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Subject: 04/08/91 - The National Midnight Star #207

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          The National Midnight Star, Number 207

                   Monday, 8 April 1991
Today's Topics:
      Re: 04/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #202
                 The music of the spheres
                       Some lyrics
                        Sun audio
                   BMG CD club numbers
                    Subdivisions party
      Re: 04/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #206
             Power Windows: Alex reveals all!
              NEWS ON NEW ALBUM!!! (Really.)
                       Presto Blues
       The Big Money/Owner of a lonely heart + Misc
               Reminder about cassette poll
        the _Sir Gawain_ song that didn't make it
     Animated Special/1991 Juno Awards/Ottawa Concert
                 My first post/new album
                    bootleg and covers
                   Rush in other lands
        Those little dolls on Ged's keyboard, etc.
               Fly in the Night CD bootleg
                     Hands in Presto?

Date:         Thu, 04 Apr 91 15:28:20 EST
From: mike spiegel 
Subject:      Re: 04/01/91 - The National Midnight Star #202

hello out there in rush land:
      I guess everyone of you out there have a specific verse or sound that
can make the spiders crawl up you back (in a good sense).
      I do.
      On 'Presto' after the line "humming your fav-or-ite song,
                                  you know I've hated that song for so long"

there is some type of harmonic disonance that is heard.  Check it out.
I have listened to it a thousand times.  It's great.
                                             ...UNTIL LATER...


Date: Thu, 04 Apr 91 17:03:32 EST


I always figured that the Red Book was the book of codes used in
silos. These books contained launch codes..kinda makes sense with
the time of the was in the days of movies like The Day
After and the Nuclear fear was pretty high..

One other thing..the user who has the quote:

  Todays Tom Sawyer...Mean Mean guy...

Why? Is it another Geddy joke> Or is it just a mistake?
(No insults intended..i figured it was in the vein of catch the fish).

May the Force be with you.


Date:         Wed, 03 Apr 91 23:02:00 EST
From: Dave 
Subject:      The music of the spheres

Somebody asked a few issues back about a line in the Digital Kid (or was that
the Analog man?!?)--"Like the music of the spheres".  They wanted to know
whether this was a reference to an earlier Rush song (can't 'member which
one but it wasn't Hemispheres -though that's a pretty obvious candidate).
Well, I read somewhere in an astronomy book 'bout some dude who used some kind
of orbital and/or physical data for the planets of Sol (ar Fed. ?) and assigned
pitches and durations for the data.  He thereby created a musical piece for
each of the planets--weird sounding music IMHO (there was a flexidisc in the
book).  So, maybe this is what "music of the spheres" refers to as the above
mentioned music was titled Music of the Spheres.  Maybe Neil was referring to
Holtz's -The Planets stuff?

ORQ-"Aw right cat! Take yer package and scram!"

RORQ- "Do ya have the lyric sheet?" -bob
      "Oh yeah, I memorized them." -ged
      "Oh great, Beauty" -bob
      "How, how did ya' do that so quickly?" -doug
      "I'm a professional" -ged

      "Ok, so good day.  Our topic today _is_ music"

p.i.s. -So where the hell is that guitar synth in Hemispheres?!?

                                       Anyone, anyone?
                                       David Purnell


Subject: Some lyrics
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 91 18:14:27 EST

Anyone know the name of the river the "Three travellers" follow in "The
I think that's the only word in the whole song I can't
understand....Also, is there a
bass players' mailing list anywhere? I'm hooked on Geddy....I heard
somewhere they are
contracted at Atlantic for two more albums after "Presto"...when will
the next one be


Subject: Sun audio
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 91 17:30:54 CST
From: (Keith Ford)

I have a Sun audio file of the synth opening to Tom Sawyer.  Send email
to with the subject of GET RUSH/MISC/TS_SYNTH.
BTW, what legal issues come up from audio files and GIFs of album
covers.  Are we in a gray area somewhere or standing on the coals?
If it's not too hot, I also have Tai Shan.  My CD player plugs right
into the Sun, so you get the idea...
Hey Rush Mgr, I'm in the process of aligning our image files that are
available via ftp and email.  Will let you know if I have any you don't.
BTW, thanks for doing what you do.  :-)  PS- I've never seen Rush.  :-(
"He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


Subject: BMG CD club numbers
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 91 17:32:56 CST
From: (Keith Ford)

If you are a member of the BMG CD club, here is some useful info.
The numbers that start with 2 count as two selections.  This is
all that they have.  I called to confirm this since I have these.
If you're not a member but would like more info, send me email.

   ------  -----------------
   133716  "2112"
   164202  "Presto"
   200608  "A Show Of Hands"
   209829  "Chronicles"

Disclaimer:  I have no association with BMG other than being a
satisfied customer.
"He knows changes aren't permanent, but change is" -Rush


From: mstovino@ATHENA.MIT.EDU
Subject: Subdivisions party
Date: Fri, 05 Apr 91 00:57:07 EST

Hey, check it out... that's the same night that Deep Purple plays the
Worcester Centrum... convenient, aye???(Has anyone seen DP this
tour?????)  Maybe I'll get a chance to show up....  To the guy hosting
it, how much are you guys paying for them?  I'm a Theta Delt at MIT
and we would die to get somethuing like that!!!!!

Oh well, is anyone else from Boston thinking off going there??????

				...............Mike T.


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1991 12:13 PST
Subject: Re: 04/04/91 - The National Midnight Star #206

Please remove me from the list. Thank you.


From: Adrian N Ogden 
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 18:13:12 BST
Subject: Power Windows: Alex reveals all!

>  I was just reading all the discussion of "Power Windows" as referring to
>computer windowing systems.  Well, maybe, but considering the album cover
>(with all the TVs), it's always made more sense to me that the TV's are the
>"Power Windows" -- i.e. they're a "window on the world" that you have to plug
>in.  (q.v. "Activate the window and watch the world go 'round.").

Just to throw a spanner in the works, I just remembered a TV interview
with Alex shortly before PoW was released. (Rush on TV? in the UK!!??
Strange but true!)

Host: Rush's new album comes out next week. It's called 'Power Windows',
      and here in the studio we have guitarist Alex Lifeson who's flown
      all the way from Canada to be here, so I hope you feel priveliged.
      Alex, what's a Power Window?

Alex: (laughs) A Power Window is something that goes up and down on a car.

<< Adrian Ogden   _ . _ _   _ . _ _   _ _ . . >>

    NOB&TQ: "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!"


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 12:36:23 EST
From: (shane p faulkner)
Subject: NEWS ON NEW ALBUM!!! (Really.)

The following line may sound very cliche, but here goes anyway...


My mega Rush source recently talked to Andrew MacNaughton about the new album.

ALL TRACKS HAVE BEEN RECORDED.  It took only about 2 weeks, which I find
astounding by today's standards.  They are leaving for Europe in 3 weeks
for mixing, solos, production etc.

There are as of now 10 songs, although this could change a la Show Don't Tell,
Force 10...


One is an instrumental.  I hope they don;t decide to tack on vocals like they
did with Hand Over Fist...

Projected release date is August-September.

r .sig


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 14:17 EDT
From: Ken Renard 
Subject: Presto Blues

	There have been a lot of people lately saying that they don't
really like PRESTO as much as some of the other albums.  Being that
this album is relatively new, I may have an explanation.
	When HYF first came out, I really didn't like it as much as MP
and the such.  After listening to it a couple of times, it really grew
on me.  It's now my favorite album.  For me, a new Rush album takes a
couple weeks, or months to settle into the brain, tear apart and analyze
the songs, and hear the stroke of genius that is Rush.
	Considering that I was a starving musician in California last
summer, without my Presto CD, I didn't get to listen to it all that
much.  I am just now getting to really understand and really like the
album.  Presto is a bit different from earlier albums and for those who
don't like it as much, maybe you just need more time to listen to it.

					Ken Renard
ORQ: "Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand"

OSTQ: "But this one goes up to eleven!"


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 17:32:46 EST
From: Anand Rangarajan 
Subject: The Big Money/Owner of a lonely heart + Misc

I felt the same as David Copley regarding The Big Money and
Owner of a Lonely Heart. There seems to be a lot of similarities in
the production. I also came across Geddy's glowing attributes of
Owner... somewhere (swiss cheese memory). It's not unlikely that they added
some production touches to The Big Money which unconsciously resemble

On the same topic of borrowed riffs/songs/production and carbon copies,
didn't a review of Presto by Rolling Stone suggest similarities between
Anagram and Foreigner's ``Long Way from home'' or some such title (never
heard the song) ?

Long ago, someone on suggested that the guitar solo in
Subdivisions is similar to the solo in U2's New Year's day. They are,
except that The Edge's solo is in a higher key. I haven't checked if this
topic is in FAQL. Rush-mgr?
Anyway, I don't remember if Boy or Signals
was released first or if New Year's day or Subdivisions were written
well before they were recorded.

A Guitar Player's article on Alex (in '86), suggested that his then playing
style had closest parallels to U2's The Edge and Andy Summers. The reason
for this classification was that all three guitarists have done a lot of
work with textures. In the Beyond Borders interview, Alex says that he is
not doing much work with textures since Rush is using kbds for that.
Strangely enough his role in the Beyond Borders project is textural.
In fact Rik Emmett called him their kbd player for that project.

Does anyone who is a drummer care to comment on single stroking vs. not
single stroking. Are Bruford and Peart primarily single stroking drummers
whereas say Phil Collins is not. Is single stroking akin to a single sharp
sound whereas ``not single stroking'' more like a diffused, broad sound?

Anand Rangarajan


Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 22:25:19 -0500
From: "Douglas G Schwabe" 
Subject: Reminder about cassette poll

Good Evening fellow Rush Fans!!

  Just want to remind everyone that the cassette poll is still on and will be
on for a few more weeks so there is time to send in your cassette list.  If
the entries start to trickle I will post the results sooner.  Here again R the

Thanx to the people who have sent in their entries.  Another thing, I promise
Keep those lists coming



Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 21:46 CST
From: MarkuS 
Subject: the _Sir Gawain_ song that didn't make it

    Upon reading issue #206 in the interview with Neil, I was intrigued to see
the reference a song Peart had been working on way back when about the story
_Sir Gawain an the Green Knight_.  Having had to write a paper on this for a
British Lit. class, I am very familiar with the story and have even seen a
movie made about the story called _The Sword of the Valiant_ with Sean
Connery.  Having an affection for medieval ballads/stories/tales/myths,
I was wondering if anyone out there has ever heard anything further about
this "project" other than what was mentioned in the article.  I can't imagine
what it would sounds like or how he would tackle condensing the 80-page tale
into a musical wonder although it's not like they haven't done it a few times
before really (like I'm sure all of you weren't aware of that already...I
know, I know... ;-).

     Reading this also made me think of all the other "projects" that don't
make it onto the albums for whatever reasons (time considerations, record
company execs, "whatever"...) and wondered just how many of these make it
to later albums under the guise of a "re-worked" song or idea.  Is anyone
aware of any songs that did make it onto later albums that were originally
"shelved" at the time of the current release.  Just wonderin'....

MarkuS K.

ORQ "The mountains hold the sunrise in the prison of the night,
     Till bursting forth from rocky chains, the valley floods with light."


Date: 	Fri, 5 Apr 1991 09:42:00 -0500
From: Mark (M.J.) Marcelissen 
Subject:  Animated Special/1991 Juno Awards/Ottawa Concert

After reading the Frequently Asked Questions list, I did not notice
any talk about the RUSH animated cartoon special that aired a few
years back on CTV (Canadian Television Network) and simulcasted on
local FM radio stations. I forget the name, but is was about (correct
me if I am wrong) the last man and woman in a city that was controlled
by a master robot and their journey to escape. Can anyone expand? It was
about 5 years ago. The music was from GUP? Has this been discussed in
the NMS before? I am a recent subscriber.

I don't recall reading this in the last few weeks NMS's: (was it?)
Last month, at the 1991 Juno Awards (Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards).
RUSH won the Album of the year award for Presto. (correct me if I am wrong -
I did not watch. TV - narcotic for the eyes). I guess, they were not there
to accept, but GOWAN did accept for them (Alex is on GOWAN's new album -
dicussed earlier in the NMS).

Power Windows Tour, Ottawa, Canada 1986, FM was the backup band - for your lists
This was and is probably the last Rush Concert in Ottawa due to RUSH's
so called "15K person minimun advanced booking requirement" - local radio
station. Is this true elsewhere?
|\  /|\  /|
| \/ | \/ |
|    |    |


Subject: My first post/new album
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 91 23:46:44 EST

first off: I have "an in" ('kinda; they don't know me directly)
w/Alex's parent's.  As of 2 days after Christmas Alex left for london
to record "the same place they went last time".  All of the recording
must be done by now (IMHO) , especially since Neil is appearing live
Moday eve. at the Ritz in NYC.

I know the answers to most trivia about Neil's current and past kits.
If you've got questions e-mail me.  If I don't know the answer I do
know someone who knows someone (we've heard that before!!) who is one
of Neil's electronic techs and I can hopefully find it out from him.

Neal Dillman -- University of Merryland

"trust is just as rare as devotion" - ORQ


Date: Sun, 7 Apr 91 11:28 EDT
Subject: bootleg and covers

	I was just wondering, has Rush done any cover songs live.  I
would like to hear them play their interpretation of another writers
song.  I don't have any specific songs in mind.  I'd also like to
hear them play other songs at varying tempos instead of playing the
song like they recorded it.  I've only seen Rush 3 time so for all
I know they hav not done much of this yet.
	One other note, anyone in the Pittsburgh area got any Rush bootlegs
I'd like to get some copies, especially older stuff.
				mail me at


Date: Sun, 7 Apr 91 23:29:15 -0400
Subject: Rush in other lands

Does anyone have any idea how popular Rush is in other countries?  As someone
going through the "Worshiping the Ground the Boyz Walk On" stage of Rush
fandom (well, maybe not that strong but close :-) as well as possibly thinking
about moving overseas as well as curiouser than a dead cat (big Cheshire :-),
I wanna know how big an international following they have, especially in
non-English-speaking countries.


Bill Barnes

-"He's not afraid of your judgement"  (Sorry, it's what I'm listening to at
the moment...)


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 01:05:21 -0400
From: Michael S Savett 
Subject: Those little dolls on Ged's keyboard, etc.

Greetings to all once again...

A few things:

I don't know for sure what those dolls are, but I thought they might be
the Rockin' Constructivists (see ASOH liner notes!) - those characters
at the beginning of the ASOH video...any guesses?

Does anyone know about a concert during HYF(?) when Ged was sick and Alex
sang the lead vocals for the entire show...I think it took place in New
England somewhere...

If anyone is going to the Buddy Rich tribute in NYC Monday, a posted review
would be appreciated...

That's all for now...



Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 03:38:16 EDT
From: Mike Borella 
Subject: Fly in the Night CD bootleg

I just picked up a "new" CD bootleg of the Permanent Waves tour called
"Fly in the Night"

Good overall sound quality.  A bit better than "Red Stars..." but not as
good as the Yes and Genesis CD boots put out by Flashback.

Track listing:

1) Intro/Xanadu
2) A Farewell to Kings
3) Closer to the Heart
4) Something for Nothing
5) Cygnus X-1
6) Working Man
7) Fly by Night
8) In the Mood
9) Cinderella Man

The main reason I got it was to check out the live versions of the Farewell...

According to the cover, this is a limited edition release, with only 1000
copies made.

Happy Hunting!!!

-Mike Borella


Subject: Hands in Presto?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 16:19:13 WET
From: Moschops 

        How goes it.

I just got NMS#205 with the "most frequently asked questions" section.
Something that I thought was missing.

What do the hands on the inside of Presto mean?
Are they some kind of sign language or what?
This has puzzled me for a while. ( ever since getting the album )

Oh yes  .. I want to hear from all the guitarists out there.. Yes I
know you're out there!!!

Bye for know
( I know ... I can't Spell!!! )


BTW Clive Williams - did you get my mail? Call me!!

   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        || Thats " Moschops " to my friends
                                         || I love Rush,Queensryche and most
Janet :       || Rock/Metal bands
   (or)   ||   London Monarchs lead the WLAF
Purity Test Result(400 quest version)-%63||   Anything Can Happen - Rush

What the hell, go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket.


Subject: Whoops
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 16:24:07 WET
From: Moschops 

Hey nearly forgot....

        I wanna get a Rush album on Saturday....Haven't got them all

        What should I get out of

                Permenant Waves
                Farewell to Kings
                Moving Pictures

        Please mail me direct with suggestions and reasons for choice.

Many Thanx


   ------- Mike O'Donnell -------        || Thats " Moschops " to my friends
                                         || I love Rush,Queensryche and most
Janet :       || Rock/Metal bands
   (or)   ||   London Monarchs lead the WLAF
Purity Test Result(400 quest version)-%63||   Anything Can Happen - Rush

Next Friday will not be your lucky day.  As a matter of fact, you don't
have a lucky day this year.


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