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Subject: 04/03/91 - The National Midnight Star #204

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 204

                 Wednesday, 3 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                 The Red Book & the Duke
                         ok ok...
             Oh yeah!! Bring back Cygnus X-1
                       Re: Whoops!
             Re: more zeppelin sound alikes!
                     NECROMANCER LIVE
                        Witch Hunt
                  PRESTO POLL RESULTS!!
                   Colors of Rush songs
                       Rush party!
                 addition to above quote
      Re: 04/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #203
                     Subdivisions gig
           Guitar/Synth (?), Music Sound Alikes
                        CD Quality
                    Rush this summer?
                        ASOH video
        the ramblings at the end of "Subdivisions"
                     Freewill lyrics

Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 13:05:43 PST
From: (Old Tom Bombadil)
Subject: The Red Book & the Duke

>From: (Chang... Ed Chang.)

>]	Take a page from the red book-
>]	Keep them in your sights
>> (I don't know what the "red book" refers to.)
>Possibly a Soviet book of military operations, so as to "think like the enemy"?

I have often wondered what "the red book" referred to.  I'm not saying this
is it, mostly because it seems out of context, but the Red Book (of
Westmarch) is a Middle Earth text.  I quote from the prologue of

"Further information will also be found in the selection from the Red Book
of Westmarch that has already been published, under the title of

The Red Book consists of Bilbo's writings about his journey to (and from)
The Lonely Mountain.

Matthew Deter    |  |  Taxes are not levied for
UC Santa Barbara |  6600mld@ucsbuxa.bitnet    |  the benefit of the taxed.


Subject: ok ok...
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 91 13:44:21 -0800

After seeing the rush-mgr comment about the radio garble in Countdown, I went
back and grabbed the rest of the back issues of NMS to look for myself.  Of
course, there was no answer!  (ack!)  Oh well, so no need for any summaries.

[ See later post on for transcript (or at least a good starting point).
                                                                :rush-mgr ]

Anyway.  I remember reading somewhere that the music that was actually being
played to that shuttle crew was the theme from 2001.  (In case anybody was
still interested...)


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 15:24:40 -0800
From: mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (60392000)
Subject: Water????

	I've been listening to a lot of COS lately and am fond of The Fountain
Of Lamenth.  I've noticed the use of water there in the end, and couldn't help
but think of Natural Science, <-- one of my all time favs.
	It seems that the Boyz like to use water to run a parrallel to life and
death.  I've also noticed a few, call then, coincidences,  for lack of a better word, between these songs and the bible.
   <<<<	Didn't someone ask about this sort of thing a few Digests ago???>>>>>>
I was thinking ---water because it is the real power and essence behind the     fabled "Fountain of Youth", but would like to hear others opinions on the       subject.    So if you have an opinion, e-mail me at mikes@ucscb.UCSC.EDU..

				Mike S.
     	WE can rise and fall like empires
	Flow in and out like the tide......
                                mikes: all the sugar only twice the confusion!


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 19:05:40 PST
From: Eric Rescorla 

Does anyone have the exact line where Geddy sings about the plumbers
of the temples of Syrinx?
Thanks, -Eric

[ This is from a bootleg show, sometime in the early 80's I believe.
  Possibly Wembly '83, or Milwaukee '82?                       :rush-mgr ]

Eric Rescorla                            
Yale University Department of Chemistry   
             "Scuse me, while I kiss the sky."-Jimi Hendrix


Date: Tue, 02 Apr 91 19:24:36 EST


REsponding to the Power WIndows interpretation of the cover..i would tend
to disagree..the boy on the cover is clearly looking out the window and
ignoring the television sets behind him..the true window of power is that
which is through the window and in the world...this also tends to
corelate with Peart's love of reading.

ON another note..i like HYF ...its one of my faviorite albums..this
in contrary to the reader who thouroughly disliked it..Force Ten is
one of my all time fav. rush songs as well.

ON a final note :

             LETS GO CAPITALS!!

May the force be with you.


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 17:13:16 -0800
From: David Conley 
Subject: Oh yeah!! Bring back Cygnus X-1

I echo David Arnolds sentiments..... bring back Cygnus X-1!!! I too saw it played live
in '79 on the Hemispheres tour....followed later by Side One of Hemispheres. WOW!!
Yep, those good ole' days....geez Dave, you must be an old-timer too :-)  :-)

This brings up a good point, I suggest that Cygnus X-1 is the all time greatest Rush tune
played at LOUD volume. When the kids are out the house, I know that AFTK is the disc I will
grab for, and I will punch up program #6.. and crank that volume knob. What do the rest of
you folks think, hmmm?

No, I will not start a NEW poll!  :-)


---- OBRQ: "How ya'll doin' tonight! We've got a whole lot of songs to play for you this
            evening"  GL, March, 20 1990  Seattle

David Conley     "The Digital Anatomist"
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle


Date: 02 Apr 91 21:11:06
Subject: Re: Whoops!

	dude, you ARE going to get flamed!  at the tender young age
of sixteen, i got into rush because a friend of mine had HYF
in his walkman on a trip from maine to D.C.... i loved the
entire album!  i got that one first, then MoP, then,
unfortunately, Presto.  it's ok, but i thought that even HYF
was lyrically and musically far more rewarding a listening
experience than presto.  the boyz [prepare your flames,
dudes] have come WAY downhill. they're still fantastic, IMO,
but the prof needs to come up with some more lyrical
inspiration.  their older stuff is far more rich [but i,
attracting flames again, didn't like aF2Kings as much as all
of you seem to], and i especially like PoW, fbn, and MoP.
but i will always stand loyally by HYF, and i will maintain
that it's as good as the other albums, albeit different.

|         |
|         | [Kato, carrying unconscious girl, flying-kicks a
|         | gunweilding assailant about to assault the Green
| /       | Hornet, knocking out the assailant]
|/        | Hornet:  "I really should learn how to do that
|\   /\   | one of these days..."
| \ /__\  | Kato:  "I HAVE offered to teach you."


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1991 21:04 EST
Subject: Re: more zeppelin sound alikes!
From: "Charles " 

   Oh, I know, I know! The Zeppelin song that sounds EXACTLY like Beneath,
Between and Behind is Heartbreaker, right after the first solo.
   Do I win a prize?

    -Charles Grogan

p.b.s.- Dear Mr. PRESTO POLL!!     Get a life!


Date: 2 April 1991 20:56:57 CST
From: "RUSH HEAD  " 

hello folks. I'm sure everyone had a nice spring break. had some spare time
to listen to a few shows and someone on the list asked about the Necromancer
live. well, i checked my tapes and i found out they did that live on 6/02/77
which if i remember correctly is the second UK date at the Manchester Apollo
theatre. This is the very end of the  2112 tour and in fact they also
previewed Xanadu. well, its time to hit the Bass. i hope this info helps.

[ By gum, you're right.  Score one for the patster.               :rush-mgr ]


ps: hey riker whats up?


Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1991 21:47 MST
From: "David C. Copley" 
Subject: Witch Hunt

On the subject of similarities between Rush songs and other groups'
work, I've always thought that the the sporadic samples popping in
and out of the intro to "The Big Money" are similar to the "orchestra
pop" samples in "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes (particularly
noticeable just before the solo).

On to another subject...

One of my all time faves is "Witch Hunt."  Since I'm relatively new to
TNMS, I don't know whether this song has been thoroughly discussed or
not, but I'd like to ask for opinions regarding a line that has
puzzled me for some time.

   Those who know what's best for us ---
   Must rise and save us from ourselves

This line comes immediately after the lines that say "they say there
are strangers... etc, they say there is strangeness...etc"  What I'm
wondering is are we to assume another "they say" before "Those who
know" (meaning this is what the "Witch Hunt mentality" thinks) or has
the song stopped saying what "they say" and is now advocating a course
of action in dealing with the witch hunters and/or society?

I have interpreted it to mean this is what witch hunters think, and
this is what motivates them in their actions.  In other words, I like
to think that the line actually reads:

   They say those who know what's best for us ---
   Must rise and save us from ourselves

...Yet sometimes I feel that someone *ought* to save us from ourselves
and I take this line to be advocating that position.  After all, this
world is getting pretty messed up.  Perhaps this is a hidden theme is
this song: that each of us has a little "Witch Hunt" mentality from
time to time and we must learn to curb it, and reserve judgement on
others who we perceive as "different" or "threatening."


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 16:00:38 +1000
From: Stuart Raymond Mills 

********************** PRESTO  POLL  RESULTS ***********************

After ~40 entries here is the list in order of points scored for
each song:

SCORING:	first choice 	= 4 pts
		second choice	= 3 pts
		third choice	= 2 pts
		fourth choice	= 1 pt

The Pass	 	- 54
Available LIght 	- 36
Presto 			- 29
Show don't Tell 	- 22
Red Tide 		- 21
Chain Lightning 	- 20
Scars 			- 17
Superconductor 		- 13
Hand over fist 		- 7
Anagram (for Mongo) 	- 2
War Paint 		- 2

As you can see, a clear winner in 'The Pass'. (My third favourite song,
behind Available Light (second in the poll!!) and Superconductor!!

I'd appreciate any comments!!

***********            ***********
***********	  UNIVERSITY     OF      SYDNEY       ***********
***********   "Todays Tom Sawyer, mean mean guy....." ***********


Subject: Colors of Rush songs
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 11:19:47 WET
From: Moschops 

Hi gang,
        Hope Easter went well!

Something that struck me yesterday.
        I was listening to HYF on my personal hi-fi and as the tape
ended it turned over to Presto on the other side of the tape.
Then I noticed the difference in color between the two albums

This may sound strange, but to me Presto sounds in Black & White
whereas the other Rush albums are colorfull and layered,
Presto is sparce and colorless.

This doesn't distract from the great songs but there is somrthing in
the production of the album that makes it sound like this.
( No flames please )

Also, I got a *bootleg* ( Did I say Bootleg ) Of the concert at
Wembley Arena in London ( dated 4/30/88 ) and in the first few bars on
"La Villa Strangiato" there are some very strange vocal coming from
Alex's mic. rush-mgr you were right about the nonsense lyrics

Basically it's just "La lal la la laaaaa Bla" etc ( You get the idea )
I can see why this was edited out for the "Show of Hands" video

If you listen carefully to the soundtrack of the video, at the
beginning of ..Strangiato you can just hear something like a voice,
which I presume is Alex. It is then very quickly cut off.

Oh well thats my $0.02

catch Ya later



   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        | Thats " Moschops "
                                         |   to my friends!!
Janet :       |     I love Rush, Queensryche
   (or)   |       and most Rock/Metal Bands
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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:03:36 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: Rush party!

A couple more short words about the party on the 13th.

I have gotten responses from people as far away as Penn.
If you think you want to go, but don't want to ride by
yourself, post to the list and see if people in your area
want to share rides, it would certainly make for a good
time.  That is if it is all right with our most worthy
omnipotent list manager to allow it as a temporary abuse
of bandwidth.

[ Sure, far be it from me to stand in the way of a party!  :-)   As a
  matter of fact, somebody did just that about three posts down!  :rush-mgr ]


ORQ: "I bring laughter, I bring music..."


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:08:02 EST
From: joezete@wpi.WPI.EDU (Peter John Chestna)
Subject: addition to above quote

Just had a funny thought...

New ORQ: "I bring laughter, I bring music

          I bring joy, but YOU bring beer."

sorry, just amusing myself.  Sometimes the strangest things
go through your head when you've been up all night.

Thanx for your indulgence.



[ I finally broke down and took care of this person.  Please send mail
  to the correct addresses, people.                             :rush-mgr ]

Date:         Wed, 03 Apr 91 09:22:57 EST
From: Adam Konowe 
Subject:      Re: 04/02/91 - The National Midnight Star #203

Please take me off your mailing list.  This is my third request.

--Adam Konowe (AKONOWE@AUVM)


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:25 EDT
From: SLUG 
Subject: Subdivisions gig

Hey Folks!
	Is there anyone in the Philly area who is planning on
attending the Subdivisions show at Worchester who would be willing
to share a ride?  I am willing to pitch in for gas money.
	Please mail me at the address below.  This should be a
good gig and I would love to go but Amtrak rates are a bit steep!
Thank YOU very much....



From: (Chip Hart)
Subject: Guitar/Synth (?), Music Sound Alikes
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 10:07:53 EST

> Alex is playing the little "swelling" notes in the background with
> an electric guitar by using the volume knob. He also does this in By Pass,
> like Steve Kilpatrick said where it sounded sort of like Page's bowing.
> [ A scaled-back version is found in the intro to La Villa ...   :rush-mgr ]
> In "Beyond Borders" Alex sounds just like a violin section by using a
> volume pedal and effects.
>    -Charles Grogan

	And scope out the ESL video intro to Xanadu.  You can see the
	foot and hand action at the same time.  When was a youth (and
	not very bright, apparently...), I always wondered how they
	got the guitar and "synthesizer" to sound so similar on Xanadu
	and La Villa Strangiato.

> 	Can anyone identify the zeppelin song that sounds EXACTLY like the
> guitar part to Beneath, Between and Behind?  It is also a remarkable
> similarity...

	We may have already discussed this, but it''s...shit, I
	can't remember which one...  Anyway, it's either Heartbreaker
	or Living Loving Maid.  From Zep II, in any case.  I guess the
	former, 'cause I can't distinguish them in my head right now.
	On my way to work this morning, I noticed that one of Alex's
	guitar parts at the end of Vital Signs is has been redone --
	effects and all -- by Concrete Blonde recently, in either the
	tune "Joey" (or whatever), or "Everybody Knows" (the only C.B.
	tunes I know).  Again, I think it's "Everybody Knows".  Sorry
	to be so wonderfully vague today.
         Chip Hart -------------------------
                   |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| People's Computer Co.
                   ------------------------- Williston, Vermont
          I make love to mountain lions... - Lemmy Kilmiester


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:22:12 EST
From: Master of Calculus 
Subject: CD Quality

	I know this has been talked about at length in the digest before, but
I seem to have deleted those issues that had to deal with the quality of
Rush CDs.  My local record store has every single Rush CD from "Rush" to
"Hold Your Fire" for only $9.95.  I know there was some talk about the
German pressings of some Rush discs as being inferior, particularly the
ones with the red swirl design on the face of the CD (examples I have are
ATWAS and ESL).  Most of the Rush CDs the store has now have plain gray
faces to them.  Are these the latest pressings?  There doesn't seem to
be any identifying marks on them (like a more recent copyright date) that
would indicate this.  Also, have the ESL and ATWAS discs been re-done like
this?  The way they are packaged in this store, you can't see the face of
the CD.  And with those plain, grey-faced CDs, the first four albums are
kind of cheesily presented, with only a one-page cover insert.  I know
that the albums "Caress of Steel" and "2112" have lyrics inside, but the
CD pressings do not, which is kind of unfair.  Is there any newer pressings
that have the lyrics?  And if there are such newer editions, how can they
be recognize?  Are there specific catalog numbers to look for?  I'm
thinking of eventually getting the whole Rush catalog on CD (a common
desire), and I'd like to buy only the best pressings that are around.  Can
someone help me out here?  I'm sorry for bringing this up again, but I think
this kind of information should be accessible in the server.  If anyone
would like to make a personal reply to this, please e-mail me.  Thanks

[ The original pressings of the first four albums were sans lyrics - I got
  them as soon as they came out on CD.  Later pressings may have lyrics, but
  I wouldn't count on it.  Maybe you can collect the responses and post a
  summary to the list?                                            :rush-mgr ]

					  Gene Porochniak
					  Moravian College
"There is unrest in the forest
 There is trouble with the trees
 For the maples want more sunlight
 But the oaks ignore their pleas"

"Well I get home at five o'clock
 Get myself out an ice cold beer
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 Why there's nothin' goin' down here

 Seems to be I can live my life
 A lot better than I think I am
 I guess that's they call me-
 They call me the working man"



Date: Wed,  3 Apr 91 12:20:00 -0500 (EST)
From: "William F. O'Dell" 
Subject: Rush this summer?

Has there been any word about Rush playing this summer? How about their album?

I've got to know!



From: Nick Pitfield 
Subject: ASOH video
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 16:55:42 BST


I was watching the ASOH video last night, and I noticed (during 2112/villa/in
the mood) that Geddy has three small figures sitting on the top end of his left
hand keyboard. Anyone know anything about these - are they support to respresent
the band or something ?

I couldn't freeze frame at the time as I was taping the audio, so I couldn't see
what they were in great detail. From the brief glimpses I got they looked like
small Goblins or similar !

[ One of them might possibly be their adopted 'mascot', "Roget Kneebend", one
  Geddy's son Julians action figures.  Comments people?            :rush-mgr ]


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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 11:56:51 cst
From: The Spanish Penguin 
Subject: the ramblings at the end of "Subdivisions"

 Mike: asked about the conversation between mission
       control and the Space Shuttle at the end of "Subdivisions".
       OK, here it is.  (*at least it's what I think*)

[ You mean "Countdown", of course.                             :rush-mgr ]

Mission Control: "Columbia is now steering for it's precise window in
                  space for main engine cutoff."
Mission Control: "Mark 2 minutes, 40 seconds, Columbia is now 39 nautical
                  miles altitude, uh, 42 nautical miles downrange"
Mission Control: "Columbia, you're lookin' a little hot, and all your
                  calls will be a little early."
Mission Control: "Young and Crip are really moving out now, velocity now
                  reading, uh, 6200 feet per second."
Shuttle Crew:    "What a view, what a view!"

Mission Control: "Glad you enjoyed it."

Shuttle Crew:    "JSC, how long to LOS?"

Mission Control: "Columbia Houston, we have 40 seconds to LOS, configure
                  LOS, you're looking good for an over-the-hill, and we'll
                  see ya in Madrid."

Mission Control: "We enjoyed the music, Bob, thank you."

Shuttle Crew:    "Oh we enjoyed it, we just wanted to share some with you"

(*****************************FADE  OUT************************************)

Well, that's all I have...I hope it gets in the FAQL, my own little
contribution there would make me so proud....:-)
Laters folks, and MIke--> hope this answers your question.

*  Jay Cook (aka "Wedge" and "Pinguino: the Spanish Penguin")*
*  Virginia Tech  (UVa WHO???)                               *
* (yea, I'm a displeaced Minnesotan) *
*  ORQ - "Take off, to the Great White North!!"              *


Date: Wed, 3 Apr 91 09:10:25 hst
From: Hinano Akaka 
Subject: Freewill lyrics

Good day (and welcome to day 12) --

Just a small thought: if the American release of the album/lyrics is
corrected and Mercury comes out with the corrected version, would the
'defective-lyrics' version become a collectors item?  Or am I just
being overly hopeful...?  [Anything for a RUSH rarity...]

Puanani Akaka


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