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Subject: 03/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #200

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 200

                  Tuesday, 26 March 1991
Today's Topics:
              is adam williams out there???
                        "Red Book"
                 Moving Pics Anniversary
             Re: Broons Bane and Open Secrets
              Burgers and the "Working Man"
                        RUSH PARTY
                     Red Book in DEW
                 reply to trivia question
                    Re:Trivia Question
                  Oh, jus' wanna babble
                      Rush on Radio!
                       Poll Results
   Guitarists, Bassists, Drummers lend me your ears!!!
      Re: 03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199
     Re:  03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199
           Passage to Bangkok (ESL) 2nd guitar
                       the Red Book
            Yet another interpretation of P/G

Good day, and welcome to issue # 200.  

Also, Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy!


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 14:18:06 -0500
From: jah14@po.CWRU.Edu (Jonathan A. Horvath)
Subject: is adam williams out there???

I realize this isn't about RUSH but someone named adam williams
read about my lyrics and music through the NMS and I haven't been
ablt to write back because I have no address to do so.  So if you are
out there adam, write and I'll get you a copy of the lyrics and music


[ The address I have is: Adam Williams 
                                                               :rush-mgr ]
As the sun shines so does wisdom, only we are blinded by its
brilliance and view it only through rose colored lenses, never
to view it in its pure form.    jah14  140 Michelson CWRU


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 14:20:41 CST
From: (Ervan Darnell)
Subject: "Red Book"

	I'm not sure, but I think that the "Red Book" referred to in
Distant Early Warning is a code book used in missile silos to confirm
launch orders.  That would be consistent with the next line in the

Take a page from the Red Book
Keep them in your sights


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 18:32:06 -0500
From: jah14@po.CWRU.Edu (Jonathan A. Horvath)

I have also had the problem of not being able to contact people.
An Adam Williams from Australia wrote to me and I can't get in
touch with him.  

[ See address above.                                       :rush-mgr ]

                 However a Supriya [I think that how you spell it
I apologize if its not!!! and I was able to write back to her.
I don't know how the hell it works!!!

Anyway, the alternative is that we post back and forth on TNMS, I'm
sure everyone will understand.  Other than that I'm at Case Western
Reserve Univ.  in Cleveland, Ohio.

[ If you have problems contacting a list member, please check with me
  before carrying on private conversations in the digest.  I have every-
  body's addresses, and am getting better at figuring out problems.
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Well, post what you wanted to say and I'll post back.


As the sun shines so does wisdom, only we are blinded by its
brilliance and view it only through rose colored lenses, never
to view it in its pure form.    jah14  140 Michelson CWRU


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 20:31:37 CST
From: Ivelisse Atiles 
Subject: hello...

Hello, rush fans...

Some poor soul wrote in last Monday's (I think) Midnight Star about
Rush fans saying they were 'computer geeks'.  I myself can't tell
a bit from a byte, but that's not the point 8).

Now, I was talking to a friend and we got on the subject of Rush
and I said I loved 'em, and he was surprised, cause, to him, I wasn't
a "typical" Rush fan.   To him the "typical" Rush fan wore leather
jackets, did drugs and this whole bit. I disagree.  And the Rush
fans *I* know know their way around computers quite well, but I refuse
to peg anyone...

I feel that Rush lyrics convey a powerful message.  They often touch
on political and social themes.  They also have the power to evoke
emotion and their music is pretty great to boot (no pun intended
[get it? computer boot? Never mind 8)])...  The point I was getting
at was, is there any typical Rush fan?  Is there a common denominator?
Ignore me if there has already been such a discussion....

And lastly, I went to the Paul Simon concert in Peoria and it was
pretty awesome.  If anyone has seen it, that drummer, in the middle
(they had 5 drum sets) could *really* give Neil Peart a run for his
money.  Just thought you'd like to know 8).

Well, enough.  Flames or whatever welcome.

*  Liz!   @>---->-----               --+*+--          *
*  "Can't stop the world,            --+*+--  *
*  Why let it stop you?" -Go-Go's    --+*+--    *


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 12:48:56 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 
Subject: POLL!!!


	I am a new subscriber to the NMS and I was overwhelmed with joy
in finding such a thing existed!! Out here in OZ Rush fans are few and
far between, so whenever you bring your music to a party or some such you
don't tend to find too many takers..!! I've never seen the band live, and
I want to find out the possibilty of an AUSTRALIAN tour in the near future.
If any one can help me, P L E A S E let me know!!

Anyway, what I am interested in is Presto. When I first got it, It took me a
while (longer than other RUSH albums) to get into it. But like a truly
dedicated fan, I did eventually!! SO...

I will be conducting a poll to find out what YOUR favourite song on Presto
is. Personally......mine is far and away 'Available Light'.
I will accept entries for the next 5 issues of NMS so get them in quick!!
I am genuinly interested in this, as it should tell me what the majority
of Rush fans are like!!

"Turn around and walk the razors edge...."

* * * * * S T U M * * * * *


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 22:10:39 -0500
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Moving Pics Anniversary

That's right...according to Billboard magazine, it was 10 years ago
this week that Moving Pictures hit #3 on the Top Albums chart. It
was the highest ranking Rush album ever (but you already knew that!)



From: (Ken Weaverling)
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1991 22:25:56 EST
Subject: Re: Broons Bane and Open Secrets

Ah, my first post. What a feeling! :-) Anyway....

>From NMS #197, Chris Schiller  writes:

CS> It sounds to me like you think that in the verse:
CS> Well I guess we all have these feelings
CS> We can't leave unreconciled
CS> Some of them burned on our ceilings
CS> Some of them learned as a child
CS> the "ceilings" line was invented to rhyme with "feelings".  I had
CS> a hard time understanding this line until Christine Blasko (Hi Christine)
CS> told me what she thought of it.  The real meaning of the verse is
CS> revealed in the last two lines.  I interpret them as "some of the
CS> feelings are in our genes and some are from our environment."

Not a bad interpretation, but IMHO, I think it is wrong. First, cave
paintings are obviously from a long time ago, but do not deal with

This song is obviously about a conflict between two lovers having an awful
hard time communicating and who also spend a lot of time thinking about
themselves and others and not their loved one.

Now, picture yourself involved with the same person for years and years
where everything is routine and mechanical. Now picture yourself having
sex flat on your back and not being too happy with the person that you
are making love to.

What do you do? You stare at the ceiling (if you are on the bottom :-).
and think about and remember every negative thing that that person on top
of you has done to you and also imagine that that person is someone else.

Looking out the window instead of your face? You were so busy looking
out for someone else, for greener pastures, that you never took a moment
to look at your mate and figure out what s/he is really about, feelings,

Or perhaps you were flat on your back staring at the ceiling being made
love to by someone other than your S.O. Then the ceiling would be used
as in the saying "if these walls could talk." !!!!!

When this CD came out, I was going through a lot of these things and this
song jumped out at me and kicked me in the tail. My S.O. and I had broken
up at the time and I eventually tried to look at things from her
perspective.  Now we are going to get married shortly!

(BTW, I am 31 and got turned on to Rush when Tom Sawyer was a top 40 song!)


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 21:51 EST
Subject: Burgers and the "Working Man"

 I just finished reading the last dozen NMS as I have been very busy recently.
I would like to respond to alot but since much of this has already been
discussed, I won't.

 In Friday's NMS someone mentioned that they had heard Working Man on the radio
for the first time in seven years. When I was home for spring break, 3 weeks
ago, I heard it as part of a Rush double shot. ( On 106.1 The Wolf, Yo. Ohio,
for those interested). This was not the first time they played it. I guess this
nice, but the overall amount of Rush played is still too little.
 Also, in last Fri. Detroit News there was a blurb about Whitecastle Hamburgers
celebrating their 70th aniversarry. It listed a few facts and celebrity patrons.
Guess who they included in the list... Thats right the Boyz. Just a tidbit I
found interesting.

Bill "AXEMAN" Colyer


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 22:59 EDT

Good Day!
	I hope the caps got everyone's attention!  I have been toying
with the idea of having a get together of people from this list for
some time now.  I have finally gotten things together enough to send
out this post.  What I was thinking was to have anyone who is interested
in meeting others from this list come over to my place one Saturday in
either April or May for food, music, and general merriment.  Those
who have been on the list for awhile might remember that our fearless
RUSH Manager had a little get together back in September and it was
a lot of fun.
	So, whaddaya think?  Anyone who is interested drop me a line-
no need to post directly to the list.  If enough people are interested,
I'll get more serious and arrange an actual day.  BTW, I live in
Philadelphia-sorry to those who aren't in the area!


[ Count me in!                                              :rush-mgr ]


Date:     Mon, 25 Mar 91 22:06 CST
Subject:  Retirement?

     Someone told my brother that after their next album Rush is
going to retire.  Has anyone heard anything about this?  I really
don't think it's true since I haven't seen anything about it on
digest, but I just thought I wold check.



Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 23:39:33 EST
From: (Charles L. Hamilton)
Subject: Red Book in DEW

In TNMS #199 Ed Chang ( writes:

> Subject: Distant Early Warning

> Just a few comments of my own about Ron Zasadzinski's interpretations...


> ]	Take a page from the red book-
> ]	Keep them in your sights
> > (I don't know what the "red book" refers to.)

> Possibly a Soviet book of military operations, so as to
> "think like the enemy"?

I had always thought this was talking about Chairman Mao's "Little Red

Chuck Hamilton


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 23:41:01 cst
From: The Spanish Penguin 
Subject: reply to trivia question

Douglas G Schwabe wrote about a certain trivia question, who comes out
to the ring to the tune of "Tom Sawyer"...

  That would be Kerry Von Erich...I remember watching a match of his and
hearing the song...thus inspiring me to go and buy MP half an hour later!!
NO JOKE!!!  Laters....

*  Jay Cook (aka "Wedge" and "Pinguino: the Spanish Penguin")*
*  Virginia Tech  (UVa WHO???)                               *
* (yea, I'm a displeaced Minnesotan) *
*  ORQ - "Take off, to the Great White North!!"              *


Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 23:26:15 MST
From: Mark S. 
Subject: Re:Trivia Question

I have a friend who is crazy about wrestling and every time 'Tom Sawyer'
comes on the radio he says it reminds him of KERRY VON ERIC.  So I guess
that is the answer, right!
					Mark S.


Subject: Oh, jus' wanna babble
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 91 22:55:29 -0800
From: kmarino@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU

First -- Have any of you been brousing through the junk on rec.rock-n-roll?
Did you know that Geddy was the lyric writer for rush, no, no wait... It's
Neil, and Geddy writes the music with a little help from that Lifeson dude.
Puhleeze!!!!!, do these people who flame Rush listen, know, *LIVE*?  It
is really ubsurd!  Thought you might find it interesting, I didn't. ;-)

Second -- JEFF FAUNCE  wrote that Geddy and Neil
are the only ones in the CD insert.  Do you mean, Alex and Geddy???  (This is
not [NOT] a flame.  I'm curios 'cause I like rarities and my CD has Alex and
Geddy.  I'd be hunting like a dog (no offense to the kanine clan) to find
another copy if there were too.

Third -- I am still conducting a survey of *YOUR* favorite songs from each
album.  Please also let me know your favorite live song (performed) and
your favorite album.... Results in next Monday's issue.  (Okay, PLEASE send
your votes!)  Send your list to

Fourth -- Can we please find something good about something without finding
something bad about something else?  I like RUSH because they make me think.
They make me happy.  I don't need to know exactly what Neil was thinking
about when he wrote the lyrics or exactly what they mean to him.  I'm
curious, but that's as far as it goes.  I value all of your opinions about
these songs, but...

Fifth -- If you're still reading (HEY WAKE UP!!!) "Cinderella Man" is a
mega-cool/.../tour-de-force from hell.  Yes, "TOUR-DE-FORCE FROM HELL!"
But then again, so's everything else.  It jus' happens to be one of my
favorites, dunno why, jus' is.  Go ahead Dan, tell me I'm wrong !-)

Sixth -- Finals were a bear, but... They gave me the chance (which they
always do) of letting me listen to all 16 CD's (Wait, I just got
Chronicles so make it 17) in a row.  Boy did I sleep wit-o-smile on my
face that night. (Hey, waitaminute, I didn't get any sleep that night,
sorry, guess I was delerious with ROB (Rush onthe Brain)!

Well, all (Thanks for laughin' at my YYZ joke Cheryl (made my day ta-day
knowin' that someone thaught it was a side-splitter)) gotta go, so sad.
Talk with ya soon.  Remember, send me your faves.

*        * OBRQ: "Because he was human             *
*    *        Because he had goodness          *
* Life begins at graduation...      *        Because he was moral             *
* Or atleast, that's what they      *        They called him insane..."       *
* told me...                        *            - G. Lee - "CM"              *


From: (Kujansuu Esa)
Subject: Marillion-list
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 10:10:20 EET

If there is Marillion-list, please give me address so that I can get along
and also Marillion discussion moves to the right place.Thanks in advance.

*  Esa Kujansuu        | |"All I have ever wanted      *
*  Tohtorinkatu 32 B 5 |   tel. 931-175833     | to do ,I'll do it ...       *
*  33720 TAMPERE       |                       | least in my dreams."*
*  FINLAND             |                       |                             *

       These are just my opinions and I think some of you would agree.


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 12:51:06 GMT
Subject: Syrinx

On the meaning of Syrinx:

First, an apology to David Arnold re: my private e-mail.
You are in fact correct, a "syrinx" is part of the voice mechanism
of "certain small birds".

I found a very interesting entry under "Syrinx" (with the capital,
however).  Syrinx was a mythological figure, female, who, rather than
be raped by Pan, turned herself into a bunch of reeds.  Pan cut
down these reeds and made his trademark musical instrument, the Pan Pipes,
out of them.

I suspect it is this latter reference of Syrinx that was the basis for its
being chosen in 2112...



Subject: Rush on Radio!
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 12:53:56 WET
From: Moschops 

Hi gang,
        Can't remember when but someone mentioned the lack of Rush on
Well, In London, we get 3 rock radio shows a week. One on Friday
night, One on Saturday night and one on Monday night.

Now out of these shows ( combined rock time of 6 hours a week! ), we
would be lucky to hear about 2 Rush songs a MONTH!!!

On the television, there is one devoted rock show ( called RAW POWER )
but they always play videos by Van Halen, Winger, Motley Crue, etc
( Not that I'm moaning about the VH or Winger ) but I have never seen
a single Rush promo video in my life!!!!!
        Sad huh?

By the way ( This is going out to the Uk readers of NMS ) has anyone
seen the Chronicles video in the stores?
I can't find it anywhere!

Catch Ya later


ps Somebody ( Was it you Douglas? ) asked about being called Moschops
Well....It is the name of a dinosaur in a kiddies program on T.V.
The guys at my Poly started calling me Mossy after I expressed a
liking for the T.V. show!


   ------- Michael O'Donnell -------    | Thats " Moschops "
                                        |   to my friends!!
Janet :      |     I love Rush, Queensryche
   (or)  |       and most Rock/Metal
                                        |         Bands
           Purity Test Result ( 400 question version ) - %63

God is a polythiest


Subject: Poll Results
Date:    Tue, 26 Mar 91 08:12:26 EST

The albums thst got you started on Rush are:

Album                             Votes    AVG age
1) Moving Pictures                16       24
2) 2112                           12       27
3) Exit Stage Left                 8       22
4) P/G, PeWaves tie                6       22
5) Signals, AFTK, PowW tie         5       -
6) Hemispheres                     4       -
7) ATWAS, Presto, HYF, FBNight     3       -
8) COSteel, ASOH, RUSH             1       -

Exit Stage left was the big surprise to me!  Most of the people citing
reasons for picking it were musicians, and in particular Neil's solo
was the highlight.  It is surprising that the other two live albums were
so low on the list.  No surprise in first and second, however.

One general conclusion is that Rushians are very precocious!  Most
respondents picked up Rush at a very early age, which to me speaks
to a mature ear in avoiding the pop music that kids are bombarded
with in those "formative years".

I was also surprised that Presto was so low on the list.  Wait, I know,
they're the shy ones that don't speak out because they are Rush plebes.
They're still getting their Rush education!

I'd be interested to see if anyone else has any conclusions to draw
from this info.

Mike Goodwin (bitnet)


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 09:14 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 
Subject: Guitarists, Bassists, Drummers lend me your ears!!!

   If you have favorite Rush songs containing Alex's, Geddy's, or Neil's
favorite licks (e.g. YYZ), please send them to me as this will be part of
the cassette poll.  I will post an all-time favorite Bassist, Drummer, and
Guitarist list (Keyboard players send in your lists as well).  This poll
is getting interesting with every new response.  Keep those lists coming,
please.  I would love to hear from everybody, if possible.

Thanks Rush Manager for the info on the TNMS.  This version is indeed the
best.  Happy 200th!!!



Date:         Tue, 26 Mar 91 10:25:13 EST
From: Adam Konowe 
Subject:      Re: 03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199

Hi there,

Leaving this address soon ... please take me off your list (sniff)

--Adam Konowe


From: tegra!
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 10:27:27 EST
Subject: Re:  03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199

----- Begin Included Message -----

From: Valentino Herrera (
Re: NMS #199/Double necked guitars

Moschops  wrote:
>        Over the yesrs I have seen pictures of Geddy playing a Double
>neck Guitar/Bass ( I believe the necks are strung with a bass on the
>upper neck and a standard guitar neck on the lower ).

Douglas V. Simpkinson  added:
>The only double necked incident I've seen is on a poster I have, where Alex
>is playing a double necked 6/12 string guitar and Geddy is playing a double
>neck with what looks like a standard bass on the bottom, but I can't tell
>what the top is (weird angle.)
>The poster is copyright 1979, so it is Hemisphere era.

My memory served correctly, and I dug up some old photos I took on the
Farewell To Kings tour, when Rush played the Orpheum Theatre in Boston
on March 10th, 1978. Sure enough Alex and Geddy both had double necks.
Refering to the tour book, I found the following information:

    Alex's double necked guitar is a custom-built Gibson SG with a six
    and a twelve string neck. Each side appears to be equipped with
    two sets of dual humbucker pickups.

    Geddy's reports that his double neck is a standard 4001 bass with
    a standard Rickenbacker twelve-string with humbucking pickups.

Hope this helps.

Valentino Herrera


Date:         Tue, 26 Mar 91 10:53:58 EST
From: Steve Kilpatrick 
Subject:      Passage to Bangkok (ESL) 2nd guitar

My copy of ESL (vinyl - 1st day out!) credits Geddy for "occasional rhythm
guitar" and has a shot of him playing the guitar/bass double neck. I've
always assumed that Geddy switches necks to become second guitarist at this
point in the song. BTW, the ESL version of "Free Will" never fails to give me
shivers - especially the instrumental part in the middle.

ORQ : "Genetic blends with uncertain ends on a fortune hunt that's far too
       fleet." - Free Will
       (I'm an evolutionary geneticist. There's a lot of scientific references
        in RUSH music. "Chemistry" on Signals is probably the most obvious.)


Date:           Tue, 26 Mar 91 11:22 EST
Subject:        the Red Book

Status: O

greetings.  this is my first post so you are lucky to witness the
metamorphasis from observer to participant.

ron, your analysis of DEW was great!  you did seem to have a little
problem with one verse:

>Cruising under your radar
>Watching from satellites
>Take a page from the red book-
>Keep them in your sights
>Red Alert

the Red Book is the code book used in the silos.  this is the
information the silo crew uses to authenticate the orders to launch and
to decode the target information they are given at launch time.
needless to say the information in it is double secret probation type

knowing that we can see one of the problems with people/society that you
did not mention:  paranoia.  going through life with your guard
constantly up is not a healthy thing.

mark -------------------


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 11:53:05 -0800
Subject: Yet another interpretation of P/G

This might be a little long and it is yet another interpretation of P/G, so
if you're sick of this topic, just pass it by. I think it's a cool
interpretation but I came up with it so...  It is

	Grace Under Pressure is based on (in part) G. Orwell's 1984

This is my second post of this issue.  I am posting again because this
morning I was listening to P/G and I came to a realization that there
may be an underlying theme to the whole album... (If this has been
previously discussed then, sorry :-) )  The theme in my mind was
George Orwell's 1984.  I just couldn't stop thinking of big brother and
eutopia outside during DEW and even RSA (I'm not saying that any of the
posts on RSA or DEW were (or are) wrong.  I quite agree with most of
them.  This just struck me today.).  The lines

Crusing under your radar -- Watching from satellites

brings pictures of BB (Big Brother) into the picture.  Afterimage's lines

Suddenly you were gone...

tells of a person taken away.  Like the government came and took the
person away from him.  In the next verse he talks of a dream "I
remember..."  This is much like the main character of the book (Pardon
my not using direct quotes from the book as I don't have it and haven't
read it in a couple of years) dreams of eutopia with is love.

TBE talks of a futuristic scenario, much like 1984

I think Kid Gloves and Red Lenses make my point the best.  Respectively
they bring forth a realization that someone is watching and you must be
careful about what you are doing and how the government resembles
comunism (Russian), again much like 1984.

And BTW even talks about "soaking up cathode rays", remember one way BB
watched you was a two way TV.  You would see what the government wanted while
the government saw you.

After I had this realization, I then looked at the copyright date, hey
it's 1984.  Do you think the boyz...

Also, as an Ayn Rand fan (The Fountainhead being an all time favorite)
in my early college days I see what you all mean about the connection
between the two but there is also a connection between Orwell and Rand
and perhaps Neil has read Orwell's works and it influenced him.

These thought are IMHO and are not definitive in any way.  Just another
interpretation to be stated.  I am not hiding with this statement, I only
thought about this this morning.  Besides, 1984 was at least in part
based on the Holocust.  So both of the interps could be read as the same.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Just food for thought (and discussion).

P.S.  Look at my previos post and send in your favorites.  I'm counting
on all of you to make it a good poll. - Thanks, Keith
| Keith Marino                    | OBRQ: "I feel the way you would         |
|      |        This just can't be understood..."|
|  |        - Afterimage                     |


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