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Subject: 04/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #202

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 202

                   Monday, 1 April 1991
Today's Topics:
               Power Windows Reappreciated
                    Taurus bass pedals
                    Ged's guitar bits
                     puzzling mumble
                       Fancy Dancer
                 Re: parallel development
                      rupert hine +
                      PRESTO POLL!!
          Alex's guitar playing in "The Trees."
                     Re: Presto poll
                     Thank you letter
                      Taurus pedals
                     Rush cover band
             ftp lyrics for _Permanent_Waves_
                       Broon's Bane
      Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201
                       Moog pedals
           Rush: Exit Stage Left concert video
      Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201
                      By-Tor Banter
      Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201
      didacts and narpets II (the horror continues)
                  Living for ones' self
                PRESTO POLL LAST CHANCE!!!
                      RUSH Profiled

Subject: Administrivia
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 91 15:31:31 EST
From: RUSH Fans Digest Manager 

Hi there folks,

    First of all (and most obviously), there was no NMS for Thursday 3/28/91
or Friday, 3/29/91.  Sorry folks, I got distracted by spring-cleaning-type

    Secondly, I've gotten mail from a list member who noted there was a
section of lyrics missing from the "Hemispheres" lyrics.  I checked, and sure
enough, they weren't there.  I also noticed a note in today's NMS, concerning
the lyrics to "Freewill".  (More on that in the particular item.)  The upshot
of this is that I'm going to review all the lyrics as compared to my album/CD
versions.  With any luck, this will pick up any remaining anomolies.



Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 17:43:55 EST
From: Anand Rangarajan 
Subject: Power Windows Reappreciated

I've been listening to Power Windows more intently than ever before
and I really think that it has been underrated compared to Moving
Pictures or 2112.

The boyz seem to be stretching themselves much more than in Grace
Under Pressure (which resembles Power Windows the most). There are
tremendous instrumental surges in this album. Notably:

The intro to Big Money is *GREAT* and so is the sophisticated production
leading up to the vocals.

Alex's solo is accompanied very effectively by the keyboards finishing
up with a good jam.

The orchestra and the transition to Geddy singing ``The big bang.took and
shook up the world'' is marvelous. Check out Geddy's bass accompanying his

The mellow, sweet jam in Marathon culminating in ``you can do a lot in
a lifetime..'' is very inspirational. The jam starting at about 2:43 to
4:10 also features a dextrous combination of bass, gtr and keyboards,
quite possibly the best Rush has ever done in marrying gtr + kbds.

Territories starts off with  a nice touch; the Far Eastern inflection
on Alex's gtr. Watch for the neat way in which Alex follows the sequencer
with his gtr. Even if you don't like sequenced music and Territories has
a lot, this is a particularly innovative way of using sequencers. The finish
to Territories has to be played *LOUD* in order to hear the ominous
tone of Geddy's bass.

The ringing tone in Alex's gtr in the beginning of Middletown dreams
is reminiscent of Time by Pink Floyd. At 2:00 the kbds kick in. If you
listen carefully, there's a layer of doubled scratch gtr underneath
the kbds with the bass even further below. The kbds give way to a very
different kind of solo. Listen to Geddy's bass towards the end of
the song.

Emotion detector has the sweetest opening of any song in Power Windows.
This song was meant to be a ballad. A particularly long and satisfying
solo by Alex (from 3:30 to 4:15) is also noteworthy.

Finally, Mystic Rhythms with its jungle drums and acoustic gtr in the
middle of a mystical instrumental. Aaah. A perfect ending to a perfect

Anand Rangarajan
ORQ:``They are liable to stand outside your house and throw stones
at you...until you're dead''


Date: 27 Mar 91 18:30 -0600
Subject: Taurus bass pedals

>X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.1 10/31/90)

	Yesterday asked what
anyone knew about Taurus bass pedals.  The bad news
is they don't make them anymore,  but the good news
is they don't make them anymore!!! Nowadays you can
buy MIDI bass pedals that trigger *any* MIDI  synth
but the Taurus pedals were *hardwired* to their own
synth that  generated only  boring (almost useless)
sounds.   To get his neat sounds, Geddy Lee had his
pedals ripped from the synth unit  and hardwired to
an Oberheim unit (model Xa or something like that).
A primitive system compared to what's for sale now,
but state-of-the-art way back when.

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 16:33:45 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Ged's guitar bits

If you listen to the quiet part near the big finish at the end of Xanadu
on ESL, a most distinctive second guitar part can be heard....must be
Geddy strumming along.

While on this subject:  I have always wondered if Geddy plays the classical
guitar in "Rivendell" on FBN. I think in the album credits it says that
Ged plays classical guitar (does memory fail me????). I can't think of any
other classical pieces on the album (I don't think the acoustic bit on
"Making Memories" counts).

Anybody out there received a Backstage Club newsletter recently?? The last
one I have was put out when Presto was released. I am still a member in good
standing....I can't wait for Neil's  Q & A session, there should be some good
questions as evidenced by this years discussion on the NMS!!

It's spring break at the UW....I wish us faculty types could go on holiday!!

David Conley     "The Digital Anatomist"
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Subject: puzzling mumble
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 17:07:18 -0800

It's not mentioned anywhere in the FAQL, so...

Has anybody got ALL the words spoken by the astronauts in the end of
Countdown?  There's a phrase right after "Glad you enjoyed it" that I can't
quite make out, and it's been bugging me for years!  It sounds almost like
"Yeah, we ate it all up"; but for that matter it sounds almost equally like
"Naah, we made it all up", or even "aaaaeeeeeaaaaaaaiiiooouuuu" (like maybe
one astronaut just puked inside his space suit or something!).

I know it isn't really Rush lyrics, but it is a featured part of one of their
tunez...  So anyone know for sure?

[ This was discussed at length a while ago - would somebody be kind enough
  to volunteer to compile the list concensus of what is said?     :rush-mgr ]



Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 20:13:43 PST
From: Eric Rescorla 

On the subject of Parallel development,
I noticed on listening to RUSH(first album) that two tracks sound
suspiciously like other tracks I know.
1) Take a Friend contains a riff that sounds suspiciously like
the major riff in Zep's "Whole Lotta Love", which, BTW, is identical
to the riff in "Hey Joe." I can only assume that RUSH stole or picked
this one up.

2) By contrast, "In the Mood" sounds suspiciously like Skynyrd's
"What's Your Name" but it was written before "What's Your Name?"
Curiouser and curiouser....

Eric Rescorla                            
Yale University Department of Chemistry   


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 19:39 EDT
From: "Meakin, William James" 
Subject: Fancy Dancer

                                        Date:      27-Mar-1991 07:19pm EST
                                        From:      Meakin, William James
                                        Tel No:    (201)-408-4456

TO:  Remote INTERNET Address              ( _IN%RUSH@SYRINX.UMD.EDU )
Subject: Fancy Dancer

Well, here's what I know about the song 'Fancy Dancer' from _Stellar
Dynamecs_.  According to _Visions_, 'Fancy Dancer is an original from when
Rush was still a bar band before the first album.  Some other songs the bio
mentions are 'Garden Road', 'Sing Guitar', 'Morning Star', 'Margarite',
'Feel So Good', 'Number 1', 'Keep in Line', 'Run Willie Run', 'Mike's
Idea', 'Tale', 'Slaughterhouse', 'Child Reborn', 'Losing Again',
and 'Love Light' .  I doubt these exist anywhere, but then again I never
thought I'd get to hear 'Fancy Dancer' either!!  So if anyone has any of
these, let me know!

wmeakin@drew.bitnet :"I had a woman not too long ago,
                    : all I wanted was to treat her good..."- Fancy Dancer


Date:         Wed, 27 Mar 91 20:04:15 EST
From: Steve Kilpatrick 
Subject:      Re: parallel development

This is amazing, Chris! I was just thinking of posting a very similar query
when I read your post. I find the Led Zeppelin influences all over early Rush
music. LZ is one of my other all-time favorites, and I started getting into
both at about the same time (1979) so it was easy to compare. I find the
general early Rush style very reminiscent of early to mid-period Zeppelin
(1969-73), and the Chronicles liner notes seem to confirm this. I have a few
'this Rush song <-> that LZ song' comparisons, but most escape me at the
moment. There's one, on FBN I think, where the riff is very similar to the
"Whole Lotta Love" riff. Anyway, I can think of two real examples now:
    1. The closing to "Working Man" (Alex strumming a single chord, John Rutsey
       (I almost said Neil) bashing away) is virtually identical to the closing
       of LZ's "How Many More Times", which is in turn virtually identical to
       the closing of Jeff Beck's "Beck's Bolero". Same chord!
    2. FBN's "Rivendell" is based on the elven city which provides safe haven
       in Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. In the late '60's - early '70's, all
       the rock musicians read Tolkien, so this is probably an instance of both
       Rush and LZ being influenced by Tolkien. LZ's "Ramble On" mentions
       Mordor, the land of evil in the books. (Does this mean that LZ is evil
       and Rush are the good guys?)
Please note that I am in no way implying that Rush was or is not an original
band - I think their 18+-year career speaks for itself. I'm anxious to hear
how others see influences in Rush's music. I've read where they've admitted
they've been influenced by bands like the Police, leading to a greater
synthesizer role in the music, but I don't see any clearly direct comparisons.
Anyone have an opinion on that?

For what it's worth, a good deal of this is IMO. I welcome private and list-
posted responses.

ORQ : "Every nerve is torn apaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrtttt!!!!!...." - Cygnus X-1


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1991 14:34 +1000
From: Rush are Gods 
Subject: rupert hine +

i was wondering if anyone out there has any of Rupert (rush producer) Hine's
stuff and if so what is it like? i talked to someone who claimed to have owned
some prev. and all the guy said was `he's that really ambient guy'.
will i find his stuff to be of the depth of rush?
a show of hands from me for marillion also.

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Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 16:14:43 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 
Subject: PRESTO POLL!!

Good response so far, and mixed at that!!
As an optional extra, if you want to include up to 4 songs in order
of preference I will give them les points respectively for each. Some
people have done this already.
Keep em flowing!!

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Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 02:00:33 -0500
From: jtkung@caf.MIT.EDU (Joseph Kung)
Subject: Alex's guitar playing in "The Trees."

The part in "The Trees" that's before Alex's solo is a very
interesting guitar part that uses open strings G, B, and E
with him just fingering two adjacent notes on the D string.
It goes like this :


and this is repeated over and over. Alex loves to use open-strings to
create a textural backdrop, much like drone notes on a synth part.
Another example would be the last chord in "The Trees" which is an A
maj add 9, both live and in the studio, but on ESL, he then follows it
up with a B maj add 11, then ends by arpeggiating an Emaj add 9 [a
beautiful chord] :

-7----9----4---- that blends perfectly with the synth as it goes into the
-7----9----2---- intro of "Xanadu."

These along sus2 chords make up a lot of what Alex plays ...

- Joe


Subject: Re: Presto poll
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 8:13:57 CST
From: a106d!tj@uunet.UU.NET (T.J. Higgins)

[I couldn't get mail through to Australia, my apologies for abusing
 list bandwidth.]

My favorite song from Presto is "Available Light."
T.J. Higgins    205-730-7922  |    (Internet)
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Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.A.

	"Television is a medium because anything well done is rare."
						-- Fred Allen


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 09:18 EDT
From: "Douglas G. Schwabe" 
Subject: Thank you letter

Hey folks, thanx again for the lists and the birthday greetings.  I appreciate
your thoughts and your ideas.  As stated last Friday, the poll will run
until the beginning of May so there is plenty of time to send in your list.

Now for the good News:


There, I feel much better now.  Hope this excitement doesn't offend some
people in the Baltimore/D.C. area.  We just might play the Caps in the first
round (By the way, Rush-Mgr, are you a Caps fan?)

Happy Easter Everybody!!



Subject: Taurus pedals
Date:    Thu, 28 Mar 91 10:08:39 EST

What are these, and could someone point out where they appear in
a couple of songs?  Is it just a guitar synthesizer?  I tried to
mail this question to the guy from Buffalo, but my mail bounced.

ORQ - ... "Innocence gave me confidence to go up against reality".

Mike Goodwin


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 11:31:40 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: Rush cover band

Last weekend Cygnus(Marshall Robin) and myself saw a band called
Subdivisions.  They are an all Rush cover band.  This is part of their
playlist from that night along with some other songs that they do.

Spirit of Radio
Natural Science
2112 - all parts including Oracle!
Hemispheres - first 3 parts
I think I'm Going Bald
In the Mood
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Tom Sawyer
YYZ w/drum solo

and many more!

Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that it was like seeing
Rush in the off-season.  They were so good in fact that I'm going
to have them play at my fraternity house in Worcester, Ma. on
April 13th.  This is a Saturday and I figure they will go on at
about 10 or 11pm.  This is an open invitation to anyone on the list.
Unfortunately because of the rules of our school, the party is strictly
BYOB, but you may bring as much as you want.  When I talked to the
bassist/keyboardist he said they would probably play for about 4 hours
maybe longer and he told me to provide him with a playlist and they
would learn it, this of course means that anyone who cares to come to
my shindig would be graced with a live version of NECROMANCER!!!!!!
Anyone who wants to crash at my place is welcome.  Now's your opportunity
to hear all those RUSH songs that they don't play anymore or don't play
completely anymore.  They are a great band and are very faithfull to
the music.

I would like some idea of how many of you are interested, so please mail me
@  I will give directions out directly unless there
is a big enough response, then I will put them on the list.

A good time to be had by all.

Hope this makes your day.



Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 08:52 PST
Subject: LaserRush

Ted Ives  writes:

>Off the topic, while I have your attention, did anyone try to
>attend the very last showing of the Rush Laserium Show in San
>Francisco, a few weeks back?  Fortunately, I called ahead.  It
>was cancelled!  I called the head office for an explanation.  It
>urned out that some "organization" actually bought up both Rush
>shows for $6000, because they were having a meeting in one of the
>other halls.  They apparently didn't want the likes of Rush fans
>in the same building during their meeting.  I was pissed.  Also,
>they said that the Rush Laser show will not be revived in the
>future but that it will be showing for a short time longer in San
>Diego, (this may be your last chance, if it's not too late).

Whew!  Well first, I was at the very last showing of the Rush Laserium
show in San Francisco.  I went with a couple of friends of mine(one of
them being the author Kevin Anderson(name dropper!)).  We just decided
to go at the very last minute.  We had no idea that when we got there
it was the very last showing.  The "emcee" announced it.  The room wasn't
even half full!  We just walked paid for our tickets at the door and
walked right in!  The emcee also said that there *are* plans to revive
the show in the future.  In fact, he said that if there were any songs
that weren't performed that night that anybody wanted to hear, just
let the emcee know at the end of the show, and they would forward the
requests to the corporate office who plans the laserium shows.  He said
that the corporate office wanted the audience's imput because they had
no idea what Rush songs would be popular among Rush fans.  When it comes
back, I will run, not walk, to see it!  It was the best laserium show I've
ever seen!!!

Ben Ragunton                                  _
RAGUNTON1@LLNL.GOV                       _   /|
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory   \'o.O' Ack! Barf! Pfffttt!
Livermore, California                    =(___)=
Voice: (415)422-2461                        U


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 15:30 EST
Subject: ftp lyrics for _Permanent_Waves_

Greetings and salutations,
	I have a question about the lyrics I received from the anonymous ftp
site at syrinx.  In the lyrics for Freewill, it is printed as the following:
	"If you choose not to decide, you still haven't made a choice"
However, when I listen to the song, it sounds like Geddy sings the following:
	"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"
I have further reason to believe my ears in this case (I usually do not trust
them ;-) because the person is choosing not to decide, therefore he has made
a choice.  Any help that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks
in advance.

[ Hmm, well, this is double-trouble.  The answer is sort of "we're both
  right."  The lyrics *sung* are "you still have made a choice", and on my
  sleeve from PeW it says "you cannot have made a choice".  When Neil was
  asked about this discrepency in the Backstage Club newsletter a few issues
  ago, he said that all lyrics were sung just as they are in the lyric sheet.
  Bzzzz.  Not quite Neil!  Then again, he said Rush had no singles that were
  not on one of the studio albums, but we know *that's* wrong also!  (Maybe
  he only counted songs since he was with the band?)  See note in the first
  (administrivia) item in this issue WRT the lyrics on the server; changes 
  are apparently in order...
                                                                  :rush-mgr ]

Jason Crabtree			| "I can't believe you're saying
Wright State University  	| These things just can't be true"	|		-RUSH


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 14:06:38 MST
From: (Fred Peabody)
Subject: Broon's Bane

   David Sandberg was absolutely right on the ending chord to Broon's
Bane. In an earlier post I said that it ended on G minor. Minutes later,
I realized my mistake. G minor is the first chord in the song.



Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 16:24 EDT
Subject: Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201

In NMS, no. 201, Ted Ives asks for some musical or lyrical parallels to the
music of the Boyz...perhaps the largest lyrical parallel lies in Xanadu. It is
almost taken verbatim from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem 'Kubla Khan'. I
remember reading it in an English class in high school a long, long time ago
and being shocked at the similarity!

To stum@minnie, I'd have to say that The Pass is my favorite track off of
Presto. Another lyrical tour-de-force for Neil!

Well, that just about ends my first post. Thanks for giving me the opportunity
to talk Rush...I haven't met very many Rushheads here at Johns Hopkins. See ya!



Date:         Thu, 28 Mar 91 17:30:38 EST
From: dave 
Subject:      Moog pedals

Brett Jenkins asked about Moog pedals in NMS 201.  I saw some pedals in
as store  a few years ago that weren't Moog but did the same thing.  They
were a one octave pedal board with an analog synth built in.  I didn't get
'em 'cause they didn't have midi and 'cause there were overpriced.  A few
years later I did purchase some midi pedals that have no internal synth
ciruitry. I got 'em along with one of those midi-bass sample player units.
I didn't want the midi-bass, but the guy was only selling 'em as a set.
What a boob!  Anyway, it is pretty cool to play guitar and trigger a
simple keyboard part with the pedals.  Charles Grogan and I play together
like this quite a bit and we're still working on it.  It's kinda' hard.
Like singin' and playin' together.  Also it's hard to change guitar effects
patches at the same time you're playin' the pedals.  If you're thinkin' about
buying some I'd say get ones with Midi. The moog pedals have that great moog
sound but all they can do is play bass.  You can't add in any of those high
string parts that ya' find all over the place in old Rush stuff otherwise.

                                              David Purnell

OFRQ-"As the Maples scream 'Spooge!' and the Oaks just shake their heads"

b.s.-Where's the Roland guitar synthesizer in Hemispheres anyway?


Subject: Rush: Exit Stage Left concert video
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 14:51:45 CST
From: David Sandberg 

Up till now I've satisfied myself with parts of the Rush: Exit
Stage Left video concert which I taped off the air many years ago
when it was shown on Night Flight.  Today I decided that I'd like
to get a real, complete copy of this video... only to have my
local video outlet tell me that the ESL video has been
discontinued.  B-(

Is this so, and in any case does anyone have suggestions of how
I might go about obtaining a copy of this classic old video?

 \*=-     David Sandberg,   ,=,       ,=,        -=*\
  \*=-    "By-Tor and the Snow Dog square for   | |uadric `=,ystems   -=*\
   \*=-      battle... let the fray begin!"     `=\       `='          -=*\


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 91 19:27 EST
Subject: Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201

in response to the mysterious "elephant" who crushed alex's double neck, it
is all just a joke. i remember hearing in an interview that somewhere on tour,
a monitor or speaker or something of the like fell on alex's beloved guitar,
rendering it forever useless. glad i could shed light on this unfortunate
topic; thanks as always to rush-mgr for all efforts rendered.

                                       KEVIN HULME


Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 91 09:07:27 EST
From: Steve Kilpatrick 
Subject:      By-Tor Banter

I've got another Rush-Led Zeppelin influence/similarity. Yesterday I was
listening to the live ATWAS version of By-Tor and the Snow Dog and was struck
by the middle 'weird guitar solo' section. This is very reminiscent of the
violin-bowed guitar soloing technique that Page used, most noteably during
Dazed and Confused live. Is Alex using a bow in this song (I've never seen it
done live)? If not, what is he using to get all those bizarre sounds? The song
in general sounds sort of Zeppelinesque, except of course that Alex is not
nearly as sloppy as Page live. (I like Page a lot, but alcohol can do that to

As always, I'm only saying that Rush was obviously influenced by LZ, which is
not to say that they were LZ clones. Replies/reactions are welcome.


ORQ : "And the words of the profits are written on the studio wall..."
         - Spirit of Radio, paraphrasing Simon and Garfunkel.


Date:         Fri, 29 Mar 91 11:19:07 EST
From: Adam Konowe 
Subject:      Re: 03/27/91 - The National Midnight Star #201


Please take me off your list.


--Adam Konowe


Date: Fri, 29 Mar 91 15:04:02 EST
From: (Mark Adam)
Subject: didacts and narpets II (the horror continues)

g'day all!

boy, i'll tell ya. posting is like eating potato chips. once is not enough.

i've always been interested in figuring out didacts and narpets, so i
went to friend of mine who has 'sound edit' on the mac and we attacked
the problem.

he had heard the song in the past but hadn't thought about it. so i let
him try to figure it out without any preconceived notions about the
lyrics. what he came up with was pretty interesting. i don't agree
with a couple of them; but, here they are for your amusement:

deep voice		geddy

stay			go
learn			know
death			to live
earn			give
right			right
	who's right

kind of answers the question about pondering the song.
mark ----------------------------

		"Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad."


Date: Fri, 29 Mar 91 14:29:44 PST
From: (Old Tom Bombadil)
Subject: Living for ones' self

>From: stedmant@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL (Terrance A. Stedman)
>        Although I consider myself to be one of the biggest Rush fans and
>even still a bigger Neil Peart fan, I still find that some of the lines
>in their songs are not to my liking.  Case in point from "Anthem" off FBN:
>   Live for yourself -- there's no one else
>   More worth living for
>   Begging hands and bleeding hearts will
>   Only cry out for more
>To me, those lines are both disturbing and depressing.  Flames are pretty
>much discouraged, but any comments on the above lines would be appreciated.

Heh.  These are my most favourite Rush lyrics ever, bar none.  The first
two stanzas of the four are extremely cheery to me.  Must be the rational
selfishness in me.

Matthew Deter    |  |  Taxes are not levied for
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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 91 14:16:29 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 

I will be compiling the results of the Presto poll after this issue so
everybody get your answers in!! So far, interesting results....
RUSH should use these polls as a guide for releasing singles from albums!!

PS: What is the backstage club and how does it work???

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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 91 10:56:07 -0800
From: kmarino@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU

The results are in:

The following are the results of the poll I was taking.  The poll was
favorite song from each album, favorite song performed live in concert,
and favorite album. (I have included my vote in column two so that you may
see how I voted as compared to the outcome.  No acusations of cheeting ;-))

Album:		Song:				My Vote:
RUSH		Working Man			In The Mood
FBN		Beneath, Between & Behind	Fly By Night
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The Favorite Album:		A FAREWELL TO KINGS
Favorite song performed Live:	FREEWILL

Thanks for all your votes.  I thought this was great.

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Subject: RUSH Profiled
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 91 11:11:29 -0800
From: kmarino@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU

I thought all of you fellow Rushians might find this amusing:

Last night (tired from a very boring Passover dinner -- My grandmother
usually makes these thing take two-three hours) I went to a CD store that
is in LA (I live about 45 miles from the store and I don't get there that
often) and I was looking through the "used" CDs.  To my joyous  suprise I saw the RUSH Profiled CD there.  "What fool would
sell this precious CD for 5 bucks?" I thought.  It was only $8.88 for the CD.
I snapped out the wallet right there and then, it didn't even hurt.

Previous to this night I had seen the CD for sale at $45.00 at a local store
and I didn't have enough money to buy it.  I scrimped and saved for a couple of
weeks (going by the store each day to make sure that it was still there) and
about the middle of the second week it was gone (WHAT???? I was PISSED. That
er knew I wanted it... oh well.

Now only five weeks after that, I have the CD listened to it twice and only
shelled out 9 bucks. "If you are the fool that sold it back, THANKS"

Rush-mgr-- is there a transcript at the FTP sight.  If not, I could be talked
into transcribing it sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Lemme know!

[ Nope, I don't have it (as far as I know).  If you wish to transcribe it,
  feel free.  Send it to the rush-request address when you're done, and I'll
  post it as a special edition.                                   :rush-mgr ]

Happily, Keith

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Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 14:16 EST
Subject: Hemispheres

Hello all,
   About a week or so ago someone brought up the question of why NEIL chose to
compare Apollo and Dionysius as representatives of the mind and heart
respectively...Some good answers out there...However, I think were you'll
find the exact answer to that question is in the writings of Friedrich
Nietzche. For those of you that haven't heard of him, he was a 19th century
social philosopher. In one of his writings (which he in fact discusses the
role of music and the persona, dealing specifically with Wagner), is a
chapter appropriately called "Apollonianism and Dionysianism", were he
discusses man's wont to have both in his persona, and discusses the idea
of balance. He refers to someone that has achieved this balance "Superman"
(i think he was the first to coin this term). At any rate, I don't think
he mentions Cygnus, but I'm pretty sure the ideas in Cygnus X-1 Book II
are formulated out of his work. (He especially discusses the role of the
ancients in Attica, or Ancient Athens as most people know it, and the
presence of both these facets in that society.) If you want to know the
exact title of the book, get back to me. I'm pretty sure you can find
an anthology of Nietzche's works. (Sadly, he goes down with a bad name
because the Nazi's chose to quote him more than anyone else.)

    BTW on the subject of ALBUM COVERS. In _The Analog Kid_ there is a
reference to 'the music of the spheres'. Has anyone made a connection
between 'the music of the spheres' and the Hold Your Fire album cover?
I dunno, personally, the reference seems familiar, but I can't quite
remember. Does anyone have any idea about this?
    Thats all for now...
                                           George I. Papadopoulos

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