23:24:35 -0800
From: kmarino@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU

In the NMS # 195 Kenneth Suzan  writes

> I was wondering what people thought about this. A friend of mine
> told me that I shouldn't buy CDs that are AAD. He said the quality of
> sound is identical to tape. What do you think?

Well Kenneth (sounds fatherly don't it?) AAD stands for Analog Recording,
Analog Mixing and Digital Mastering.  ADD is Analog Recording Digital Mixing
and Digital Mastering, while DDD is all three digital.  From my producer days
(a garage band and a 24 track studio) being involved with a rock band, we had a
big discussion about this issue.  First of all, analog recordings (although
you may hear some hiss, but probably not) and analog mixing with a digital
master is probably the best, that's AAD.  This is because when it is DDD the
soul of the sound is taken out.  Symbol highs, guitar highs are cut off at
predefined peaks and don't make their natural "coming down" sound.  If you
find a rock band that uses a lot of highs and the CD is DDD, you will hear
a difference if you listen to it loud.  That is my one and only beef wit' da
boyz.  I like the full sound, high treble and high bass, ok high mids too but..
I really like the high trebs.  That is why I like Geddy's voice.  When he
belts out the tunes from the past... ooohhh boy does my heart jump.  But, it
is preference (ADD, AAD, or DDD).  Now up until p/g the boyz used analog
recording equip at LeStudio, but changed for some reason or another.  Maybe to
match Neil's taste for the electronic drumming system he has set up.  After
that they went all digital (oh well...) except ASOH which being live and
technology to make a digital traveling studio being too costly, is ADD.  This
(IMHO) is better than DDD.

Well, that's the way I see it.  Also, if you like old(er) rock like Zep, Floyd
or such, you will have to have AAD or ADD for their older works as Digital
recording is an environment of the late 80's.  So, I guess tell your friend
the quality may be the same as the tape, but at least there is no flutter,
and hell, a big CD library is next to godliness.  (I'm sporting about 250+,
my self).  You see, I'm a CD freak, I hate vinyl and tape.  I like the
digital technology so please don't flame (Ohkay, go ahead if you must!).

Now onto a completely different topic.....

I have received numerous (okay, seven as of this posting) responses to my
survey question.  Keep 'em coming...

Favortite song from each album, favorite album, favorite song performed live,
(this can be different from ATWAS, E...SL, ASOH).  Remember the address
to email is:

BTW-- I am putting all the survey responses into a folder in my mail dir
called RUSHSUR.  This was accidental and I didn't even notice until later.
I was abbrev. RUSH SURVEY.  Kinda cool, huh?  I guess I am a bigger fanatic
than I thought.

[ Just call you "Mongo".  ;-)                                     :rush-mgr ]

I have a question for all you folks... Can anyone tell me what the picture
inside the cover of Signals represents (The "C" clamp holding the egg).  Can
human life be the egg and mankind be the clamp  (Is this too stupid to ask?).

[ I think it's an example of the album title.  The egg in the clamp 
  personifies "Grace Under Pressure".  Can't remember if this was from
  an interview, or a hypothesis posted here, though...       :rush-mgr ]

*        * OBRQ: "Because he was human             *
*    *        Because he had goodness          *
* Life begins at graduation...      *        Because he was moral             *
* Or atleast, that's what they      *        They called him insane..."       *
* told me...                        *                                         *


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 09:26:51 -0500
From: (Robert J. Friedman III)
Subject: RE: Broon's Bane and The Trees

Good day, eh?

     Excuse me Mr. Schilling, but I have been playing both of these songs
for quite a few years and I think Broon's Bane leads quite nicely into The
Trees.  True enough, they are not in the *same* key but the keys are related.
Heck, the end of Broon's Bane is just a series of perturbations of the
beginning of Trees.  The songs seem to me to be variations on a theme ( a
common device in classical guitar) and are thus related.  BTW, when Alex
plays "classical" guitar his style is more like spanish folk guitar than
_true_ classical guitar (or so I am told by a friend who is classically
trained--he can just blow my mind with Bach's Lute fugues!).  Regardless,
these songs are excellent excercises for expanding your musical style.
There is something about classical guitar that just stirs the soul.

                                          -Bob Friedman

"Listen to my music and hear what it can do."-guess


From: "Ian D Bjorhovde" 
Subject: Depeche Mode List
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 9:30:01 EDT

To the Trusy Rush-mgr, and everyone else:
[ Is this like "lousy"?  :-)                                 :rush-mgr ]

	It's ironic that I posted a letter saying that the Depeche Mode
list was not in service, because Lo and Behold, there was a copy of the
Depeche Mode newsletter waiting for me.

	It is called BONG and it is of similar format to NMS.  However,
whe poor editor has to type out the address of every single recipient-
the message header is 2 1/2 screens long  (could you imagine typing the
entire mailing list, Rush-mgr   :-)

[ Actually, the addresses are in a file which is being included at the 
  time of mailing.  The NMS (in it's pre-name incarnation) used to be
  mailed like that, but I got better*.  :-)

  * with apologies to Monty Python.                           :rush-mgr ]

	But the info seems like quality stuff.  Just thought that I'd
let you know.

Ian Bjorhovde
		University of Pittsburgh


Subject: Lyrics & music
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 11:07:21 EST
From: David Arnold 

I'm a bit torn on the subject of Neil's lyrics.  I began to get into
Rush in the late 70's, when Neil was into his fantasy exploration,
quasi-bombastic phase.  At that time, I loved the music, and the words
were neat-o too, to a high-schooler.  I must say, though, that the
music was what lured me into fandom (drool, slobber).

My first exposure was to "A Passage to Bangkok", then side one of _2112_.
I was intrigued from the start, but once I'd heard "Overture/Temples",
it was all over.  At that time I was into hard rock; Blue Oyster Cult,
Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Jethro Tull (there *was* hope).
I was captivated by the thundering chords & the amazing guitar riffs
of the title piece. (How 'bout that solo in "Oracle.."!)

As the albums came out, there were those that I immediately embraced,
and others took longer to 'get to me'.  This was totally due to the
music, not the lyrics.  Once I listened to the music, I'd go back and
check out the lyrics to see what they were saying.  I usually respected
Neil for his writing, but for me the emphasis was on the tunes.

Just my $.02, for those who can't get enough of these threads! :-)

As for the meaning of "Syrinx" in context with _2112_, I interpret it
to mean that the Priests/Temples were to be the 'voice' of the path for
the people to follow.  The Oxford dictionary (online on the NeXT system)
says it's part of the voice/speaking mechanism.  That tends to back it

Of course, the machine was named after the song...  :-)

Funny story:  While on vacation last fall on Okracoke Island, NC, I was
asked what my 'SYRINX' license plate meant.  They asked me if I was a
psychiatrist, and my plate was some convolution of "Shrink".  Sheez, what
lengths people will go to to match a word!

Lastly:  My experiments with homemade beer & ale seem to be working!  Maybe
I won't mess with that store-bought crap for my next Rush-party!  :-)

David Arnold       Keywords:  Rush, Jethro Tull, Crack the Sky, Squeeze, BOC,
                               Neville Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd,
Inet:       Talking Heads, King Crimson, Rolling Stones,
UUCP: uunet!!davida  Police, ELP, Grass Roots, Hollies, Guess Who

OBRQ: "We are the plumbers, We'll fix your sinks,
       With our mighty wrenches, We'll fix those clogs"


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 09:22:34 PST
From: (Ron Zasadzinski)
Subject: Whispering, DEW, Didacts and Narpets, Syrinx

This is a response to some things that Lance Neustaeter posted some
time ago that I finally did something about...

Whispering: Yes, I can hear Geddy singing "Hey Hey Hey" faintly
in the background of "Chain Lightning". It is as if I had heard
it subliminally before, because when you mentioned it I knew
exactly where in the song it would be, even though I hadn't
consciously thought to myself "Oh, Geddy is singing Hey Hey Hey
in the background there." It still amazes me how many layers
are present in Rush songs, both musically and lyrically. Such
complexity is one of the things that really attracts me to Rush.
And for another example of musical subtlety/complexity:

DEW: Yes, after listening several times through Distant Early Warning
I can hear the police whistle in a number of places. It is not
easily heard mostly because the sound is so unexpected and in
a different pitch range (i.e. higher) than the main part of the
song where it appears. As Lance mentioned, the first police whistle
occurs on beat 4 (with rim shot) right before Geddy says "It's so hard
to stay together". Hats off to you for finding that one!

Didacts and Narpets lyrics: Figuring these out has always interested
me since I first heard the song. Lance's guesses prompted me to
carefully listen again to see what I could hear. These are my
guesses (mostly in agreement with you Lance):

Deep Voice:  "Stay!"
Geddy        "Go!"
Deep         "Work!"
Ged          "No!"
Deep         "Think!"
Ged          "Live!"
Deep         "Earn!"
Ged          "Give!"
Deep/Ged     /
Deep/Ged     /

I am very very confident about the words in quotes. I'd bet serious money
on them. The two last lines, where Geddy's voice follows the deep voice
very closely, are difficult to pin down. I tried everything I could think
of to make the sounds more clear: both channels together, full bass/no treble,
no bass/full treble, left channel only, right channel only. I also
repeated the same after connecting the speaker ground wires together
where they enter the amplifier as someone previously mentioned would
result in you only hearing the *difference* in signal between the left
and right channels. It was that last technique that made me think of
the "Fight" and "Laugh" possibilities. You'll have to try it to see.

Some notes: I could only hear the "S" in "Stay" with the speakers
re-wired as mentioned. In normal mode it sounds like "Tay!". "Earn!"
has a glitch in it between the "r" and the "n" sounds. I am convinced
that "Stay" and "Earn" are the correct lyrics however. Furthermore,
the last line may be impossible to decipher with certainty, as Ged's
voice starts before the deep voice ends, complicating the matter
rather significantly.

Syrinx: Matt Jun posted a meaning of Syrinx as an instrument made of
graduated lengths of reeds bound together. Based on that it seems to
me that the word Syrinx may have been deliberately chosen as the
name of the Priests' temple(s) as an irony, since the Priests' downfall
was initiated by the finding of a musical instrument.



Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 12:47:00 EST
Subject: Big Money Video

the NSF on the Monopoly board id probably Not Sufficient Funds, like when
someone bounces a check. (IMHO, of course)  Maybe its a multiple interpretation
thing, like The Pass ....

-rob simmon


From: (Ron Rader)
Subject: Red Barchetta and Anthem (Best/Worst lyrics?)!
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 12:44:59 EST

  Regarding the current discussion of Red Barchetta (what's it about, is
it the future, etc.), remember that it was inspired by 'A Nice Morning
Drive,' the short story featured in (I think) Car And Driver.  To those
speculating about Red Barchetta, I suggest reading the story.  It's available
in the archives, although you might be able to convince someone to email it to
you personally.  I will, if the volume of requests isn't too high.

  Also, Terry Stedman says...

>    Live for yourself -- there's no one else
>    More worth living for
>    Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
>    Only cry out for more
> To me, those lines are both disturbing and depressing.  Flames are pretty
> much discouraged, but any comments on the above lines would be appreciated.

  Hmmmm, Anthem is among my favorite Rush tunes.  I find these particular
lines both refreshing and inspiring.  They rip the mask off of the politi-
cally correct myth that rational self-interest is wrong, and that collective
altruism will somehow magically make the world a better place for everyone.
However, this discussion is verging into social philosophy, and perhaps the
NMS isn't the best place to debate the merits of altruism vs. self-interest.
Remember that Neil has been inspired in part by Ayn Rand, and that 'Anthem'
is perhaps the most Objectivist song Neil has written.

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Subject: Rush Backstage Club
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 13:11:19 -0600

Good day,
	For those of you wondering what you get for
your initial 12 bucks or whatever by joining the Rush
Backstage Club - I just joined and got the following:

	* HYF Poster  (the bright red one with individual
			shots of the boyz)
	* Signals tour program  (the one with the cool
			crossword puzzle)
	* Backstage Club Patch (perfect for plastering
			a jean jacket with)
	* Certificate of Lifetime Membership (suitable
			for framing)
	* A "Band Update" (from one year ago)
	* Merchandise ordering information
	* A list of about 30 pen pals.  (Why waste stamps
			when we've got TNMS?)

	Like it says in the FAQ file, you must order
something at least once a year to stay on the mailing
list, but prices aren't too bad.  It's cheaper to buy
Presto shirts ($15) than what I paid on the tour.

	You can also get some of the stuff that is rather
hard to find, like "Visions - the official biography",
old concert shirts and tour books, bumper stickers,
ASOH video, etc...

	The address and stuff is in the FAQ if you want
to join.  (What's the latest issue rush-mgr?)

[ The latest FAQL is in NMS # 184.                     :rush-mgr ]

	Carry on.

Rob Neely

"Well I say as I look back, on all the thoughts I've had -
	they reflect just what I'm learning."
					- Here Again


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 91 10:07:10 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Hold that poll!


Sorry to waste space on this, but Mike Goodwin -- HOLD THAT POLL!
I've been wanting to write in, but just haven't really had the chance.
I couldn't tell you this over e-mail because I didn't write down the
address and just haven't had much of a chance to track it down.  But I
will get back to you!  At least by this week (if you want to wait that

Thanx for the space, folks!  We now resume our normal programming.

Puanani Akaka


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