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Subject: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 201

                 Wednesday, 27 March 1991
Today's Topics:
                   various ramblings...
                 ceilings in Open Secrets
                     Re: Retirement?
                      PRESTO POLL!!
geeks, metal-heads, unemotional lyrics and mindless music
                   Favorite Presto Song
      Re: 03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199
          Second Guitar (ESL) Passage to Bankok
      RE: 03/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #200
       Just where IS Ged's 12-string bit on ESL..??
                     Rush & Metalica
                    P/G Interpretation
                  Parallel development?
                  Double-Necked Guitars
                    Re: Rush On Radio!
                Answer to Trivia Question
                     Sun audio files?
      Re: 03/22/91 - The National Midnight Star #198

From: Editor, The National Midnight Star
Subject: Administrivia

Since this week is the University of Maryland's Spring Break, and even
us employees get to take Thursday and (Good) Friday off, there may or
may not be issues of the NMS both Thursday and Friday.  If I get the
motivation up to log on and process stuff, then you'll see 'em as normal.
If not, hang on until next Monday!  I'll try to get at least one out in
the next two days, though.



Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 18:01 EST
From: Shane Faulkner 
Subject: various ramblings...

Someone mentioned about the middle guitar part to the Trees (the soft part
) being cool....  A thumbs up from me... especially when the Taurus Pedals
enter the song.... (most noticable on ES...L)

Gedd's double-neck is a bass/12 string, and he uses it only for Xanadu and
Passage to Bangkok.

I had to laugh when I read that article someone posted about the Boyz putting
their hand-prints in the cement in Detroit... 2 other guys and myself
were in Detroit at the time (we travelled from Buffalo... what dedication..)
and we wanted to go see the ceremony, but being outsiders, we had know idea
where the hell the thing was taking place...



Subject: ceilings in Open Secrets
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 15:29:22 -0800

(Being my first posting to NMS, I want to say 'hi' to y'all out there.  I'm
 so glad to know there's such a large group who likes Rush as much as I do!!)

I think Ken Weaverling made some very good points regarding one way to
interpret the 'burned on our ceilings' passage in Open Secrets.  His position
(no pun intended!) seems like it had a lot to do with the situation he was
in, and I'd like to propose a more general one here.

It strikes me that this song is primarily about how each of us has some strong
feelings that we can't seem to express to anybody, not even to those closest
to us.  The whole idea being that we all only pay real attention to what's
going on in our own heads/hearts, and that it's hard to express our strongest
feelings when we know they'll just be misinterpreted.  "I never meant what
you're thinking / That's not what I meant at all" ...

So an emotion or an issue starts to burn inside you, screaming to be
resolved.  But you either can't articulate it, or there's nobody with whom
you can discuss it to bring it to resolution.  So you lie awake in bed, mind
racing, staring at the ceiling.  The intensity of your concentration makes it
seem like your eyes could burn holes in the ceiling above your bed.

That's the picture that pops into my mind when I hear that particular passage.
It could apply to the circumstances Ken described - but also to a broader
spectrum of situations...

Anyway, that's just my $.02 worth.  Dissenting opinions welcome - I'm just
happy to have somebody to discuss this music with after all this time!



Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 18:29:43 -0500
From: (Snarkboy!)
Subject: We_are_the_priests...


This is kinda late, but I got started on 2112.  It's great.  I had "Presto!" for
a while, but took it back (mistake?)

Side of one (flip those two around) 2112 is a great story.  Are other tapes
like this?  Perhaps I like Operation:Mindcrime by Queensryche for it's
story-line also. Oh well.

Words!  Are RUSH words available at the syrinx ftp sight ("Why don't ya check?")

[ The lyrics to all their studio albums are in the 'rush/lyrics' directory
  at the anonymous ftp on Syrinx, and also via e-mail from the server at                                                     :rush-mgr ]

"It has wires that vibrate and give music. "

 (anybody have any Queensryche, Maiden, Anthrax stories? mail me at


Subject: Re: Retirement?
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 15:38:43 -0800

Didn't Geddy say on Rock Line last year that they were going to do at least
two more albums after Presto?  He said they were already formulating ideas
for the next one at that time.  And I remember him saying they'd keep on
recording until they ran out of ideas.  Wouldn't it be great if they could
manage to pump out another instrumental masterpiece in one of them!!??

Whenever they call it quits, tho, there'll be a mourning party at my place...



Subject: P/G
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 15:58:04 -0800

I have a couple of bio books on Rush, and one of them quotes Neil regarding
the theme behind P/G.  He says the inspiration for his lyrics has always been
whatever he's reading at the time.  He apologized for the dark and depressing
line that cuts through that album, saying that during that period he made the
mistake of reading the morning paper during breakfast every day...

As far as Afterimage goes - I thought it was a pretty straightforward song
dedicated to the passing of one of his friends.  Isn't that reference made in
the liner notes???

Struck between the eyes by the Big Time World
Walking uneasy streets - hiding beneath the sheets
Got to try and fill the void


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 10:40:36 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 
Subject: PRESTO POLL!!

Remember, I'm running a poll to find your favourite Presto song (since this
album seems quite a progression from HYF). PLs mail your choice ASAP. I'll
present the results in 4 issues time!!

>>>>>>>>>>>           >>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>   "Todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean guy....." >>>>>>>>>>>


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 17:33:49 PST
From: "Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II" 
Subject: geeks, metal-heads, unemotional lyrics and mindless music

Hey yall!
	I'm seriously stressed, so I though I'd take five and say a
few things.
	As to the typical Rush fan, there isn't really one. Most of
the shows are 50/50 geeks and metalheads. Sorry if I offend anyone,
but I'm proud to admit I fit in to the second class, but reluctantly
admit that I also fit into the former (I'm working on a PHD in
biomedical engineering.).  The geeks that like Rush (most of my
friends that do), aren't your typical geeks, in fact most people will
refer to them as geeks or dweebs, however, the geeks don't accept them
because they aren't really (rush fans know that there are other things
than just studying.) The fans that may appear to be metal-heads (for
lack of a better word), often supprise you with a firm grasp of what
life is really about and concepts that your initial judgement (based
upon clothing, manner of speach or who their friends are) has placed
outside their realm of knowledge. The two things that I could find
"typical" is that most fans go through an evangelical phase, where any
negative comment about the Boyz is blaphemous, and they are quite
often outsiders. They may be popular, they may be very out-going,
however they may still feel that they don't belong, don't completely
fit in or are simply different.

	There was some mention of Neil's lyrics being unemotional; I'd
have to agree. However, I would have said that they were more of an
attempt to look at the human experience from a "rational point of
view," i.e. logic and reason. The lyrics are for the mind.
	Another complaint (actually the unemotional lyrics comment wasn't a
complaint, just an opinion) was that the music was mindless and overly
complex.  I think this came from alt.rock-n-roll, back when I was in
my evangelical phase and was really bothered by the flames. [I've since
realized that just because someone feels that Rush sucks, doesn't mean
that they do, and someone who is narrow minded enough to say,
"Everyone thinks (read that the most vocal opinion) they suck, so I
should think that they do also (and there are a lot of people like
this)." is not worth the effort to "convert". I'll get off my soapbox
and back to my main point.]  Yes the music is very complex, yes there
can be a lack of appearent logic.  We all know they change time sigs
in the middle of songs, we all know there are major changes in
melodies and rhythms, only to return back to the orignal pattern, but
we also know that the music grips you, it makes you feel. In other
words, the music is for your emotions, which like the music, are very
	So, we have a stoic analysis and an overly emotional, exercise
in indulgence.  As a stand-alone work of art, they may pale, but
combined, they're greater than the sum of their parts. To quote
Neil, "sensiblity, armed with strength and liberty, with the heart and
mind united in a single, perfect sphere."


P.S.	Anybody read TIME magazine's article on political correctness
	(PC-ism)? It's scary, the Solar Federation and Atlas Shrugged
	can't be far behind.


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 21:28:51 -0500
From: supriya (Supriya Z. Goyal)
Subject: Favorite Presto Song

In today's digest (#200) someone asked about favorite songs off

PRESTO.  Mine is definitely "The Pass." (no matter what part

of speech Christ is used as) :-).

--Supriya Z. Goyal

"Image is everything"--Andre Agassi

P.S. Jon, you did spell my name right!


Subject: Re: 03/25/91 - The National Midnight Star #199
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 18:37:30 PST
From: Dan Dickerman GSY 1-447-4425 

> I've seen a copy of the film "Strange Brew" starring Bob and Doug
> McKenzie.  What I want to know is if "Take Off" was either on the
> soundtrack if there was one, or if it was played during the movie.

No.  It's been a while since I saw the movie, but I'm certain that it
doesn't appear on the soundtrack, although I'd have to admit that it's
otherwise worth a listen.  The only place I've seen it available
is on the album "Bob and Doug McKenzie / Great White North"
(aka "The Great White Album").

As for:
> .  .  ."Cinderella Man" is a mega-cool/.../tour-de-force from hell.
> Yes, "TOUR-DE-FORCE FROM HELL!"  .  .  .  Go ahead Dan, tell me I'm wrong !-)

This isn't an argument, it's a contradiction.
						(no it isn't)


Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1991 21:54 -0500
Subject: Second Guitar (ESL) Passage to Bankok

I believe someone already wrote in and explained that the second guitar track
was probably Geddy.  For what it's worth I agree with this.  Not only is Geddy
credited with ocasional rythym guitar, but if you listen real carefully, the
bass track magically disappears and is replaced by Moog pedals.  Kinda neat
how they used to do stuff like that.
As a side note, do any of you musicians out there actually have Moog pedals.
My bassist and I have often talked about how cool it would be to do some RUSH
covers filling up keyboards with our feet just like Ged and Alex did.  I've
never seen Moog pedals in any music store.  Anyone know if they're still made?



Date:         Tue, 26 Mar 91 22:10:04 EST
Subject:      RE: 03/26/91 - The National Midnight Star #200

 I believe the Marillion address is...


     You'll get a letter asking you what format you want it in...

  Also about Rush hanging it up after the next album....can't happen...
  They signed a contract for what...5 albums I would cost them
  mucho dinero (not like they don't have it) to break it, and why would
  they want to? Sure a solo album from any one would be great, but it
  sure wouldn't be Rush, IMHO... it is as Marillion (there's that band
  again!) said...."Divided we stand, Together we rise!"


ORQ: "Lonely things like nights I find end finer with a friend..."
        I guess I'm feeling lonely...*sigh*


Date: 27 Mar 91 01:28:00 EST
From: "Mike Andrews" 
Subject: Just where IS Ged's 12-string bit on ESL..??

Short one..

> From: Steve Kilpatrick 
> Subject:      Passage to Bangkok (ESL) 2nd guitar
> My copy of ESL (vinyl - 1st day out!) credits Geddy for "occasional rhythm
> guitar" and has a shot of him playing the guitar/bass double neck. I've
> always assumed that Geddy switches necks to become second guitarist at this
> point in the song.

I'd have to go back and listen to A Passage To Bangkok on my Chronicles CD,
but I'm pretty sure there's bass throughout all of it..  The ESL video shows
(barely!) Geddy playing the 12-string side on the closing section to Xanadu..
There is an extra guitar in there that sounds very Rick-ish and all the bass
there sounds like Taurus pedals to me..  so my guess is that Xanadu is the
song with the 'occasional rhythm guitar'..

Who knows, could be both, I haven't listened that closely to 'Bangkok on CD..
Mike Andrews    Springfield, OH  |  A (by)product of the heart of the Bluegrass
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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 23:08:17 PST
From: "Ray (DJ) DeGennaro II" 
Subject: Rush & Metalica

Sup! (New Jerseyian for What's up?)
	My brother and I, agree that the stuff that Metalica does is
just what Rush would do if the Boyz ever got really, really pissed
off. Just our $0.04.


Date: 26 March 1991 23:31:19 CST
From: "Number One  " 
Subject: P/G Interpretation

    After reading Keith Marino's interpretation of P/G, I remembered
    thinking once that P/G (at least side A) was loosely a concept
    album, w/similarities to 1984/2112, and the scenario being:

    1) War/invasion (nuclear??)  (Distant Early Warning)
    2) Surviving protagonist loses friends/family (Afterimage)
    3) Survivor (and Mom) put in prison camp (Red Sector A)
    4) Survivor resolves not to give up (Enemy Within)
    5) Survivor attempts to escape (The Body Electric)

    However after listening to P/G (My current Fav) many times, as
    well as watching The Camera Eye vids a couple of million times,
    I realized that the songs were probably meant to stand on their
    own... The clincher was when I got my newsletter from the Backstage
    Club, with Neil answering a few questions from fans, cuz a certain
    Geoff Vontz from Kansas City asked Neil if there would be any more
    concept albums in the vein of P/G; to which Neil replied:

    "Since Grace Under Pressure wasn't a concept album, I guess I could
    safely say there'll be others like it! In fact, every one since that
    album has had that in common - it hasn't been a concept album."

    So there ya have it, straight from the Professor himself!
    Doesn't make much difference to me of course. P/G still jams!
    P/G, along with 2112 and Power Windows are probably the most
    energetic albums the Boyz have put out, IMHO. =)

John D. Talbot, aka Riker            U II C        U n i v e r s i t y
U28802@UICVM.BITNET               U UU II CCC            UU UU II CC  C            o f
                               UU UU II CC
                               UU UU II CC  CC       I l l i n o i s
"Commander, what are your       UUUU II CCCCC
 intentions with my daughter?"     U I CC          a t   C h i c a g o
 -- Lt. Cmdr Data, "The Offspring"


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 01:02:47 -0800
From: Ted Ives 
Subject: Parallel development?

  I know this is a late reply but I just got around to
it....Someone mentioned that some rappers recently apologized to
Rush on "Yo! MTV Raps".  This was probably a rapper named "Mellow
Man Ace" who sampled (ripped-off) the Tom Sawyer synthesizers in
his song "Hip Hop Creature".  (Don't everybody go out and buy
this song.  That guy doesn't deserve our money!).

  This gives me an interesting idea!  (It may prove to be a
stupid idea, but at the moment I think it's interesting,
therefore it is).  This involves a sensitive topic, so please, no
flames.  Here's some background first, (I'm just improvising):
The main topic of discussion often seems to be Peart's brilliant
lyrics.  Many of us have "discovered" lines which were borrowed
or strongly influenced by many of the world's great authors.  I
have read countless interviews with Peart in which he
specifically cites many of his lyrical inspirations.

  The same has occurred with Rush's music, to a lesser degree.
That is, from time to time, many of us notice definite
similarities between Rush songs and previous works by other
artists.  Some were intended to be obvious tributes, others may
not have been.  Many musicians are inspired in this way, of

  With that said, my idea is as follows:  I think it would be
very interesting if everyone would contribute their observations
of Rush lyrics or riffs which seem to have been inspired by other
artists.  The Rush mailing list provides probably a unique
opportunity to do this.  Since this topic has major flame
potential, please hold your fire!  I firmly believe in the law of
parallel development, by the way.

  Here are couple of Rush musical parallels, off the top of my

By-Tor, (certain parts), and a few other early tunes have an
uncanny similarity to "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin, and a few
others.  In fact, by his own admission, Lifeson was strongly
influenced by Page in the early years.  This nearly killed Rush
in the beginning since they were constantly blasted by ignorant
music critics.

During Peart's last few drum solos, he did a few bars of what I
think is Beetoven's 5th.  (A tribute, obviously).

2112: Overture.  About 10 bars before "And the meek shall.." I
noticed that they do a little of the 1812 Overture, (get it?).
This happens just before the 3 explosions, (maybe they symbolize
3 centuries?)

La Villa Strangiato:  I pointed out a few issues back that parts
were taken directly from "Powerhouse" by Carl Stalling, around
1952.  Also, Frank Schaaphe (?) mentioned that the beginning was
similar to an old German song "Gute Nauht Freunde" by A.
Yondrascheck.  Can anyone find other influences to La Villa?

I always thought that the synthesizers from Tom Sawyer sounded
very similar to those in "Saturday Night Special" by Lynyrd
Skynyrd.  Does anyone think so?

Also, (please, no flames.  I mean no harm), I think the opening
riff to "Limelight" sounds a lot like the riff in the second part
of "Band on the Run" by McCartney, (just before he says something
like, "and the rain exploded with a mighty crash as we fell into
the sun..").  There's a rather uncanny resemblance there.  Does
anyone agree?

[ Whew!  You're righ!  Interesting, as both are among my top 20 fav. songs.
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

  Off the topic, while I have your attention, did anyone try to
attend the very last showing of the Rush Laserium Show in San
Francisco, a few weeks back?  Fortunately, I called ahead.  It
was cancelled!  I called the head office for an explanation.  It
turned out that some "organization" actually bought up both Rush
shows for $6000, because they were having a meeting in one of the
other halls.  They apparently didn't want the likes of Rush fans
in the same building during their meeting.  I was pissed.  Also,
they said that the Rush Laser show will not be revived in the
future but that it will be showing for a short time longer in San
Diego, (this may be your last chance, if it's not too late).  As
a consolation though, they still do "Countdown" in their regular
Rock-n-Roll Laser show.

  Well, I hope this stimulates further ramblings!


- Chris Michael -

"Simulation is like masturbation.  If you do it too much, you
forget the real thing!"   - Anonymous, 1991



Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 9:49:39 GMT
From: "A.G.Gibb" 
Subject: Double-Necked Guitars

	Regarding the double-necked guitars, I seem to recall a passage from
the 'Signals' tour programme where Alex says (something like) '...sadly the
double-neck is no more; an elephant sat on it...'.  So just *who* is he
referring to??
	Also on APTB on ESL, there is definitely a second (rhythm) guitar in
the background and if you listen closely you will hear that there is *no* bass-
only bass pedals. Hence Geddy could be using his twin-neck on this song, too,
and using the bass pedals to fill in the bass line. Thoughts?
	BTW, whoever's interested in polling people's introduction to the band
(maybe I've missed it?) mine was 2112 & A Farewell to Kings, esp. Xanadu on the
latter. Incidentally, ESL was the 2nd Rush album I bought. Age? 14. I will also
vouch for a friend of mine (whom I introduced to the band, and he's never
forgiven me!) - his was Moving Pictures, esp. Limelight, at his 18th birthday
party. We're both 22 now.

	Keep up the good work...
  A.G.Gibb,                  |       Acoustic -- a Scottish cattle prod.
  Radio Astronomy Group,     |
  University of Kent,        |       'This is not a false alarm,
  Canterbury, Kent, UK.      |           This is not a test...'


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 15:17:07 GMT
Subject: Re: Rush On Radio!

  Hello all,

             After reading the latest NMS I must disagree with one of the items
featured :

> On the television, there is one devoted rock show ( called RAW POWER )
> but they always play videos by Van Halen, Winger, Motley Crue, etc
> ( Not that I'm moaning about the VH or Winger ) but I have never seen
> a single Rush promo video in my life!!!!!
>        Sad huh?

   Over the past couple of months Raw Power has had the videos to
'Superconductor', 'Spirit Of Radio' and a couple of others that I can't
remember at the moment.

   As for playing Van Halen they have only been featured twice ['Panama' and
'Hot For Teacher'] in the last 6 months !!!

   Hey Moschops, maybe you missed those programs ?!??!?!

       -  C.C.       


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 12:02 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 
Subject: Answer to Trivia Question

I can't believe there is alot of Wrestling fans in the audience. Jay, Jeff
Mike and the rest of the world, the answer IS Kerry Von Erich, a. k. a.
the "Texas Tornado".  Did anyone catch Wrestlemania over the weekend?
Who was KVE's opponent that night?

To Stuart Mills, ( my favorite song from Presto is
"Chain Lightning" (Hey, Hey, Hey).  Others include WarPaint (paint the
mirror black, boys and girls), Show Don't Tell (Hey, order in the court!!)
SuperConductor (That's Entertainment!!!).

My birthday is coming up on Friday (Good Friday, unfortunately I have to
work that day, *sigh*).  Please send cards, letters and cassette lists

Douglas Schwabe

Keep those lists coming please!!

"If you hear any noise its just me and the boyz

"Planetary Invasion"
Stanley Clarke and George Duke

Can the Penguins win the Patrick division tonite?  STAY TUNED!!


Subject: Sun audio files?
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 10:32:22 CST
From: dragon!keith@uunet.UU.NET (Keith Ford)

I've been playing with a Sun and found a sound tool.  Does anyone
have any audio files that can be used with this?  I have some demos,
but am looking for more.  Especially if it is Rush related.  Happy
200th issue of Rush email.
"He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


Date:         Wed, 27 Mar 91 11:35:53 CST
Subject:      Correction

Sorry ppl,

but in my last post I incorrectly stated that my CD insert
had pictures of Neil and Geddy.  Thanx for pointing that out
Marino.  I don't know what I was thinking when i was typing...
To think I might have stumbled upon something really special..

                         Jeff Faunce

P.S. I found the Chronicles Video at Wal-Mart at an everyday low
     price of $17.96. A Show of Hands was 18.96... is this a real
     good price?


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 13:49 EST
Subject: Re: 03/22/91 - The National Midnight Star #198

yes, as a reply to the knowledge of "fancy dancer", i have heard it: RUSH
played it on two shows that i am fortunate enough to own from their first
tour- they played it in a show in Cleveland (8-74) i can recall offhand,
and at the whiskey-a-go-go i believe. it is a straighforward, moderately
heavy rock song- due to the age of the shows, the lyrics are tough to make
out, but it is a very 1974-RUSH sounding song. glad i could shed some light
on this topic.

                                 KEVIN HULME
[ Yes, but WHO WROTE IT??  :-)                                    :rush-mgr ]


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