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Subject: 04/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #203

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 203

                  Tuesday, 2 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                     Time I spoke up!
"Power Windows", Posters (& backstage club), Chronicles video
                      RUSH Profiled
           Fancy Dancer, Kerr, and other things
               more zeppelin sound alikes!
                 PRESTO and OTHER POLLS!!
                   By-Tor "guitar solo"
                       concert poll
                   lyrics to Free Will
                     Rush X-Pictures
                      musical quotes

[ Sorry folks, this item would have gone over much better yesterday, but
  arrived after the issue had been compiled.  Note: for time-sensitive
  material, make sure you have it in by 12:00 EST on the day you want it
  posted.                                                      :rush-mgr ]

Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 16:01:17 -0500
Subject: Time I spoke up!

Hello...I have been reading this list for some time
now, and I must say Get A life! Nah, I'm just joking.

Seriously, I would like to know what time it says on
my watch too. Also, could anyone tell me what
I meant when I wrote "Christ, what have you done?"... Thanks a lot!

Neil Peart

Oh, By the way, APRIL FOOLS!!!


Subject: "Power Windows", Posters (& backstage club), Chronicles video
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 91 19:01:29 EST


  Three things on the agenda today:

  I was just reading all the discussion of "Power Windows" as referring to
computer windowing systems.  Well, maybe, but considering the album cover
(with all the TVs), it's always made more sense to me that the TV's are the
"Power Windows" -- i.e. they're a "window on the world" that you have to plug
in.  (q.v. "Activate the window and watch the world go 'round.").  Maybe this
has already been brought up, but I missed it if if was.

  Next, I'm trying to find Rush posters.  I've had no success in Boston at all
(Lots of LedZep, Grateful Dead, and New Kids (:-P), but no Rush).  Is this one
of the things to be had from the backstage club, and if so, which ones do they

  I've just purchased my FIFTH (yes, 5) copy of the Chronicles video.  It,
like the preceding four, is defective.  It has a glitch in the middle of
"Closer to the Heart", and another in "Limelight".  I'm really tired of
hauling these damned things back.  Anybody know how I can get in touch with
Polygram to see about getting a new one?



Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 19:17:52 -0500
From: (Richard M Franks)


Just a few random babblings from a deranged mind-

1) All this talk of influences. If anybody out there has "Jailbreak" by
Thin Lizzy, listen to the 2nd side. The solos for "The Cowboy Song" and
"Emerald" sound like they could have been played by Mr. Lifeson himself.
Don't know if it's Alex borrowing from Brian Robertson or vice versa, or
just common influences, but the resemblance is striking. Dunno, maybe I'm
just crazy, let me have your opinion. (about the solos that is 8-b)

2) In the videos from Moving Pictures (the ones taped at LeStudio) there
is a white doubleneck, (a Rik bass/12-string). However, I have only seen
Geddy playing a black one (ESL video and live in '81 {or was it '82}).
Has anyone ever seen the white one live? I think you can see it in the
background in one of the pictures from Permanent Waves, also.


 Rich Franks
   Purdue University Engineering Compter Network Hardware Maintenance
             These opinions are all mine, mine, mine, MINE!


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1991 19:26 EST
Subject: Rivendell
From: "Charles " 

    Just a short note to answer David Conley's question about Rivendell:
I'm pretty certain that Geddy is playing the classical guitar in that
song. Aleis playing the little "swelling" notes in the background with
an electric guitar by using the volume knob. He also does this in By Pass,
like Steve Kilpatrick said where it sounded sort of like Page's bowing.

[ A scaled-back version is found in the intro to La Villa ...   :rush-mgr ]

In "Beyond Borders" Alex sounds just like a violin section by using a
volume pedal and effects.

   -Charles Grogan

p.m.s.- Yeah! Where is that guitar synth in Hemipheres anyway?


From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: RUSH Profiled
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 20:00:17 EST

kmarino@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU writes:
> Now only five weeks after that, I have the CD listened to it twice and only
> shelled out 9 bucks. "If you are the fool that sold it back, THANKS"

	Well, the fool who stole it was either a record rep for
	Atlantic or worked in a radio station.  Essentially, someone
	made $5 for music he probably didn't care for (now THAT'S
	where he's foolish...).
> Rush-mgr-- is there a transcript at the FTP sight?  If not, I could be talked
> into transcribing it sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Lemme know!

	And, ah, I'd be happy to help as well, as soon as I can grab
	my copy back from a friend who "borrowed" it....

	So I guess that goes to all out there: do you all want a
	transcription of the thing?  I'm sure K. and I can split the
	task soon (feel free to drop me a line, Keith).

	Oh, and if Presto isn't their best album since Subdivisions,
	I'm sick.  Am I only the ONLY person out there who cannot

[ Before you get up in arms, read his later post, Subject: Whoops!  :rush-mgr ]

         Chip Hart -------------------------
                   |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| People's Computer Co.
                   ------------------------- Williston, Vermont
          I make love to mountain lions... - Lemmy Kilmiester


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 22:10:03 -0500
From: (linus vanpelt                                                                (Shirley the Loon tab user))
Subject: Fancy Dancer, Kerr, and other things

	Does anyone have a copy of Fancy Dancer?  I'm willing to send a
tape, and pay for postage both ways.  Thanks

	Earlier I posted something about liking the writings of Katherine
Kerr.  Since then I've received quite a few letters asking it I meant
Katherine Kurtz.  Well, they are two separate people.  I haven't read Kurtz

	Lastly... Seeing By-tor and the Snowdogs live in concert would be
great.  Does anyone know if The Necromancer was ever done live (in part or in

[ Hasn't been done live in any show played in Wash. DC since '79.  :rush-mgr ]


linus vanpelt

ORQ "                "  - YYZ

* Linus VanPelt     * In life there are very few securities.
*  linus@ritcsh.csh *
*         *				Gimme my blanket.
*                   *


Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 21:22 CST
Subject: more zeppelin sound alikes!


	Can anyone identify the zeppelin song that sounds EXACTLY like the
guitar part to Beneath, Between and Behind?  It is also a remarkable

	Although it is really pushing it, there is a very remote resemblance
between the synth part to Kashmir and the synth part in the middle of YYZ...

	Also, Farewell to Kings is not even close to Stairway to Heaven...

"Another toy that helped destroy the elder race of man"
					--Priests of the temples of Syrinx


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 13:46:19 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 

Firstly, the results of the Presto poll will be released in ISSUE 204!!!

Secondly, with reference to **RUSH FAVORITES POLL RESULTS** as posted by I cannot **B E L I E V E** that A Farewell To
Kings is the all time FAvourite album!!!!!!!!
I must say some of the other choices (eg : Open Secrets from HYF) are a bit
odd aswell!! Oh well, just my opinion....andbody else agree!!??
The ONLY two I agree with are Bastille Day (easy winner) from COS and
Distant Early Warning from P/G....!!

As for favourite song performed live....its GOT to be Spirit Of Radio off ESL.

Anyway, enough bagging out other peoples polls!!
The result sof the Presto poll are very intersting, although there does seem
to be SOME direction!!
To make is statistically better I need more votes!!! (I have ~40 at the moment)

VOTE NOW: Top 4 songs in order on Presto!!

Thirdly, I need info on the backstage club.

***********            ***********
***********	  UNIVERSITY     OF      SYDNEY       ***********
***********   "Todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean guy....." ***********


Subject: By-Tor "guitar solo"
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 91 20:14:15 CST
From: David Sandberg 

Steve Kilpatrick  writes:
> listening to the live ATWAS version of By-Tor and the Snow Dog
> and was struck by the middle 'weird guitar solo' section...
> ... Is Alex using a bow in this song?

I believe Alex just used a volume pedal and lots of echo effects
on that.  The slow chords are just a matter of playing the chord
and then fading it in, and then fading it out and letting the
echo fill in the space while you're starting the next chord.  And
as far as the other effects are concerned, it's amazing what
strange noises can be dragged out of a guitar when you do things
like scrape the strings or tap on the pickup while your echo and
distortion are jacked to the ceiling.

(Caveat: I never saw him play it live, either.  But I always liked
that section, and worked hard to emulate it in yesteryear.)

 \*=-     David Sandberg,   ,=,       ,=,        -=*\
  \*=-        "atomized at the core - or        | |uadric `=,ystems   -=*\
   \*=-    through the astral door to soar"     `=\       `='          -=*\


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 10:10:13 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: Subdivisions

Hello again, party update, please stand by...

I spoke to the basist from Subdivisions(the Rush cover band to play at
dear old Zeta Psi on April 13)  and I gave him a song list that I wanted
to hear, and they may play all of it.  It includes:

Natural Science
The Fountain Of Lamneth(all of it!)
Between the Wheels
La Villa Strangiato
I think I'm Going Bald
Working Man
Analog Kid
New World Man
Jacobs Ladder
Cygnus X-1, Book II(complete)

and several other classic RUSH songs.

A word about the rules for the little party:

1. Bring as many people as you want, I want to pack the place with
   several hundred RUSH fans.  I just need to know how many you are
   going to bring with you.

2. This is a BYOB party by school rules and We are limiting each
   person to a half case or 1 bottle.

Please RSVP me as soon as you know how many people you are bringing
and I will e-mail you the details.

see you there!!!!!

Pete Chestna (


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 10:13:48 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: concert poll

I will be compiling the results from my concert poll over this
weekend, so if any of you have a concert list that you want to
include in the vote, e-mail me this week!  Thanx to all who have
participated thus far, response has been great.

Pete Chestna (


Date:  2 Apr 91 10:17 -0600
Subject: lyrics to Free Will

>X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.1 10/31/90)

	In yesterday's NMS, asked about
an apparent  contradiction between the lyrics to Free Will, as they
are sung and as they are printed on the inner sleeve. In the lyrics
for Free Will, it is printed  as the following:  "If you choose not
to decide, you still haven't made a choice". However, when I listen
to the song,  it sounds like  Geddy sings the  following:   "If you
choose not to decide, you still have made a choice".

	Our lovely and talented moderator reminds us that

  "The answer is sort of "we're both right".  The lyrics *sung* are
  "you still have made a choice", and on my sleeve from PeW it says
  "you cannot have made a choice".   When Neil was asked about this
  discrepency in the Backstage Club newsletter a few issues ago, he
  said that all lyrics are sung just as they are in the lyric sheet.
  Bzzzz.  Not quite Neil!"

	The lyric sheet to my album (on Anthem Records - the
Canadian release) has the words as "you still have made a choice".
It could be Neil Peart looked at the inner sleeve of the Canadian
release, decided that all these Americans asking about a discrepancy
between the printed and recorded lyrics were sniffing glue, and
no one in charge of fixing the mistake in the US release was notified.
Is this plausible?

[ Whoosh, I didn't even consider that the lyrics would be *printed
  differently* in the US vs. Canada!  The Mercury version (original
  pressing even, NOT a reissue) does NOT have "still have made a
  choice".  Well, one mystery solved, another one started!   :rush-mgr ]

Kerry Yackoboski 	
The Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Laboratory in the Cellar
U of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada


From: telxon!teleng!dank@uunet.UU.NET (Dan Kelley)
Subject: VH
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 11:15:00 EST

Ok, I know I shouldn't ask this but I need to know if there is a Van Halen
mailing list.  I did not notice one in the listing that was sent a while
back which included a whole slew of musical mailing lists.  Does anyone know?
(This request comes in favor of a friend that I work with, not me.  Rush
and Rush ONLY for me :-).

Thanks much,

Dan Kelley          ||  ...!uunet!telxon!dank  ||
Telxon Corporation  ||
3330 W. Market St.  ||      "... Saddam Hussain will get his a** kicked."
Akron, OH  44313    ||                    - Pres. Bush on Pursian Gulf crisis


Date:  Tue, 2 Apr 91 15:16:33 -0500
Subject: Rush X-Pictures

Are there any digitized pictures out there that are bigger than 320x200?
I ask this because I'd like a sweet shot of Neil's drums that is big enough
to cover most of the background of my Sun SPARCstation.  Thanks in advance!

Dan McD.


Date:    Tue, 2 Apr 1991 15:30:02 EST
Subject: musical quotes

Speaking of musical phrases quoted by Rush, how about this little number...
Compare every fourth bar of "In the End" with the intro to Focus'
"Hamburger Concerto" (Anyone remember Focus?  Thijs van Leer,Jan Akkerman,
etc.? Their entire collection is available on 8 import CDs, BTW). That only
makes one more link in a chain, though.  The very same intro quotes a
Hungarian folk tune :-)

-Bryan Gorman


From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: Whoops!
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 15:15:31 EST

	Oh!  I just realized that I said I hated ASOH in an earlier
	message...I meant HYF!  ASOH is very good -- live Subdivisions!
	I can't stand HYF though.  I don't want to get flamed for
	disliking the wrong album!

	ORQ: "...of lighted streets on a quiet night."
         Chip Hart -------------------------
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From: David Arnold 
Subject: What I'd like to see

Any other out there long for a return of Cygnus X-1?  I remember seeing
it on the Hemispheres tour; pitch black in the arena, suddenly Geddy's
bass erupts into the opening lines at full volume - no fade in.  Made for
a great effect, with the stage lights flashing only on the snare hits for
the first few lines, coming up full when they got past the pauses between

*sigh*  The good old days...

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